Best 6 Quiet Paper Shredders For Silent Work 2021 Reviews

Do you want to have a low-noise paper shredder?

This review brings information about the quietest paper shredders currently available on the market. Read which noise level these devices can produce, how do they shred papers, and find the most suitable shredder for your home/workplace.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best quiet papper shredder
Bonsaii cross-cut shredder picksBonsaii EverShred
This heavy-duty machine is able to work 30 minutes with 10 minutes of cooling down period with minimal noise.
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Best Cross-cut quiet shredder
Fellowes Powershred 99Ms picksFellowes Powershred
Powershred is a compact cross-cut paper shredder which is the best for home office use, it’s silent and fast.
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Best Micro-cut quiet papper shredder
GoECOlife Limited EditionGoCEOlife Paper Shredder
This elegant paper shredder provides high security and low power consumption. It’s ideal for personal use.
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Best Home quiet shredder
Sentinel FM121P-BLK summarySentinel FM121P-BLK Shredder
If you looking for a portable paper shredder with useful auto features, the Sentinel features these specifications.
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Best Office quiet papper shredder
Wolverine SD9113 Paper Shredder summaryWolverine SD9113 Paper Shredder
This is a silent, heavy-duty, fast and reliable paper shredder, all in one product. It’s designed for multiple users.
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Best Small quiet shredder
Aurora AU1200XD picksAurora AU1200XD Compact Shredder
The Aurora is a desktop size cross-cut paper shredder. It will fit in any corner and under any desk.
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Best 6 Silent/Quiet Paper Shredders

Best Of Best Quiet Papper Shredder

Bonsaii EverShred Paper Shredder

Heavy-duty Machine
Bonsaii EverShred C169-B paper shredder is a heavy-duty machine that is able to work 30 minutes. It is an ideal choice for large offices.  This paper shredder uses a patented cooling system that allows long run time. Its dimensions are 19.9 x 12.6 x 9.5 inches. The warranty lasts a year.

Bonsaii C169-B review

High Sheet- & Bin Capacity
The sheet capacity is 14 papers per single pass, but Bonsaii offers models with a lower capacity for home use. This paper shredder is able to destroy 3500 papers. The cooling down period is short, about 10 minutes. The pull-out bin can handle 4.8 gallons or 18 liters. On the front is a transparent window.

Confetti-cut Method
Bonsaii is a cross-cut paper shredder, it is known as a confetti-cut or diamond-cut device. You can use it for confidential documents because it provides a medium security level. Bonsaii will shred the papers, staples, small paper clips, CDs and DVDs.

Bonsaii C169-B

Ultra-low Noise Operation
It features a jam-proof system, auto-start, auto-off and manual reverse function, so if paper jams happen, you can easily clean it up. The LED indicators show if there is overheating or overloading. This is a silent paper shredder that produces 58dB, so it won’t distract you while you working.

Highlighted Points:

  • powerful paper shredder with a 1-year warranty
  • cross-cut ensures medium security level
  • jam-proof system for an easy clean-up
  • thermal protection and overload protection
  • it works quietly, so you can focus on your work

Best Cross-cut Quiet Shredder

Fellowes Powershred Paper Shredder

Home Office Use
The Fellows Powershred 79Ci is a small and compact paper shredder with 21.4 inches in height and 15.4 inches in width. It will fit under every desk or in corner of your room. It weighs 33 pounds, but there are four casters, so you can easily move it around.

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

Red Light Signal
The sheet capacity is high, you can put 16 papers at once. The feed slot is 9 inches wide and the shredder papers fall into bin of maximal capacity of 6 gallons. You can’t put too much paper at once, first, the yellow light will warn you, then the red light will turn on.

10 Feet Per Minute
This quiet paper shredder shreds the paper with the speed of 10 feet per minute. It can continuously run for 20 minutes, then leave it approximately 30 minutes to cool down. You can feed it with confidential documents because the security level is high, P-4.

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci review

SilentShred Technology
The noise level is very low, the Powershred produces 54 decibels. This sound won’t annoy you whatever you do. This silent paper shredder has many useful features, like a jam-proof system, SafeSense technology, SilentShred technology and it uses an Energy-saving system.

Highlighted Points:

  • the jam-proof system helps you with cleaning
  • SilentShred technology minimalizes shredder’s noise
  • SafeSense technology protects your hands and fingers
  • it has a low power consumption
  • shreds paper clips, staples, CDs, DVDs
  • four casters for easier transport

Best Micro-cut Quiet Papper Shredder

GoCEOlife Paper Shredder

Contemporary Design
The GoECOlife GMW81B model belongs to a limited edition. It is available in white color with a grey top. It looks elegant and it will fit in any home or office. This paper shredder is carbon-free and meets the Carbon Free Product Certification protocol.

GoECOlife Limited Edition

Unreadable Particles
This small micro-cut paper shredder provides high-security cutting. The security level is P-4. It turns your sensitive documents into tiny pieces of 0.16” x 0.39”, or 4 x 10mm. You don’t have to worry that somebody could read it. GoECOlife shreds papers and credit cards.

Tolerable Noise Level
GoECOlife paper shredder produce a bit higher noise than other models on this list. There are 62 decibels, which isn’t so high, but if it disturbs you, put the shredder in the hallway. The energy-saving technology prevents wasted power consumption in standby mode.

GoECOlife Limited Edition review

Short Run Time
This micro-cut paper quiet shredder is designed for max 8 sheets per single pass. The bin capacity is 3.6 gallons, so it isn’t necessary to empty it very often. The shredding speed is 9.8 feet per minute. But the continuous run time isn’t long, it shreds 5 minutes only.

Highlighted Points:

  • great paper shredder for periodical use
  • maximal 8 sheets at once
  • comfortable noise of 62 decibels
  • micro-cut paper shredder for confidential documents
  • there is no wasted power consumption

Best Home Quiet Shredder

Sentinel FM121P-BLK Paper Shredder

Mobile Paper Shredder
The Sentinel FM121P-BLK paper shredder is available in neutral black color. Its dimensions are 12.8 x 8.5 x 16.9 inches and it weighs 13.2 pounds. Sentinel isn’t a heavy product, but it features four casters, so it is easy to move it. The warranty lasts a year and the price is high.

Sentinel FM60P Shredder

Auto Features
You don’t have to turn it on every time you need to shred the sheets. The Sentinel features auto functions. It will start automatically when you feed it and when it shreds the paper, it will stop. That is very practical for use and saves energy consumption.

Personal Silent Device
The noise level is 70 decibels, but keep in mind that everything less than 80 decibels is tolerable. This quiet paper shredder is the best for personal use at your home because of its run time. It is able to shreds 2 minutes, then it requires a cooling down period.

Sentinel FM60P Shredder Review

Reliable Quiet Shredder
The manual reverse function will help you with paper jams. Sentinel has 12-sheet capacity and the speed is 7 feet per minute. You can feed it with just one credit card at the time. It features a pull-out basket with 3.5 gallons. The micro-cut paper shredder ensures high security.

Highlighted Points:

  • it is able to shred up 12 sheets per pass
  • auto start and auto stop for easier use
  • four casters improve shredder’s mobility
  • the manual reverse function helps with jams
  • an ideal item for personal use
  • a reliable device with higher security level

Best Office Quiet Papper Shredder

Wolverine SD9113 Paper Shredder

Price & Warranty
The Wolverine SD9113 paper shredder is available in two versions with different sheet capacity: 10-sheet or 15-sheet. The 10-sheet paper shredder comes in white color and the 15-sheet model is black. Here we talk about the white model. The price is high, it is ETL certified and the warranty lasts 1 year.

Wolverine Black ETL Shredder

Powerful Machine
It provides a continuous operation time of up to 40 minutes. At that time, you can shred a large amount of sheets. Then the cooling down period requires 60 minutes. This silent paper shredder is very good choice for offices where work few people.

Superior Security
If you and your colleagues work with sensitive documents, you can rely on this quiet paper shredder. It is micro-cut and has a very high-security level: P-5. When shredder cuts the papers, it is impossible that anybody assembles these pieces and use them.

wolverine review

Speedy Paper Shredder
The Wolverine shredding speed is 6.6 feet per minute, which is pretty fast. That means it could shred 200 papers per minute. Also, it provides a quiet and smooth shredding experience with 54 decibels only. The bin capacity isn’t so high, there are 6 gallons.

Highlighted Points:

  • runs 40 minutes without stop
  • works very silently, there are 54dB only
  • fast paper shredder for sensitive documents
  • great office device for 5 users
  • ETL certified paper shredder

Best Small Quiet Shredder

Aurora AU1200XD Compact Shredder

Desktop-style Device
Aurora AU1200XD is compact paper shredder, its height is 11.8 inches, width is 13.2 inches and the length is 99. inches. Because of its dimensions, it will fit anywhere. It’s small, but it’s able to shred junk mail, DVDs, CDs, credit cards and papers.

Aurora AU1200XD

No Paper Jams
The sheet capacity isn’t small, the Aurora silent paper shredder can cut 12 sheets per single pass. The throat is 8.7 inches wide. Anti-jam technology prevents paper jams. Also, there is an auto-reverse function for easier cleanup. It is simple to use this paper shredder.

Almost Noiseless
The Aurora ensures ultra-quiet shredding. You won’t even notice when it works. This compact device runs continuously for 5 minutes. Use it in your home or office, it isn’t intended for multi-users. This cross-cut paper shredder provides a P-4 of security level.

Aurora AU1200XD review

Advanced Safety Feature
The Aurora quiet paper shredder features advanced safety functions. There is an auto power-off if there is forced entry. That feature prevents accidents. The pull-out basket has low capacity, it’s 1.8 gallons. You have to empty it often, but it isn’t complicated.

Highlighted Points:

  • compact desktop size paper shredder
  • shreds papers, CDs. DVDs and credit cards
  • it features anti-jam and auto-reverse functions
  • pull-out wastebasket for easier emptying
  • ShredSafe technology prevents accidents
  • short continuous run time

Things To Know About Silent Paper Shredders

These paper shredders have one different feature – they work much quieter than other paper shredders. In this buying guide, you will learn how quiet they can work and about other important features.

Comfortable Noise Level – The normal paper shredder sound level goes from 6o to 70 decibels. Some paper shredders produce 80 decibels which is pretty annoying, especially if you need to work near the shredder. The silent/quiet paper shredders produce about 60 decibels, which is more comfortable.

Energy-efficient System – Quality paper shredders use energy-saving technology. The devices with this technology have energy-saving mode when you don’t use it. You don’t have to turn it off after every shredding. The auto-start and auto-stop features improve low power consumption.

Three Security Levels – There are three paper shredder types on the market. Micro-cut, strip-cut and cross-cut. The micro-cut paper shredder provides the highest security, so use it if you work with sensitive documents. Cross-cut ensures medium security level and strip cut features a low level of security.

Operation Time – Depends on the amount of paper you work with, choose the paper shredder run time. The home paper shredders have a short run time of 2 to 10 minutes. Office shredders are able to run 30 minutes and more. The commercial shredders deliver the longest work time of 60 minutes.

Overheat Protection – If you leave paper shredder to work, it can overheat. Always take care of the run time of the paper shredder. It is a good decision to buy a shredder with sensors. If they detect the motor overheating, they will automatically shut down the device. This feature prolongs motor life.

Final Verdict

The best silent paper shredder on this list is the Bonsaii EverShred shredder. It is a heavy-duty machine with 30 minutes of run time and a quality jam proof system. With a noise level of 58dB, you won’t be distracted. If you are interested in pro paper shredders, read the review of the best professional paper shredders. About household shredders, find in the personal paper shredders post.

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