6 Best 13-Inch Laminator Machines In 2021 Reviewed By Expert

Do you consider 13 inches the optimal size of a laminator?

Then you need the best 13-inch laminator to protect A3 format papers!

Read this post and see the detailed reviews of the best models for buying. The models are classified into different categories so you can see quickly which is the best laminator for you.

Our Top Picks

Scotch Advanced Laminator PicksScotch Advanced Thermal Laminator
It takes a few minutes for this best Scotch laminator to be ready and to laminate a 13-inch paper.
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Bonsaii Store Laminator PicksBonsaii Store Laminator
The affordable Bonsaii laminator makes lamination comfortable using the low noise motor and fast thermal system.
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Ualau Laminator PicksUalau Thermal Laminator
This laminator is practical to use at home as well as in the office or school since it’s easily transportable.
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Ragu 13 Inch Laminator PicksRagu Store Laminator
The highest speed and advanced control panel make this model ideal for commercial use.
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JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine PicksJzbrain Thermal Laminator
Laminating in thermal mode, you can get quality and protected materials for a short time.
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ABOX Thermal Laminator PicksAbox Laminating Machine
This machine offers not only a thermal but also a cold laminating system you can use for quick and effective results.
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6 Best 13-Inch Laminators


Scotch Advanced Thermal Laminator

White Surface With Functions
The Scotch laminator has a white color design. On the top, there are the buttons that are purposed for various functions such as pouch thicknesses and anti-jam function. The inlet is about 13 inches long which makes this machine ideal for laminating A3 format and smaller papers.

Scotch Advanced Laminator

Fast-Working Machine
The advanced technology of this Scotch 13-inch laminator enables you to finish your laminating job quickly. The warm-up time lasts for about a minute so you can start to laminate immediately. The laminating speed is about 300 mm per minute which makes it a fast-working machine.

Two Buttons And Light
The laminating machine is compatible with the pouches that are 3 mils thick or 5 mils thick. There are the buttons to choose the thickness of the pouch you use. After you choose the right option, the machine adjusts the temperature. Next to these buttons, there is the indicator light that suggests the start.

Scotch Advanced Laminator Review

More Useful Functions
On the other side, there is the button for the case the error happens. The release button is purposed to release the material during the laminating process if it wraps inside. The laminator has one more function but you don’t have to set it. The shut-off option is automatic and activates after an hour of nonuse.

Highlighted Points:

  • white designed laminator with 13-inch long inlet
  • supports the pouches of 3 and 5 mils of the thickness
  • it turns off automatically after 1 hour of nonuse
  • fast laminating with the speed of about 300 mm/min
  • warms up for a minute maximally
  • indicator light and release button on the top


Bonsaii Store Laminator

After Green Light Appears
The Bonsaii laminating machine has a white design just like the previous model. It uses the thermal laminating system so there are the indicator lights on the top surface. It’s important to watch the green light because it notifies you when you can start to laminate with a hot enough machine.

Bonsaii Store Laminator Review

Short Time Needed
The green light appears after about 3 minutes from the switching on the laminator. It’s the sign that the thermal system is warmed up and ready to laminate. Not only the preheating time but the laminating time is also fast. The laminator is fast thanks to the speed of 300 mm per minute.

Two Pouch Types
Just like most laminators, this one also supports the pouches of 3 mils minimally and 5 mils maximally. You can use the 11×17 pouches of double functions. It’s also possible to use the butterfly thin pouhes for cards. You can laminate also photos, paintings, and more.

Bonsaii Store Laminator

Comfortable For Ears
The sound of this 13-inch laminator is low thanks to the low motor that influences the smooth lamination. The low noise provides a comfortable environment in the office or at home. You can place it on a desktop and the laminator doesn’t require a lot of space.

Highlighted Points:

  • suitable for A3, A4, A5, and A6 documents
  • the laminating speed of 300 mm/minute on average
  • supported pouches are 3-5 mils thick
  • sound of low dB making the machine comfortable
  • designed for office or home desktop


Ualau Thermal Laminator

Scale With Adjustable Knob
This Ualau laminator has a black surface and the white scale marked on it. The surface helps you to cut the material and pouches optimally and also to position the material. It’s easy to use the scale with the adjustable knob. The inlet is compatible with A3-A6 paper formats.

Ualau Laminator

Five Minutes Maximally
Just like most 13-inch laminators, this one is also made for the pouches of 3-5 mils of the thickness. The lamiantor uses the hot system with the preheating time of 3 minutes minimally and 5 minutes maximally. You need to warm up the laminating machine properly to decrease the possibility of a jam.

Limited Run Time
You can use this laminator for about 30 minutes in continuity. Within this time, you can do a lot since the laminating speed is 250 mm per minute. It’s practical to use the laminator at home placing it on a table or desk. It’s easily transportable so you can carry it to the office or school.

Ualau Laminator Review

Additional Accessories Included
Except for the scale, other accessories you will get in the package helps you to make quality laminated materials. You will get the paper trimmer, corner rounder, 20 pieces of laminating pouches, and photo frames. The pouches from the package have A4 and A6 sizes.

Highlighted Points:

  • trimmer, photo frames, and rounder come in the package
  • machine laminates with 250 mm per minute
  • up to 5 minutes needed for preheating
  • work time of 30 minutes in the continuity
  • pouches of A4 and A6 formats included
  • precise scale marked on the top
  • practical to transport from home to office


Ragu Store Laminator

White Surface, Black Scale
The Ragu 13-inch laminator also includes the scale like the previous model I reviewed. However, this one comes in a white design so the scale is black. The scale includes the marks for the length and degrees. The trimmer and corner rounder make the final results the most quality.

Ragu 13 Inch Laminator

Four Pouch Sizes
You will get the full package that includes the corner rounder, paper trimmer, and 40 laminating pouches. There are 4 sizes of the pouches in the package. You can use the A3-A6 format pouches. The maximal width of the materials you laminate is 13,3 inches.

Highest Speed Ensured
The laminator includes the digital control panel so you can adjust the settings easily. This model is practical for commercial use. The powerful motor ensures the high speed which makes business fast. The laminating speed is 460 mm per minute which is the highest speed from the laminators in this post.

Ragu 13 Inch Laminator Review

LED Display Included
You need to wait for a minute until the laminating machine gets warm enough to be ready for laminating. You can start to work when you see “on” on the display of the control panel. The LED display shows the temperature that is adjustable for each material type.

Highlighted Points:

  • 90 seconds of the warm-up time
  • 40 lamenting pouches of A3-46 formats included
  • the highest speed of 460 mm per minute
  • holds the materials that are up to 13,3 inches wide
  • LED display indicates the start and shows the temperature
  • trimmer and rounder in the package


Jzbrain Thermal Laminator

Scale, Trimmer, Rounder
It’s one more lamiantor that includes the scale that better the quality of the laminated materials. The size of the lamiantor is ideal to support the 13-inch pouches and documents. Using the rounder and trimmer from the package, you can make quality protected photos, letters, certificates, and more.

JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine

Two Heat Roller System
This model includes the jam prevention button for the case jam happens. The ABS function releases the stuck paper. To prevent error, you need to use only 3 or 5 mils thick pouches. The lamiantor includes two heat rollers that laminate an A3 paper for about 40 seconds.

Enough Heating Before Laminating
To achieve a fast laminating speed, you need to heat up the machine correctly. The heat-up time lasts for 3-5 minutes. You need to watch the indicator lights to know when the laminating machine is ready to work. There are green “ready” and red “power” lights.

JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine Review

Average Speed In Hot Mode
This 13-inch laminator has average speed of 250 mm per minute. You can laminate with both cold and hot modes. There is the button on one side that is purposed for selecting the mode you will use.  The thermal laminating system provides the best results.

Highlighted Points:

  • both thermal and cold laminating systems
  • easy to set the functions using the programmable buttons
  • the speed of 250 mm/min as average
  • additional equipment comes in the package
  • laminating time of 40 seconds on average
  • machine purposed for 3-5 mil pouches


Abox Laminating Machine

Cold Adhesive Pouches Needed
This Abox laminating machine allows you to protect maximal 13-inch materials with the plastic pouches using the thermal or cold mode. If you use the cold laminating system, you need to use the adhesive pouches instead of the hot pouches. This machine has the same size and similar design as the previous models.

ABOX Thermal Laminator

Locking Cutter System
The trimmer is integrated into this laminator. You can use it to cut up to 8 sheets at once. The maximal size of the sheets is A3. The cutter has a lock system that prevents injuries. After cutting, you can laminate with a speed of 250 mm per minute.

Silicone Hot And Cold Rollers
This 13-inch laminator includes the double rollers that provide the smoothness during the laminating. The rollers are made of silicon. They are practical to laminate in both modes. If you use the thermal laminating system, you need to wait for about 3 minutes before the laminating start.

ABOX Thermal Laminator Review

Not Disturbing For Anybody
After 30 minutes of nonuse, the laminating machine gets in the standby mode saving the energy. The rollers ensure silent working. The sound of the motor won’t disturb your colleagues while laminating in the office. The laminator is designed to suit also a home table or school desk.

Highlighted Points:

  • integrated trimmer cuts up to 8 sheets at once
  • the double roller system in cold/hot mode
  • the silent-working and not disturbing machine
  • works with a speed of 250 mm per minute
  • automatic standby mode after 30 minutes of nonuse

Things To Know About 13-Inch Laminators

The laminator that supports the documents of A3 format has an inlet length of 13 inches. These models include the tools for measuring the length of 13 inches and regulating the size of the laminating materials. It’s a frequent model on webshops and you can get if for a price under 100 dollars.

Suitable For A3 – The laminators with the inlet of 13 inches are suitable for the paper of A3 format maximally. You can use 11×17 laminating pouches or smaller. The A4, A5, and A6 formats are also supported. The overall length of the laminator is a little bigger than 13 inches.

Biggest Home/Office Model – The laminator that is purposed for A3 format is the biggest model that suits a desktop in the office or at home. The laminator length of 13 inches is the biggest size that is practical for carrying considering the compact design and weight of about 6 lbs.

Scale And Trimmer – If you have materials wider than 13 inches,  the scales and trimmers that are integrated into some laminators are useful. These tools provide precise measuring and cutting since the scale includes the cm and mm marks as well as degrees. Some models come with these tools that are not integrated.

50 Dollars On Average – The average price of the 13-inch laminators is 50 dollars. This is the usual price for a home and office laminators with the length of the 9-13 inches. The smallest size of the 13-inch inlet laminator is 30 dollars while the most expensive models cost 100 dollars.

Available In Online Stores – The easiest way to purchase a lamiantor of 13-inch size is to check the offer online. These models are the most frequent on webshops. The best offer is on Amazon where you can find out all the info. This webshop usually offers free delivery.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the best 13-inch laminator is the Scotch advanced thermal laminator. It offers effective lamination service using the advanced thermal laminating system. To see more reviews of the models with similar size, read this post about the best 11×17 laminators. You might be interested also in the post about the best desktop laminators that have similar purposes.

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