Best 10 Roll Laminators For School, Home, And Business Use

Are you searching for a roll laminator for your business or home crafting in your free time?

Search no more! This article has an overview of the top 10 models you can find on the market. Compare them between different categories, and if you need more help with choosing the right model, go to the buying guide. In the final verdict, we recommend articles with more models.

Our Top Picks

Vinmax Laminating Machine PicksVinmax Hot Cold Laminator
A desktop model with protection settings when working with the hot laminating technique. It has an anti-roll film.
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GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle PicksGBC HeatSeal 1701720EZ Pinnacle Laminator
Roll is up to 27” wide. Also, it has an auto shut-off function and laminates up to 3 mil thick media.
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TECHTONGDA Automatic Laminator PicksTechtongda Automatic Electric Laminator
The large-format model is 63” wide and has a roller made from soft rubber. It has caster wheels for transport.
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Beacon Pet Roll Laminator PicksBeacon Pet Hot Roll Laminator
Features both double-side and single-side laminating. Automatically adjust the temperature for the material.
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H-E Large Laminator PicksH-E FMJ-1600-E Full Auto Laminator
It has a wide format with rubber silicon pouch rollers for smooth and practical laminating without damage.
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INTBUYING Manual Cold Roll Laminator PicksIntbuying 26210 Roll Laminator
You have to control it manually, it’s foldable and easy to store. Also, it’s suitable for up to 25” wide media.
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Cold Laminating Machine Laminator PicksCLM 1600MM Laminator
The 5” wide roller provides high pressure for laminating media up to 1” thick and 63” wide. It’s manual.
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Dry-Lam SL27 School-Laminator PicksDry-Lam 20007 Laminator
The maximum laminating speed is 114” per minute. It has 4 high-pressure rolls for laminating thick materials.
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WOIQ Large Laminator PicksWOIQ Electric Laminator
It has long-lasting chrome and steel alloy structure. Use a control panel to adjust working temperature and speed.
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Royal Sovereign Laminator PicksRoyal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator
The system has a maximum laminating speed of 16” per minute and a powerful motor. It laminates at 120°F.
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Top 10 Roll Laminators Review


Vinmax Hot Cold Laminator

Desktop Design And Protection System
The roll laminating machine features a desktop design that’s 17” wide. Also, it features single-side and double-side heating options. The protection system is a safety feature you can turn on when working in hot mode. Furthermore, if there’s an error, the alarm activates and stops the machine.

Vinmax Laminating Machine

Double Rolls And Cold Method
The system has double rolls with anti-film that ensure smooth laminating without curves, bubbles, wrinkles, etc. Moreover, it can use the cold method if you’re working with sensitive materials. In case you want more info, read the best cold laminator machine review.

Highlighted Points:

  • the inlet is 17” wide
  • hot more with protection system
  • double rolls with anti-film
  • cold laminating for sensitive materials
  • single side and double side heating option


GBC HeatSeal 1701720EZ Pinnacle Laminator

Preheating Time And Roll Pouch
The preheating time lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. Also, it features a roll pouch film that’s up to 27” long. The rolls are more practical than separate pouches. Moreover, the stand-by mode saves a lot of energy. The system shuts down when it’s not used for a long time.

GBC HeatSeal Pinnacle

Suitable For Thick Materials
In addition, the best GBC thermal roller laminator for schools is suitable for cutting materials up to 3 mils thick. Also, the model is suitable for both teachers and students. If you want to research more models like this one, check out the article on the best school laminator machine.

Highlighted Points:

  • preheating time lasts between 8 and 10 mins
  • roll pouch film is 27” long
  • suitable for materials up to 3 mils thick
  • automatic shut down feature
  • suitable for students and teachers


Techtongda Automatic Electric Laminator

Handwheel Laminating And Control Panel
It’s suitable for large-format materials, for example, paintings, posters, graphics, etc. There’s a handwheel for manual laminating, but it’s also automatic so you don’t have to rotate it manually. The control panel allows you to choose between the hot and cold methods.

TECHTONGDA Automatic Laminator

Suitable For Thick Models
In addition, the cold laminator ensures high-quality images without changing color, wrinkles, bubbles, etc. The roller is made from soft rubber and it’s suitable for materials up to 1” thick. The roll is up to 5” wide in diameter. If you like this model, read the best cold roll laminator review.

Highlighted Points:

  • large-format projects
  • suitable for materials up to 1” thick
  • rubber roller up to 5” wide
  • handwheel for manual laminating
  • hot and cold laminating method


Beacon Pet Hot Roll Laminator

Control Panel For Switching Methods
The model can laminate papers up to 13” long. Also, it has a stand for pouch film rolls which ensure easy preparation for laminating. You can use buttons on the control panel to choose between cold and hor laminating methods. There’s double-side and single-side laminating method.

Beacon Pet Roll Laminator

Compact Design And Intelligent System
The hot roll laminating machine has an intelligent system for easy temperature control. Moreover, it has a compact design and it’s suitable for a space-limited workspace. Read the best heat laminator review if you want more info.

Highlighted Points:

  • laminating up to 13” long papers
  • stand for pouch film rolls
  • choose between the hot and cold method
  • intelligent system for temperature adjustments
  • compact design for space-limited table


H-E FMJ-1600-E Full Auto Laminator

Large Format With Stand
It’s a large-format model that can laminate materials up to 62” wide and up to 1.5” thick. Therefore, it’s suitable for different projects, and it can be used for commercial purposes. The model comes with a stand and it has caster wheels for easy transport.

H-E Large Laminator

Adjustable Speed And Temperature
The roll thermal laminator is automatic so it doesn’t need to be supervised. The temperature can be measured in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Use the control panel to adjust both speed and temperature. For more info on similar models, read the best wide-format laminator review.

Highlighted Points:

  • laminates materials up to 62” wide and 1.5” thick
  • suitable for different projects
  • has a stand and caster wheels
  • automatic system for a fast workflow
  • set temperature and speed


Intbuying 26210 Roll Laminator

Manual Roller With Press System
The system isn’t electric, so you need to operate it manually by rotating the handwheel. This lamination roller machine has a press system that’s suitable for sticking the picture on a stable surface. The model is made from iron that’s stable and durable.

INTBUYING Manual Cold Roll Laminator

Foldable And Wide Design
As a result, this model is mostly used for preparing photos for walls.  The foldable design makes it compact for transport and storing. The maximum laminating width is 25”. In case you want to learn more about models like this, read the best white laminator review.

Highlighted Points:

  • a manual model with a handwheel
  • press system for a stable surface
  • suitable for photos for wall
  • foldable and easy to store
  • the inlet is up to 25” wide


CLM 1600MM Laminator

Wide Roller With Stand
The desktop model comes with a stand for rollers which ensure more stability and easier workflow. It’s suitable for models up to 63” long. In addition, it has a roller that’s up to 5” wide in diameter. Like the previous model, it’s not electric so you need to use a handwheel.

Cold Laminating Machine Laminator

Wooden Case For Transport
The roll-to-roll thermal lamination machine has a cold and hot method. It’s suitable for materials up to 1” thick. Also, it’s foldable and comes with a wooden case for simple storage. If you’re interested to research more models, read the best commercial laminator machine review.

Highlighted Points:

  • roll up to 5” wide
  • manual system
  • cold and hot method
  • laminates up to 1” thick material
  • foldable for wooden case


Dry-Lam 20007 Laminator

Fast Laminating And Wide Inlet
The strong machine has an inlet that’s 27” wide so it’s suitable for posters and wide-format materials. Moreover, you can use pouches that are between 1.5 mil and 3 mils thick. The maximum laminating speed is 114” in one minute, so a professional laminating machine can produce a lot of documents in one hour.

Dry-Lam SL27 School-Laminator

Portable And Included 5 Rolls
The roller lamination machine has caster wheels so you can easily move it around the room. The package also comes with 5 pouch rolls with one attached to the machine. The display shows all settings, and you can easily adjust the temperature settings.

Highlighted Points:

  • 27” wide inlet
  • maximum laminating speed is 114” in one minute
  • includes 5 rollers
  • portable with caster wheels
  • adjustable temperature settings


WOIQ Electric Laminator

Large And Stable Machine
The heavy-duty model is large, long-lasting, and stable. The roll-to-roll lamination is 23” long, 20” wide, and 17” high. It has steel alloy and the surface is chrome-plated for durability. The rollers have silicon rubber that ensures smooth laminating without damage.

WOIQ Large Laminator

Laminating Methods And Control Panel
It has a hot and cold laminating system that you combine according to material sensitivity. They can be adjusted by using buttons on the control panel. Also, you can set the right speed. If you like this model, read more in the best industrial laminating machine review.

Highlighted Points:

  • it’s 23” long, 20” wide, and 17” high
  • double rollers with silicon rubber
  • hot and cold laminating method
  • adjustable speed and temperature
  • chrome-plated surface structure


Royal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator

Thick Materials And Caster Wheels
The double pouch rollers ensure laminating materials up to 10 mils thick. Therefore, it’s suitable for industry and commercial use. It’s a roll-to-roll lamination machine with a stand for easier work and caster wheels for transport to other rooms.

Royal Sovereign Laminator Review

Speed And Silicon Rubber
The inlet width is 65” so you can create big projects. The maximum speed is 16 feet in one minute, and you can adjust the temperature up to 120°C. To ensure smooth laminating, it features rollers made from silicon rubber. Read the article on the best 10 mil laminating machines to get more info.

Highlighted Points:

  • for materials up to 10 mil
  • caster wheels for transport
  • suitable for up to 65” wide inlet
  • silicon rubber double rollers
  • maximum width is 65”

Things To Know About Roll Laminators

Here’s the buying guide with additional info on important features such as laminating speed, needed technology for working with thick materials, available sizes, price, etc.

Laminating Speed – The professional models are suitable for laminating thick materials because they have a high speed between 30” and 60” in one minute (or more). Therefore, they can make about 500-1000 pages in one hour. Standard models laminate around 11” in one minute.

Thick Materials – If you want to laminate very thick materials between 5 mils and 10 mils, you need a model with high pressure and high working temperature. As a result, we recommend buying a roller laminating machine with at least 2-6 rollers and a hot laminating technique.

Suitable Size – The size depends on the inlet width. For example, 11×17 laminators are suitable for laminating small to medium-sized papers, between A4, A5, and A6 media. If you want to laminate wider documents, you need a model with an inlet wider than 20”.

Price RangeThe cheap laminator machine will be priced below $200. Small compact models can cost an average of $50. The general range is between $100 and $300, but the price depends on the brand, laminating technique, high-tech features, etc.

Where To Buy? – Online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart have the widest offer of models. Moreover, you can easily compare different prices, brands, and read customer reviews that can help you to buy the right machine. Above all, you can often find a discount on the price.

Final Verdict

To sum up, every category has one roll laminator that represents it the best. In case you want to research more laminator models, read the best home laminator review. Also, we recommend reading the thermal laminator review with all info about these machines and a short overview of a wide range of models.

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