Best 20 Office Desk Lamps & Lighting For Ceiling And Floor

Do you want to equip your office with adequate light?

Then this review is for you!

Here you can find a list of various top-rated office lamps equipped with great illumination, quality constructions and useful features. Choose between floor lamps, desk lamps, overhead light, light bars and many other models. Do

Our Top Picks

Xiaomi Desk Lamp picksXiaomi Smart Desk Lamp
Smart desk lamp features a flexible and modern design and it works with a voice assistant for easy control.
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OKES Modern Ceiling Light, 78W picksOKES Modern Ceiling Light
Geometrical rectangle LED home office light blends perfectly contemporary and modern home office interiors.
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ELINKUME 23W LED Pendant Light picksElinkume 23W LED Light
Elegant and eye-catching chandelier ceiling light will add a touch of modernity to any office interior.
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fierce tiger Modern Simple Design Pendant Lights picksFierce Tiger Ceiling Light
This modern and stylish LED ceiling chandelier is ideal for offices, reception and meeting rooms.
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BZBRLZ Metal LED Desk Lamp PicksBZBRLZ Adjustable Desk Lamp
Adjustable LED desk lamp comes with flexible swing arms and built-in LED beads that emit flicker-free light.
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Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum pciksVerilux SmartLight Lamp
This white flexible gooseneck floor lamp emits flicker-free, non-glare and UV-free Illumination to your office.
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OYEARS Modern Desk Lamp for Reading LED picksOyears Modern Gold Desk Lamp
The sophisticated and unique desk lamp features a matte black finish combined with golden shade and base.
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MLAMBERT Green Glass Banker’s Lamp with 2 Fast USB PICKSMlambert Green Glass Desk Lamp
Attractive and inspired by popular banker’s lamp, this lamp combines modern and vintage elements.
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Beyoxfath LED Amber Lamp PicksBeyoxfath LED Clip Desk Lamp
The clip-on desk lamp features a flexible gooseneck and adjustable lampshade that emits a warm light.
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ROYAL PEARL Modern Linear LED Chandelier picksRoyal Pearl Modern Light
Minimalist silver pendant ceiling light features high-quality design, integrated LED and simple installation process.
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SUSUO Lighting Long Swing-Arm Wall Lamp pciskSusuo Long Swing-arm Lamp
A simple wall-mounted lamp comes equipped with flexible joints allowing you to direct the light where needed.
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Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp - Tall picksKenley Natural Floor Lamp
A tall, simple-designed floor lamp offers high color temperature and emits full-spectrum illumination.
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Baseus LED Desk Lamp picskBaseus LED Desk Lamp
Elegant, sleek and space-saving desk lamp comes equipped with 32 full-spectrum LEDs that emit bright light.
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CO-Z Rustic Desk Lamp Black Adjustable, Industrial picksCo-Z Rustic Desk Lamp
Elegant vintage industrial desk lamp features adjustable shade and height for the best reading experience.
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kary LED Desk Lamp, 24W Architect Desk Lamp with picksKary LED Desk Lamp
Ideal for small office desks, this clamp lamp features an ultra-wide light panel that lights up an entire desk.
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BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp picksBenQ eReading Desk Lamp
This is the world’s first desk lamp designed for e-reading that provides even and flicker-free illumination.
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amazlit Desk Lamp with Clamp tiny lamp picksAmazLit Adjustable Desk Lamp
The sleek black desk lamp has three flexible joints and a long LED panel that provides perfect task lighting.
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Ledu L9014 Fluorescent desk lamp with folding picksLedu L9014 Desk lamp
A modern black desk lamp comes with an integrated 13W fluorescent tube that emits eye-friendly light.
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Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp picksNeatfi Dimmable Desk Lamp
A super bright desk lamp with a wide LED panel emits adequate illumination for a large office desk.
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quntis Computer Monitor Light, Screen Light Bar with No Glare for iMac picksQuntis Adjustable Light Bar
Great eReading lamp equipped with 84 pcs LEDs and dimmable modes for perfect lighting environment.
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Best 20 Office Desk Lamps


Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp

Minimalist Design
Xiaomi is a modern white desk lamp with a minimalist design. It fits modern and contemporary offices. The package includes the lamp itself and a quick start guide. This lamp consists of two metal rods, one is fixed to the stand while the other is adjustable. It is easy to rotate the LED panel from the upright position to an obtuse angle.

Xiaomi Desk Lamp revew

Voice Control
The stand is round and fits on any surface and there is one knob for control. Press the knob for turning the lamp on/off, rotate the knob to adjust brightness, press and rotate for color adjustment. This smart desk lamp is compatible with Google/Home Assistant. Just download the app on your iOS or Android.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern white desk lamp
  • adjustable design
  • long LED panel
  • a single knob for all settings
  • works with Google Assistant
  • many lighting modes


OKES Modern Ceiling Light

Modern Design
This ceiling light has an attractive design that suits any modern and contemporary home office interior. Choose between two colors – black and white. The overall lamp dimensions are 3” x 19.7” x 35.4”. Okes is a home office ceiling lighting that is made from quality materials, such as aluminum, wrought iron and silicone cover.

OKES Modern Ceiling Light, 78W

LED Light Source
Its rectangle geometrical shape is suitable for both commercial and residential use. Okes uses energy-efficient LED light that saves energy and lasts much longer than traditional lights. This ceiling lighting is recommended for 10-20㎡ rooms. When it arrives, you need to assemble it by following instructions.

Highlighted Points:

  • available in two colors
  • suitable for commercial and residential use
  • energy-efficient LED light
  • rectangle geometrical shape
  • recommended for 10-20㎡ rooms
  • requires assembly


Elinkume 23W LED Light

Chandelier Light
Elinkume is a modern eye-catching chandelier ceiling light that complements contemporary and stylish offices. Its overall width is 11 inches and the cord is 39 inches long, meaning, you can adjust the length depending on your needs. This sturdy light is made from chromed steel and acrylic.

ELINKUME 23W LED Pendant Light revieww

Adjustable Light Bars
The manufacturer recommends this light for 10-20㎡ sized offices. It is easy to install it, but you check buying guide and follow the instruction. Its shade is adjustable, you can adjust these four light bars in many positions. LED provides soft natural illumination. This over desk lighting offers a color temperature of 4000-4500K.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern eye-catching chandelier
  • complements contemporary interior
  • made from chromed steel and acrylic
  • for 10-20㎡sized offices
  • soft natural illumination


Fierce Tiger Ceiling Light

Stylish Design
Fierce Tiger is an attractive and stylish ceiling chandelier. It has a timeless, classic and elegant design. This is a perfect light for office, home office, reception, restaurant, etc. The box includes ceiling light and instruction, but the manufacturer recommends professional installation.

ROYAL PEARL Modern Linear LED Chandelier

High Color Temperature
The construction is made from wrought iron, aluminum and acrylic. Fierce Tiger hanging light for office is recommended for 10 to 25 sized rooms. Delivering white light with a color temperature of 6500K ensures adequate light suitable for working and studying.

Highlighted Points:

  • attractive and stylish ceiling chandelier
  • professional installation needed
  • made from wrought iron, aluminum and acrylic
  • recommended for 10 to 25 rooms
  • the color temperature of 6500K


BZBRLZ Adjustable Desk Lamp

UL-listed Lamp
BZBRLZ is a sturdy and durable desk lamp made from metal. It is UL listed and comes with an AC power adapter and a user manual. It features an extra-wide clamp with silicone pads that supports up to 2.1 inches tabletops and holds the lamp firmly in a place. LED emits flicker-free and non-glare illumination.

BZBRLZ Metal LED Desk Lamp

Memory Function
This adjustable LED desk lamp for the office offers three color modes and several brightness levels to allow you to achieve optimal illumination. The 180° adjustable metal arm can be extended to 29-inch. Set the light closer or farther away from you. The memory function will remember your last used mode.

Highlighted Points:

  • sturdy and durable desk lamp
  • UL listed lamp
  • extra-wide clamp with silicone pads
  • offers three color modes
  • adjustable metal arm
  • memory function


Verilux SmartLight Lamp

Flexible Gooseneck
Verilux is a sleek floor lamp that fits seamlessly in any room thanks to its simple and thin design. It features a flexible gooseneck that you can move in any direction and allow you to direct the light where you need it. It is 64 inches high and weighs 11 pounds.

Verilux SmartLight Floor Lamp

UV-free Light
This floor reading lamp for the office mimics natural daylight that emits flicker-free illumination. It is equipped with an Optix lens that reduces glaring. Customize the lighting completely by choosing between five light modes and three color temperatures. Verilux emits full-spectrum, UV-free light proven by many certifications.

Highlighted Points:

  • simple and thin design
  • flexible gooseneck
  • mimics natural daylight
  • equipped with an Optix lens
  • five light modes
  • full-spectrum, UV-free light


Oyears Modern Gold Desk Lamp

Sophisticated Design
Oyears desk lamp has a unique, simple and sophisticated appearance. There is a modern matte black finish combined with a luxurious golden lampshade and base. It looks impressive. Also, this lamp is highly adjustable allowing you to rotate the lampshade to desired lighting angle.

OYEARS Modern Desk Lamp for Reading LED review

UL-listed Parts
This modern LED desk lamp for office is great working and reading light as well as a bedside or living room table lamp. The lamp construction is made from metal that makes the lamp durable and sturdy. The power cord and plug are UL-listed and safe for use. A long-lasting LED bulb comes with a lamp.

Highlighted Points:

  • unique, simple and sophisticated design
  • modern matte black finish
  • luxurious golden lampshade and base
  • highly adjustable lamp
  • metal construction
  • power cord and plug are UL-listed


Mlambert Green Glass Desk Lamp

Inspired By Banker’s Lamp
Mlambert desk lamp combines vintage and modern elements. This office green lawyer lamp is inspired by a popular banker’s lamp design. The lamp height is 14 inches, the lampshade is 10 inches wide and the base diameter is 6.3 inches. A 6W LED light bulb is included in the package.

MLAMBERT Green Glass Banker’s Lamp with 2 Fast USB REVIEW

USB Charging Port
It features sturdy metal construction with a satin brass finish. The lampshade is made from quality green glass that brings an elegant and sophisticated touch to your room. Also, there is a built-in fast charging USB port for your smartphone, tablet, ebook reader. The touch-sensitive base allows you to change the brightness with ease.

Highlighted Points:

  • inspired by a popular banker’s lamp design
  • 6W LED light bulb is included
  • sturdy metal construction
  • satin brass finish
  • the quality green glass shade
  • built-in fast-charging USB port


Beyoxfath LED Clip Desk Lamp

Clip-on Lamp
Beyoxfath si a LED clip-on lamp which is one of the office best desk lamps for eyes health. Its construction is made from metal and features a flexible gooseneck and adjustable lampshade. Due to having a clamp instead of the base, it can be fixed to a desk, table, shelf, cabinet, headboard, etc.

Beyoxfath LED Amber Lamp Review

Three Color Modes
It features three color temperature modes – warm amber, daylight and white. Each color has ten brightness levels, so you can really customize your lighting environment. Its frosted lampshade creates a soft and warm light. Adjustable gooseneck allows you to direct the light where you need it.

Highlighted Points:

  • clip-on desk lamp
  • metal construction
  • flexible gooseneck
  • three color temperature modes
  • ten brightness levels


Royal Pearl Modern Light

Adjustable Length
Royal Pearl is a modern, yet minimalist liner ceiling light available in neutral silver color. A 1-year warranty is covered by the manufacturer. There are four wires with a maximum length of 53.1 inches and the minimum length is 19.7 inches. Adjust the length by adapting strings of the ring via cable locking pins.

ROYAL PEARL Modern Linear LED Chandelier

Heat Resistant
It is made of aluminum, silicone and finished with a powder coat. This office pendant lighting is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and scratches. Integrated LED has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Royal Pearl emits a cool white light of 6000K. Also, it features high color rendering index.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern and minimalist design
  • neutral silver color
  • backed by a 1-year warranty
  • four adjustable wires
  • made of aluminum and silicone
  • energy-efficient LED
  • the cool white light of 6000K


Susuo Long Swing-arm Lamp

Aluminum Lamp
Susuo lamp is available in black and silver colors. It has a simple design that suits any home office or office interior. This is a lightweight office lamp made from quality aluminum. Installation is simple, but the manufacturer recommends professional installation to avoid damage.

SUSUO Lighting Long Swing-Arm Wall Lamp review

Flexible Joints
This plugin-operated wall-mounted lamp is compatible with various light bulbs. That includes LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs. Susuo features adjustable joints, so the swing arm can be retracted or extended away from the wall. Plus, the shade can be angled up and down easily.

Highlighted Points:

  • available in black and silver colors
  • made from quality aluminum
  • plugin-operated wall lamp
  • compatible with various light bulbs
  • features adjustable joints
  • adjustable shade position


Kenley Natural Floor Lamp

Three Colors Available
Kenley is a tall, simple floor light designed to suit any office interior. Choose between grey, dark wood and black color. It is a lightweight and portable item that is 63” tall. The base is sturdy and stable, so won’t fall easily. The power cord is 69” long, so you can place it anywhere.

Kenley Natural Daylight Floor Lamp

High Color Temperature
This office lamp natural light model delivers a full spectrum light with a high color temperature of 6400K. You will clearly see details and accurate colors. Kenley is suitable for reading, working and crafting. It’s perfect for graphic designers, architects, artists,… Its flexible gooseneck ensures multi-angle adjustment.

Highlighted Points:

  • tall floor light
  • three colors adjustable
  • sturdy and stable base
  • full-spectrum light
  • color temperature of 6400K
  • flexible gooseneck


Baseus LED Desk Lamp

Sleek & Modern Design
If you looking for an elegant and stunning desk lamp, consider Baseus full-spectrum desk lamp for your office. This sleek and space-saving desk lamp is available in grey and white colors. It is a high-quality desk lamp made from aluminum alloy which is great heat dissipation material.

Baseus LED Desk Lamp, Auto-Dimming

Rechargeable Battery
Built-in 2200 mAh battery is rechargeable and the charging time is about three hours. When fully charged, it is capable to run for up to 13 hours. Baseus is equipped with 32 full-spectrum LEDs. It emits flicker-free light that is similar to natural daylight. The ambient light sensor regulates the brightness automatically.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant and stunning desk lamp
  • available in two colors
  • made from aluminum alloy
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 32 full-spectrum LEDs
  • ambient light sensor


Co-Z Rustic Desk Lamp

Outstanding Quality
This is a very attractive desk lamp inspired by rustic, vintage and industrial styles. Co-Z measures 29” in height, the lamp base is 1.5” high and the shade measures 5” x 8”. It is covered with a 1-year warranty. This vintage industrial desk lamp for the office features outstanding quality and safety proven by many certificates.

CO-Z Rustic Desk Lamp Black Adjustable, Industrial

Adjustable Lamp Head
It is compatible with LED and CFL light bulbs. Co-Z is made from durable metal with a slightly distressed and aged bronze finish with gold highlights. Its height is adjustable, extend it from 25 to 29 inches. An adjustable lamp head allows you to move the shade up and down. The on/off switch is located on the lamp head.

Highlighted Points:

  • inspired by rustic, vintage and industrial styles
  • covered with a 1-year warranty
  • outstanding quality and safety
  • compatible with LED and CFL light bulbs
  • metal construction
  • adjustable lamp head


Kary LED Desk Lamp

Ultra-wide Light Bar
Kary is an ultra-wide architect desk lamp with a clamp design. It features a space-saving design, making it ideal for small office desks. The light bar is 31.5” wide and it illuminates a large working area. The box includes a lamp with clamp, power adapter, user manual and 18-month warranty.

kary LED Desk Lamp, 24W Architect Desk Lamp with review (1)

Flexible Height
It features flexible height and adjustable gooseneck, meaning you can adjust the lamp according to your monitor setup, desk height and current task. Its metal clamp supports desktop thickness of up to 2.99”. This overhead desk lamp offers five color modes combined with five brightness levels.

Highlighted Points:

  • ultra-wide architect desk lamp
  • space-saving clamp design
  • illuminates a large working area
  • flexible height and adjustable gooseneck
  • offers five color modes
  • five brightness levels


BenQ eReading Desk Lamp

Heat-dissipation Material
BenQ is a very specific lamp, this is the world’s first desk lamp for e-reading. Choose between silver, gold and blue colors. The lamp construction is made from aluminum alloy and this material efficiently dissipates the heat produces by LED beads. This cool office lamp has a long LED panel that ensures wide illumination.

BenQ Blue Genie LED Desk Eye-Caring

Ambient Light Sensor
The flexible ball joints allow you to adjust the lamp at many angles. Flicker-free LED beads emit even lighting, which is safe for your eyes. BenQ is equipped with smart technology that detects ambient lighting and automatically adjusts the optimal light. Move the rotary knob and change the color temperature and brightness.

Highlighted Points:

  • world’s first desk lamp for e-reading
  • made from aluminum alloy
  • available in three colors
  • attractive design
  • flexible ball joints
  • ambient light sensor


AmazLit Adjustable Desk Lamp

Strong Metal Clamp
AmazLit is a modern space-saving LED desk lamp that is available in black color, so it suits any home office or office interior. It features a strong metal clamp equipped with silicone pads. It supports up to 2.1” desk thickness. This clamp won’t scratch your desk and it holds the lamp firmly.

AMAZLIT Desk Lamp with Clamp, Eye-Care

Aluminum Alloy Construction
The box includes an office modern task lamp, UL-listed power adapter and user manual. Its construction is made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and finished in matte black. Three flexible joints allow you to adjust the lamp in many positions. Adjust the color temperature easily and set the auto-delay off if needed.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern space-saving desk lamp
  • strong metal clamp
  • UL-listed power adapter
  • aviation-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • three flexible joints
  • adjustable color temperature


Ledu L9014 Desk Lamp

UL-listed Lamp
Ledu is a modern and attractive desk lamp that won’t take up much space on your office or home office desk. The base is stable and won’t tip over easily. It is ideal for small desks, tables, console tables, etc. A rocker on/off switch is placed on the power cord. It is a UL-listed lamp that meets safety standards.

Ledu L9014 Fluorescent desk lamp with folding review

13W Fluorescent Tube
The fluorescent desk lamp has an adjustable arm, you can easily change the lamp position and height. The light panel is long enough and emits a good reading light. The 13W fluorescent tube is integrated into the lamp. Ledu features a foldable design, allowing you to bend the lamp and have more space on your desk.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern and attractive desk lamp
  • ideal for small desks and tables
  • adjustable arm
  • 13W fluorescent tube is integrated
  • foldable design


Neatfi Dimmable Desk Lamp

Super Bright Lamp
Neatfi is a super bright office lamp that provides even dispersion of light over large areas. It doesn’t get hot even if you use it all day long. High-quality built-in LED beads use less power than traditional light bulbs. This lamp is one of the brightest desk lamps currently available in the market.

Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp review

Wide Light Panel
Featuring a strong clamp, this bright desk lamp can be easily fixed on your desk or table. The clamp won’t damage your furniture. Neatfi offers a color temperature of 5600K to 6000K and a high color rendering index. It is fully adjustable with a wide light panel of 20 inches.

Highlighted Points:

  • even dispersion of light
  • high-quality built-in LED beads
  • strong and durable clamp
  • high color temperature
  • high color rendering index
  • wide light panel of 20 inches


Quntis Adjustable Light Bar

No Flickering
Quntis is a space-saving clamp lamp that emits a perfect amount of light for your desk and keyboard. It delivers soft light without flickering and glaring. It keeps your eyes healthy by reducing eye fatigue caused by long hours in front of the screen. Quntis is equipped with 84 pcs LEDs.

Quntis e-Reading LED Monitor Light Bar with No review

Dimmable Modes
Choose between three dimming modes and ten brightness levels and custom your perfect lighting environment. The clip design will keep the lamp stable and save your valuable desk space. This is one of the best lamps for computer work in the office compatible with any monitor with a thickness of 0.4” to 1.2”.

Highlighted Points:

  • space-saving clamp lamp
  • soft, flicker-free light
  • reduces eye fatigue
  • equipped with 84 pcs LEDs
  • three dimming modes
  • ten brightness levels

Things To Know About Office Desk Lamps

Finding the best office lighting isn’t an easy task. The market is full of various models with great characteristics. To help you, we made this buying guide with all the important info you need to know before purchasing.

Floor Lamp – Floor lamps can easily replace or complement most overhead lighting, and they can help create cozy and adequate lighting for your office. There are many various styles available in the market – from modern torchieres to arc lamps and flexible gooseneck floor lamps. Avoid lamps with shades, they won’t provide bright light.

Overhead Lamp/Light – This lamp type can be divided into two categories – overhead desk lamps and ceiling lighting. Overhead desk lamps usually have a clamp design and swing-arm which help you to adjust various light angles. The ceiling light shouldn’t be the only light source in your office, it helps you to create a soothing environment.

Desk Lamp – Also, desk lamps are available in different designs and styles. So, there are clamp lamps, adjustable LED desk lamps, light bars and more. Before buying, consider a desk size, the general rule is  – the bigger the desk, the taller the lamp. For office use, buy a lamp with a flexible design.

Adjustable Lamps – Office lamps with adjustable arms (swing arms) or gooseneck design allow you to move the light source closer or farther away depending on your tasks and workspace. They allow you to rotate and maneuver the lamp in various positions.

Amount And Intensity Of Light – The best desk lamp for productivity, studying, reading, working or crafting should be one that offers enough light without causing eye strain and eye fatigue. The light should be powerful, but not focused directly on you.

Final Verdict

All of these office lamp models have quality construction and great specifications, so choose the lamp/light that will meet all your needs. If you want to learn more about quality desk lamps read the reviews on the best task lamps and the best studying lights. Also, if you want to check our top-rated desk lamps, read the linked post.

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