6 Best 10 Mil Laminating Machines & Pouches In 2021 Reviews

Do you need a laminator that supports 10 mil pouch to keep your documents protected?

This post might help you to get the right decision about which model to buy. Here are 6 different machines with detailed descriptions so you can see which one meets your needs. You can also learn some things to know about 10 mil laminators.

Our Top Picks

TruLam Office Laminator PicksTruLam Office Laminator
The machine is adjustable, fast, and powerful enough to be the best option for laminating with 10 mil pouches.
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Fellowes Laminator Venus  PicksFellowes Laminator Venus
The Fellowes model for home use enables you to achieve the superior quality of materials covered with 10 mil pouches.
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Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator PicksTamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator
The fast and quality laminating system of the Tamerical laminator makes it ideal for industry or small business.
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Sky 335R6 Photo Pouch Laminator PicksSky 335R6 Photo Pouch Laminator
Using the control panel, you can set a lot of functions including the temperature of the thermal laminating system.
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Royal Sovereign Laminator PicksRoyal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator
This Royal laminator supports the largest formats as well as the thickest materials and pouches such as 10 mil laminating pouches.
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Brainstorm ID Card Laminator PicksBrainstorm ID Card Laminator
Although it’s small, the Brainstorm lamiantor has ideal size for making ID cards using 10 mil pouches.
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6 Best 10 Mil Laminators


TruLam Office Laminator

Not Only 10 Mils
The TruLam laminator is a desktop black color designed machine with a length of 12 inches approximately. The machine can laminate the materials using the pouches that are up to 10 mils thick. The minimal thickness of the pouches is 3 mils. You can use various pouch types using this model.

TruLam Office Laminator

High Speed For Quick Laminating
The laminator works with a speed of about 23 inches per minute which is around 580 mm per minute. With this high speed, the machine laminates a document for a few minutes. The overall laminating time depends on the size and thickness of the material.

Multi Option Control Panel
There is an LCD display placed on the multi-option control panel. There is a temperature button so you can adjust the heat easily. You can also choose the button for the cooling system. It provides a superior finish of the laminated materials which makes it a nice look.

TruLam Office Laminator Review

Adjustable Heat Level
There is also the reverse button that removes the jam. You can press this button to save your documents and cards you laminate. The temperature control option adjusts the heat of the pressure rollers to be optimal for various laminating materials. This 10 mil laminating machine has a heavy-duty construction that makes it stable and resistant.

Highlighted Points:

  • up to 12 inches wide materials supported
  • 10 mil pouch thickness is the biggest
  • minimal supported pouch thickness is 3 mils
  • temperature control option on the control panel
  • reverse button for the jam built-in
  • the laminating speed of about 23 inches/580 mm per minute


Fellowes Laminator Venus

Marked Positions Of Materials
The Fellowes Venus model comes in black color. The switch on/off and reverse functions are built-in on the top surface. The inlet includes the marks for various laminating materials. There are marked positions for papers, photos, letters, and ID cards. You should follow the marks to achieve the best results.

Fellowes Laminator Venus 

Ultra-Fast Machine
The machine is ultra-fast which means it heats up quickly and also laminates fastly. It takes 30-60 seconds for the laminator to be ready to laminate. The speed is 31 inches per minute which is equal to about 780 mm per minute. The speed and warm-up time allow you to finish your job on time.

For Papers And Cards
The biggest size of the pouch you can use is about 9 inches in the width. The maximal thickness is 10 mils which means the lamiantor is practical for making ID cards using the usual 10 mil butterfly pouches. You can use also thinner pouches and wider documents such as A4 paper.

Fellowes Laminator Venus Review

Warm 6 Rollers Built-In
The automatic temperature control function detects the pouch thickness and adjusts the heat. This 10 mil laminator uses 6 rollers to warm and stick the pouch to the material. The machine has an auto shut-off option that activates if you forget to turn off the lamiantor.

Highlighted Points:

  • preheating time lasts for about 30-60 seconds
  • automatic pouch detection technology included
  • supports the hot pouches of up to 10 mils
  • 6 roller laminating system in use
  • switches off automatically when it’s not in use
  • works with a speed of 31 inches per minute
  • marks for a material position on the inlet


Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator

Heavy-Duty Inside And Outside
The Tamerica 10 mil laminating machine has the inlet of the size that supports the up to 13-inch materials. This machine has a strong construction that consists of a metal cover and 4 high-pressure rollers inside. The strong construction makes it stable but also not so practical for often carrying.

Tamerica TCC330 Professional laminator

A3 And Smaller Formats
While the maximal pouch thickness this lamiantor supports is 10 mils, the minimal thickness is 3 mils. You can laminate not only ID cards using the 10 mil pouch but also the A3 papers and smaller formats. The control panel allows you to regulate the temperature according to the material you laminate.

Fast And Quality
This strong constructed machine provides fast lamination. The speed of 26 inches or 660 mm per minute enables you to make a lot of jobs for a short time. Therefore, it’s practical for commercial use. You can make a lot of quality materials which is the aim of every business.

Tamerica TCC330 Professional Laminator review

Ready For Short
Four silicon rollers get warm for about 3 or 4 minutes making the machine ready for work. The indicator lights show you when the machine is ready. When the machine is preheated well, the jam occurs rarely. If you notice the material stuck during the laminating process, the reverse button releases it immediately.

Highlighted Points:

  • laminating speed is 26 inches per minute
  • warm-up time lasts 3-4 minutes
  • the anti-jam function included in the control panel
  • 4 silicon heat rollers stick 10 mil pouches
  • maximal document width is 13 inches


Sky 335R6 Photo Pouch Laminator

Four Pouch Thicknesses
Just like some models that I reviewed above, this 10 mil laminator also includes 6 silicon rollers. Four of them are heated melting the 10 mil pouches well. Not only 10 mil laminating pouches but the laminator supports also the pouch thickness of 3 mils, 5 mils, and 7 mils.

Sky 335R6 Photo Pouch Laminator

Wider Than A4 Paper
The thickness and other options are available to adjust using the control panel. You can regulate the temperature and laminating speed manually. The lamiantor inlet has a length of about 13 inches. It’s suitable for the documents with A3, A4, A5, and A6 formats. Not only papers, but you can laminate also photos and ID cards.

Red Button On The Panel
You can see the red button on the control panel. This button is purposed for the case the jam happens. It’s a release button that prevents the damages of the material that stuck in the machine. The control panel has clear instructions so it should be simple to use.

Sky 335R6 Photo Pouch Laminator review

Cooling Prevention System
The heavy-duty motor ensures a high laminating speed of almost 60 inches per minute. The machine can reach high temperatures but the strong air cooling system prevents overheating. The lamiantor requires about a 5-minute preheating time. The cold mode is also available and it doesn’t need heating.

Highlighted Points:

  • laminator for 10 mil pouches and 13 inch wide materials
  • laminates with the speed of around 60 inches/min
  • both thermal and cold laminating systems available
  • heavy-duty motor and 6 silicon rollers included
  • air cooling system for overheating prevention
  • supports papers, photos, and cardstock


Royal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator

Portability And Stability
The Royal lamiantor for 10 mil pouches is attached to the stand with castors. It’s practical to use in the industry or a print shop because you can relocate it easily by pulling. Four castors provide the portability while the stand ensures the stability of the machine.

Royal Sovereign Laminator

Wide And Thick Formats
It’s a wide-format laminator that can hold the materials of 65 inches of the width maximally. The machine includes double pouch rolls you need to purchase separately. Not only the big size but the laminator supports also the big thickness of the pouch. The thickness of 10 mils is maximal.

About 16 Feet Fast
Since it’s a large lamiantor, it has a powerful motor that ensures fast and quick lamination. The speed is 16 feet per minute. The pouch thickness doesn’t influence the speed of the laminator. You can use from 1 to 10 mil thick pouches. The temperature is about 120 °C while laminating.

Royal Sovereign Laminator Review

Safe And Smooth Process
The rollers are made of silicon rubber just like most laminating rollers. They provide smooth laminating so the bubbles are less possible to happen. Quality is especially important in the industry so it’s an ideal model for commercial purposes. If an error happens, you have to push the red button purposed for an emergency.

Highlighted Points:

  • self-standing 10 mil laminating machine
  • double pouch rollers of up to 63 inches of the width
  • silicon rubber rollers inlcuded in the system
  • easily portable thanks to four castors
  • emergency button for the case the error happens
  • laminating speed of 16 feet per minute
  • reaches the temperature of 120 °C on average


Brainstorm ID Card Laminator

Card-Sized Inlet
The Brainstorm laminator has a much smaller size than the previous model. Its inlet can hold the material of up to 4 inches of the width. The machine is designed for the ID cards. You can make name badge using the Teslin paper and 10 mil laminating pouches.

Brainstorm ID Card Laminator

Button With Double Functions
On the side part of this machine, there is a button with double functions. You can press it to choose if you want to laminate using the 7 mils or 10 mil thick pouches. It’s also possible to choose the laminating in cold mode.

Five Minutes Maximally
It’s important to choose the right option because the lamiantor adjusts the temperature. If you laminate in heat mode, you need to watch the indicator lights on the top surface. The machine will be ready for about 5 minutes. You will see the green light which is the sign for start.

Brainstorm ID Card Laminator Review

Rollers With Heat And Pressure
This small laminator uses double rollers for sticking the pouch to the material. If it’s in a hot mode, the rollers get heat which melts pouches. In the cold mode, the rollers stay cool and use only pressure. For that reason, it’s important to use the adhesive pouches made for cold lamination.

Highlighted Points:

  • the small size of 4 inches in the length
  • purposed primarily to make ID cards with Teslin paper
  • 7 and 10 mil pouch thickness options
  • cool or hot laminating modes offered
  • preheating time lasts for about 5 minutes

Things To Know About 10 Mil Laminators

The lamiantor that uses the hot laminating system and can reach high temperatures is ideal for laminating materials with 10 mil pouches. To achieve high enough heat, the lamiantor uses a powerful motor. The laminator size suits three sizes of 10 mil pouches. The price is not limited but varies from model to model.

Purposed For Three Formats – There are 3 formats of the 10 mil laminating pouches you can buy on the market. The 2×3 pouches are made for ID cards, the 9×11 pouch is for letters and the biggest size is 11×17 inches. Therefore, the laminators that support 10 mil thick pouches are usually 4-13 inches long.

Thickest Pouch Type – The 10 mil pouches are one of the thickest pouch types. The 15 mil thickness is the only bigger than 10 mils. This pouch type requires a heat laminating system because melting is the best way to stick the thick pouch to the material.

High Temperature Needed – The thick pouches are suitable for a laminator that can reach a high temperature. That’s because a thick pouch is harder to melt than thin 3 or 5 mil pouches. The temperature of about 150 °C which means about 300 °F. Most models offer temperature adjustment settings you can set using the control panel.

Powerful Machine – The 10 mil laminating machine uses a powerful electric motor that can make it hot enough to melt 10 mil pouches. Machine power depends on the size of the laminator. The power of about 100 Watts is minimal. The powerful machine has also heavy-duty construction.

Price Varies Depending On Model – Since the size of laminators for 10 mil pouches varies, the price of these laminators also varies. While the smallest models have the price of 50 dollars on average, there are some wide-format models with a price of about 10 thousand dollars. However, most models cost 100-300 dollars.

Final Verdict

The best option for buying is TruLam 10 mil laminator since it supports all 3 sizes of 10 mil pouches. If you want to use the 11×17 pouches but of various thicknesses, read this post and find the best 11×17 laminator. To see more models with similar size, check this post with the best-rated 13-inch laminator reviews.

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