Best 10 Book Scanner Suitable For Home And Business Reviews

Do you want to digitalize your books for recreation, business, or educational purpose?

Then you should look for a good book scanner!

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about various scanners designed especially for book scanning. These devices use advanced technology that provides quality scans. Check out those reviews and pick the model that meets all your scanning needs.

Our Top Picks

CZUR Aura scanner picksCzur Aura-B Scanner
Popular and premium overhead scanner for books and documents that use advanced Book Curve technology.
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iCODIS X9 Book picksiCodis Professional Auto Scanner
Awarded scanner features many intelligent features and delivers high-quality scanned books.
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IRIScan Desk 5 PRO A3 picksIriScan Desk 5 Pro Scanner
Versatile and innovative scanner features many impressive features that suit bookstore and library needs.
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eloam Portable Document Scanner picksEloam Portable Document Scanner
A high-quality scanner comes equipped with intuitive software that provides high resolution and enhances scans quality.
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CZUR M3000 PRO Professional Book Scanner picksCzur M3000 Pro Scanner
A professional and reliable scanner for books that will meet all demanding scanning needs for professional purposes.
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Plustek A3 Flatbed picksPlustek A3 Large Format Scanner
A large format scanner ideal for A3 documents and any size book ensures fast and quality scanning.
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Plustek OpticBook A300 picksPlustek OpticBook Scanner
The elegant flatbed scanner is designed for books and there are many features that provide high-quality scans.
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Fujitsu PA03641-B305 ScanSnap picksFujitsu ScanSnap SV600
One of the best overhead scanners with many useful automatic features that makes scanning easier.
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CZUR ET16 Plus Advanced Book picksCzur ET16 Plus Advanced Scanner
A professional scanner that uses patented curve technology that flattens book pages and makes quality scans.
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IRIScan Book 3 Wireless Portable picksIriScan Wireless Portable Scanner
Cordless, battery-powered scanner provides fast scanning and it’s suitable for magazines, books and newspapers.
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Best 10 Book Scanners


Czur Aura-B Scanner

Premium Model
Czur Aura-B is a very popular and premium overhead scanner for books and documents. It is a portable scanner backed by a 1-year warranty. Supports both operating systems, Windows and Mac. Book Curve technology uses three precise lasers that provide accuracy, clarity and flat pages. Powered by USB.


OCR Software
It is compatible with the Zoom app, meaning, you can instantly share the screen with your colleagues. Also, you can annotate, highlight and scroll or click on the screen. Czur supports SnapShot and Video Recording tools. It takes 2 seconds per page and comes with OCR software that turns scans into searchable files.

Highlighted Points:

  • premium scanner for books
  • supports Mac and Windows
  • Book Curve Flattening technology
  • works with Zoom app
  • scans 1 page per 2 seconds
  • OCR software included


iCodis Professional Auto Scanner

Flattening Technology
iCodis is a high-quality scanner designed for books and documents. Also, it scans magazines, newspapers, blueprints, etc. The included software isn’t compatible with Apple Mac OS. Flattening curve technology automatically detects bending pages and flattens the curve. This automatic book scanner works in a dim environment.

iCODIS Document Camera X3

Advanced Features
Built-in 9 LED lights provide brightness during scanning. iCodis is equipped with advanced technologies and features, like multi-file scanning, background purification, automatic correction, finger-free cropping, and many others. This is a foldable and portable scanner with a user-friendly design.

Highlighted Points:

  • user-friendly design
  • foldable and portable scanner
  • scans books, newspapers, blueprints, magazines
  • multi-page scanning
  • automatic correction
  • built-in 9 LED lights


IriScan Desk 5 Pro Scanner

Fast Scanner
IriScan Desk 5 Pro is a great portable book scanner that scans also receipts, documents, newspapers, and business cards. This is a USB-powered device compatible with Windows OS only. The maximum book or document size is 8.5 x 11 inches. IriScan takes 2 seconds to scan both pages of the book.

IRIScan Desk 5 PRO A3 review

Intelligent Software
Book Curve Flattening technology provides scanning accuracy and image quality. Also, IriScan professional book scanner can scan multiple items and save them as individuals. Equipped with the desktop camera that detects page-turning and scans new pages automatically. Ideal for bookstores and libraries.

Highlighted Points:

  • fast scanning speed
  • compatible with Windows OS
  • Book Curve Flattening technology
  • auto-detect page turning
  • USB powered device
  • desktop camera scanner


Eloam Portable Document Scanner

Up To A3 Scan Size
Eloam is an automatic scanner measuring 8.3 x 5.9 x 15.7 inches and weighing 5 pounds. It delivers a high resolution of 4898 x 3672 dpi. This scanner is able to meet almost all scanning needs from blueprint, magazine, book, to business cards and receipts. It supports various sizes – legal size, ledger and letter size.

eloam Portable Document Scanner

Intelligent Features
It is compatible with Windows OS only. This portable book scanner is equipped with an 18-megapixel CMOS image sensor that scans two pages in less than 2 seconds. Automated image processing functions are auto-flatten curved pages, crop and deskew, split facing pages, fingerprint erasing. Eloam features five scanning modes and an auto-scan feature.

Highlighted Points:

  • automatic book scanner
  • 18-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • high scanning speed is < 2 seconds
  • scans standard and non-standard paper sizes
  • auto-flatten feature
  • five scanning modes
  • high resolution


Czur M3000 Pro Scanner

Reliable Device
Czur M3000 Pro is one of the best book scanners in the market. Suitable for libraries, bookstores, archives, banks and other places that require high-quality scans. This is a fast and reliable professional book scanner equipped with V-cradle at the base that protects books and documents from damage.

CZUR M3000 PRO Professional

Advanced Features
It comes with a CMOS camera ensuring a very high resolution of 1000 dpi. To scan two pages, this scanner needs 1.2 seconds. ABBYY’s OCR software turns your scans into searchable PDFs and editable World or Excel files – great for e-book making. Czur flattens book curves and removes scanned fingerprints.

Highlighted Points:

  • one of the best on the market
  • ideal for banks, offices, bookstores, libraries
  • scanning speed – 1.2 seconds for two pages
  • ABBYY OCR software
  • removes scanned fingerprints
  • CMOS camera


Plustek A3 Large Format Scanner

USB-powered Item
Plustek is a large format flatbed scanner that scans photos, books and documents. It measures 23.1 x 16 x 2.6 inches and weighs 9.5 pounds. This scanner is powered by USB and the box contains the user manual, instructions, CD with drivers and software, AC adapter and USB cable.

Plustek A3 Flatbed Scanner

LED Light Source
It supports a large paper size of 11.69 x 17 inches. Plustek book scanning machine uses an LED light source, so warm-up time isn’t needed. Works with Mac and Windows. Delivers a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and the color depth is 48-bit. The Control panel is equipped with four one-touch buttons – scan, OCR, PDF and email.

Highlighted Points:

  • large format scanner
  • ideal for books and A3 documents
  • comes with a USB cable and AC adapter
  • LED light source – ready-to-use device
  • optical resolution of up to 1200dpi
  • four one-touch buttons


Plustek OpticBook Scanner

Compact Design
Plustek Optic Book A300 is a silver flatbed scanner measuring 15.7 x 24.5 x 5.5 inches. Designed for books and documents of up to A3 size. Also, it scans business and plastic cards. Plustek takes 2.5 seconds for one page, if you scan a 200-page book, scanning will last 20 minutes.

Plustek OpticBook review

Book Pavilion Software
There is a special book edge design that scans books without visible spine shadow. This portable book scanner delivers a resolution of 600 dpi while the color depth is 48-bit. The Book Pavilion software automatically crops and rotates the pages. Save scans in PDF, EPUB, BMP, JPG, TIF formats.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant flatbed scanner
  • scans books and A3 documents
  • takes 2.5 seconds per page
  • special book edge design
  • Book Pavilion software
  • save scans in multiple formats


Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

Qualtiy Item
Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is a remarkable overhead scanner equipped with multiple useful features. It is easy to store it and move from one office to another. Comes with a USB cable for connection. Easy to set it up and use, there is a single scan button. Works with Windows only.

Fujitsu PA03641-B305 ScanSnap review

Page-turning Detection
This scanner is suitable for books, receipts, notebooks, magazines, business cards and A3 documents. Fujitsu scans up to ten individual items if you place them side by side. Integrated software will detect them and save as individual files. Page-turning detection technology automatically scans when a page is turned.

Highlighted Points:

  • high-quality scanner for books
  • powered by USB
  • easy to set it up and use
  • compatible with Windows
  • scans large formats
  • page-turning detection technology


Czur ET16 Plus Advanced Scanner

Czur ET16 is a compact overhead scanner with clean lines and a beautiful design. It features dual lamps on both sides of the head, they illuminate the whole scanning area. This professional book scanner is powered by a USB. Use it for books, notebooks, documents, drawings, artwork and even physical objects.

CZUR ET16 Plus Advanced review

Edit Scans
Patented curve technology flattens the book pages. Czur ET16 professional book scanner takes 1.5 seconds to scan two pages. This scanner uses a 16MP camera that provides quality scans. This book scanning machine has OCR software that turns scans into searchable files. Edit scans right after scanning with image enhancement features.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern overhead scanner
  • patented curve technology
  • takes 1.5 seconds to scan two pages
  • 16MP Sony camera
  • OCR software
  • two supplemental lights


IriScan Wireless Portable Scanner

Compact Scanner
IriScan Book 3 is a handheld scanner powered by batteries. It requires 3 AAA batteries. This small and compact scanner measures 2.3 x 12.1 x 5.4 inches. When not in use, store it in a drawer, tray or on the shelf. It scans newspapers, magazines, documents and books.

IRIScan Book 3 Wireless review

OCR Software
This portable book scanner is compatible with Mac and Windows OS. It scans 5 pages per minute. The batteries are included in the package and with one set of batteries, you can make 1000 scans. On the LCD screen, you can see previous scans. Also, this scanner comes with OCR software that converts scans into searchable files.

Highlighted Points:

  • small handheld scanner
  • powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • scans newspaper, magazines, books
  • small LCD screen
  • OCR software
  • compatible with Mac and Windows

Things To Know About Book Scanner

There are many various book scanners in the market, so it isn’t easy to find the model that will suit all your scanning needs. Here, we prepared few guidelines about different scanner types, advanced features, speed and other characteristics that provide quality scans.

Scanner Types – There are few scanner types you can currently find in the market – overhead, handheld and flatbed scanners. If you need to scan many books on a daily basis, choose an overhead scanner, it is very easy to use. Handheld scanners are suitable for occasional use.

Scanning Speed – When scanning a book, speed is a very important factor. It indicates the number of pages that the device will process in the shortest time. A weak scanner scans a single page per 5 seconds, while the fast scanners take 1.5 to 2 seconds for both pages.

OCR Software – The Optical Character Recognition technology allows scanners to convert printed text into digital format. Quality OCR software will recognize different languages like English, Japanese, Chinese, etc. This software allows you to edit pages and images.

Book Curve Technology – Or auto-flatten technology. This is a pretty useful feature, you don’t have to unbind the book before the scanning process. This technology uses special algorithms and precise lasers to flattens curved pages.

Price – There is a wide range of digital book scanners on the market ranging from $100 to $1000. But, don’t focus on the price only. When choosing a scanner, find the model that meets your needs. The budget options offer basic features, while expensive items come with advanced features.

Final Verdict

To conclude, all of those models provide quality scans, so decide which options you want to have on your future book scanner. If you work with a large amount of paper, you can check multi-page scanners. The scanner with OCR allows turning scans into editable and searchable files. Read also the post about the

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