Best 6 Industrial Laminating Machines For Sale Reviewed

Did you start the industry and now you need the quality laminators?

Or your industry spread so you need more laminators?

To pick the right model for your business, keep reading and check the list of the best-rated industrial laminating machines. You can learn all that you need to know about the laminators for your industry.

Our Top Picks

USI Thermal Roll Laminator PicksUSI CSL 2700 Laminator
The machine allows you to adjust the temperature and more useful functions to laminate according to the industrial needs.
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Minikote EZ 27 Roll Laminator picksMinikote EZ Roll Laminator
The stand for pouch roll included in this Minikote machine helps to get the industrial job done quickly.
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TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator PicksTLC 6000T Pouch Laminator
The TLC laminator provides quick heating and fast lamination which is the main advantage of laminators for the industry.
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Zorvo Laminating Machine PicksZorvo Laminating Machine
In cold laminating mode, you can make single-side or double-side laminated materials and use more useful functions.
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WOIQ Large Laminator PicksWOIQ Electric Laminator
Double modes make the Woiq laminator suitable for various material types that can be protected using the pouch film rolls.
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H-E Large Laminator PicksH-E Wide Format Laminator
This H-E model is the laminator with one of the largest sizes which makes it ideal for industrial production.
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Best 6 Industrial Laminating Machines


USI CSL 2700 Laminator

Wide Format Materials
The Usi lamiantor comes in blue color and has a length of about 27 inches. You can place it on a standard table ensuring enough space for it. The machine is purposed for laminating the posters and similar documents with a wide format. The laminator is UL listed so it’s designed for commercial use.

USI Thermal Roll Laminator

Thermal Laminating Mode
This is a thermal industrial laminator so it requires some time for preheating before laminating. After you switch it on, you need to wait for about 5 minutes and then start to laminate. You can select the right options for laminating depending on the type of pouch and material.

Adjusting The Temperature
It’s best to use the pouch of 3 mils of the thickness. The machine can adjust the temperature to be suitable for the pouch type. You can increase or decrease the temperature manually. If you laminate sensitive material, the low temperature is a better option.

USI Thermal Roll Laminator Review

Shut Off Function
This laminating machine includes the automatic shut off function. If you don’t use the lamiantor for about 4 hours, the machine shuts off automatically. This function saves energy. It’s a practical option if you forget to switch off the machine. Therefore, it’s safe for usage in the factory or print shop.

Highlighted Points:

  • up to 27 inches of the material width
  • supports the pouches of up to 3 mils thick
  • UL listed commercial laminator machine
  • manual temperature adjustment function
  • shuts off automatically after 4 hours of nonuse
  • the thermal system needs preheating of 5 min approximately


Minikote EZ Roll Laminator

Big Pouch Capacity
The Minikote lamiantor has a similar design like the previous roll industrial laminating machine. You can attach the pouch roll easily. The big pouch capacity is useful because you don’t have to add more pouch often. The industry can go on and you can make more work done.

Minikote EZ 27 Roll Laminator

Posters Covered With Thin Pouch
The roller can support the materials of the average size. The inlet is about 27 inches wide so you can laminate wide posters, graphics, and more. The machine holds the thin pouches that can be up to 3 mils thick. You need to use the pouches for the hot laminating method.

Safe Key Switch
You can switch on this machine if you have the appropriate key. The key switch is placed below the control panel. It’s practical to switch on the laminator using the key because only authorized persons can use it. The key allows you to protect the lamiantor.

Minikote EZ 27 Roll Laminator Review

Safe For Industry
This model is UL listed so it’s safe for usage in the industry. It’s an electric model that requires an electric outlet of 120 V. You need to ensure a wider space to place the laminator and make it stable. The lamiantor has a durable construction.

Highlighted Points:

  • electric machine compatible with 120 V socket
  • switches on using the appropriate key
  • the inlet holds 27-inch materials and smaller
  • includes the mount for pouch roll
  • suitable for the 1,5-3 mil pouches


TLC 6000T Pouch Laminator

Wide-Format Maps
The length of this model is smaller than the size of the industrial laminators I reviewed above. With this machine, you can laminate the materials of 16 inches maximally. The laminator is big enough to make quality laminated maps, posters, and more.

TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator

Light Notification
There are heat and run switches included in the control panel. There is the indicator light on the control panel. The light notifies the users when they can start laminating. The green light is a sign the machine is hot enough to be ready for use.

Thermometer Built-In
The machine can hold thick pouches. The 10 mils thick pouch is the best to use to protect all size materials. Depending on the pouch you use, you can use a hot laminating system or cold method. The thermal system includes the thermometer that adjusts the heat.

TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator Review

Fast And Efficient
The laminating machine works with a speed of 33 inches per minute. It’s one of the highest speeds of the laminators. Thanks to the fast speed, the industry is going quickly. You can make your job done efficiently and on time. Thanks to the non-slip legs, the laminator is stable during the laminating process.

Highlighted Points:

  • maximal supported pouch thickness is 10 mils
  • laminates the material of 16 inches of the width
  • stands on stable non-slip legs
  • the speed of 33 inches per minute
  • cold and hot laminating options
  • light indicator signifies the machine is ready


Zorvo Laminating Machine

Single Or Double-Sided Mode
The Zorvo industrial laminator is about 18 inches long. It includes double stands for pouch rolls. You can attach one roll film on the top and another one on the bottom part.  You can use both single-sided and double-sided heating mode. Therefore, you can use both rolls at once or only one.

Zorvo Laminating Machine

Various Temperature
Except for the hot mode, you can use also the cold mode if you plan to laminate some sensitive materials that the heat might damage. In hot mode, you can adjust the temperature to be optimal for plastic, paper, and more materials. The highest temperature is 180 °C.

Tension Adjustable Easily
There is a red roller that is made of rubber. This material is soft enough to prevent the damages of the laminated documents. You can adjust the roller tension to be optimal for the paper thickness. It’s easy to adjust it using the wheels on one side.

Zorvo Laminating Machine Review

Control Panel With Display
This machine includes the control panel with a lot of options. The display is built-in and helps you to select the right options. You will see the temperature you set as well as the mode you select. If you want to stop the laminating process immediately, the one-button press is enough.

Highlighted Points:

  • double-sided or single-sided laminating modes
  • designed for two pouch rolls
  • both cold and hot modes available
  • up to 180 °C adjustable temperature
  • control panel and display built-in
  • laminates the documents of 18 inches
  • easy to set the roller tension


WOIQ Electric Laminator

Large Heavy-Duty Model
This industrial laminating machine can work in two modes, just like the previous cold laminator. It has a large size and heavy-duty construction. The length of the machine is about 23 inches, the width is about 20 inches and the height is about 17 inches.

WOIQ Large Laminator

Chrome And Steel
It’s a cold roll model that includes the rollers for pouch film covered with steel alloy. It consists of firm parts that are less possible to get damaged. The surface is chrome plated which guarantees quality and durability. The long-lasting design is useful in the industry where the machine needs to run all the time.

Heat, Pressure, And Adhesive
The pressure roller is made of silicon rubber just like rollers integrated into most laminating machines. In hot mode, the roller gets warm melting the plastic pouch. If you use a cold laminating system, the heat is removed and the pressure in combination with adhesive makes the materials laminated.

WOIQ Large Laminator Review

Control Panel With Buttons
The machine includes the control panel with a temperature adjustable button, speed adjustment knob, and indicator lights. You can make the machine work slower or faster. To achieve the best results, you shouldn’t bustle with laminating to prevent bubbles, wrinkles, and other damages of laminated materials.

Highlighted Points:

  • about 20 inches long and wide machine
  • cold and hot modes adjustable using the control panel
  • two steel rollers for pouch film built-in
  • chrome-plated external construction
  • single-sided or double-sided laminating options
  • adjustable speed and temperature


H-E Wide Format Laminator

Big Length And Height
This H-E industrial laminator is much larger than the other models I reviewed. The overall length of this machine is 63 inches. The big height includes the stand which makes the laminator practical to use in standing position. The stand includes the castors that provide the portability of this machine.

H-E Large Laminator

For Ultra-Thick Materials
You can use hot and cold modes to laminate graphics, printed images, and more. It can be used as a press laminator to make painting ready for hanging on the wall. The machine can support both thin and thick materials. The maximal thickness can be 1,4 inches.

Powerful Motor Used
This is a powerful machine that uses the motor of 90 Watts of power. The laminator is compatible with the socket of 110 V. You need to place the machine near the electric outlet. When you want to relocate the laminator, you need to push it easily thanks to the castors.

H-E Large Laminator Review

Emergency Button Built-In
The control panel includes the wheel you can use to adjust the laminating speed. There is a display that shows the temperature. You can adjust the temperature using the buttons on the touch panel. On the other side, there is an emergency button. You need to press it if you notice the error happens.

Highlighted Points:

  • self-standing 63-inch long machine
  • four castors on the button make it portable
  • an emergency button placed on one side
  • control panel with the display on the other side
  • uses 90 Watt motor and suitable for 110V socket

Things To Know About Industrial Laminator

The laminators for industrial production are powerful machines with fast speed. Thanks to power, these machines can laminate thick materials that are not suitable for other laminators. Using the control panel, you can set the laminating machine to work the way you want. The industrial laminating machines are usually more expensive than standard models.

Big Power – The laminators for the industry are electric models that use the motors of big power. The motors have the power of around 100 Watts and more. The motor determines the speed primarily. Thanks to high power, you can laminate during the whole working hours.

Fast Speed – Since the laminators include the high power motor, they can work fastly. The average laminating speed is 30-50 inches per minute. You can laminate a standard format paper for less than a minute. A wide-format poster can be done for a few minutes, depending on the length and height of the material.

Thick Materials – While standard models can hold the materials of up to 0,2 mm of the thickness, the industrial laminators support the materials that are 1 mm thick minimally. The most powerful models support 1 inch thick documents. The rollers are adjustable for both thick and thin materials.

Control Panel – The main part is the control panel that consists of programmable buttons and a display optionally. The buttons are purposed to adjust the thickness of the pouch, the temperature if you laminate in hot mode and the roller tension in some cases. The control panel must include the release or emergency button.

High Price – The minimal price of laminators for industrial use is 300 dollars. This is the price of a smaller industrial model. As the size increases, the price also increases. The maximal price is about 5000 dollars. Most industrial machines for laminating cost around 1000 dollars.

Final Verdict

To sum up, the best-buy model is USI thermal roll laminator because it has big power and speed and offers all the functions an industrial laminator should include. To explore more models that are ready for production, check the list of the best commercial laminators. Since these laminators support thick pouches, you might be interested in the best 10 mil laminators, so check them out here.

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