Best 10 Home Laminators For Teachers, Kids, Parents & Others

Do you want to buy the best home laminator to use it for business or for fun?

Here you can find many categories with top 10 models currently available on the market. You can compare their features, and choose the one that suits you the best. In case you need more info, read the buying guide.

Our Top Picks

GBC Thermal Laminator PicksGBC Thermal Laminator Machine
The model has a fast preheating time, and the printing speed is around 55” in one minute. It has 6 rollers.
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Educational Insights Laminator PicksEducational Insights 8810 Laminator
In case you need a machine for school, this one is ideal because of a cold laminating system and light indicator.
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UALAU Laminator Machine PicksUalau Laminator Machine
For a low budget, you can get this machine with a release button, fast printing, and other user-friendly features.
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Crenova A4 Laminator PicksCrenova BLM00029 A4 Laminator
It’s compact and laminates media up to A4 size that are 4 mils thick. Although small, it has a powerful motor.
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ABOX Thermal Laminator PicksAbox Laminating Machine
It features double silicon rollers that ensure smoothness when laminating. It has a cold and hot system.
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Minikote EZ 27 Roll Laminator picksMinikote EZ Roll Laminator
Ideal for the industry because of its big pouch capacity and wide laminating format. It’s an electric model.
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Cold Laminating Machine Laminator PicksCold Laminating Machine 1600 Laminator
The cold laminating method prevents any product damage. The roller supports up to 1” thick media.
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USI Thermal Roll Laminator PicksUSI CSL 2700 Thermal Roll Laminator
It’s the best for large size media up to 27” wide and 3 mils thick. It switches off when not using it.
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Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator PicksScotch PRO MCOD9 Thermal Laminator
Laminates small photos up to 9” long, 4” wide, and between 3 and 5 mils thick. It also has 2 rollers.
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Prolam wide format laminator picksProlam PL-238WF Heated Laminator
The supported media can be up to 38” long, and 0.4” thick. It has 2 rolls and 6-min long preheating.
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Top 10 Home Laminators Review


GBC Thermal Laminator Machine

For Wide And Thick Material
This home laminating machine has a compact design and comes with 50 pouches of letter size. Moreover, it has a fast preheating time. In addition, you can use it for materials up to 12” wide and between 3 mil and 10 mils thick. The machine has 6 rollers.

GBC Thermal Laminator

Fast Speed And Easy Document Release
Also, it has a release button that you can use to save the document if it wrinkles, gets bubbles, or get jammed. The maximum laminating speed is 55” in a minute, so it can create around 300 documents in one hour. Although it’s for home, it’s strong as a commercial laminator machine so read this post to check the features of these models.

Highlighted Points:

  • the machine can carry up to 6 rollers
  • it has materials that are up to 12” wide
  • maximum laminating speed is 55” in a minute
  • includes 50 letter-sized pouches
  • fast preheating time


Educational Insights 8810 Laminator

For ID Cards And Student Work
The hot and cold laminating system ensures easy and precise work that’s suitable for making documents, ID cards, student work, and much more. It’s the best at-home laminator for teachers with an indicator light that shows you when the machine is ready to start laminating.

Educational Insights Laminator Review

Compact Format For A4 Documents
You can use it for materials up to A4 size, and 9” length. The compact design is suitable for any classroom. Also, the inlet supports media up to 0.5 mm thick which is very user-friendly for school papers. Sometimes it needs reheating. If you like this model, learn more about other laminators for teachers.

Highlighted Points:

  • the hot and cold laminating system
  • uses indicator light
  • needs preheating
  • works with A4 sized media up to 9” long and 0.5 mm thick
  • compact portable design


Ualau Laminator Machine

Supported Thickness And Size
The low-budget model has many options, such as working with media from A6 to A4 format. The supporting material must be between 3 mil and 5 mils thick. Also, the package includes pouches of different sizes, rounders, and trimmers. The compact design is suitable for any surface.

UALAU Laminator Machine Review

Printing Speed And Release Button
The cheap laminator for home use has a printing speed of 9.84” in one minute. Moreover, it has can run for 30 minutes continuously. Also, it has an ABS button for releasing jammed documents. In case you want more info, read the best cheap laminator machine review.

Highlighted Points:

  • works with media between A6 and A4 format
  • supports material between 3 mil and 5 mils thick
  • runs continuously for 30 minutes
  • maximum printing speed is 9.84” in one minute
  • releasing ABS button


Crenova BLM00029 A4 Laminator

Supports A4, A5, and A6 Media
This is a small laminator for home use that’s only 9” wide so it can laminate A4 documents, and it includes pouches for A5 and A6 sized media. Moreover, the preheating process lasts up to 5 minutes, and it can laminate 9.84” in one minute which is around 50 documents in one hour.

Crenova A4 Laminator

Portable With Powerful Motor
The maximum thickness is 4 mils, while the minimum is 2.5 mil. It has a powerful motor of 265 Watts and a double roller heating system. It’s portable and compact. If you want to research more models like this one, check out the article on the best mini laminating machines.

Highlighted Points:

  • for materials up to 9” wide and 9.84” thick
  • laminates 50 documents in one hour
  • has a motor with 265 W of power
  • portable and compact design
  • double roller heating system


Abox Laminating Machine

Rollers For Smooth Laminating
This at-home laminating machine is suitable for 13” wide materials. it features double rollers made of silicon that ensure a smooth laminating process. It has both cold and hot systems, and the preheating process lasts for about 3 minutes. The model uses 8 sheets at once.

ABOX Thermal Laminator

Automatic Power Off
The laminating speed is 9.84” in one minute, and the model also has a lock system for preventing injuries. It’s energy-efficient and after not using it for half an hour, it will turn off automatically. If you want to read about more models like this one, check out the best 13-inch laminator review.

Highlighted Points:

  • suitable for 13” wide materials
  • it has silicon double rollers
  • can consume up to 8 sheets at once
  • laminating speed is 9.84” in one minute
  • energy efficient


Minikote EZ Roll Laminator

Wide And Thick Materials
The inlet is 27” wide, and the system can hold media up to 3 mils thick. It has a hot laminating method. Also, the machine has a safety key switch below the control panel that protects the laminator. The model is UL certified and can be used in industry, but it’s also compact and practical for the home.

Minikote EZ 27 Roll Laminator Review

Durable Long-Lasting Construction
However, if you want to research more professional models, go to the best industrial laminating machine review. The durable construction of this laminator ensures longevity and durability. It runs on an electric system supported by an outlet of 120 V.

Highlighted Points:

  • 27” wide inlet for laminating
  • supports 3” thick media
  • UL certified for industrial use
  • electric system
  • a safe key switch below the control panel


Cold Laminating Machine 1600 Laminator

Large Laminator With Caster Wheels
This model is very large so you have to create space for it. Moreover, it has an inlet that supports media up to 63” long, 18” wide, and 1” thick. It’s supported by a metal stand that’s 40” high. Also, this home laminating machine has caster wheels so you can move it around the room or office.

Cold Laminating Machine Laminator

Transport It In Wooden Case
When working with very thick materials, you need to rotate the hand crack to prevent any damage. Although it’s big, you can transport it safely by folding it and store it in included wooden case. I recommend reading the best cold roll laminator review to get more info.

Highlighted Points:

  • large model with stand
  • caster wheels for mobility
  • foldable for transport
  • suitable for media up to 1” thick
  • 63” long and 14” wide


USI CSL 2700 Thermal Roll Laminator

Supported Media And Auto Off
The model is suitable for laminating media up to 27” wide and 3 mils thick. It’s energy-efficient because of the automatic switch-off that happens when not using the machine or when you set the timer. The UL-listed structure is compact and suitable for any working table.

USI Thermal Roll Laminator

Adjusting Temperature For Sensitive Documents
The home use laminator has a system for rolls and a control panel for navigating the laminating and adjusting the temperature. When working with sensitive documents, set low temperature. In case you want to research other models suitable for the table, check out the best desktop laminator review.

Highlighted Points:

  • for media up to 27” wide and 3 mils thick
  • features system for rolls đ
  • automatic power-off not using it
  • UL listed structure
  • control panel for temperature adjusting


Scotch PRO MCOD9 Thermal Laminator

Suitable For Small Photos
It’s the best for small photos because it’s only 16” long and 4” eid and high. The inlet supports media up to 9” wide and between 3 mils and 5 mils thick. It has two rollers that ensure high-precision lamination that’s great for maintaining photo quality.

Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator

Printing And Preheating Speed
The model has Jam prevention technology so the photos won’t get damaged during the lamination process. The home office laminator has preheating process that lasts for 5 minutes. The maximum laminating speed is 15” in one minute. To get more info, read the article on compact laminators.

Highlighted Points:

  • for media between 3 mils and 5 mils thick
  • small photos up to 9” wide
  • Jam preventing technology protects photos
  • maximum laminating speed is 15” in one minute
  • 5-min long preheating process


Prolam PL-238WF Heated Laminator

Thick And Wide Media
The big inlet supports media up to 0.4” thick and 38” wide. Therefore you can work on large projects. It has a powerful motor, and the temperature is automatically regulated. The rollers get warm during the lamination process, and there’s an additional amount for another roll.

Prolam wide format laminator Review

Cold And Hot Laminating
Moreover, it features a cold laminating method too. This laminator for home use supports plastic materials, and the preheating process is 6 minutes long. The system recharges on a 240 V outlet. Read the best wide-format laminator review for more info.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports media up to 0.4” thick and 28” wide
  • double-rollers included
  • recharges on 240 V electric outlet
  • 6-min long preheating process
  • suitable for plastic materials

Things To Know About Home Laminators

Here’s the buying guide with all info you need on function such as printing speed, media size, benefits of high temperature and pressure, double rollers, etc.

Media Size And Printing Speed – They’re suitable for different media sizes depending on the inlet format. You can buy a machine that’s between 9” and 40” wide. Also, you can choose between different laminating speeds. The professional models laminate 30” – 60” in one minute, while standard models laminate around 11” in one minute.

Suitable Thickness – The general thickness range is between 2 mils and 10 mils. Professional laminating machines can easily heat very thick materials. When laminating very thick pouches, high-temperature needs (about 300°F), for fast material melting.

Hot And Cold Technique – The best laminating machine for home use will have both hot and cold techniques, so you can choose the one that you prefer. The cold laminators are cheaper and safer than the ones using only the hot technique method.

Double RollersThe business card laminator with the roller will apply higher pressure to the media which will result in more efficient laminating. Most high-quality models for offices have between 2 and 6 rollers. Most rollers are made from silicon rubber for smooth applying.

Applications – The most common uses of the home laminators are for creating student IDs and laminating students’ papers, for different paperwork of various sizes, or for crafting in free time. Kids can also use them, but only with parent’s supervision since most devices uses hot system.

Where To Buy? – Online retailers such as Amazon are the best because of the widest model and brand offers. Moreover, they offer frequent discounts and it’s easy to compare different prices. You can read customer reviews and compare different brands.

Price Range – The general price range for laminators is between $100 and $300. The cost depends on the brand, model, laminating technique, additional features, and much more. The smallest models are priced around $50 on average, so you can get a great machine for a low budget.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are many models to choose from and each home laminator is the best within its own category. If you want to research more high-quality models, read the best thermal laminator review. In case you want a machine with rolls, check out this article on the best roller laminators.

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