Best 6 Heat/Hot Lamination Machines Reviewed For You

Do you plan to buy a heat lamination machine that can stick the pouch to your documents firmly?

Then read this post and find out what characteristics a laminator with a quality hot system should have. Find the category that meets your needs and you will see the model that is purposed for you.

Our Top Picks

GBC HeatSeal Laminator PicksGBC HeatSeal H220 Pouch Laminator
Using the heating system with temperature control function, this machine provides optimally laminated material results.
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Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator PicksPurple Cow 3016c Laminating Machine
Not only the hot system laminator but it’s also a cold machine that allows you to choose which system to use.
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ABOX Thermal Laminator PicksAbox OL381C 13 Inch Laminator
Including the trimmer and scale, this laminator helps you to make the A4 size paper and laminate it using the heat.
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Beacon Pet Roll Laminator PicksBeacon Pet Hot Roll Laminator
This Beacon model includes the stand for the pouch roll which makes it easier for you to laminate.
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AmazonBasicLaminator PicksAmazonBasics PL9-US Thermal Machine
Since the hot system includes double pouch functions adjusted for photos, this machine is the best choice to save your memories.
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Topelek Laminator PicksTopelek TEAR017 Thermal Laminator
In the Topelek package, you will get the laminator with all the accessories you need for working from home.
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Best 6 Heat Lamination Machines


GBC HeatSeal H220 Pouch Laminator

Smaller Width Of Materials
The GBC heat seal laminator comes in black color and it has a smaller size of 9 inches. That means the inlet can support the materials that are up to 9 inches wide while the length can be bigger. The laminator includes the indicator light that suggests when it’s ready for laminating.

GBC Heatseal laminator

Choose The Right Button
There are also buttons to determine the thickness of the pouch. You can use the 3 mils and 5 mil thick pouches. You need to press the right button before you start laminating in order for the temperature to adjust optimally. The temperature is lower when you laminate with a thinner pouch.

Follow The Light Sign
The heating system needs to be ready for laminating which means you need to wait for 5 minutes after you switch on the machine. Five minutes is enough for this hot laminator to be preheated. You need to follow the sign of the indicator light placed on the small control panel.

Reverse Function Offered
Not only the buttons for the pouch thickness and the light indicators but the control panel includes also the button with reverse function. This function is purposed for releasing the paper in case of a jam. When you notice the paper stuck inside, you need to press this button.

GBC Heatseal laminator review

Automatic Temperature Control
As I said, the temperature depends on the type of pouch you use for laminating. When you press the button, the temperature adjusts automatically. You don’t have to take care of the temperature adjustment. You need to be careful with the heated machine after a long laminating process to prevent burns.

Highlighted Points:

  • two options for pouch thickness available
  • 5-minute long preheating time
  • indicator light suggest when it’s ready
  • the automatic temperature control function
  • release button for the case errors happen
  • the inlet is 9 inches long


Purple Cow 3016c Laminating Machine

Takes Small Place
This Purple Cow laminator has a white color design that suits a modern office design but you can place it also on your desk at home. The machine has a length of about 9 inches which means it won’t take a lot of space on the table.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator

With Or Without Heat
This machine is a hot and cold lamination machine which means you can choose which laminating system to use. If you choose a hot system, the machine will melt the pouch sticking it to the paper or material you insert. When you choose the cold method, the heat is not involved in the process.

Pressure System Instead Of Heat
The cold system uses the pressure to stick the plastic pouch to the material. When it comes to the materials, you can laminate the papers of A4 format and smaller. Moreover, you can laminate also old photos you want to save in your memory collection.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator Review

Energy Saving System
The preheating time of this heat laminator is 3-5 minutes. The lamination time depends on which material you laminate which means what is the thickness of the material and pouches. The thickness can be from 3 to 5 mils. No matter what the thickness is, this machine always uses energy-saving technology.

Highlighted Points:

  • the pouch thickness 3-5 mils supported
  • the preheating time lasts 3-5 minutes
  • eco-friendly energy-saving technology
  • suitable for materials of 9 inches maximally
  • choosing between cold and hot laminating systems


Abox OL381C 13 Inch Laminator

Trimmer Built-In
The Abox A4 heat laminator offers you the possibility to regulate the length of the pouch using the cutter. The trimmer is built-in and you can use it to cut also the paper. The trimmer ensures the stability of the paper which ensures precise cutting.

ABOX Thermal Laminator

Suitable For Standard Format
You can cut and laminate A4 paper which is the most common format people use in the office, in the school, and so on. However, the laminator is long enough to enable you to laminate even wider formats. The maximal width of the materials can be 13 inches.

Fastly And Quietly
The biggest format this machine supports is A3. The small formats such as A5 and A6 are also suitable for the inlet of this machine. The laminator works with a speed of 250 mm per minute. The motor works quietly so the sound of the laminator isn’t disturbing.

ABOX Thermal Laminator Review

Automatic Standby Mode
The white surface of the laminator includes the scale practical for measuring, the indicator lights, and the programmable buttons. One of the useful buttons is ABS that saves the paper when the jam happens. The machine saves energy by activating the standby mode automatically after 30 minutes of nonuse.

Highlighted Points:

  • paper and pouch trimmer built-in
  • laminates with a speed of 250 mm/minute
  • ABS function available to save the paper
  • automatic standby mode saves the energy
  • suitable for A3 format and smaller
  • the entry size of 13 inches
  • low level of the noise


Beacon Pet Hot Roll Laminator

Pouch Roll Stand
This hot roll laminating machine has an average size which means it’s 13 inches long. It has a different design than other laminators because it has a stand for pouch film roll. It helps you to prepare the pouch and paper for the laminating.

Beacon Pet Roll Laminator

Multiple Rollers In System
The hot system includes four rollers that you can use also with cold laminating mode. There is a control panel with the functions for the type of laminating system you can use. You can choose also between double-side or single-side laminating methods that will provide the best results.

Intelligent Technology
The hot lamination machine includes an intelligent system that controls the temperature. You don’t have to worry about the damages to your documents. The machine adjusts the temperature in order to melt the pouch optimally and stick the plastic to the paper, photo, letters, and more.

Beacon Pet Roll Laminator Review

For Commercial Purposes
It’s a powerful machine that you can use for commercial purposes as well as you can place it in the office. The smart mechanism enables you to please all your customers. The machine doesn’t take a lot of space so you can use it for small businesses.

Highlighted Points:

  • four rollers included in the hot system
  • control panel easy to use
  • double-side or single-side lamination options
  • temperature control option offered
  • the length of the machine is 13 inches
  • for office and small business
  • stand for pouch roll built-in


AmazonBasics PL9-US Thermal Machine

Practical For Everyone
The white color of this AmazonBacics laminator suits the office, workroom at home, or a classroom. It’s simple to use so it’s practical for all the generation. It’s possible to laminate the materials of 9 inches maximally since this is the length of the laminator inlet.

AmazonBasicLaminator Review

Saves Your Memories
It’s a hot press photo lamination machine which means it’s best to use to protect your old or new photos. The heating system is adjusted for sensitive materials like old photos so the heat won’t ruin your memories. Not only photos but you can laminate also the letters, business cards, and more.

Which Pouch To Use?
It’s possible to use two types of pouches. The optimal thickness of the pouches for use is 3 or 5 mils. The pouches have different purposes. While the 3 mil pouch is better for photos and normal documents, the 5 mil pouches are purposed for thinner materials.


Waiting For 4 Minutes
Since it’s a heat lamination machine, it has a limited preheating time. After you switch on the machine, you should wait for about 4 minutes until the laminator gets ready. The melting will be better if the machine warms up correctly. Then the jam occurs often so you won’t need to press the release button.

Highlighted Points:

  • 3 mil thick pouch option for photos
  • 5 mil pouch option also offered
  • 4 minutes required for preheating
  • the inlet size of 9 inches
  • release button for the case of jam


Topelek TEAR017 Thermal Laminating Machine

Useful Tools In The Package
The Topelek hot lamination machine comes in the package with the paper trimmer and corner rounder. You can use the trimmer to cut the paper or pouch you don’t need. The corner rounder makes the corners of the laminated material soft. These tools improve the quality of laminated documents.

Topelek Laminator

Less Than A Minute
This machine offers you the possibility to choose if you want to use the heating system all the time or if you want to change the heat mode for the cold mode. The laminating speed in both modes is 400 mm per minute. That means you need less than a minute to laminate an A4 paper.

Plenty Of Pouches Included
Not only the trimmer and rounder but you will get also the pouhes. In the package, there are 30 pieces of pouches that have different purposes and sizes. There are pouches for papers, photos, letters, and business cards. Each type of pouch has an adjusted size and thickness.

Topelek Laminator Review

Three Or Five Mils
The biggest format you can laminate is A4 which suits the inlet of 9 inches. The best for use are the pouches of 3 mils or 5 mils. The temperature is adjusted for these two thicknesses. If the jam happens, you need to press the release button and pull out the paper.

Highlighted Points:

  • the laminating speed of 200 mm per minute
  • a paper of A4 format laminated for about a minute
  • the release button built-in on the top
  • trimmer, corner rounder, and pouches included
  • the maximal size of material can be 9 inches
  • cold and hot laminating options

Things To Know About Hot Laminators

This is the type of laminator that uses the electric power to reach the optimal heat. The machine adjusts the temperature according to your needs. The errors caused by the unadjusted heat system can be removed easily. Therefore, the indicator lights are intended to notify you when the machine is adjusted for laminating.

Time For Warming Up – These machines use the heat to melt the plastic pouch which makes it easier to stick it to the paper. For that reason, the laminator needs some time for preheating before you can start to use it. The preheating time usually varies from 3-5 minutes.

Temperature Adjustment – After preheating, the laminator reaches the temperature of about 120 °C. The temperature varies depending on the options you select. Most models offer the functions that adjust the heat according to the thickness of the pouch. When it comes to the thickness, there are 3 mil and 5 mil options.

Light Indicator Notification System – The heat laminators include the light indicators that notify the users when the machine is hot enough. Usually, there are red and green lights. The red light turns on just after you plug the laminator in the socket. The green light appears after some time suggesting the laminating process can start.

Paper Stuck Inside – If the temperature is still too high for the type of pouch and document you laminate, the jam can happen as the result. In that case, the machine doesn’t regulate the temperature but releases the paper and you need to laminate it again. The release is not automatic but you need to press the button.

Electric Outlet Required – The electric energy provides the heat needed for laminating. That means you need to place the heat lamination machine next to the socket if you use the hot mode. The best models use energy-saving technology that includes the standby mode or auto shut off function.

Final Verdict

Considering all the features that a hot laminator needs to include, the Topelek A4 thermal laminator seems like the best option for buying. To read more about the laminators that melt the pouches, read this post about the best pouch laminators. These seal laminator reviews can also help you to find similar laminators.

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