6 Best Label Makers For Home Use For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Do you and your family need the best home label maker?

If you consider it useful for home use but you don’t have any idea which model is the right one for you, you should read this post. Here is the list of the best-rated models on the market and their detailed reviews.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Label Maker For Home Use
DYMO Embossing Label Maker PicksDymo Embossing Label Maker
Simple to use, needs no electricity and connection with the computer. The Dymo is practical for the whole family.
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Best Small Label Maker For Home Use
Phomemo-M110 Label Maker PicksPhomemo-M110 Label Printer
The compact design of this label printer allows you and your family to create various types of labels at home.
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Best Large Label Maker For Home Use
Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416 PicksPrimera LX910 Color Label Printer
Its size is bigger than usual but it’s still practical for home use thanks to the color output type.
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Best Bluetooth Home Label Maker
Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker PicksBrother P-Touch Cube Label Maker
Not only wireless connectivity but the mobile app and compact design also make this label maker worth buying.
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Best Handheld Home Label Maker
Niimbot Label Maker PicksNiiMbot D11 Label Maker
The tape for security and strong battery influence a great experience of carrying and using this label maker.
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Best Clear Label Maker For Home Use
Dymo LabelManager Plug Maker PicksDymo LabelManager Plug Maker
Since it’s clear, you can use this machine to make barcodes as well as various stickers for home organization.
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6 Best Label Maker For Home Use

Best Of Best Label Maker For Home Use

Dymo Embossing Label Maker

Design As First Advantage
The practical design is the first factor that makes this Dymo model the best label maker for home use. The main advantage of the design is the manual handle for printing. Pressing the handle, you save energy as first. Moreover, the manual design allows you to use the label maker distanced from the electric outlet.

DYMO Embossing Label Maker

The Same Tape Width
This Dymo label maker supports the tapes with various colors and the length but the width is always 0,3 inches approximately. You will get 3 tapes in the package. It’s possible to print letters, numbers, and other characters in white or black color, depending on your preferences, and tape color.

Almost 50 Characters
The label maker includes the white wheel with character marks. You need to rotate the wheel and create the content of the label. You can create the label text by pressing a letter by letter. There are overall almost 50 characters. You can create various text or symbols.

DYMO Embossing Label Maker Review

Wide Range Of Home Application
The simple operation system makes this label maker practical even for kids. That means the whole family can use this label maker easily. It’s practical to use the label maker for DIY crafting projects as well as for home organization. The label maker is useful for each family member.

Highlighted Points:

  • includes the wheel with 49 characters
  • manual use with no electricity
  •  supports the tapes in various colors
  • about 0,3 inches of average label width
  • the 12-foot long tape in the package

Best Small Label Maker For Home Use

Phomemo-M110 Label Printer

Stickers, Barcodes, And More
The Phomemo is one more the best home label maker because of the portable and compact design and a wide range of applications. You can make not only sticker labels and labels of similar size but also barcode labels. It’s practical to use it at home to finish your office work.

Phomemo-M110 Label Maker

Various Color Design
You can purchase this label maker in black color as well as in orange, pink, and white colors. With different color design and small size, this label maker seems like the cute label printers for personal use. Although its exterior is colored, the printer makes labels in black and white colors.

Except For Shipping Labels
With its small inlet, the label maker creates the labels with a width of 20-50 mm approximately. It’s practical also for jewelry, address, and folder labels. It doesn’t support only shipping labels that have a big size. To use this portable label maker, you need to charge the battery fully.

Phomemo-M110 Label Maker Review

Connect It Without Cable
After you charge it, you can use it for about a week. That means the Bluetooth connection doesn’t decrease the battery life a lot. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to make the label maker connected with the mobile phone without cable use. That means you’re not fixed to one place.

Highlighted Points:

  • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • 20-50 mm of the label width
  • the compact various color design
  • uses a chargeable lithium battery
  • the battery lasts for a week with a full charge
  • not supportable only for shipping labels

Best Large Label Maker For Home Use

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

Seems Like Standard Printer
The Primera label maker is, unlike the previous model, a large machine so you need to ensure some space at your desk at home. It seems like a standard printer. It prints the labels with a maximal width of 8 inches on average. The label maker has a grey neutral exterior.

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416

Best Color Printer
The color print makes this model the best home label maker. It’s one of the best color label makers. That means it can print the labels in color which is especially useful for home projects. You can organize your pantry or home office better.

Limited Position Of Printer
Unlike other label makers for home, this color model has USB connectivity with the computer. Since you need to use the cable, the position of the printer is limited. You can send the label templates from the computer to the label maker and print them as with the usual printers.

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416 Review

Single Color Cartridge
The printer includes a single ink cartridge so you can change the cartridge that is empty only. The label printer allows you to create the labels in various vivid colors as well as black and white. The programmable buttons and indicator lights make the usage easy.

Highlighted Points:

  • creates the labels of up to 8 inches of the width
  • includes single cartridge ink
  • USB connection with the computer
  • the large size needs space on the desk
  • prints in vivid colors and monochrome
  • programmable buttons and indicator lights

Best Bluetooth Home Label Maker

Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker

White Small Design
The Brother label maker is also the best label maker for home use since it’s small, simple to use, and makes sticker and organization labels.  The exterior of the label maker is white but you can choose also a blue version in case this color suits your home office design better.

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

Bluetooth Connection With App
This model is practical for use anywhere in the house since you can connect it with your smartphone. Just like all the Bluetooth label makers, this model also includes the mobile app. You can use the app to download the already created templates and save your time.

Over 400 Symbols
The label maker creates the labels with a maximum width of 12 mm which is 0,5 inches approximately. Using the app, you can create your own templates for labels and then print them. You have over 400 different symbols in the offer. You can use also the frames to make your home organization even better.

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker Review

Variety Of Fonts And Scripts
To increase the quality of organization in your home, you can insert the tapes in colors into this label maker. You can use also various fonts and symbols and make your documents in-home library more clear. You can print text in various scripts so it’s multifunctional.

Highlighted Points:

  • connectable with a smartphone via Bluetooth
  • creates the labels with up to 12 mm of the width
  • includes mobile app with more than 400 symbols
  • supports various script texts
  • white or blue small design easy for carrying

Best Handheld Home Label Maker

NiiMbot D11 Label Maker

Standard Smartphone Size
The Niimbot label maker is the smallest model between the models I reviewed in this post. It has the size of a standard smartphone. You can use it with the smartphone using a Bluetooth connection just like the previous model. This one includes the tape you can hold while using the label maker to prevent falling.

Niimbot Label Maker

Excellent Battery Capacity
The battery capacity is one more factor that makes this model the best home label maker. When you charge the battery of this label maker, you can use it for about 3 months without charging. It’s possible to print for about 4 hours in continuity.

Mobile App Available
It’s a wireless model so it comes with a mobile app. You need to download the app and create the templates for labels you will print later. The mobile app enables you to create labels with various symbols, barcodes, text, and so on. You can create various label content.

Niimbot Label Maker review

Lightweight And Portable
This label maker is so small that you can carry it in your pocket. It’s not a big load since its weight is around 0,45 lbs. You can use it in your home to organize the cables, the glasses in your pantry, or documents in your home office, so it has the function of a label maker for professional organizers.

Highlighted Points:

  • connection with the smartphone using the Bluetooth connection
  • ideal for the organization at home
  • about 0,45 lbs of the weight
  • small as a smartphone
  • includes the anti-strike tape
  • the single charge of the battery lasts for 3 mounts
  • 4 hours of continuous run time

Best Clear Label Maker For Home Use

Dymo LabelManager Plug Maker

Connection With PC
This is one more Dymo best label maker for home use. Just like the models I reviewed before, this one is also small. However, you need to use it with a computer. It’s compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems just like most computer label makers. You need a USB cable to connect this printer to the PC.

Dymo LabelManager Plug Maker

Clear Barcodes Printed
You need to create the template on your computer and send it on printing as you use the standard printer. You can print barcodes since it’s a clear label printer. You can choose the tape width. There are three label widths compatible with this label maker machine.

Small Label Dimensions
The label printer includes a small opening so it prints text on small labels. You can print on 6, 9, or 12 mm wide tape. The label maker includes the stand so it’s practical for use at a desk, table, or any straight surface in your home.

Dymo LabelManager Plug Maker Review

Adhesive Nylon Material
With this machine, you can create the labels not only from paper but only from nylon which is practical for curved surfaces. You can use adhesive materials to make stickers ideal for home organization. The label maker prints content that consists of various fonts and styles.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports 3 small label sizes
  • connectable with Windows or Mac PC
  • needs USB cable for connection
  • supports paper or nylon material
  • purposed also for barcodes

Things To Know About Best Home Label Maker

The label makers that are ideal for home use have a few typical specifications. These are small size including the labels, simple operation mechanism, low price on the market, personal use adjusted for each family member, and wide offer on the online market. Let see each specification more precisely.

Small Labels – Various label makers create various labels but the smaller size is their common specifications. The label makers print the sticker labels with an average width of 0,5 inches as well as the standard labels 2-8 inches in width. The labels are usually monochrome.

Easy To Use – The label makers purposed for home use have a simple operating system to be suitable for all family members. The system usually consists of one button or a manual handle in some cases. No electricity use makes the printers practical for young users. Instead of the socket, there is the battery.

Small Price –  Except for color print models, the price of the label makers for home is small. Since it’s purposed for more persons and for various projects, the price under 100 dollars makes home printers profitable for buying. The small size and simple technology are the main influence on the small price.

Personal Use – The characteristic of the best label maker for home use that makes it different from commercial label maker is a personal purpose. That means the labels have normal instead of ultra-high resolution quality. Moreover, the labels are not purposed for receipts or shipping.

Available On Webshops – Since the small simple system label makers are one of the most common models on the market, they are available for buying on webshops such as Amazon, e-Bay, Walmart, Wayfair, and more. Some online stores like Amazon organize the delivery that is included in the price.

Final Verdict

The Dymo Embossing label maker stands out as the best home label maker because it’s manual and practical for use by the whole family including the kids. These best inkjet printers for stickers are also practical for home use, so don’t forget to check this post. It’s useful to check also this post and see if some of the best label makers for crafters meet your personal needs while working at home.

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