Best 4 Black Label Maker Models To Choose In 2022 Reviews

Would you like to have a black label maker to create the labels with black tapes?

Keep reading and conclude which of the reviewed models is the best for you. See also the main information that you should know before buying. The label maker categories will help you to find the right model quickly.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Black Label Maker
DYMO Label Maker LabelManager PicksDYMO LabelManager Label Maker
With Dymo label maker, you can print labels as with a computer using multiple color tapes ideal for office organization.
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Best Home Black Label Maker
Brother P-touch Label Maker PicksBrother P-touch Label Maker
The Brother label maker offers a variety of symbols useful for home as well as office organization.
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Best Small Black Label Maker
SMTHOME Black Manual DIY Embossing Label Maker PicksSmthome Manual Label Maker
No need for a battery or electricity because it’s a manual model practical for creative crafting anywhere.
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Best Cheap Black Label Maker
DYMO Embossing Label Maker PicksDymo Embossing Label Maker
This Dymo model has an ergonomic design, provides simple use, and the affordable price makes it especially worth buying.
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Best 4 Black Label Makers

Best Of Best Black Label Maker

DYMO Label Manager Label Maker

White Or Black 
The Dymo model is a black label maker because of the black color design and black tape it uses. If you use black tape, the press is white. You can use also white tape and the black press. The suitable tape is thin so the labels you make are purposed for organizing the office or home.

DYMO Label Maker LabelManager

No Need For Computer
This label maker has a system for creating the label templates. That means you don’t need to connect this label maker with a PC or some else device but use it as a single machine. This specification makes the machine practical for use anywhere, from home to office, and more.

Like A Computer
The system includes the keyboard and display so you can use this label maker as a computer. When you enter the content you want to be printed, you need to press the handle and the small organizer label comes out. Both letters and numbers are included on the keyboard.

DYMO Label Maker LabelManager Review

Various Color Tapes
You can use the tapes in various colors as well as multicolor text. The suitable tape width is 6-12 mm. You have the offer of 6 font sizes, 8 text styles, and more than 200 symbols. There are also the clip-art images. You can save the templates you create for the next printing.

Highlighted Points:

  • keyboard and display included
  • over 200 characters for labels offered
  • compact size and portable design
  • the label width is up to 12 mm
  • variety of tape colors ideal for organization

Best Home Black Label Maker

Brother P-touch Label Maker

Practical Keyboard And Screen
Just like the previous model, this label maker black tape also has a computer function. It consists of a keyboard smaller than a computer but bigger than the keyboard of the previous Dymo model. There is also a small display that helps you to see the label content you create.

Brother P-touch Label Maker

Quick Printing Templates
The label maker includes various font styles so you can create different labels. There are also 2 templates already created and you can use them for quick printing. You can print the labels with one or two lines. The label width is 12 mm maximally.

Overall 600 Symbols
You have 14 fonts and 97 frames in the offer. There are overall 600 symbols. The programmable buttons are marked clearly which makes the use of this label maker easy. You can make the labels for office document organization as well as for shelves at home just like these best home label makers.

Brother P-touch Label Maker review

Fixed Or Portable
This label printer has a double function. You can use it as a desk printer in the office or carry it in your bag and use it in multiple places since it’s portable. If you use the printer in one place, you can connect it with the socket using the adapter. For portability, you need to insert the batteries.

Highlighted Points:

  • keyboard with overall 600 symbols
  • 27 templates for quick printing
  • works with the battery or adapter
  • the label width is 12 mm maximally
  • one-line or 2-lines labels with 14 fonts
  • purposed for home and office use

Best Small Black Label Maker

Smthome Manual Label Maker

Black Wheel With Tape
The Smthome black label maker comes in three color designs. You can choose between black, pink and yellow. These are the colors of the handle while the wheel is black. You need to attach the black tape at the wheel and the printer will stamp white text.

SMTHOME Black Manual DIY Embossing Label Maker

No Electricity Needed
This label maker is small and has a simple operating system so even kids can use it. The label maker is manual which makes it safe for usage since no electricity is included. The label maker is about 110 mm long. The wheel has a diameter of 56 mm.

Letters And Numbers
You can use black tape with a diameter of 48 mm approximately. You can print white letters and numbers on the black surface. It’s practical for home use but it’s also useful for a small office. This model is an example of the best label maker for crafters.

SMTHOME Black Manual DIY Embossing Label Maker review

Pocket Size And Small Weight
The label maker is small and made of plastic so it’s lightweight. You can carry it easily in your hand or store it in your pocket or bag. The printer makes the white embossing press which makes the labels look attractive. The white text on the black surface is visible optimally.

Highlighted Points:

  • about 110 mm long label maker
  • embossed 3D press of the label
  • manual no battery machine
  • includes 48 mm black tape
  • made of lightweight plastic
  • comes in black, yellow and pink colors

Best Cheap Black Label Maker

Dymo Embossing Label Maker

Wheel Instead Of Keyboard
This is one more Dymo black embossed label maker but this one has a little different design than the previous Dymo model I reviewed. Instead of the keyboard, this model includes the wheel with the numbers and letters you can print. There are various symbols for printing in the offer.

DYMO Embossing Label Maker

Ergonomic Handle For Printing
You need to rotate the wheel to the character you want to print and then print it immediately. Just like the previous model, this one is also manual which means you need to press the handle to print the certain content. The handle has an ergonomic design adjusted for the adult hand.

Practical Stand Built-In
The handle is soft which means you don’t need to use a lot of power to press it. Therefore, printing is easy and quick. The label maker black tape has a stand which makes it practical for storing. It’s a small cute label maker that you can hold in your hand and use anywhere.

DYMO Embossing Label Maker Review

Black Embossing Tape
The press is white and visible on a darker surface. You will get one roll of black tape in the package. The optimal width of the embossing tapes you use is about 7 mm. The black tape included in the package is 12 ft long.

Highlighted Points:

  • prints the labels up to 7 mm wide
  • the 12 ft black tape in the package
  • manual use, no battery needed
  • includes the wheel with characters
  • practical stand for desk built-in
  • uses the embossing print method

Things To Know About Label Maker Black Tape

Unlike standard label makers with black print, these models print the text in white color. Except for the press, the tape type also differs. No need for computer or smartphone connection and compact size are also specifications typical for black tape printers. Considering their characteristics, they are useful also outside the office.

White Press – Since this type of label maker uses black tape, the text print is white. In most cases, the white print is embossed which gives a 3D look to the label. Some models include also black press in case you use other color tapes.

Thin Tapes – The black tapes compatible with this type of printer are up to 12 mm in width while the length is 12 ft or more. The size of the tape roll depends on the size of the label maker and its inner space. This kind of black tape has an organizing purpose.

No Need For Computer – The black tape label printers include the keyboard or wheel with characters. These tools replace the function of a computer the printer is connected with. The user creates the label content by pressing the buttons or rotating the wheel, and then pressing the print function button or handle.

Comfortable For Hand – The black label maker stands out for small size that makes it fittable for an adult hand. Thanks to a compact size and ergonomic design, this label maker are comfortable for holding as well as carrying. The average size of this label maker is 100-200 mm.

Home Or Office – These label printers include the black tape purposed for the organization. The printer creates the labels for document organization in the office or ware classification in the stores or warehouses. The simple operating system and portable design make these label makers effective also for the stuff organization at home.

Final Verdict

In the variety of similar black label makers, the Dymo LabelManager label printer is still the best. You can use Dymo and other models with various color tapes which makes them similar to the best-rated color label makers you can check here. Check also the post about the best label maker for the professional organizer and find more label makers with the function like black tape printer models.

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