Best 3 Paper Shredders Without Wastebasket In 2021 Reviews

Do you want to buy a paper shredder, but without a basket?

There are only a few on the market, so you can see these models below. Also, don’t forget to read our guide about these paper shredder types, so you can see if that product is good for you.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Paper Shredder Without Basket
Aurora AU800SD summaryAurora AU800SD Paper Shredder
If you looking for a heavy-duty paper shredder without basket, consider this model. There are auto features, fast shredding, and jam-proof.
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Best Cheap Paper Shredder Without Basket
Royal JS55a Paper Shredder summaryRoyal JS55a Paper Shredder
This affordable paper shredder without a wastebasket uses SafeSense technology, extended arm, and strip-cut method.
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Best Strip-cut Shredder Without Wastebasket
Aurora AS680S summaryAurora AS680S Paper Shredder
The Aurora is a light-duty strip cut paper shredder that has an adjustable arm. It is compact and has an affordable price.
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Best 3 Paper Shredders Without Basket

Best Of Best Paper Shredder Without Basket

Aurora AU800SD Paper Shredder

Adjustable Paper Shredder
Aurora AU800SD model is a professional strip cut paper shredder without a basket. You can attach it to any basket size and that includes extra-large wastebasket. Aurora features an extended arm, so you can adjust it to any basket. Then move the device and empty the bin.

Aurora AU800SD review

Heavy-duty Paper Shredder
Even if this paper shredder doesn’t have a basket, it isn’t light-duty. This paper shredder is able to shred the paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs. The shredding speed is 9.8 feet per minute and the maximal sheet capacity is 8 sheets per single pass.

Jam Remover
There are separate slots for credit cards and for CDs. You can feed the paper shredder with a maximum of 1 CD and 1 credit card at the time. The throat of this paper shredder without basket has 8.7 inches of width. The jam remover will clear if the paper is stuck in the machine.

Aurora AU800SD

Clever Features
This paper shredder without a wastebasket has auto-start and auto-stop features. So, when you put the paper into the opening, it will automatically start to shred it. When it’s finished, it will stop by itself. That saves power consumption. Also, there is overheat protection.

Highlighted Points:

  • it is a powerful paper shredder without a basket
  • the sheet capacity is 8 paper per single pass
  • it starts and stops automatically
  • shreds credit cards, CDs, DVDs
  • overheat protection saves motor

Best Cheap Paper Shredder Without Basket

Royal JS55a Paper Shredder

Lightweight Item
The Royal Store produces the Royal JS55a paper shredder without a basket. It is small and compact. The Royal’s dimensions are 14 x 5.90 x 3.30 inches. It is a lightweight product, there are 2.75 pounds only. You can carry it with you to your home or office.

Small & Large Baskets
It is very easy to use this paper shredder. It features an adjustable arm, so you can extend it and it will fit on any basket size. when you attach this paper shredder to the wastebasket, it won’t move anywhere. So the Royal paper shredder is good for small baskets and large baskets.

Royal JS55a Paper Shredder review

SafeSense Technology
The Royal paper shredder without a wastebasket is pretty safe to use. It features a SafeSense technology, which is able to detect if your hands or fingers are too close to the paper opening. If you use this paper shredder at your home, it is safe for your children.

Low-Security Level
This device isn’t able to shred credit cards, CDs, and DVDs. It is strip cut paper shredder and when it shreds the paper, the width of one strip is 1/4 inches. It isn’t recommended to shred the documents with sensitive information. It is easy to assemble and read the shredded parts.

Highlighted Points:

  • ideal for junk mail without confidential information
  • it doesn’t shred CDs and credit cards
  • SafeSense technology stops if detect your hands
  • extend the arm for any basket size

Best Strip-cut Shredder Without Wastebasket

Aurora AS680S Paper Shredder

Light-duty Device
The Aurora AS680S paper shredder is a professional light duty device which cutting type is strip-cut. Like the previous model, it isn’t designed for confidential documents. So feed the shredder with some junk mail and non-sensitive papers.

Aurora AS680S Paper Shredder

Compact Paper Shredder
The Aurora’s dimensions are 14.40 x 7 x 4.30 inches and it weighs 3.30 pounds. It is compact, so you can put it wherever you want. When it isn’t in use, you can put it in a drawer or under the desk. This paper shredder will fit on any basket size.

Aurora AS680S Paper Shredder review

6 Sheets Per Single Pass
This low volume paper shredder without a basket is designed for a small number of papers, it can’t shred the CDs and DVDs. It is ideal for home use. The Aurora sheet capacity is 6 papers per single pass. You can put 1 credit card at the time. The width of the shredded part is 1/4 inches.

Highlighted Points:

  • the sheet capacity is 6 papers at a time
  • for occasional home use
  • adjustable arm for any bin size
  • strip cut paper shredder
  • shreds papers and credit cards

Things To Know About Paper Shredder Without Basket

Before you decide to buy a paper shredder without a basket, you need to consider some features – they differ from regular paper shredders in size, sheet capacity, materials to shred, and price.

Practical Paper Shredder – The paper shredders are available in two versions – with or without a basket. The shredders without basket are very practical. You can put it on every basket. You can take it at home or in your office, wherever you need it. It is compact and doesn’t take much space.

Small Amount Of Paper – People who decide to buy paper shredder without wastebasket don’t have a huge amount of papers to shred. They need a paper shredder for a small amount of paper. For example, the paper shredder without a basket has an average sheet capacity of 6 papers.

Credit Cards – Some paper shredders without basket aren’t so powerful to cut the credit cards. Those who are, they are able to cut one credit card per single pass. Also, this paper shredder machines can’t cut CDs and DVDs. If you need that, look for a more powerful paper shredder.

Affordable Price – Because these devices aren’t so powerful and have lower sheet capacity, they don’t have a high price. The lower the sheet capacity, the lower the price. Some manufacturer offers a warranty for their paper shredder without a basket, so look for that.

Find It On Webshops – As we mention, there aren’t many manufacturers who produce paper shredders without wastebaskets. when you find this device, the best way is to order it directly from the manufacturer or via Walmart, Amazon, and similar sites. On Amazon, you can read custom reviews, some questions, and answers.

Final Verdict

These paper shredder without basket are the best for occasional use. We recommend the Aurora AU800SD paper shredder. It is powerful enough to cut the CDs, DVDs, credit cards and paper. The sheet capacity is high and there are auto-features. If you like this paper shredder type, consider handheld paper shredders. There are more compact paper shredders, read the desktop paper shredder post.

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