Considering the happy community a successful community, we create a positive work environment and are open to new people with new ideas.

Our Culture

Our community grows and develops in a positive way thanks to collegiality in our team. Our employees support each other and the founders respond to the needs of the employees. We believe that only in a friendly team and in a non-stress environment, there is an opportunity for progress. We share our thoughts with each other which helps us to achieve professional growth.

Not only professional development, but our company culture gives also personal growth to each employee. We are colleagues but also friends. In our meetings, you listen to each other and attempt to find solutions together.

Our company culture meets the balance between work and life as well as between various types of work so our job is rarely boring.


Our Key For Happiness

The comfortable and positive environment – that’s the main key to the happiness of our employees. They share the motivation at work with each other so they achieve productivity and it gives them satisfaction. In the OfficeNeedle community, there is stress rarely and laugh usually. We are always in research for new ideas and new solutions. That makes the work dynamic and as such, it’s enjoyable.

Benefits We Provide

Since the benefits at work are crucial for the pleasure of the employees, we provide:

  • daily healthy snacks and refreshment with drinks
  • various programs for families
  • team-buildings with various activities
  • professional development programs
  • organizations of holidays and trips

We Offer:

  • work with motivated colleagues that will support you
  • a chance for personal progress and professional development
  • high-quality health insurance
  • possibility for work from home
  • challenged and joyful job in no-stress conditions
  • professional meetings where the ideas are being created
  • change for learning from experts
  • opportunity to improve your social skills
  • opportunity to show your creative side

We Need Person Who:

  • is passionate about business cases, marketing, and office
  • enjoys frequent research and learning new things
  • is focused on professional progress and success
  • has the enthusiasm for helping people providing them with advice
  • is opened for new situations and new people