Best 6 Printers For Shipping Labels To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for the best printer for printing shipping labels ideal for your warehouse or store?

Read this post and you will get the advice and suggestions you need. Here are the reviews and buying guide. Both can make your research for the best model easier.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Printer For Shipping Labels
BESTEASY Label Printer PicksBesteasy Label Printer
High speed and resolution, and compatibility with many PCs and platforms are the main advantages of this model.
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Best Postage Printer For Shipping Labels
Brother QL-1100 Label Maker PicksBrother QL-1100 Label Maker
The high resolution makes every postage label clear so you will always get good results suing this label maker.
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Best For Mac Printer For Shipping Labels
Arkscan 2054A Label Maker PicksArkscan 2054A Label Printer
The Arkscan label printer connects with Apple Mac and MacBook easily as well as with Windows computers and prints fastly.
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Best For Small Business Printer For Shipping Labels
Jiose Shipping Label Printer PicksJiose Label Printer
The Jiose model is compact enough and functional enough to be suitable for small stores with delivery.
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Best Commercial Printer For Shipping Labels
ROLLO Label Printer PicksRollo Label Printer
Printing high-resolution barcodes and address information, this label maker is ideal for everyday use for commercial purposes.
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Best Large Printer For Shipping Labels
DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL PicksDymo LabelWriter 4XL Printer
The big size of the Dymo label maker contributes to the wide specter of label formats that this label printer supports.
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6 Best Label Printer For Shipping Labels Models

Best Of Best Printer For Shipping Labels

Besteasy Label Printer

Practical Design And Mechanism
The practical compact size that doesn’t take a lot of space in combination with useful functions makes this Besteasy model the best printer for printing shipping labels. It has an easy printing system that is like a standard printer mechanism. Connect it with the computer and print. That’s all the mechanism.

BESTEASY Label Printer

Durable And Commercial-Grade
This is the thermal label printer that can save you money since no ink is needed. It uses the direct thermal printing method. The thermal print head, as well as other parts of the mechanism, are commercial-grade. The strong construction guarantees durability. Not only construction but the speed of 4 incehs per second make this model high-quality.

Good Quality Resolution
The suitable label size is about 2-4 incehs of the width. The label maker input is ideal for standard 4×6 incehs shipping labels. You will get a starter of 100 pieces of the 4×6 labels. The label maker has a resolution of 203 dpi which is optimal for standard labels for shipping.

BESTEASY Label Printer Review

Both Operating Systems
To print shipping labels, you need a computer with Windows or Mac operating systems This model supports all the versions of these two systems. It’s one more advantage of this label maker. You can print labels from most shipping platforms. Some of them are eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, ShipStation, Shippo, and more.

Highlighted Points:

  • the thermal printer and 100 shipping labels in the package
  • prints with a speed of up to 4 inches per second
  • the input supports the labels 2-4 inches wide
  • the resolution of the shipping labels is 203 dpi
  • compatible with all Windows and Mac systems
  • prints label templates made in shipping platforms

Best Postage Printer For Shipping Labels

Brother QL-1100 Label Maker

Up To 4 Inches
The Brother label maker is also the best label printer for shipping labels since it supports up to 4 inches formats. You can use it to print 4×6 shipping labels as well as smaller receipts or price tags. It prints mailing and postage labels as well as barcodes.

Brother QL-1100 Label Maker

Adjusted For Desktop
This label printer uses a thermal print head for printing various labels so it’s one of the best thermal printers for shipping labels. The exterior of this printer is black and white. The printer makes black and white text. The design is adjusted for the desktop. You need to place it on the desk near your computer.

Windows Software Not Needed
Not only with a computer but this best mailing label printer is connectable also with a scanner. However, you don’t need Windows software to create the labels thanks to the Plug and Label feature. The printer functions with Windows and Android devices in the best way.

Brother QL-1100 Label Maker review

70 Labels Per Minute
While the maximal width of the labels is 4 incehs, the maximal label length is about 9 feet. If you print standard shipping labels, you can create about 70 labels in a minute. The quality of the address and barcodes is high since the resolution is 300 dpi.

Highlighted Points:

  • maximal label dimensions are 4 incehs x 9 ft
  • plug and label function for creating the labels
  • monochrome print and thermal method
  • the speed is about 70 shipping labels in a minute
  • prints the labels in 300 dpi resolution
  • purposed for postage, mailing, address, and barcode labels

Best For Mac Printer For Shipping Labels

Arkscan 2054A Label Printer

Label Roll Inside
This is the Arkscan best printer for printing shipping labels. It has a white design with black and green details. It has space for shipping label roll. You can add it and print until the roll is consumed fully. Just like most label makers, this is also the thermal model.

Arkscan 2054A Label Maker

Apple Mac And MacBook
This is the best shipping label printer for Mac since it’s compatible with Apple Mac and MacBook. You need to connect the printer with devices using a USB cable. The Windows systems are also compatible so this model is a great computer label maker. The printer supports a label design software tool but only with Windows.

Three Label Formats
The printer is ideal for standard shipping labels with dimensions of 4×6 incehs. However, you can use also 4×6 or 4×9 labels. The minimal width of the labels is 0,75 incehs. The minimum length of the labels is 0,4 incehs while the maximum length is 90 incehs.

Arkscan 2054A Label Maker Review

Saves You Time
You can print the labels from platforms such as Etsy, FedEx Ship, ShopGator, Poshmark, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, and many more shipping platforms. The average printing speed is 5 incehs per second. Since the roll capacity is big, you don’t need to change it often and save your time.

Highlighted Points:

  • thermal print head included in the mechanism
  • prints the labels from shipping platforms
  • 0,75-4 incehs is the suitable label width
  • supports up to 90 incehs long labels
  • compatible with Apple Mac and MacBook
  • Windows is also a supported operating system
  • the printing speed is 5 inches per second on average

Best For Small Business Printer For Shipping Labels

Jiose Label Printer

Selling Platforms Are Suitable
This is the best shipping label printer for small businesses since it’s small but supports the labels with standard shipping label format. That means you can make the labels with 6×4 incehs dimensions. Just like all the shipping label printer, this one is also compatible with selling platforms.

Jiose Shipping Label Printer

USB Connection Available
This is the best label printer for shipping labels because you can use it easily connecting it with Windows or Mac operating systems. It includes the USB port so you need a cable for the connection. The machine is monochrome and thermal which means you don’t need ink or toner.

From 2 To 12 Incehs
The minimal width of the labels is around 2 inches while the maximal width is 4 incehs and a little more. Two incehs is the minimal length of the labels you can get using this label printer. The maximum length is about 12 incehs. This model is designed for label paper instead of roll.

Jiose Shipping Label Printer Review

Up To 12 Hours
This label printer works with a speed of 180 mm per second which is about 7 incehs per second. You can print for up to 12 hours in the continuity which is ideal for an average work time. You can use Windows XP and newer systems as well as Mac 10.9 and newer.

Highlighted Points:

  • the maximal printing speed is 180 mm per second
  • works for up to 12 hours in the continuity
  • prints the labels of up to 12 incehs of the length
  • compatible with Windows XP and newer
  • supporrts Mac 10.9 and newer

Best Commercial Printer For Shipping Labels

Rollo Label Printer

Desktop Model With Optimal Size
The Rollo label maker comes in the standard size of the best printer for printing shipping labels. It’s a desktop model but not too big so it doesn’t take a lot of space on your office desk. You need to place it near the computer since it connects with the PC using the USB cable like usual.

ROLLO Label Printer

Barcodes And Receipts
The label printer makes barcodes with high resolution so you can use the machine to make receipts and shipping labels. For that reason, it’s one of the best commercial label printers. You can use the computer of Windows or Mac. The Windows XP and later systems as well as Mac 10.9 and newer systems are supported.

Fast-Speed Machine
You can make shipping label for a short time thanks to the speed of 150 mm per second. It’s important to have a fast-speed machine for commercial purposes. It’s best to use this label printer with the shipping platforms to get the best-designed shipping labels.

ROLLO Label Printer review

4 Inches Maximally
Just like most label makers purposed for shipping labels, this one also has the input that holds the labels with a width of 2-4 incehs. This model is similar to other models also for the thermal printing method. You can print using an additional roll holder or paper holder.

Highlighted Points:

  • 2-4 incehs is a suitable label width
  • prints labels from shipping platforms
  • for Windows XP and newer and Mac 10.9 and later
  • the printing speed is 150 mm/s on average
  • compatible with roll or paper holder sold separately
  • requires a USB cable for connectivity with PC

Best Large Printer For Shipping Labels

Dymo LabelWriter 4XL Printer

4XL Model Version
This Dymo label maker model comes in various sizes and only this 4XL version is purposed for shipping labels. Just like all the models for shipping labels, this one is also monochrome and thermal. The main purpose of this model is to print 4×6 shipping labels but other label sizes are also supported.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL Label Maker

Big Attractive Shape Design
In accordance with the size of the labels it print, this best label printer for shipping labels has a large design that makes it one of the best big label makers. The label printer has an attractive shape design. You have to place it on a straight surface next to the computer.

Up To 53 Addresses
The main supported shipping platforms for this label printer model are Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. It’s practical to print directly from the web. This machine prints up to 53 address labels per minute. Using this printer, you can create shipping labels with logos and other graphics.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter 4XL review

Usual Computer Compatibility
It’s similar to other models for compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems. This model is compatible with the Windows 7 version and later. When it comes to Mac, you can use the printer with Mac 10.10 and later versions. Just like usual, you need to install appropriate software before the first use.

Highlighted Points:

  • makes 53 address labels in a minute
  • prints shipping labels directly from web
  • uses a thermal print head for printing
  • monochrome printing style
  • connects to Windows 7 and later computers
  • supports Mac 10.10 and newer systems

Things To Know About Best Printer For Printing Shipping Labels

The printers that are designed for making shipping labels need to have a few specifications to be functional maximally. These specifications are compatibility with 4×6 label format, high resolution, and connectivity with a computer and shipping platforms. The thermal monochrome printers are the most efficient for making shipping labels so you should consider purchasing this label maker type.

4×6 Incehs – The printers optimal for the shipping labels have the input about 4 incehs wide. With this size, the machine makes standard shipping labels that have 4 inches of width and 6 inches of length. The maximal length of the label surpasses 6 incehs and it’s up to 12 ft.

High Resolution –  The usual shopping label includes the barcode, address information, and logo. To make this content clear, the label maker needs to have a high resolution. The average and one of the maximal resolutions is 300 dpi. This resolution fits the label format of shipping labels.

Compatible Operating Systems – The shipping label printers are designed to be connected with a computer. There are two most common operating systems. These are Windows and Mac. Each model supports certain Windows and Mac versions. Usually, Windows 7 and newer and Mac 10.9 and newer versions are compatible with printers.

Compatible Shipping Platforms – The best label printer for shipping labels prints directly from shipping platforms. The most common platforms people use to create and print shipping labels are Etsy, eBay, FedEx Ship, Poshmark, Paypal, ShopGator, and so on. The printer supports also the label templates from standard Windows or Mac platforms.

Monochrome Thermal – The thermal label makers print shipping labels with the highest quality. Since the shipping labels don’t have colors, monochrome label makers are suitable for this kind of label. The printers use a thermal printing method to make monochrome labels. The most efficient is the direct thermal system.

Final Verdict

Since it’s designed for 4×6 labels and has a high-quality resolution, the Besteasy USPS label maker is the best printer for printing shipping labels. To see similar topics, read this post about the cheap shipping label printer. The post about the 4×6 shipping label printer might be also useful to read and learn more about it.

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