Best 6 Bluetooth Laber Maker Printers To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Do you want to buy a Bluetooth label maker and get rid of the cables?

Then this post is just for you because here is all the information you need to know about this type of label maker. Read the best model list, then their detailed descriptions, and finally, the guide with useful info.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Bluetooth Label Maker
DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker PicksDymo Mobilelabeler Label Maker
With this Dymo label maker, you can make thin and long labels sent from any smartphone with a Bluetooth option.
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Best Android Bluetooth Label Printer
Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker PicksBrother P-Touch PTP300BT Maker
The Brother printer is an ideal choice for Android users to make organizing labels created on smartphones.
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Best Barcode Bluetooth Label Maker
NYEAR NP58-WB Desktop Thermal Printer picksNyear NP58-WB Label Printer
Purposed primarily for receipts, this machine is the best option for every store since it supports various kinds of connectivity.
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Best Portable Bluetooth Label Printer
PUQU Label Printer PicksPUQU Label Printer
Not only Bluetooth connection but the compact design also makes this label maker practical for use at any place.
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Best Shipping Label Bluetooth Label Maker
GeceNinov Label Printer Bluetooth PicksGeceNinov Portable Label Maker
The speed in accordance with the shipping label size influences the great performance of this label maker.
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Best Sticker Bluetooth Label Maker
Phomemo-M110 Label Maker PicksPhomemo M110 Label Printer
It’s battery-powered and compact so you can carry and use this label printer to make stickers for office or home purposes.
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Best 6 Bluetooth Label Maker Printers

Best Of Best Bluetooth Label Maker

Dymo Mobilelabeler Label Maker

Different Cube Design
This Dymo Bluetooth label printer has a specific shape. It has a cube design and doesn’t seem like the classic label maker. There is a small inject where small sticker labels get out. The machine comes in silver color. The package includes the printer and tape rolls come optionally.

DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker

Dymo Mobile App
The label maker has a Bluetooth connectivity option that you can use for Android or iPhone. All the smartphones with the Bluetooth option are compatible with this machine. You can download the Dymo mobile app and use it on both Android and iPhone. The app provides you with the label templates.

Text Converter And More
Using the app is the best way to create quality labels because the app offers options such as spell check, voice to text converter, and more. You can use Google and Apple font libraries. The label maker prints monochrome text but you can use tapes in various colors.

DYMO MobileLabeler Label Maker Review

Chargeable Label Maker
The tape you use can be from 0,4 to 1 inch wide and up to 10 feet long. The Bluetooth label maker works on chargeable lithium batteries. It allows you to carry the printer anywhere. You will get the AC adapter and USB cable for charging.

Highlighted Points:

  • the cube-like silver external design
  • crates thin labels with 0,4-1 inch width
  • the 10 ft long tape, AC adapter, and USB cable included
  • mobile app with plenty of customization tools
  • Bluetooth connection with Android and iOS
  • works on the rechargeable battery

Best Android Bluetooth Label Printer

Brother P-Touch Cube PTP300BT Maker

Cube White/Blue Design
This Brother cube Bluetooth label maker is similar to the previous model for the shape. This model is also cube-shaped and comes in white color. You can purchase it also in blue color. You can use it to make small labels that you create in a mobile app.

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker

Wireless Network Or Bluetooth
It’s a Bluetooth label printer Android as well as iPhone compatible. You can use also tablets with this printer model and connect them with a wireless network instead of Bluetooth. The smartphones are connectable via Bluetooth. You can install the mobile app and use a wide specter of label templates.

Over A Hundred Templates
You can create labels with 450 systems and more than 60 frames. Connected with the label printer, you need to send the created labels to it and print the labels with a width of up to 0,4 inches. The press is monochrome while you can use the tapes in vivid colors.

Brother P-Touch Cube Smartphone Label Maker Review

Takes Small Space
These thin labels are practical to signify the ware or documents in the office. This function makes them similar to the label makers for professional organizers. The label maker has a small design so you can place it in an office of any size. The machine doesn’t take a lot of space on the desk.

Highlighted Points:

  • compatible with Android and iPhone
  • connects also with tables via a wireless network
  • up to 1 inch of the label width
  • print app with templates available for download
  • monochrome print on colored tapes

Best Barcode Bluetooth Label Maker

Nyear NP58-WB Label Printer

Bluetooth And USB
The Nyear label printer is a multifunctional machine when it comes to connectivity with devices. That means you can connect the label printer with a PC using the USB cable and with the smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The printer is compatible with Android and iOS.

NYEAR NP58-WB Desktop Thermal Printer

Monochrome Receipt Print
This is a Bluetooth thermal label printer just like the color thermal label makers but this one doesn’t make the colored press. This Bluetooth label printer is monochrome which makes it ideal for barcodes. You can use it in the store to print receipts. You can connect it with the computer in three ways.

Long-Distance Connection
The wireless network, Bluetooth, and USB connections are available. The printer and other devices can be connected at a distance of up to 40 meters. If you use a mobile phone, you can use Nyearlabel software to edit and print various labels. The app is available for both smartphone systems and it’s easy to use.

NYEAR NP58-WB Desktop Thermal Printer review

Receipt Roll Paper
You can use 30×40 label paper to print receipts, medical labels, supermarket labels, and more. You will get the rolling label paper and rolling receipt paper in the Bluetooth label maker package. The USB cable and US standard adapter are also included in the package. You will get the instructions that will make the first use easier.

Highlighted Points:

  • Bluetooth, wireless, and USB connections
  • the machine uses the thermal printing method
  • compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Bluetooth connectivity on up to 40-meter distance
  • optimal for 40×30 rolling receipt paper
  • USB cable and adapter included

Best Portable Bluetooth Label Printer

PUQU Label Printer

Small And Cute
The PUQU Bluetooth label printer is a small machine that suits an average hand. The printer comes in an attractive blue color and small size which makes it one of the cute label makers. You can choose also the white color model. Both versions are Bluetooth connectable.

PUQU Label Printer

Battery-Powered Machine
Since its input is small, the label maker prints the labels of 2-3 inch width. This size is ideal for receipts, addresses, cables, jewelry, and more labels except for shipping labels. The Bluetooth label maker uses the battery. You can charge it and use it limitlessly.

Character And Picture
You can connect the label maker with Android or an iOS mobile phone. This label printer uses a thermal print head to make high-resolution labels. The label content can be characters or pictures. You can make various labels with a printing speed is up to 35 mm per second.

PUQU Label Printer review

Black And White Press
This Bluetooth thermal label printer can print also one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes. Just like most label makers, this one is also monochrome so you can get the labels in black and white. You can use the appropriate mobile app to get the label templates and to create the labels.

Highlighted Points:

  • makes 2-3 inches wide labels
  • small and portable design
  • the maximal speed is 35 mm per second
  • prints character and picture labels
  • Bluetooth connection with Android and iPhone
  • ideal for one and two-dimensional barcodes

Best Shipping Label Bluetooth Label Maker

GeceNinov Portable Label Maker

Small But Multifunctional
This model has a small size but big enough to make shipping labels as well as jewelry labels, clothing labels, and more. The small size is practical because you can relocate the machine easily according to your business needs. The Bluetooth connection makes the machine portable.

GeceNinov Label Printer Bluetooth

Strong Bluetooth Connection
The Bluetooth label printer is in the group of under 100 dollar printers so it’s the cheap shipping label maker. Considering the affordable price and a lot of functions, this Bluetooth shipping label printer is a good investment. It offers Bluetooth 4.0. strong connection with smartphones and computers. You can use the computers with Windows 7-10 systems.

Fast Thermal Printing
The printing speed is from 20 to 45 mm per second. Considering the maximal label width of 20-50 mm, the print speed allows you to make labels for a short time. Since it’s a Bluetooth thermal label printer, you don’t need to use ink. The printer works on the battery.

GeceNinov Label Printer Bluetooth review

Up To 5 Hours
The battery this printer use is lithium which means you can charge it and you again instead of replacing it. With the battery, the Bluetooth label maker can work for up to 5 hours in the continuity. The charging time is 2,5 hours if the battery is completely empty.

Highlighted Points:

  • connectable with mobile phone and computer
  • Android, iOS, and Windows 7,8,10
  • includes the lithium chargeable battery
  • continuous working time is 5 hours
  • 20-50 mm print width supported
  • works with the speed of 20-45 mm per second

Best Sticker Bluetooth Label Printer

Phomemo M110 Label Printer

Compact And Portable
The Phememo is one more portable label printer model. It has a small size and black design. You can replace the black version with an orange or white color model. You can hold it in your hand and carry it anywhere. It’s ideal for business trips or working in many offices.

Phomemo-M110 Label Maker

Various Label Templates
You can relocate this small machine from the office or store to home and more places. It’s simple to use as well which makes it the best label maker for home use. You can use this model to make address, cable, barcode, and sticker labels. The supported label width is 20-50 mm for this Bluetooth label maker.

Black Press On Colored Tape
You can use this Bluetooth sticker printer to make multicolor stickers. To make a sticker in color, you need to use colored tape while the press is black only. The labels you print can include text, image, barcode, and other content. You can connect the label maker with Android and iOS systems.

Phomemo-M110 Label Maker Review

24 Hours In Continuity
The Phomemo mobile app is available for download. Just like all the Bluetooth label printers, this model also works on batteries. You can use it for 24 hours in the continuity. The 1500mAh battery is built-in. It’s changeable so you can use one battery for a long time.

Highlighted Points:

  • Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android
  • made for stickers, address labels, barcodes, and more
  • prints the labels with the width of 20-50 mm
  • battery-powered and chargeable machine
  • lightweight and portable design

Things To Know About Bluetooth Label Maker

The Bluetooth connection has an influence on the portability of the label maker. The Bluetooth label prinsters are compatible primarily with smartphones, unlike most standard label printers. Moreover, the label makers with Bluetooth works with mobile apps. The printer prices are smaller than the average label printer price and they are available for buying online.

Wireless Connection – The Bluetooth connection is a kind of wireless connection between the printer and smartphone or, in some cases, a computer so the cables are not needed. Usually, the Android and iPhone are supported smartphone systems while Windows is supported PC operating system.

Mobile App Available – Since the printers use Bluetooth to connect with smartphones, each model comes with an available mobile app. It includes the label templates ready for printing. The mobile app is usually free. Each app is unique and offers different functions in accordance with each label printer functions.

Portable Models – The wireless Bluetooth connectivity is the main factor that makes the label printer portable. The distance range between the printer and mobile phone is usually up to 50 meters. There is also the size factor. Some models have a hand size and some are about 4 inches wide.

Under 100 Dollars – The Bluetooth label makers usually cost up to 100 dollars. This price range makes these models cheap in comparison with standard label makers with an average size of 300 dollars. The small size is the main reason for the small price of this label maker type.

Online Shop Offer – The label makers with Bluetooth connection with the price under 100 dollars are available in online stores. The most common webshops that offer Bluetooth printer for labels are Amazon, Wayfair, e-Bay, Alibaba, and more. Amazon has the widest offer of label makers as well as free shipping.

Final Verdict

The Dymo MobileLabeler label printer stands out as the best Bluetooth label maker for small labels. To see more printers made for small formats, read this post about the best label printer for small businesses. To compare the wireless printers with USB connectable models, see the list of the best computer label makers.

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