Best 6 Green Lawyer Lamps Ideal For Any Style Office & Home

On the search for an elegant green lamp that offers both good illumination and eye-catching design?

If so, then keep reading this article on green lawyer lamps!

Here is the list of the best-rated lamps currently available in the market, so check it and pick the model with the shape, features, design you like the most. The various models are offered and divided into six categories to be easier to find the best one.

Our Top Picks

BEST OF BEST GREEN LAWYER LAMP picksAsoko Traditional Desk Lamp
Classic vintage bankers lamp with A-grade green glass will light up the interior and bring the antique style.
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UL-listed lamp inspired by vintage banker’s lamps, but compatible with LED bulbs that last much longer.
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BEST MODERN GREEN LAWYER LAMP picksMlambert Touch Control Table Lamp
Vintage-inspired table lamp is equipped with few modern features such as two USB ports and a touch-sensitive base.
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BEST BRASS GREEN LAWYER LAMP picksCatalina Traditional Table Lamp
Stylish lamp with a brass plated finish and adjustable green glass lampshade, covered with a 1-year warranty.
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BEST READING GREEN LAWYER LAMP picksLightaccent Polished Table Lamp
Solid and stable desk lamp with adjustable thick green glass shade, perfect for reading or relaxing.
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BEST LED GREEN LAWYER LAMP picksBarton Bankers Lamp
Made from metal, alloy steel and glass, this elegant LED lamp adds a touch of traditional style to any interior.
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Best 6 Green Lawyer Lamps


Asoko Traditional Desk Lamp

Stable Lamp
Asoko is a traditional bankers lamp that adds elegance and sophisticated touch in any office or home. It is 15.2 inches tall, the lampshade width is 10 inches and the base diameter is 6.7 inches. Asoko weighs 5.1 pounds and stays stable on the desk.


Widely Used Item
It can be used for the living room, bedroom, study room, home office, office and many other places. Asoko green lawyer lamp is compatible with LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs. The maximum wattage you can use is 60W. Buy standard E26 base bulb.

A-grade Glass
Asoko vintage reading lamp uses A-grade glass, it features a nice and smooth surface with minimal flaws. That handmade glass has fewer bubbles. The lamp base is made of nice and elegant brass, it is heavy and stable. It won’t tilt.

asoko Traditional Bankers Lamp, Brass Base

Well-packaged Lamp
This lamp arrives well packaged, but if the lampshade comes broken, contact customer service, they will replace it. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty. The lampshade is rotatable, so adjust the perfect lighting angle for your different tasks.

Highlighted Points:

  • handmade A-grade green glass
  • nice and quality brass base
  • compatible with halogen, LED and incandescent bulbs
  • covered with a 1-year warranty
  • maximum wattage – 60W
  • rotatable lampshade


Newrays Bankers Table Lamp

UL-listed Lamp
Newrays is a pricey desk lamp with an overall height of 14.1 inches, the lampshade diameter is 10.4 inches and the base diameter is 7 inches. It is a bit bigger than other bankers-like lamps. This is a UL-listed lamp, meaning it passes many strict tests, so it is safe for use.


60W Bulb
This antique bankers lamp requires an E26 base bulb with a maximum wattage of 60W. It is compatible with incandescent and LED bulbs. The package doesn’t contain a bulb. If you use a color-changing LED Edison bulb, this fixture is dimmable.

Adjustable Angle
When the green lawyer lamp arrives at your address, you need to install it, so follow the included instruction. When installed, you can adjust the lampshade and maximize the lighting potentials by adjusting the angle. That is very practical.

Newrays Green Glass Bankers

Easy To Use
Turn the lamp on or off by pulling the classic pull chain switch. You don’t have to look for a switch on the power cord, this is a more convenient way. Use this lamp in your living room, guest room, studio, home office, office or dining room.

Highlighted Points:

  • pricey table lamp
  • requires E26 base bulbs
  • compatible with LED, incandescent, halogen and CFL
  • convenient pull chain switch
  • maximum wattage – 60W
  • UL-listed lamp


Mlambert Touch Control Table Lamp

Included LED Bulb
Mlamber is a mix of modern and vintage styles. It is 14 inches tall, the lampshade is 10 inches wide and the base diameter is 6.3 inches. Mlambert requires 110v-130v outlets and its power cord is 5 feet long. A single 6W LED bulb is included in the package


Metal Construction
It features all-metal construction with a satin brass finish. The lampshade is made from green glass that provides an elegant and sophisticated look into your home or office. The green lawyer lamp fits almost any type of office desk, table, end table or nightstand.

USB Port
Even if this modern banker’s lamp has a retro design, there are some modern features. The built-in two 5V/2.1A USB ports will charge your mobile phone, tablet, e-reader and other small electronic devices. Also, there is a touch-sensitive base, not a classic pull chain switch.

Green Glass Banker’s Lamp with 2

3 Levels Of Brightness
Just tap anywhere on the lamp base and change the brightness. There are three levels of brightness – low, medium and high that suit your different lighting needs. The light is muted by green shade, so Mlambert reduces eye strain and eye fatigue.

Highlighted Points:

  • vintage-inspired table lamp
  • 6W LED bulb is included in the package
  • all-metal construction with satin brass finish
  • built-in two USB ports
  • touch-sensitive lamp base
  • three brightness levels


Catalina Traditional Table Lamp

Clear Power Cord
Catalina lamp is inspired by vintage and retro design, its price is affordable. It is 13.5 inches high and 10.2 inches wide. The shade dimensions are 8.7 x 3 inches. It comes with a transparent 60-inch power cord. Follow the instruction and assemble it quickly.


Smart Outlets
The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for this green lawyer lamp. Catalina lamp is compatible with smart outlets or smart switches. Connect it with Alexa or other smart home devices. This brass bankers lamp is designed for indoor use only.

Tested Lamp
It is tested and meets many safety and quality standards. Catalina uses type A 60-watt incandescent or LED bulbs. None of these bulbs aren’t included in the package, you need to buy the bulb separately. When turning the lamp on, it creates a cozy atmosphere.

Catalina Lighting 17466-017 Traditiona

Adjustable Shade
There is a brass plated finish with an elegant green glass shade. Its lampshade is adjustable, direct the light where needed while reading, crafting or working. Use the pull chain switch for turning the lamp on and off. Ideal as a bedroom lamp, living room lamp or home office lamp.

Highlighted Points:

  • covered with a 1-year warranty
  • compatible with smart outlets
  • use the incandescent or LED bulb
  • convenient pull chain switch
  • adjustable lampshade
  • tested lamp meets safety standards


Lightaccent Polished Table Lamp

100% Guaranteed
Lightaccents made this beautiful lamp that is covered with a manufacturer warranty. Plus, if there is any defect on the lamp, contact customer service. It measures 15 inches in height and the overall width is 10.2 inches. The lamp is heavy and well made.


Small Base
This green lawyer lamp provides vintage style in your home or office. There is a small round base and rectangular shade that perfectly fits any desk, table or workbench. Its construction is made of quality metal with a polished brass finish.

Solid Thick Glass
Lightaccent’s shade is made of solid thick green glass with white opal inner coating. It is designed for use with a 40W incandescent or LED bulb. This brass reading lamp features an adjustable lampshade, you can direct the light at different angles and read with ease.

Bankers Desk Lamp with Green S

Metal Frame
Detailed with a classic pull chain for turn on/off the lamp, just like the original banker’s lamp has. The brass-plated metal frame is polished by hand. It is very solid and stable. You can use it in your home, office, Lightaccent lamp will uplift any interior.

Highlighted Points:

  • covered with warranty
  • solid thick green glass
  • metal base with polished brass finish
  • use 40W incandescent or LED bulb
  • a solid and stable lamp


Barton Bankers Lamp

Suits Anywhere
Barton is another elegant bankers lamp made from metal, alloy steel and glass. Its attractive design fits on modern, vintage, retro or mid-century desks and tables. Use it in the office or at home. Barton lamp is 14.5 inches tall and 10.2 inches wide.


Classic Pull Chain
This green lawyer lamp is made of high-quality metal that has been electroplated with brass and polished into a shiny finish. It is designed with a classic pull-chain that you need to pull for turning the lamp on/off. Practical and easy to use.

Compatible With LED
Barton is a LED reading lamp that uses standard E26 bulbs, install 40W incandescent or LED bulb. LED will last longer, use less power and don’t produce heat. The bulb isn’t included in the package. Barton emits soft and warm light through the green glass shade.

Barton Bankers Desk Lamp with

Quality Glass
This green shade is made of quality glass and it will instantly add a touch of traditional style to any interior. Its shade is adjustable, position it at any angle you need. The power cord is 70 inches long and the Barton lamp has an acceptable price.

Highlighted Points:

  • made from steel, glass and metal
  • polished into a shiny finish
  • compatible with incandescent and LED bulb
  • emits a soft and warm light
  • adjustable lampshade
  • classic pull chain switch

Things To Know About Green Lawyer Lamp

After those reviews, we recommend reading this buying guide. Follow the steps below and you will find your perfect lamp easily. Learn more about adequate lamp size, green shade benefits, lighting modes and more.

Lamp Height – For your maximum comfort, the bottom of the green lawyer lampshade should be at eye level. Then you’ll have the lightest and less glare. The average size of these lamps is from 14 to 16 inches. Also, it is important how tall you are. In any case, the light shouldn’t cause eye strain and fatigue.

Green Glass Shade – These lamps are inspired by traditional banker’s lamps. The banker’s lamp is also known as the Emeralite lamp. That original antique brass desk lamp featured a green glass shade with a brass stand. Because of the green shade, it emits a soft and warm light, gentle for the eyes.

Flexibility – Some of the models in the list above come with adjustable shade. They allow you to adjust the shade and light exactly where you need it at the moment. You can have the right illumination for whatever task you are performing.

Lighting Modes – Do you want to use this lamp as decoration in your home/office or as a task light? If you want to be able to change the lighting modes, find a lamp that offers a variety of color modes or brightness. Then use the lamp for different occasions and set low light for a cozy atmosphere and high light while reading.

Light Bulb Types – It seems like these lamps use traditional bulbs only, but that’s incorrect. Many of the models from the list above are compatible with LED. LED bulbs have many advantages, they last much longer than traditional bulbs, produce low heat and use less power.

Final Verdict

All those models are quality, but we would like to recommend the Asoko green lawyer lamp. Its lampshade is made from A-grade green glass, it is handmade and provides soft lighting. If you like vintage-style lamps, check the antique piano lamps and antique gooseneck desk lamps.

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