Best 2 Color Thermal Label Printers For Sale In 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for a color thermal label printer that will reduce your costs but you can’t find any?

Then this post gives the help you need. We have found two quality models available on the market. See their characteristics and decide which one to bring to your office.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Color Thermal Printer
Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416 PicksPrimera LX910 Color Label Printer
Using the thermal printing method, the Primera color printer makes resistant and durable labels made of various materials.
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Best Color Receipt Color Thermal Printer
Aibecy Portable Label Printer PicksAibecy Portable Label Printer
It’s a handheld and multifunctional printer useful for making labels and receipts in color as well as monochrome barcodes.
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Best 2 Color Thermal Printer

Best Of Best Color Thermal Printer

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer

Buttons And Lights
The Primera color thermal printer has the size of a standard printer. There are three buttons you can use while operating with the printer. There are also the indicator lights that signify if the ink misses or you choose to pause, and so on. The printer system is as simple as any other.

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416

Fast Printing Speed
The printer has a inject size of about 8 inches so you can print the labels, receipts, and more materials with the maximal width of 8 inches. The printing speed is about 4,5 inches per second. The speed is pretty fast for a label printer so you can get your labels for a short time.

Water And Scratch-Resistant
The printer includes a single ink cartridge. The labels made of synthetic materials and pigment ink are water-resistant as well as scratch-resistant. The color on the label is also protected against UV light. The printer creates labels with vibrant colors so you can make the labels for various purposes.

Primera LX910 Color Label Printer 74416 Review

Durable Color Labels
Except for the synthetic material I mentioned before, you can use the printer to make labels from various materials. The thermal method makes the color last for a long on any material. The printer includes a USB port so you can connect it with the computer using the cable.

Highlighted Points:

  • printing system with 3 programmable buttons
  • green indicator lights placed next to the buttons
  • the speed is 4,5 inches per second
  • prints labels in vibrant colors
  • creates water and scratch-resistant labels
  • connectable with computer via USB cable

Best Color Receipt Color Thermal Printer

Aibecy Portable Label Printer

Two Color Design
The Airbecy model is the best color receipt printer that uses the thermal system. Not only receipts but you can use this small printer to make labels, barcode, tickets, and so on. This printer is practical for carrying since it’s small-sized. It comes in two colors and you can choose the version you like.

Aibecy Portable Label Printer

Maximal 4 Hours
The printer comes in green and red color designs. Both colors make it a cute label printer. It’s easy to use and portable since it functions on batteries. There’s no need for changing the batteries but the lithium chargeable battery is included. It allows you to use the printer for up to 4 hours.

iPhone Or Android
This small model supports wireless connection. You can connect it with a smartphone no matter if you use Android or iPhone. You need to download the appropriate app on your phone to be able to use the printer. The app includes plenty of label schemes you can use for free.

Aibecy Portable Label Printer Review

Continuous Printing Mode
The technology identifies the label material and adjusts printing automatically. This label maker has smart technology that makes continuous printing possible. The paper return option is also available. The inject width determines the label width and it’s 20-50 mm. The printer has a simple one-button system.

Highlighted Points:

  • small green or red label printer
  • the automatic material recognition system
  • paper return and continuous printing options
  • works on lithium-ion batteries you can charge
  • functions with mobile app via a wireless connection
  • supports the label materials 20-50 mm wide
  • run time limit is 4 hours

Things To Know About Colour Thermal Label Printer

This type of label printers include the color system instead of monochrome and uses the thermal printing method instead of the ink spray method. The color models use one of the thermal methods called thermal transfer. It supports both color and monochrome printing. The printer size has a certain role.

Color Options – Unlike monochrome label printers that included only black color, the color printers use black, white, and vivid colors. The color specter included in the printer depends on each model. Just like the inkjet printers, these models also use color inks but use them using the thermal mechanism.

Thermal Printing Technology – These printers function with thermal printing mode instead of inkjet mode. Unlike the inkjet color printers that spray color ink on the paper, the thermal printers transfer the ink from the ribbon to label material using the thermal print head. The thermal method makes the color on the label material durable.

Thermal Transfer – The color thermal printers use the method which is typical for thermal transfer printers. On the other side, there are direct thermal printers and they are made for monochrome printing. The quality of these two thermal methods is the same. Both methods are known for durable color label production.

Barcodes Supported – Although the primary function of these printers is to make the labels in color, they are also functional to print monochrome labels such as barcodes and receipts. That means the color printers are multifunctional. The label scheme you send to the printer determines the colors of the label.

Size Factor – The printers come in various sizes. It determines the label width. The large printers have the inject up to 10 inches wide and the small model support around 1-inch labels. The size also determines the price. The large models cost up to 1000 dollars whole small printers cost up to 100 dollars.

Final Verdict

There is a little difference between these two models but still, Primera color thermal label printer makes bigger labels with higher speed. Read this post to compare the inkjet best color label makers with the thermal models. Compare also the color printers with these black label makers available on the market.

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