Best 6 Cold Roll Laminators You Can Choose From In 2022

Do you consider a cold roll laminator practical?

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The picks

Royal Sovereign Laminator PicksRoyal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator
Buying this laminator, you get also the stand, mount for pouch roll, and it’s needed for cold laminating.
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INTBUYING Manual Cold Roll Laminator PicksIntbuying Manual Cold Laminator
The hand crank allows you to press photos and graphics on the stable surface easily which is very user-friendly.
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Cold Laminating Machine Laminator PicksCold Laminating Machine 1600 Laminator
The soft rubber roller presses the thick materials making it laminated in accordance with commercial needs.
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VEVOR 39 Cold Laminator Machine PicksVevor Cold Laminator Machine
It’s smaller than other models, has a practical design and an effective cold press laminating system.
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TECHTONGDA Automatic Laminator PicksTechtongda Automatic Electric Laminator
This machine has the biggest size that is practical to laminate posters, big pictures, graphics and more.
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Vinmax Laminating Machine PicksVinmax Hot Roll Laminator
Small but practical for laminating using one of two systems according to the sensitivity of your material.
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Best 6 Cold Roll Laminators


Royal Sovereign 1651Lsh Laminator

Useful Castors Included
The Royal cold laminating machine comes with the stand so you don’t have to search for the appropriate desktop for it. You will get the sand with four castors. These tools help you to move the laminator wherever you want. You can pull or push it easily.

Royal Sovereign Laminator

Durable Commercial Machine
This is a heavy-duty laminator so you can use it for commercial purposes. It’s made of durable materials and it has a strong construction. The materials you can laminate can be up to 65 inches wide. You can laminate posters, graphics, and more.

Makes Business Faster
This cold roll laminator included two stands for wide and long pouch rolls. You don’t have to mount a new pouch often which makes your business faster. You need to use the adhesive pouch purposed for a cold laminating system instead of classic hot pouches.

Royal Sovereign Laminator Review

Pushing Red Button
Just like all the commercial laminators, this one also has an emergency button. You need to press the red button if you notice the pouch or document stuck. The cold lamination method prevents bubbles and wrinkles. It’s useful for your industry.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports the materials of up to 65 inches of the width
  • two pouch roll stands included
  • laminator stands on the legs with castors
  • emergency button included in the system
  • purposed for posters, graphics, and more
  • ideal for industrial production and business


Intbuying Manual Roll Laminator

Wide Materials Supported
This model is not as large as the previous one. It has a roller with a length of 25 inches. You can laminate the materials of big width and big thickness of 0,4 inches. You can use it for press laminating that is used to make, for example, wedding photos.

INTBUYING Manual Cold Roll Laminator

Hand Crank Included
This is a manual cold roll laminator which means you need to operate with the hand crank. It’s built-in on the left side. You can rotate the handwheel with the left hand while controlling the material with the right hand. It’s practical to have a manual machine because you have full control.

Portability Guaranteed
The laminator has a roller with a diameter of about 3 inches. The white plate is foldable so you can store the laminator easily. You can transport it simply carrying it with your hands. Its weight is about 33 lbs so you might need assistance.

INTBUYING Manual Cold Roll Laminator Review

Soft Roller Pressure
You can use it anywhere because it doesn’t need an electric outlet. The roller has high pressure that makes the pouches stuck to the material firmly. The roller is made of soft rubber which prevents bubbles of laminated materials. The laminating process gets smoothly.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports 25 inches wide documents
  • up to 0,4 inches of the supported thickness
  • foldable white plate practical for storing
  • the roller has a diameter of 3 inches approximately
  • the machine weighs about 33 lbs
  • hand crank placed on one side
  • purposed for pressing the photos and graphics


Cold Laminating Machine 1600 Laminator

Easily Portable Model
This model has a large design. It stands on the metal legs. The stand includes the castors that make this model portable. You need to ensure enough space for this machine. if you want to relocate it from a room to another, you can push or pull it and save your power.

Cold Laminating Machine Laminator

Stand For Pouch Film
This model has a length of 63 inches. You can use it in the industry to make laminated posters and similar materials for your customers. There is a stand for pouch film roll that you need to purchase separately. You need to purchase an adhesive pouch made for the cold system.

About 40 Inches
The materials that this machine supports can be up to 1 inch thick. You need to rotate the hand crank to make the material of big thickness protected. The roller is placed on the stand that is about 40 inches high. The width of the laminator is about 18 inches.

Cold Laminating Machine Laminator Rreview

Stored In The Wooden Case
The machine has a large size design but you can fold it and store it in the wooden case you will get. It’s practical to use the case when you want to transport the lamiantor. With the cold laminating method, you can be sure the materials will be safe from damage.

Highlighted Points:

  • comes folded in the wooden case
  • has a length of 63 inches
  • stands on the 40-inch high stand
  • built-in castors ensure the portability
  • supports the materials of up to 1 inch of the thickness


Vevor Cold Laminator Machine

Red Roller And Black Plate
The Vevor cold roll laminator has a smaller size unlike the previous model and similar commercial laminators. This one has a red roller and black foldable plate. When you fold it, the laminator takes less space so it’s more practical for storing.

VEVOR 39 Cold Laminator Machine

Metal Heavy-duty Construction
The metal construction makes this machine heavy-duty. The construction is stable thanks to the four non-slip feet made of rubber. It’s durable and resistant enough to be used or commercial purposes. This laminator is manual so you need to rotate the wheel regulating the lamination process.

For Press Laminating
The soft rubber roller makes the laminating smooth. The bubbles are less possible when you use the cold system. It’s a machine for cold press lamination. It can stick the photo painting, poster, and more on the stable surface and you can hang it on the wall.

VEVOR 39 Cold Laminator Machine Picks review

Up To 30 Inches
The roller has a diameter of about 2,5 inches. It is adjustable depending on the thickness of the material you laminate. The maximal thickness of the material is 1 inch which is equal to 25 mm approximately. The material can be up to 30 inches wide.

Highlighted Points:

  • the roller with the length of 30 inches
  • the roller diameter is 2,5 inches
  • four rubber non-slipping feet ensure the stability
  • foldable design makes it practical for storing
  • the material thickness of 1 inch supported
  • soft rubber roller prevents bubbles
  • metal heavy-duty durable construction


Techtonda Automatic Electric Laminator

Large-Format Materials
Unlike the previous model, this one is a large laminator. It has a size of 63 inches so you can laminate large-format materials such as paintings, posters, graphics, and so on. This machine stands on the legs with castors so the transporting is easy.

TECHTONGDA Automatic Laminator

Automatic Rotation
Unlike other manual cold roll laminators, this model is automatic. That means you need to use the handwheel but not all the time. The automatic function makes the roller rotate without the assistance of a user. To adjust the cold laminating, you can use the control panel.

No Yellowing Results
Using this machine, the quality of the graphics and other material stays the same. The materials don’t get yellow and there are no bubbles. The graphics will be colorfast and look fresh. You can use the cold method to protect your photos or paintings as well.

TECHTONGDA Automatic Laminator Review

Adjustable Soft Roller
Just like all the rollers of the cold machines, the roller of this model is also made of soft rubber. You can adjust the roller to press the materials of various thicknesses. The materials you laminate can be up to 1 inch thick. The roller diameter is 5 inches approximately.

Highlighted Points:

  • automatic cold press function offered
  • comes with the stand and castors
  • the roller length of 63 inches and 5 inches in diameter
  • no yellowing and colorfast laminating effect
  • control panel with the hand crank


Vinmax Hot Cold Laminator

Two System Options
The Vinmax laminator is special because it offers also a hot laminating option. You can choose one of the systems depending on the type of material you want to laminate. If the material is sensitive, it’s best to use the cold method. You can be sure the material will have the same look as before laminating.

Vinmax Laminating Machine

From Desktop To Desktop
This cold roll laminator has a desktop design which means you need to place it on a desktop since it doesn’t have the stand. It’s practical for carrying and relocating from deskt to desk because its length is 17 inches. It’s the smaller size in comparison with some 60+ inch models.

Protection In Heat Mode
Just like there are hot and cold laminating options, there are also a single side and double side heating options. You can select these functions if you laminate in heat mode. The machine has a protection system when it’s in hot mode. That means it the error happens, the alarm activates and all the actions stop automatically.

Vinmax Laminating Machine Review

Anti-Roll Film
There are double rolls with a pouch film. The machine uses an anti-roll pet pouch film on one side. Laminating with this film is smooth and the results are no curves, no bubbles, and wrinkles. You can use it to make stickers, book covers, photos, and more.

Things To Know About Cold Roll Laminators

The cold roll laminator is a type of laminator that uses a cold laminating system. It includes the roller that causes the pressure to stick the pouch. You can use the pouch roll of big capacity. There are two types of laminators depending on the size which determines the price.

Manual Laminator Type – The main part of the cold roll machine is the cold roller that is usually made of rubber. The roller activates as you rotate the handwheel. This is the type of laminator that doesn’t use the electric power but it’s a manual machine.

Suitable For Pouch Rolls – This type of laminator is called a roll laminator because it uses the pouch rolls instead of separate pieces of the pouch. The large-format laminators include one or two mounts for pouch roll. The stand supports the rolls of large capacity which means it can be about 20 ft long on average.

Cold Laminating System – This is a nonelectric type of laminator which means it uses the pressure for laminating instead of the heat. Therefore, the pouch you use needs to be adjusted for cold laminating. That means the cold pouch includes an adhesive that sticks the pouch to the documents.

Two Types – The cold roll laminator can be a self-standing wide format machine or a smaller desktop model. The first laminator type supports the materials with a length of 20-65 inches. The smaller version can laminate the documents of up to 20 inches of the width.

Price Varies – These two types of cold and roll laminators have different prices. The large models usually cost 600-1000 dollars and in some cases more than 1000 dollars. The most expensive laminators are purposed for the industry. The smaller models have the usual price of 100 dollars on average.

Final Verdict

Since it offers double laminating options, has a large size and wide specter of usage, the best option for buying is Techtongda hot and cold roll laminator. See this post to explore more wide format laminator picks. Read also these press laminator reviews to see more similar models.

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