Best 6 Vinyl Cutting Machines For Crafts Reviewed By Expert

Are you interested in buying a craft vinyl cutter machine?

Then you should read this article! I’ll describe the 6 best models within different categories such as large, professional, desktop, etc. Compare them and choose the right one for you. You can get more info in the buying guide.

Our Top Picks

Cricut Joy SummaryCricut Joy Cutter Machine
It’s suitable for any DIY crafts because it has a strong blade, Bluetooth connectivity, and a big design library.
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Silhouette Cameo 4 SummarySilhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter
A great model that has a built-in feeder, cross-cutter, two different speed modes, and tangential smart cutting technology.
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Vevor 34 SummaryVevor 34” Cutter Machine
It’s ideal for doing both small and big projects with precise cuts. Includes wide cutting speed and downforce.
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USCutter 14'' SummaryUSCutter 14” MH Desktop Cutter
Compact professional model with three blades, two cutting positions, and adjustable paper feed with pinch-rollers.
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Silhouette America Portrait 3 SummarySilhouette Portrait 3 Cutter Machine
It features autoblade settings, Silhouette Studio software for Mac and Windows, and full material and tool kit.
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Quickutz Silhouette SummaryQuickutz Silhouette Vinyl Cutter
Great digital model with Bluetooth connectivity and software that includes many designs. It comes with the needed tools.
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Best 6 Vinyl Cutting Machine For Crafts Models


Cricut Joy Cutter Machine

Dimensions And Cutting Width
This Cricut vinyl crafts model is compact and great for limited working space. It’s 8.43” long, 5.43” wide, and 4.25” high.  Also, it weighs 3.66 pounds, so it’s extremely lightweight and portable. The maximum cutting width of this craft vinyl cutter is 5.5”.

Cricut Joy

Works With Smart Materials
Also, it can cut over 50 very user-friendly materials. The mini vinyl cutter features a blade and pen for cutting and writing and works with Cricut smart materials. So this vinyl cutting machine for crafts does continuous cuts up to 4 feet and repeated cuts up to 20 feet.

Library With Many Designs
The craft cutter vinyl model includes Cricut Design Space software that comes with 50 pre-installed designs. Also, you will get a monthly membership for Cricut Access that has a library with over 100 000 images, fonts, designs that are ready for download. The software is suitable for both Mac and Windows.

Cricut Joy Review

Plotter And Cutter
Also, you can create from anywhere in the room because you can connect with Bluetooth to the machine. With this craft vinyl cutter machine, you’ll get the premium fine point blade and housing, fine point pen, standard grip mat that’s 4.5” long and 6.5” wide, and power adapter.

Highlighted Points:

  • 5.5” is the maximum cutting width
  • cuts over 50 materials
  • for Windows and Mac
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • fine point pen and blade


Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter

Roll-Feeder And Cross-Cutter
A unique feature of this Silhouette Cameo craft cutter is a built-in roll feeder. It allows the model to use the materials directly from the roll. Besides that, the best vinyl cutter for small businesses features a built-in cross cutter that makes straight edge cut on the material roll for the next project.

Silhouette Cameo 4

Sensor Tool Detection
Also, this vinyl cutting machine for crafts has a type-detection function which is a very user-friendly feature. The system has sensor technology that detects the tool that you’re using and setting the blade speed and force accordingly.

Two Motor Types
The dual-motor system provides two carriages with separated speed type. The first solenoid motor runs carriage one and allows smooth cuts, while the second motor of a different type runs carriage two for strong and high-force cuts.  The machine has smart tangential technology for cutting thick materials.

Silhouette Cameo 4 Review

Matless Cutting And Autoblade
It has a 3x faster speed in comparison to other models. Also, the machine has an autoblade that automatically adjusts the settings according to the material thickness. The model can cut without a mat, and it works with many materials besides vinyl.

Highlighted Points:

  • built-in roll feeder
  • built-in cross cutter
  • two motors
  • smart tangential technology
  • 3x faster speed


Vevor 34” Cutter Machine

Wide Paper Feed
This craft vinyl cutter machine is great for doing both small and big projects. It has a maximum cutting width of 30.7”, and a maximum paper feed of 34.3”. There are double spring pinch-rollers and steel roller that keep the material stable while in the feed and you can adjust the guide rail according to the paper width.

Vevor 34 Review

High Cutting Precision
The highest cutting precision is 0.0004” repetition accuracy which means this model can cut out detailed images with straight cut edges. Besides, this large vinyl cutter can cut many materials such as paper, cardstock, cardstock, vellum, leather, fabric, stencil vinyl, etc. The cutting speed and force have a wide range.

Easy Setting Adjustments
The cutting speed can be adjusted between 0.8 ips and 31.5 ips while the cutting downforce can be set between 0.8 ounces and 17.6 ounces. The settings can be adjusted on the LCD with the control panel. The LCD has a backlight for easier navigation.

Vevor 34

Software And Commands Sets
The machine for crafts has COMPIM and USB interface for connecting to the computer. It will work only on computers with Windows operating system because it comes with Signmaster software. You can import SVG and PDF image formats, and work with DM-PL and HP-GL command sets.

Highlighted Points:

  • an adjustable feed with pinch-rollers
  • 0.0004” repetition accuracy
  • 0.8-31.5 ips cutting speed range
  • cutting downforce range is 0.8-17.6 ounces
  • Signmaster software for Windows


USCutter 14” MH Desktop Cutter

Short Cutting Width
The maximum cutting width is 10” so this vinyl cutter is suitable for small projects. The maximum cutting pressure is 12.34 ounces. It’s not as good to cut very thick materials such as previous models, but it will do high-precision cuts on vinyl, cardstock, craft paper, and fabric.

USCutter 14 Review

Software Compatibility
It comes with the VinylMaster Cut software that includes vectorization tools and many other functions. It’s suitable for Windows only. However, if you have Mac OS on your computer, you should buy separately a Sure Cuts A Lot Pro plug-in.

Two Blade Positions
The vinyl cutting machine for crafts comes with the parallel, serial, and USB interface you can use to connect with the computer. The package includes a Roland blade holder, three 45-degree blades, and a pen. Therefore this professional vinyl cutter can do both writing and cutting.  Another unique function is the dual-position carriage.

USCutter 14

Adjustable Paper Feed
Therefore you can use the front position to cut through thicker materials than vinyl, while the rear carriage position is good for cutting standard vinyl. The paper feed has adjustable pinch-rollers that keep the materials stable in the feed. Also, you can adjust the guide rail to the paper size.

Highlighted Points:

  • the maximum cutting width is 10”
  • 12.34 ounces is the maximum cutting force
  • VinylMaster Cut for software
  • dual-position carriage
  • Roland blade holder


Silhouette Portrait 3 Cutter Machine

Cutting Width And Length
This compact model has a maximum cutting width of 8” and a maximum cutting length of 60 ft. It’s great for creating small DIY crafts, and other projects. The blade can cut paper, cardstock, sticker sheets, htv vinyl, and others. All parts of this model are covered with a 1-year limited warranty.

Silhouette Portrait 3 Model

Automatic Setting Adjustments
The vinyl cutting machine for crafts had an autoblade which is very user-friendly because you don’t have to set and change the setting manually after changing the material. The system automatically switches the settings according to the material width.

Wireless Connection
Besides the blade, the desktop vinyl cutter also features a pen so you can do both sketching and cutting. Connect to the computer, mobile phone, or tablet from anywhere in the room with the Bluetooth technology. The cutter machine features a USB interface if you want to connect with a USB cable.

Silhouette Portrait 3 Model Review

Bundle Content
You’ll get 24 sheets of Oracal 651 permanent vinyl, 12 sheets of premium transfer tape, 24 sketch pens, hook, scraper, etc. The package includes Silhouette Studio software with a 1-month membership to the Silhouette Design store. The software works with Mac and Windows.

Highlighted Points:

  • the maximum cutting width is 8”
  • autoblade settings
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Silhouette Studio software
  • materials and tools included


Quickutz Silhouette Vinyl Cutter

Dimensions And Cutting Width
This Quickutz silhouette digital craft vinyl cutter is 18” long, 10” wide, and high. The compact unit has a maximum paper feed of 10”. Silhouette Design software is suitable for Windows and Mac.

Quickutz Silhouette

Bluetooth Technology
You can connect it with the computer by using Bluetooth technology. It features both pen and blade for sketching and cutting different materials, not only vinyl. This craft vinyl cutter machine can work with paper, cardstock, craft paper, stencil vinyl, vellum, fabric, leather, etc.

Quickutz Silhouette Review

Package And Software
The software includes 50 pre-installed exclusive Quickutz image files you can use immediately to do different projects. The package includes a cutting mat, blade with holder, three adjustment caps, pen hold, USB, power cable, and software CD.

Highlighted Points:

  • 10” maximum cutting width
  • connect wirelessly
  • works with different materials
  • includes both blade and pen
  • Silhouette Studio software for Mac and Windows

Things To Know About Craft Vinyl Cutter Machine

This machine should be able to work with a variety of materials. They often can be used for both business and hobby work. When buying a machine, consider the features such as blade settings, cutting width, autoblade function, etc.

Software Requirements – When searching for the right model, check out if the software is suitable for your computer’s operating system. Brands such as Cricut, Silhouette, and Graphtec can work with both Mac and Windows, while others are suitable for Windows only.

Cutting Width – If you want to do small projects using the vinyl letter cutting machine, the feed doesn’t have to be wider than 20”. However, bigger projects require a large vinyl cutting machine for crafts with a cutting width above 20”. If it’s adjustable, you can do projects of different sizes.

Blade Settings – Craft vinyl cutter can have blades of different strengths. If you want to cut thick materials such as leather and fabric, the machine should have at least 20 ips cutting speed and 10 ounces of force. Anything less than that is suitable for paper, craft paper, cardstock, and other thin material.

Additional Functions – User-friendly features are the autoblade, auto memory, pinch rollers, sketching, laser cutting, etc. For example, a sticker laser cutter has a sensor system that guides the blade around printed lines, which is also called contour cutting. Autoblade adjusts automatically to the material thickness, which is very practical.

Full Bundle – If you want to do different projects with your craft vinyl cutter machine, it’s very useful to have a kit with the required materials and tools. So I recommend buying a model that includes vinyl sheets, a cutting mat, and tools such as blades, pens, spatula, blade and pen holder, etc.

Final Verdict

The best model is Silhouette Cameo 4  craft vinyl cutter machine that features a built-in roller and cross-cutter for automatic work. It’s a great commercial vinyl cutter that can be used for both business and home projects. If you’re interested in doing small DIY projects as a hobby, consider buying a home vinyl cutter.

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