Best 5 Self-feeding/Auto Feed Paper Shredders: Shred Papers In Bulk At Once

Do you want to know more about auto feed paper shredder?

Here you can find all relevant information about this paper shredder type. We recommend reading the buying guide, it contains useful information which will help you to decide which model is the best for you. We make research and choose the top 5 auto-feed paper shredders.

Our Top Picks

Fellowes AutoMax 350C picksFellowes AutoMax 350C Shredder
This powerful shredder can take up to 350 sheets of paper. It features a safety lock and auto-reverse functions.
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Boxis AutoShred 100-Sheet picksBoxis AutoShred AF100 Shredder
Besides the highest security level, this machine shreds 100 sheets of paper at speed of 11 feet per minute.
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Rexel Shredder picksRexel Auto+ 60x Shredder
This compact auto-feed paper shredder takes up to 60 sheets per time and 5 sheets manually. Designed for home use.
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What Does Auto Feed In A Shredder Mean?

An automatic feed shredder is a type of shredder suitable for shredding documents automatically in bulk. Basically, you have to load the automatic feed tray with a bulk of paper sheets at the top of the machine. After, you can even walk away and let your shredding device do all the work.

How Does An Automatic Feed Shredder Work?

After loading the tray with paper sheets, press start on your paper shredder. You can continue working while your auto feed shredder is cutting paper by sucking the sheets into the blades and then disposing of the shreds in a bin underneath. Check how many sheets of paper you can put into the machine in your manual.

shredding papers in bulk

Can An Auto Shredder Shred Manually, Too?

Most models of shredders with auto-feed features also allow you to feed paper to it manually. This is a good option if you have only a few sheets of paper to shred at once. You will have to feed the sheets of paper into the manual input.

How Fast Is An Auto Shredder?

The speed of an auto-feed shredder depends on its manufacturer and which model it is. Generally, cross-cut types will be faster than micro-cut models. For example, if a shredder has a 100-sheet capacity and runs for five minutes it is slower than a model of the same cutting type that has a 200-sheet capacity and runs for eight minutes before it needs to cool down.

Auto Feed Shredder Vs. Heavy-Duty Shredder

While both auto-feed and heavy-duty shredders can cut a high volume of paper per pass and in a minute, there are some differences. Usually, paper shredders with an automatic feed have a short duty cycle, while heavy-duty shredders can run and shred continuously, without needing to turn off to cool down.

auto feed paper shredder vs high capacity shredder

Strip-Cut Vs. Cross-Cut Vs. Micro-Cut Shredder

A strip-cut shredder destroys sheets of paper into long strips and is known as the lowest-security paper shredder. Secondly, a cross-cut shredder creates shorter strips and has a medium level of security. Finally, a micro-cut paper shredder is the best choice for high security, shredding paper into tiny particles.

Pros That Can Convince You You Need An Auto-Feed Shredder

If you are tired of standing next to your old paper shredder and feeding it sheets of paper and then having to stop mid-way for it to cool down, it might be the right time to upgrade.
Enter, an auto-feed shredder with the following advantages:
Hassle-free operation – load the auto-feed tray with documents, start the shredder, and walk away while your paper shredder does all the work
Saves time – do other things while shredding is being done at a faster speed
High-volumes of paper – depending on the model, you can feed the tray with even up to 300+ sheets of paper in one go
No disturbance – to avoid the shredding noise, you can load the shredder at the end of the working day to destroy all the documents

Who Is An Automatic Paper Shredder For?

If you do not have time to waste on manually feeding the shredder with paper, go for a paper shredder with an automatic feed. It is also a good choice for offices that need to shred large volumes of paper at once.

Where To Place An Auto-feed Shredder?

For office sites, consider a place that is secure, preferably with a lock so unauthorized people cannot come in and look through your confidential documents. Moreover, choose a central place that is easily accessible by users, but that will not distract office staff due to the noise.

Pick The Perfect Paper Shredder With An Automatic Feed

Multiple features determine whether the model you go for is suitable for your shredding needs and your site. Here are the things to definitely consider when choosing and buying a paper shredder featuring an auto-feed tray.

Auto Feed Tray

Paper shredders need to have an auto-feed tray that is easy to open and close, as well as load with documents ready for shredding.

auto feed tray of a paper shredder

Casters For Mobility

Some models can also feature casters or wheels. This is a great feature if a shredder is heavier and needs to be moved around the house or office.


Check the dimensions of the model, as there are both small models ideal for homes and small offices and large models for commercial shredding – for shredding high volumes of paper and for intensive shredding sessions.

Sheet Capacity

A paper shredder with an automatic feed tray can usually take between 60, 300+, or even 700 sheets of paper per pass. For home use, you won’t need to go as big as 300 sheets. However, for highly-populated offices, the higher sheet capacity will be ideal if you have a lot of shredding to do regularly.

Bin Capacity

Smaller models have a bin that can hold up to 5 gallons of shredded paper, great for shredders you use in the home. On the other hand, larger shredders can sometimes hold even around 20 gallons in the bin. Go for this high-capacity shredder if you have a bigger office with multiple users.

bin capacity of a paper shredder


Auto-feed shredders can have relatively slow or fast speeds. Sometimes, it can be 11 feet per minute, and sometimes even 85 feet per minute, depending on the model. Think about how much paper you need to shred and how regularly to choose the right speed for yourself.

Safety Features

Look for models with the following features to ensure the user’s safety: smart PIN lock (locks the device so that unauthorized personnel cannot access confidential data), auto-reverse setting (great for maintenance and anti-jam functions), etc.

Noise Level

It seems like this paper shredder produces a lot of noise because of its powerful motor, but that isn’t true. All of these models on the list have noise levels under 65 decibels. That is acceptable for shared workspaces. Don’t go over that level, it will interfere with your concentration.

Is Auto-Feed Shredder A Good Shredder?

If you need to cut high volumes of paper at once and don’t have the luxury to stand next to it and feed it manually, then yes. However, if you only need to shred occasionally and not much at once, there is no need to spend a lot of money on such an expensive device. You can go for another shredder, smaller in size and suitable for your shredding capacities.

Best 5 Auto-feed Paper Shredders

Fellowes AutoMax 350C Shredder


Security Level: P-4
Shred Type: Cross-Cut
Dimensions: 22.8 x 32.1 x 15.4 inches
Weight: 70.1 Pounds
Bin Capacity: 18 gallons
Sheet Capacity: 12 sheets

Walk-away Shredder
Fellowes AutoMax 350C paper shredder is a big device, it has 32 inches of height and 15 inches of width. This machine weighs 70 pounds. There are casters, so it is easy to move the device wherever you need it. The price is high, the warranty for the product lasts 2 years and for cutters 20 years.

Fellowes AutoMax 350C

Auto & Manual Shredding
It is a cross-cut large paper shredder, so the shredded particles have 5/32 x 11/2 inches. The Fellowes is able to shred credit cards, staples, paper clips, junk mail. CDs, DVDs and glossy paper. You can shred the paper in two ways – auto and manual. The bin holds up to 18 gallons.

Up To 350 Sheets
If you want to shred the paper automatically, load the tray with up to 350 sheets of paper, press play and go back to the work. Fellowes is able to shred 350 sheets of paper in 6-7 minutes only. If you want to shred papers manually, the limit is 12 sheets of paper. The run time last 45 minutes.

Fellowes AutoMax 350C review

AccuFeed System
This system ensures fast and accurate automatic shredding. The jam prevention includes automatic reversing the blades and reducing time to clear the paper jams. The Smart lock feature keeps the shredder locked until the shredding cycle is complete. The device will turn on sleep mode when it isn’t in use.


Overall: ★★★★★
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★★


approx:$1,250 – $1,450
determined by online offer (Amazon, Walmart) and seasonal sales

  • large cross-cut paper shredder
  • it takes 350 sheets of paper for auto-feed
  • shreds up to 12 sheets manually
  • sleep mode saves energy
  • bin capacity is 18 gallons
  • The smart lock feature protects the documents

Boxis AutoShred AF100 Shredder


Security Level: P-4
Shred Type: Micro-Cut
Dimensions: 13.6 x 9.5 x 21.9 inches
Weight: 20.7 Pounds
Bin Capacity: 6 gallons
Sheet Capacity: 100 sheets

Choose the Model
Boxis AutoShred AF100 paper shredder is available in three versions, choose between 100-sheet, 110-sheet and 60-sheet. Here the focus is on the 100-sheet model. This is an auto shredder on the casters. It measures 13.60 x 9.50 x 21.90 inches. It weighs 20 pounds.

Boxis AutoShred 100

100 Sheets At The Time
This is a micro-cut paper shredder that shreds the paper into tiny particles of 0.16 x 0.39 inches or 4 x 10mm. Micro-cut shredders provide the highest security level. It is ideal for people who work with secure documents. The auto-feed tray can take 100 sheets at a time.

10 Sheets Manually
The auto-feed will destroy the sheets with shredding speed of up to 11 feet per minute. Boxis features automatic forward and reverse modes. These features minimalize paper jams. If you use the manual shredding, put 10 sheets per single pass.

Boxis AutoShred 100 review

Overheat Protection
The Boxis business paper shredder runs continuously for up to 20 minutes when it manually shreds the paper. The pull-out wastebasket has a capacity of 6 gallons. Through the transparent window, you can see if the bin is full. This auto-feed paper shredder produces 65dB. There are LED indicators for overheat, overload, door open and bin full status.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★★
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


approx:$180 – $220
determined by online offer (Amazon, Walmart) and seasonal sales

  • micro-cut shredder with the highest security level
  • shredding speed – 11 feet per minute
  • load the 100 sheets in the auto-feed tray
  • shreds 10 sheets per pass manually
  • 20 minute of continuous run time

Rexel Auto+ 60x Shredder


Security Level: P-3
Shred Type: Cross-Cut
Dimensions: 16.9 x 11.6 x 13.8 inches
Weight: 17 Pounds
Bin Capacity: 4 Gallons
Sheet Capacity: 60 sheets

2-year Of Warranty
Rexel Auto+ 60x paper shredder has a 16.93 x 11.61 x 13.78 inches and it weighs 16.8 pounds. It is a cross-cut paper shredder which provides basic P-3 security level. The shredded pieces have 4 x 45mm. The price is affordable. The warranty for the product lasts 2 years and on the cutters lasts 5 years.

5 Sheets For Manual Shredding
This auto-feed shredder is bale to destroy credit cards and paper with clips and staples. You can load the auto-feed tray with maximally 60 sheets of paper. If you want to shred the paper manually, don’t put more then 5 sheets of paper.

Rexel Auto+ 60X review

Optimal Noise Level
This compact paper shredder is suitable for the small office because it doesn’t produce a loud and annoying noise. The noise level is under 60 decibels. The continuous run time for manual shredding lasts 8 minutes. The cool-down period lasts 40 minutes. The bin has a capacity of 15 liters or 3.9 gallons.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★☆
Power: ★★★★☆
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★★
Funcionality: ★★★★★


from $150 to $220
determined by online offer (Amazon, eBay) and seasonal sales

  • compact cross-cut shredder for small office/home
  • takes up to 60 sheets for auto-feed
  • max 5 sheets of paper shreds manually
  • runs continuously for up to 8 minutes
  • transparent bin with 3.9 gallons of capacity

Swingline GBC AutoFeed Paper Shredder


Security Level: P-4
Shred Type: Cross-Cut
Dimensions: 22.9 x 18.3 x 23.3 inches
Weight: 41.8 Pounds
Bin Capacity: 9 Gallons
Sheet Capacity: 230 sheets

Compact Device
Swingline GBC paper shredder, model number 1757573, isn’t so large device. Its dimensions are 22.88 x 18.25 x 23.25 inches. This small office shredder weighs 41 pounds. It features durable casters for easy mobility, so it is great for small office. The warranty for the machine lasts 2 years and for cutters, it is a 10-year warranty.

Swingline GBC Paper Shredder

Super Cross-cut
This cross cut paper shredder can take up to 230 sheets of paper in auto-feed tray. Just put the stack of paper into the tray, turn on the device and leave it to shred. After shredding, the Swingline will go in sleep mode or turn off. This machine provides P-4 security level, so feed it with confidential documents.

Auto Jam Clearance
The Swingline auto-feed shredder uses Intelligent Auto+ Jam Clearance feature which automatically reverse and re-shred stuck papers. The self-cleaning cutters autoamtically remove the shredded particles from blades. These small pieces can cause the paper jams.

Swingline GBC Paper Shredder review

Power Save Feature
The Power Save feature turn off the device if it isn’t in use for few minutes. The pull out wastebasket has a capacity of 9 gallons. The LED indicators light up if the bin is full. Put 7 sheets for manually shredding. This device has a separate slot for credit cards, CDs and DVDs. The run time lasts 16 minutes.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★☆
Funcionality: ★★★★★


from $950 to $1000
determined by online offer (Amazon) and seasonal sales

  • compact super cross-cut shredder
  • designed for small offices
  • it shreds paper, paper clips, staples
  • separate slot for credit cards, CDs and DVDs
  • automatic anti-jam feature
  • self-cleaning cutters pervent paper jams

Dahle ShredMATIC 35314 AutoFeed Shredder


Security Level: P-4
Shred Type: Cross-Cut
Dimensions: 14 x 16 x 27.5 inches
Weight: 41 Pounds
Bin Capacity: 11 Gallons
Sheet Capacity: 300 sheets

Big Device
Dahle ShredMatic 35314 shredder is available in white and grey color, it features casters for mobility. It provides high security level, P-4. When the Dahle shreds the paper, the particle size is 3/16 x 5/8 inches. This item has 14 inches of length, 17 inches of width and 25.25 inches of height.

Dahle ShredMATIC 35314

Multiple Users
This white paper shredder is good for office profesionals, business owners, financial institutions and security firms. Dahle auto feed shredder is designed for 3 to 5 users. Load the auto-feed tray with 300 sheets per time. It shreds the paper with or without staples for 85 feet per minute.

No Maintenance
You can use the manual feed for up to 14 sheets of paper per single pass. In case of overload, the automatica jam protection will reverse the blades and shred the paper again. You don’t have to use oil or lubircated sheets for maintenance, this device is oil-free.

Dahle ShredMATIC 35314 review

Auto-lock Feature
If the shredder isn’t in use, the Dahle will autoamtically shut down and conserve the energy. The waste volume is 11 gallons and the decibel level is 60dB. Dahle features aut-lock comparetment for added security. Nobody can open the shredder during its use.


Overall: ★★★★☆
Safety: ★★★★★
Power: ★★★★★
Size: ★★★★☆
Weight: ★★★★☆
Funcionality: ★★★★☆


from $950 to $1000
determined by online offer (Amazon,Digital Buyer) and seasonal sales

  • lead the auto-feed tray with 300 sheets
  • the manual feed accepts 14 sheets
  • oil-free and hassle free paper shredder
  • automatic paper jam protection
  • power saving mode when the device isn’t in use

Maintenance Of Automatic-Feed Paper Shredders

Take good care of your auto-feed paper shredder so that it can work for years and run smoothly. To do so, you will have to run it in reverse from time to time, maintain the blades for smooth shredding, and keep it unplugged when not in use.

maintainig auto feed paper shredder

How Do You Clear A Paper Jam?

First of all, you can prevent a paper jam if you keep the blades in a good shape, do not put too many sheets of paper at once, and do not shred materials that are not suitable for that specific shredder model. Once a paper jam occurs, turn the reverse function on to free up some paper jammed between the blades. If that does not work, unplug the device and use scissors or tweezers to remove as much debris as possible before turning it on and running in reverse again.

Does A Paper Shredder With Auto-Feed Need Oiling?

Yes, auto-feed paper shredders do need oiling. By oiling them regularly, the blades will stay in a good condition for smooth shredding without problems. However, if a device says it is oil-free, then you do not have to oil it. For models that do need lubrication, do it often (e.g. every time you empty the bin basket, after every intense session of shredding, after every 15-30 minutes of use).

Final Verdict

After you read all these reviews, choose the model which suits best your needs. If you can’t decide, we recommend the Fellowes AutoMax 350C shredder. You can load it with 350 sheets of paper for automatic shredding and 12 sheets for manual shredding, it has a safety lock feature and auto-reverse mode. If you are interested in a shredder with high capacity consider the post about 20-sheet paper shredders. Or you can check more powerful devices in heavy-duty office shredders review.

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