15 Best Android Document Scanning Apps You Should Purchase

Our smartphones are a great help in everyday tasks. Yet, if you didn’t know before, they can replace many other devices and help you have a real office on the go. 

In this article, I will write about scanning with an Android phone and present the 15 best scanning apps for Android.  

Why Use An Android Document Scanner?

Scanning documents has never been easier, especially for those who don’t have a current office or machine to scan them. Android scanner helps you upload documents and have them ready in PDF format to use or send immediately. Also, it provides everything on one device, so you don’t have to use money or space to scan. The apps work similarly: they use a device camera to scan the document and immediately turn it into a PDF file.

There are many other reasons why to use a mobile scanner. First, you will go completely paperless and support saving despite climate change. What is more, you can never destroy or lose a paper and can share work with everyone you want. What is more, you can work completely remote which is crucial in this pandemic time. 

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15 Best Scanning Apps For Android

There are many apps for scanning documents online, so you can easily find the one that suits you the most. Most of them are free for downloading and using, but for some, you may pay a fee. We bring you the 15 best document scanner app for android on the internet. 

Adobe Scan

This document scanner app for android is the most commonly used and very user-friendly. It recognizes text and scans quickly and automatically chops documents if it is necessary. It is completely free for downloading and using and will save documents in PDF or JPEG format. What is more, you can save and collect all of them in Adobe Cloud. The only thing you will need to pay for is additional saving space and the possibility to edit them later. 

Microsoft Lens

Another very popular scanning program is widely used by people who use Microsoft systems in general. It quickly makes pictures of documents or whiteboards and makes it readable. What is more, you can edit photos and documents and share them quickly in one app. The design is very modern but similar to other Microsoft apps, so it is easy to use and understand. What is more, it allows you to convert PDF, Word document, PowerPoint, or Excel or even digitize handwritten text and save it to your device or cloud. 

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is the ideal app for anyone that needs a quick and genuine scan to read the document as a whole. It allows you easy and quick scan and supports all types of documents, like Word or PDF. What is more, you can scan in any type of surrounding and it will cut the document only. Also, it has a practical and modern design, so it is really easy to use it from the beginning. This document scanner app for android is completely free for download and use. 


This document scanner app for android free download can be used for both android and iPhone. It is very easy to use it and with one click you can scan any type of document. They all will be saved in a cloud and cropped automatically to remove any excess background. It will apply the filter and straighten it to make the document look neat and professional. All in all, it is very user-friendly and makes a lot of small upgrades for a better finish look. 


As its name says, this document scanner app for android free download is ideal for fast and precious scanning. It automatically corrects documents and turns them into PDF. What is more, it has the option to send an email to yourself as soon as the document is scanned. Also, they will all be stored in a cloud. This application allows you to scan only three pages for free and then you need to pay to use it further. 

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FineReader is more than just a scanning app. This app allows you to edit your documents and adjust them at any moment, it allows you to read and comment immediately and to save changes. Also, you can convert the document into any other type and save it on the cloud. If you need, you can quickly scan and remove the background. What is more, it helps you digitalize all your documents and protect them from illegal use. This android scanner app is completely free for use.  

vFlat Scan

This app is ideal for anyone who wants to convert images into text quickly. The app recognizes the text from the image and makes a document in seconds. What is more, you can easily save it in any type you want. The app recognizes and straightens the border of the document and converts the image to a document in a few seconds. It is completely free for downloading and using. Yet, you only need to provide space for saving documents. 

Smart Doc Scanner

This app will digitalize any of your documents and turns the picture into a professional document within seconds. It is ideal for use in busy situations since you can easily share the document with recipients via multiple apps. It allows you to set the camera and makes the most out of the shot. Also, it immediately turns the document into PDF and saves all later changes if you want to edit it. The app is completely free for downloading and using. 


This android document scanner is rather easy to use and helps you in any situation. First, it can easily recognize the document in any position and will remove the background and save it in PDF or JPEG format. What is more, it automatically syncs with other devices, so you can have the document on any device you want. It is free for downloading. 

Clear Scan

Another free scanning app is popular because of its simplicity and ease using. It has a modern design, but basic functions. You can use it mostly for scanning documents and convert images to text. It is very fast and automatically recognizes document borders and removes the background. You can scan more pages one after another, so it is ideal for students and people that need to scan more documents at the same time. 

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Document Scanner

This android scanner app is great for people than need to scan and edit a document at the same time. First, it will recognize the document border on the picture and easily transform it into a PDF. Even if you need to convert scan pdf to word online, you can easily do it thanks to this app. What is more, it automatically saves all your work, including changes and edits, to the cloud, so you can access it from any device. 

Fast Scanner

This document scanner app is like apps that scan photos and provides an opportunity for to fastest way to scan photos. It is ideal because instantly recognizes image from the documents and transforms it using cropping tool and filters. Also, it is completely free for using and there are the newest editions, so you can upgrade it often. The app has a modern design and is very easy to use. 

Tiny Scanner

This app is ideal for use because Is free and uses little space on your devices. You can use it anytime and it successfully recognizes documents from the background. What is more, it is well known to fast convert scan to pdf and allows you to share it on multiple apps. Using wifi, you can immediately save it to your computer. 

Google Drive Scanner

As Google provides many apps and useful functions, it also has a scanner app. This app allows you to scan documents and save them on Google Drive immediately. It is slightly easy to use because is similar to any other Google app. Also, it is completely free for using and saves documents on Google Drive, so you can have access from any of your devices. Yet, once you lose space, you will need to pay for additional. 


This app is primarily for making handwritten notes online. It is made to collect your writings and turn them into a document. What is more, you can easily convert it into any other format and share it with others. It is a bit complicated to use since scanning is the only option you can choose. But, the scanned document will be recognized and completely understandable. 

Final Verdict

Using an android document scanner is ideal if you want to scan your documents and digitalize them immediately. It helps you share your text or with others and make images into PDF or convert it into any other model. There are many best scanning apps for android and it is hard to choose the best. Also, many of them are free for use and you only need to find the one that suits you the best. If you need a scanner for your computer, you can find the high-quality models in this post about the best paper scanners and the best-rated portable document scanners.

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