Best 10 Book Binding Machines For Hardcover & Soft Notebook

If you need to or love making your own books and notebooks, this review is made for you!

Explore your options by reading about the best-rated book binding machines! Check out our top picks below and read reviews. Also, it is important to know what kind of finished product you want, so read our guide that contains all relevant info and choose the best model that meets your needs.

Our Top Picks

TruBind Wire Binding Machine - TB-W20A picksTruBind TB-W20A Binding Machine
A heavy-duty wire binding machine gives your books and notebooks a professional and nice look.
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MARIGOLD Document Thermal Binder picksMarigold Glue Thermal Binder
Great thermal binding machine suitable for soft covers and hardcover books, equipped with safety features.
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Fellowes 5218301 Galaxy picksFellowes Galaxy Binding Machine
The electric machine that punches the sheets automatically, suitable for notebooks and thinner books.
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GBC MULTIBIND 230E picksGBC Multibind 230E Machine
A powerful machine is suitable for A4 and A5 paper size and comes equipped with wire and comb for binding.
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GBC ProClick P210E picksGBC ProClick Electric Machine
An electric binding machine that is excellent for everyday binding needs, it punches paper electronically.
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OFFNOVA machine picksOffnova Binder Machine
Affordable and compact binding machine for your home binds and punches sheets simultaneously and quickly.
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TIANSE binding machine picksTianse Comb Binding Machine
The binding machine equipped with a 2-inch comb binds up to 450 sheets of paper, suitable for standard and large papers.
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TruBind Spiral Coil Punch picksTruBind Heavy Duty Machine
Designed for professional use, this machine electronically punches up to 25 sheets of your book with ease.
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Fellowes Binding Machine Helios picksFellowes Helios 60 Machine
A modern and sleek binding machine is designed for heavy-duty tasks. it binds up to 600 sheets of paper.
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Akiles DuoMac picksAkiles DuoMac C31 Binding Machine
Powerful and versatile machine suitable for copy centers, print shops and bookstores, binds up to 500 sheets.
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Best 10 Book Binding Machines


TruBind TB-W20A Binding Machine

Quality Construction
TruBind TB-W20A is a high-quality binding machine that binds your books and documents with ease. It is designed for small offices. It measures 17 x 4 x 14 inches and weighs 18 pounds. This is a user-friendly manually operated machine. While the exterior is made of heavy-duty plastic, the interior gear and mechanism are made of metal.

TruBind Wire Binding Machine - TB-W20A

Full Handlebar
This wire binding machine for books utilizes a 3:1 pitch and twin loop wire O-binding spines, that provide a professional look for books. You can punch up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. The full handlebar is suitable for left- or right-handed operation. Open Punch throat allows standard and oversized documents.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of metal and heavy-duty plastic
  • user-friendly manual machine
  • professional-looking bound books
  • punch up to 20 sheets
  • accepts standard and non-standard paper size


Marigold Glue Thermal Binder

For Hardcover
Marigold is a thermal binding machine designed in the USA. It is ideal for large offices and for frequent use. This machine is suitable for calendars, reports, brochures, schedules, notebooks and books. It binds up to 200 sheets for softcover and up to 160 sheets for hard cover.

MARIGOLD Document Thermal Binding review

Safety Features
This book hardcover binder features a quick 1-minute thermal binding cycle with a short heat-up of 3 minutes. You’ll notice visual signals when Marigold is ready for use. Also, you’ll hear a beep signal when binding is complete. The auto-shutoff feature prevents overheating. The glue is inside the machine.

Highlighted Points:

  • binds up to 200 sheets for softcover
  • binds up to 160 sheets for hardcover
  • 1-minute thermal binding cycle
  • heat up time last 3 minutes
  • visual and sound signals
  • automatic shut off feature


Fellowes Galaxy Binding Machine

Frequently Use
Fellowes Galaxy is an electric binding machine designed for daily use in medium-sized offices. Its dimensions are 19.7 x 8.3 x 23 inches and it weighs 32 pounds. Touch the button and this notebook binding machine will automatically punch up to 25 sheets. Moreover, it binds up to 500 sheets with a 2” comb.

Fellowes 5218301 Galaxy review

Removable Binding Mechanism
The binding mechanism is removable and can be used separately for more productivity. Fellowes features vertical paper loading that provides more accurate punch alignment. Integrated document measurement device adds convenience. It is easy to select the right comb size for your book.

Highlighted Points:

  • compact and easy to use machine
  • designed for daily use
  • automatically punches up to 25 sheets
  • removable binding mechanism
  • vertical paper loading
  • document measurement device


GBC Multibind 230E Machine

High-quality Build
GBC Multibind 230E is a pricey binding machine measuring 21.4 x 19.3 x 9.2 inches. This heavy-duty coil book binder is made of high-quality materials and it’s suitable for demanding tasks. It features a 2-in-1 design, there is a standard plastic comb and a 2:1 loop wire. You can create wire or comb bound books.


Electronic Punching
Simply Click Comb Selector allow you to adjust the settings and choose the right comb size. This spiral binding machine binds up to 125 sheets when using a wire and 450 sheets when using a comb spine. It punches 30 sheets electronically. Binds both A4 and A5 documents.

Highlighted Points:

  • pricey binding machine
  • made of quality materials
  • use comb or wire binding
  • binds up to 125 sheets with wire and 450 sheets with a comb
  • easy-to-use comb selector
  • punches up to 30 sheets


GBC ProClick Electric Machine

Professional Binding
GBC ProClick machine is backed by a 1-year warranty, this machine is made of durable and quality materials. Its dimensions are 14 x 16 x 8 inches and weigh 22 pounds. This pricey model provides professional binding power. Use it with GBC ProClick Spines only.

GBC Binding Machine review

Handy Guide Right Feature
Its binding capacity is 110 sheets of paper and it punches up to 15 sheets. This electric binding machine allows you to open the machine and remove or add pages. GBC ProClick book binder is suitable for letter-size and oversized papers. The Handy Guide Right feature provides accurate punching and binding.

Highlighted Points:

  • backed by a 1-year warranty
  • made of quality materials
  • professional binding power
  • it binds up to 110 sheets
  • great for standard and large documents
  • accurate punching and binding


Offnova Binder Machine

Low-force Handle
Offnova is an affordable comb binding machine suitable for home and recreational use. This book binder measures 14.5 x 10.2 x 9.2 inches and weighs 6.4 pounds. Place it on your desk, workbench, table and store easily in your drawer or tray. It is equipped with a curved handle that required low force to pierce the paper.

OFFNOVA machine review

Positioning Knob
You can punch up to 12 sheets of paper manually. Offnova paper binding machine works simultaneously, it allows punching and binding at the same time. Suitable for A4 and A5 paper sizes. Align the paper with a positioning knob and bind up to 450 sheets. Also, the margins are adjustable.

Highlighted Points:

  • affordable binding machine
  • binds and punches simultaneously
  • binds up to 450 sheets
  • punches up to 12 sheets
  • low-force curved handle
  • adjustable margins


Tianse Comb Binding Machine

2-inch Comb
Tianse is a practical machine with a user-friendly design. You need to insert the file, press the handle and place the comb ring. Then open the comb ring, place the paper and pull the handle back. Tianse book comb binding machine is perfect for offices, schools, libraries and bookstores. Punch up to 15 sheets manually and bind up to 450 sheets with a 2” comb.

TIANSE machine

Open Throat Design
It is easy to create professional-looking books and notebooks. Because of the open throat design, you can insert letter size and even larger documents. This comb binding machine meets the specification of various requirements. There is a dual functional handle for punching and binding.

Highlighted Points:

  • user-friendly design
  • open throat design
  • suitable for standard and non-standard papers
  • dual-functional handle
  • ideal for offices and bookstores
  • binds up to 450 sheets


TruBind Heavy Duty Machine

Professional Use
TruBind is a large and heavy-duty machine designed for professional use. It has a high price and comes equipped with a 1-year warranty. This model is equipped with an electric punch and electric coil inserter. The box contains a binding machine and coil cutter/crimping tool.

TruBind Spiral Coil Punch

High Volume Requirements
It punches up to 25 sheets of paper and TruBind electric binding machine is designed for high volume binding requirements. The book binder comes with disengaging pins that eliminate partially punched holes of your book. Electronically punch your book with the simple push of a button. Depth and side margin are adjustable.

Highlighted Points:

  • designed for professional use
  • equipped with an electric punch and coil inserter
  • comes with a crimping tool
  • punches up to 25 sheets
  • disengaging pins
  • adjustable side and depth margins


Fellowes Helios 60 Machine

Modern Design
Fellowes Helios 60 is a thermal binding machine that features a modern and sleek design. The item dimensions are 3.9 x 20.8 x 9.4 inches. This model is designed for large offices and heavy-duty tasks. Its thermal binding cycle lasts from 1-3 minutes with a heat-up time of 4 minutes.

Fellowes Binding Machine Helios 60

Beep Sound
This book thermal binding machine binds up to 600 sheets at a time. It is equipped with a HeatShield safety barrier to protect you from contact with a heated plate. Also, there is a manual document measurement for simple use. When the device starts/finish the binding, you’ll hear the sound signal.

Highlighted Points:

  • ideal for heavy-duty tasks
  • binds up to 600 sheets at a time
  • HeatShield protection
  • sound signal when start binding
  • manual document measurement
  • modern and sleek design


Akiles DuoMac C31 Binding Machine

2-in-1 Design
Akiles DuoMac C31 is a practical combo binding machine. Bind your books and notebooks with a plastic comb or 3:1 loop wire. The manufacturer ensures a 1-year warranty. Its heavy-duty design is provided by CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) technology. This wire binding machine is suitable for print shops, bookstores.

Akiles DuoMac review

Binds Up To 500 Sheets
All dies can be independently disengaged, so Akiles book binder allows punching of any size document and book. It punches up to 20 sheets of paper at once. Also, it binds up to 500 sheets. The open throat design accepts a larger paper size. Akiles is a versatile binding machine that will last for years.

Highlighted Points:

  • powerful and versatile machine
  • equipped with two punching sets
  • ideal for bookstores, copy centers
  • binds up to 500 sheets
  • punching capacity – 20 sheets
  • backed by a 1-year warranty

Things To Know About Book Binding Machine

Before buying, it is very important to learn something about these bookbinding machines. In this guide, you’ll find important factors you need to take into account, such as punching and binding capacity, paper size, different kinds of binding, etc.

Punching/Binding Capacity – Each binding machine comes with different punching and binding capacity. Some machines are suitable for heavy-duty tasks while others are designed for light-duty use. For business and large offices, choose a model with a high limit.

Comb Binding – The comb binding features some benefits, for example, you can open your book and add or remove pages without destroying binding. If you need to edit your content often, comb binding is a good option for you. Simply open up the binding and replace the pages.

Thermal Binding – This type of binding provides a professional look for your books and notebooks. The thermal binding machines feature a clean and perfect-bound style. This technique uses a secure heating element that melts an adhesive strip inserted into the preformed cover.  When the adhesive dries, the pages are permanently stuck together.

Paper Size – Not all book binding machines are designed for standard and non-standard document size. Mostly, binding machines support letter-size/A4 paper sizes. If you need to bind larger papers, choose the machine that covers oversized documents binding.

Where To Buy/Price – All reviewed models are available on Amazon. You can also look for them in your local stores that sell office equipment. If you buy a binding machine for a large online retailer, always read customer reviews and ratings, that will help you with your decision. The price depends on product characteristics.

Final Verdict

Did you find your favorite bookbinding machine? They are made of quality materials and provide great performances. Also, you can check spiral binding machines that give more durable books. If you want to be able to add or remove pages, look for comb binding machines. Make sure you’ve checked the list of the best binding machines worth buying.

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