Best 5 Large/Wide Format Laminators For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Do you need a quality machine to laminate wide format materials?

Keep reading this post and you will learn which characteristics are important for large format laminators. The guide can help you to realize which large laminator you need for business or personal purposes.

The picks

Prolam wide format laminator picksProlam PL-238WF Heated Laminator
The laminator is mounted on the stable stand providing the laminating of documents with big sizes.
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Royal Sovereign Laminator PicksRoyal Sovereign Laminating Machine
The Royal laminator includes a large roller and supports wide film rolls that are easy to use.
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H-E Large Laminator PicksH-E FMJ-1600-E Full Auto Laminator
With the control panel to regulate the heat and speed, this laminator requires minimal assistance and provides a lot.
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INTBUYING Automatic Electric Manual PicksIntbuying 120020 Automatic Laminator
The Intbuying laminator offers two choices that you can choose depending on the document or photo you want to protect.
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Zorvo Laminating Machine PicksZorvo Cold Laminating Machine
It’s smaller than other models so it’s also cheaper, but its multiple functions can please you well.
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Top 5 Wide Format Laminators


Prolam PL-238WF Heated Laminator

Needs Some Space 
The Prolan machine has a length of 38 inches. This is the maximal length of materials you can laminate. The rolls are placed on the stand so you don’t have to use the table. You need to ensure some space in the room to place this large machine.

Prolam wide format laminator

Double Rolls Of Pouch
The rollers get warm during the laminated process. The heat can melt the materials and stick them. You can laminate the materials of about 0,4 inches thick. The pouch roll is placed on the top. You can place the additional roll on the mount beneath.

Hot Laminating System
It’s a digital laminator that regulate the temperature automatically. The electricity warms up the rollers with pouches which means it’s a hot laminating system. The preheating time is about 6 minutes. You need to plug the machine in the socket of 240 V.

Prolam wide format laminator Review

Supports Plastic Materials
The stand of this wide format laminator is metal which ensures stability. You can use plastic materials with this machine such as polyester, nylon, vinyl, and more. The laminator offers also cold laminating for a case you find the heat dangerous for the material you want to laminate.

Highlighted Points:

  • the maximal width of 38 inches
  • heats the roller
  • preheating time of about 6 minutes
  • thermal or cold systems available
  • automatic temperature control
  • suitable for plastic


Royal Sovereign Laminating Machine

Castors For Pulling 
The Royal Sovereign large format laminator comes with the stand just like the previous model. The stand includes the castors so it’s easy to relocate the laminator. You can pull it to another place where you want to use it. The stand is like the legs of a table.

Royal Sovereign Laminator

Heat Or Cold Film
The width of this laminator is about 65 inches. You can laminate wide format documents using the heated roller. You need to attach the pouch roll with the maximal width of 65 inches. You can use hot or cold lamination film. The silvering of a cold film is prevented.

Silicon Rubber Part
The machine heats the roller to the temperature of about 120 °F. The rollers are made of silicon rubber. The heating process provides quick laminating. The speed is about 16 feet per minute. You need to wait until the light indicator turns on to start laminating.

Royal Sovereign Laminator Review

Emergency Stop Function
You can use the pouches of any thickness. Minimal thickness is 1 mil and the pouches can be 10 mils thick maximally. You can use the red button to prevent damages. It’s an emergency button and you can use it when you notice something is going wrong.

Highlighted Points:

  • comes on a stand with castors
  • easy to pull it
  • about 65 inches wide
  • suitable for heat and cold laminating
  • roller made of silicon rubber
  • red button for emergency
  • speed of 16 feet per minute


H-E FMJ-1600-E Full Auto Laminator

Placed On The Wheels 
This large-format laminator is 62 inches wide so you can laminate large documents or a lot of materials at once. The maximal thickness can be about 1,5 inches. The laminator has a stand. You can pull it easily from a room to room since it’s placed on the little wheels.

H-E Large Laminator

Various Purposes
You can use this machine for a lot of purposes which makes your business better. You can use it for mounting inkjet prints on a big surface or for pre-masking graphics. It’s an automatic machine so the supervising of one person should be enough.

Wide Control Panel
The H-E laminator includes the control panel with a lot of functions. You can adjust the temperature precisely by pressing the up and down degree buttons. You will see the temperature measurement both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s easy also to adjust the speed using the rotary button.

H-E Large Laminator Review

No Wrinkling And Silvering
The plate includes the scale so you can regulate the width of the documents easily. The machine is designed to prevent wrinkling and silvering. If you notice the damage might happen, you can push the emergency button. This machine has a power of 90 Watts and it’s suitable for a 110V socket.

Highlighted Points:

  • 63 inches is the maximal width
  • control panel for adjustments
  • temperature and speed control options
  • castors on the stand mount
  • inlcudes the motor of 90 Watts of power


Intbuying 120020 Automatic Laminator

With Or Without Electricity
The Intbuying model has a different laminating system than previous machines. It’s a cold wide format laminator which means it doesn’t require the electric power. There is a handwheel that you need to rotate. If you get tired of rotating, you can plug it in and use the electricity to run the machine.

INTBUYING Automatic Electric Manual

Better Control Over It
You don’t need to rotate it all the time. The machine offers an automatic electric function. You can connect it with a 110 V socket and adjust settings using the control panel. The machine will work automatically but then the jam is possible. When you laminate manually, you have full control over the machine.

Double Choices Offered
The maximal width of this Intbuying laminator is 63 inches, just like the models I reviewed. You can choose the type of laminating system you will use depending on the type of material. It’s an advantage of this machine when you use it for commercial purposes.

INTBUYING Automatic Electric Manual Review

Less Bubble Effect
If the documents or photos are sensitive, the cold laminating system is a better choice. Using the cold lamination, it’s less possible that the bubbles will be formed. You need to use the appropriate film for laminating. In the package, you will get a roll of glossy film 50 inches wide.

Highlighted Points:

  • hot and cold laminating methods
  • rotatable handwheel built-in
  • protection for sensitive documents
  • the roll of 50-inch wide film included
  • 63 inches wide machine
  • compatible with 110 V socket


Zorvo Cold Laminating Machine

Smaller Size Than Usual
This model is smaller than others and doesn’t include the stand. For that reason, it’s cheaper than other laminators I reviewed. This one has a width of 18 inches which is not so big but also bigger than standard home/office laminators of about 9 inches.

Zorvo Laminating Machine

LCD Control Panel
It’s a roll wide format laminator that offers both hot and cold laminating systems. It includes a control panel with an LCD screen. Using the control panel, you can choose the right mode for the documents you plan to laminate, regulate the temperature, and stop laminating.

Various Materials And Pouches
You can adjust the temperature for up to 180 °C. It’s useful to have the opportunity to adjust the temperature if you use various pouches or you laminate various materials. For that reason, this machine is the right model for commercial purposes. You can please the customers with various requests.

Zorvo Laminating Machine Review

 Single Or Double Film
Not only the temperature but you can adjust also the film tension. You can use both single-sided film and double-sided film. The roller has a diameter of about 1 inch. You can laminate the materials that are up to 5 mils thick maximally.

Highlighted Points:

  • 18 inches wide roller
  • the stand is not included
  • single and double-sided film supportable
  • easy to regulate temperature
  • adjustable roll tension
  • various modes on the control panel
  • suitable for the materials of up to 5 mils thick

Things To Know About Wide Format Laminator

The big size and capability to support extra wide formats are the main characteristics of this type of laminator. They are purposed for industrial use so the emergency functions are obliged. It’s also important that the laminated documents are quality which includes no silvering. The best models have adjusted design for commercial use.

Big Size Of Documents – The laminators are extremely wide in comparison with standard laminators. Instead of laminating papers of A4 or A3 sizes, you can laminate documents with bigger sizes. These laminators support the 20-70 inches wide papers.

Emergency Stop – Since the large format laminators are industrial models, they have to include the red button for emergencies. This button hast the same function as the ABS button of standard home laminators. The difference is that you should push the red button before the accident happens.

No Silvering Effect – The silvering means that dark parts of a document look brighter after laminating. The wide-format laminators reduce the silvering of the laminated documents and photos. The silvering is removed thanks to the heat assist. Usually, the large laminators are fully adjustable so you can fix the silvering next time if you notice it.

Industrial Purpose – The wide laminators are purposed for use in commercial purposes. People usually use it for laminating the graphics or photos. The large size machine is suitable for a factory or a shop. The laminators need the supervising but one employee is enough for one machine.

Stand Included – Most wide format laminators are placed on the stand with the castors. This design is adjusted for using it in the industry. You can relocate it easily by pulling or pushing it. The castors are useful parts since the machine has a big size and weight.

Final Verdict

One of the best choices for buying is H-E wide format laminator. It supports extra large documents and covers them making no unwanted effects. It has a design and functions of the commercial laminator machines you can read about here. To find out more about the best industrial laminators, check the post.

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