Best 6 Mini & Small Laminating Machines To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a mini laminator that you can hold and relocate easily as well as to place it in some small table?

In this post, you can find out the main characteristics of the small laminators. The information can help you to conclude which of the reviewed models is for you.

The picks

Crenova A4 Laminator PicksCrenova BLM00029 A4 Laminator
With a powerful motor and fast preheating thermal system, this laminator is using both thin and thick pouches.
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Cmmin laminator machine picksCMmin 96321 Laminator Machine
This small machine offers a fast laminating process and prevents the jam which makes this model ideal for business.
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Swingline Laminator PicksSwingline 1701869ECR Lamination Starter
The Swingline laminator offers a full package of accessories that can help you to laminate your documents at home.
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Llivekit Laminator Machine PicksLlivekit GS281 A4 Laminator Machine
This model includes the advanced thermal lamenting system whose main advantage is the silent working mode.
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INTEY Laminator A4 PicksIntey NY-BG01 A4 Laminator
The Intey machine can laminate sensitive documents of small dimensions in the most quality way.
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Nuova Dual Mode Laminator PicksNuova LM992HC Dual Mode Laminator
Not only affordable price but also the dual laminating systems and practical size makes this laminator wanted.
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Top 6 Mini Laminators


Crenova BLM00029 A4 Laminator

Holds A4 Format
The Crenova laminator has a black color design. The length of this machine is 9 inches which means it can laminate the papers with A4 size. You will get the pouches for this size of paper. The pouches for A5 and 46 sizes are also included in the package. There are overall 20 laminating pouches.

Crenova A4 Laminator

Short Preheating Time
This is a heat laminator that can be ready for laminating for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is the preheating time which is important for the quality laminating. The machine can laminate for a while since it has a speed of 250 mm per minute. With this speed, you can get up to 50 laminated documents per hour.

Accessories For Final Product
It can support both thin and thick pouches. The minimal thickness of the pouch can be 2,5 mil while the maximal thickness is 4 mils. After laminating, you can make your final product better using the paper trimmer and corner rounder. These accessories are included in the box.

Crenova A4 Laminator Review

Double Roller Design
Although it’s a small laminator, this machine is powerful thanks to the motor of 265 Watts of power. The motor and double roller heating system influence the short laminating time. The small size makes it practical for carrying. You can place it on any desk and it won’t take a lot of space.

Highlighted Points:

  • 20 laminating pouches placed in the package
  • the pouches of 2,5-4 mil thick supported
  • has the inlet of 9 inches wide
  • the electric motor of 265 Watts of power
  • the machine uses the 2 roller heating system
  • paper trimmer and corner rounder included


CMmin 96321 Laminator Machine

Powerful And Durable
This is the best laminating machine for small businesses because it’s powerful and has a durable construction. You need to place it next to the electric outlet of 220-240V of power. It’s a mini laminator so you don’t have to ensure a large space at your workplace.

Cmmin laminator machine

LED Indicators And Buttons
This machine uses the heating system with the 3-5 minutes of the warming-up time. It’s a short time so you can service your customers fastly. The LED indicators will tell you when you can start laminating. Next to the lights, there are programmable buttons you can use to adjust the settings according to customers’ requests.

Speed Guaranteed
The laminating speed of 300 mm per minute makes this laminator practical for small businesses where the speed is the main advantage. You don’t have to worry that the machine might damage the customers’ documents. The release button prevents the jam and saves the papers.

Cmmin laminator machine Review

Suitable For Small Formats
The overall length is 13 inches and the width of the laminator is about 5 inches. The inlet is about 10 inches wide. You can laminate the papers of up to A4 format. If you want to continue to work at home, you can translocate this mini laminator home easily.

Highlighted Points:

  • up to 5 minutes needed for preheating
  • inlet supports A4 paper formats
  • high speed of 300 mm per minute
  • about 13 inches long and 5 inches wide
  • LED indicators notification system


Swingline 1701869ECR Lamination Starter

Full Package With Laminator
The Swingline laminator package includes the white small laminator, the mini hole punch, the trimmer of 9 inches, and 15 pieces of laminating pouches. The inlet of the laminator is about 9 inches long which means you can use it for small formats.

Swingline Laminator

For Basic Projects
You need to wait for about 4 minutes until the laminator gets ready for working using the heating system. You can use the 3 mil thick pouches for laminating papers, letters, and more. It’s a machine for basic projects that you can do at home.

Following The Light Indicators
You will see the light indicators that will show you when you can start laminating. The red light means the machine is still warming up. When the green light appears, it’s a sign for start. Following the light indicators, you can make the best results.

Swingline Laminator Review

Home Or Work
You can use this model at home but also carry it to work. It will take a small space in your office. It also might be good for business. You can offer laminating service to a wide specter of customers. You can laminate both business cards and photos.

Highlighted Points:

  • the inlet has the length of 9 inches
  • the package includes the trimmer and hole punch
  • 15 pieces of 3 mil pouches included
  • 4 minutes of preheating approximately
  • for home, office, and business


Llivekit GS281 A4 Laminator Machine

Easy To Store It
The Llivekit machine comes in a neutral black color design and requires a small space for storing. If you don’t need it for some time, you can store the machine in a closet and protect it. The machine is compact since it has a length of about 9 inches.

Llivekit Laminator Machine

Quick Preheating Time
To make the most quality laminated materials, you need to wait for about 5 minutes until the machine gets warm enough. After warming up, you can place the paper connected with the pouch in the inlet. The laminating time lasts shortly since the speed is 280 mm/min.

Quiet Working Machine
If you notice that the paper wraps, you need to push the ABS button. It prevents jam while the heating system prevents the bubbles. The system has double rollers. It’s a quiet working machine that prevents disturbing users and people around them.

Llivekit Laminator Machine Review

Protection For All Documents
With 20 pouches that you will get in the package, you can protect the photos, postcards, documents, small posters, and more. The maximal size of the paper that you can laminate is A4 format. It’s also supportable for A5 and A6 papers.

Highlighted Points:

  • the preheating time lasts for 5 minutes maximally
  • silent working  eclectic motor included
  • holds the papers of A4, A5, and A6 sizes
  • comes in the package with a trimmer and corner rounder
  • ABS button for jam prevention included
  • ideal for photos, posters, postcards, and more


Intey NY-BG01 A4 Laminator

Red And Green Lights
This Intey laminator comes in bright design with black details. The indicator lights are visible easily. When you plug the machine in the socket, you will see the red light illuminating. When the machine heats up enough, the green light appears. It usually takes about 5 minutes until the green light appears.

INTEY Laminator A4

Maximal Length And Thickness
The mini laminator holds the papers and photos with a maximal width of 9 inches. it’s the length of the inlet. The maximal thickness of the materials you laminate can be 0,02 inches. You can choose which lamenting mode you will use depending on the kind of document.

Saving The Documents
If you want to use the cold system, you need to press the appropriate button. Cold lamination is the best for sensitive documents such as agreements. The ABS button ensures the safety of the documents you will laminate. You can save your documents on time.

INTEY Laminator A4 review

Powerful Electric Motor
If you notice the jam might happen, you can press the ABS button and the papers will come out without damages. The motor that this machine uses has the power of 265 Watts. You can connect this laminator with a socket of 110 or 120 V.

Highlighted Points:

  • includes the inlet that is 9 inches long
  • 4 minutes of the warm-up time
  • ABS jam prevention button included
  • button for choosing the cold or hot method
  • red and green LED indicator lights


Nuova LM992HC Dual Mode Laminator

Overall Length Bigger Than Inlet
The small size of this Nuova laminator is one of the influences on the price. The laminator is white-colored and has a length of about 13 inches. The machine has a width of about 3 inches. It’s the overall length of the laminator while the length of the paper inlet is 9 inches.

Nuova Dual Mode Laminator

Two Kinds Of Pouches
You can use the pouches of double thicknesses. The pouches of 3 mils are purposed for standard documents. The 5 mil pouches are better for important documents and photos. To get the best results, you need to wait until the LED indicator in green color turns on.

Sticky Magnetic Film
The difference between the heat and cold systems of this mini laminator is that the thermal system uses the heat to form the protection while the cold system uses the sticky film. The cold system uses magnetic and sticky plastic film so the heat is not needed.

Nuova Dual Mode Laminator Review

Decreases The Damage
The jam release button is placed on the back part. You need to press it if you notice the paper and pouch stuck in the middle of the laminating process. This button will release the paper and it will come out with minimal damages. This feature ensures the safety.

Highlighted Points:

  • 3 mil and 5 mil thick pouches supported
  • the indicator lights placed on the top
  • the inlet has the length of 9 inches
  • the overall length of 13 inches
  • both cold and hot systems available
  • 3-5 minutes of preheating time

Things To Know About Small Laminators

The smaller than others, mini laminators provide a few advantages. They provide better portability than other models thanks to the compact size and smaller weight. The compact design determines the way of storage. The smaller price is one more benefit that makes the small-sized laminating machines worth buying.

Limited Length –  The length of the inlets of these laminators is 9 inches. The overall length is usually 13 inches. The width of the materials you laminate is limited. The maximal width of the materials placed in the pouch is 9 inches which mean A4 format. It’s a small size in comparison with some commercial models.

Lightweight Models – Not only these models have a small size but they have also a small weight. The weight is usually 2-3 lbs. The machine is lightweight so it’s easy to carry it with one hand. However, it’s safer that you hold the laminator firmly with both hands.

Portability Guaranteed – The small size and lightweight design make the mini laminators convenient when it comes to transporting. The mini models are portable easily. The models are practical for carrying in your hands or the appropriate bag. While transporting, you need to be careful in order to prevent damages.

Easy To Store – The compact size makes the laminator practical for storing. You can leave the machine on the desk where you use it. The laminator is small so it doesn’t take a wide space on your desk. The laminator size allows you to store the machine in a closet.

Low Price – The small laminators are usually cheaper than laminators of other sizes. The price is under 100 dollars except in case of high technology models purposed for business. The lowest price of compact size laminators is 20 dollars. If you buy on Amazon, the price usually varies from 50-80 dollars.

Final Verdict

The best choice for buying is the Crenova A4 thermal laminator that comes with all the tools you need to make firm and quality documents. Since the small laminators are usually cheap, you might be interested also in the best cheap laminator machines. To compare these models with the best compact laminators, read this post.

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