Best 6 Simple Desk Lamp Suitable For Every Workroom Reviews

Did you think about functional but simple desk lamps for your workroom?

If you do then keep reading!

There are a lot of models worth buying on the market and you can see the selection of the best models in this post. Find the right model quickly checking the summary and learn more in the reviews and short guide at the end.

Our Top Picks

Forever Lighting Modern Desk Lamp picskForever Lighting Modern Desk Lamp
An attractive black & gold desk lamp will perfectly complement contemporary and urban office decors.
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LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Level picksLE Dimmable Desk Lamp
A well-made modern silver white desk lamp offers many brightness levels to meet your studying needs.
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TW Reading Desk Lamp PICKSTW Reading Desk Lamp
An elegant white desk lamp with an adjustable gooseneck is perfect for reading books or studying.
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Dot Arts LED Desk Lamp picksDot Arts LED Desk Lamp
Affordable and functional black desk lamp uses LED beads that last for more than 50,000 hours.
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AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp PICKSAfrog Multifunctional Lamp
Sleek black desk lamp comes equipped with a fast USB charging port and wireless charger for electronic devices.
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Enoch Metal Desk Lamp picksEnoch Metal Desk Lamp
A high-quality desk lamp comes with a strong metal clamp that can be firmly clipped to almost any desk.
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Best 6 Simple Desk Lamps


Forever Lighting Modern Desk Lamp

Black & Gold
Forever Lighting or shortly FL is an elegant yet simple desk lamp suitable for study, bedroom, living room, office, dorm, etc. It is 25.6” high. FL comes in eye-catching black and gold colors, so complements urban and industrial office decors. Its price is high.

Forever Lighting Modern Desk Lamp review

Iron Material
The manufacturer provides a 90-day refund or replacement freely. The lamp construction is made from iron and the round lamp base is made of quality marble. Forever Lighting desk lamp comes with a long power cord, so you can reach any desk or table.

LED Light Bulb
This black and gold desk lamp comes with instructions and simple tools for installation. It takes a few minutes to assemble it. LED light bulb is included and it emits soft, flicker-free and glare-free illumination. Ideal for reading, working, studying and so on.


UL-listed Lamp
Forever Lighting has passed UL-listed certification which proves the quality and safety of this lamp. It features a swing arm and rotatable head that allows you to adjust the angle and position of the lamp. Direct the light where you need it.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant and simple design
  • complements urban and industrial decors
  • made from iron and marble
  • UL-listed certification
  • swing arm and rotatable head
  • LED light bulb included


LE Dimmable Desk Lamp

Aluminum Construction
Lighting Ever or shortly LE is a modern silver white desk lamp suitable for offices, home offices, dorms, children’s rooms. Its compact design takes up little space and fits nicely on any desk. The lamp construction is made from high-quality aluminum. That material solves the heat dissipation issue.

LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Levell

Flicker-free Illumination
The LED light panel provides flicker-free and glare-free illumination. It is soft on your eyes and provides even light that doesn’t cause eye fatigue. This simple studying lamp is perfect also for reading, working, and other tasks. LED lasts much longer than other traditional light bulbs.

Flexible Design
This modern white desk lamp has a rotatable lamp head, adjustable arm and revolvable base. It is easy to aim the light exactly where you need it. On the lamp base, there is a touch-sensitive panel. You can easily adjust the different brightness for different tasks.


7 Levels Of Brightness
There are seven brightness leaves you can choose from. Choose the highest brightness level when you need to do some demanding tasks and set the low level for ambiance light. The integrated memory function will remember the last used mode and restore it.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern silver white desk lamp
  • high-quality aluminum construction
  • flicker-free and glare-free illumination
  • rotatable lamp head and adjustable arm
  • LED light panel
  • touch-sensitive panel


TW Reading Desk Lamp

White Lamp
TW is a modern white desk lamp also available in attractive blue and elegant black colors. It features an affordable price. This versatile and functional desk lamp is ideal as an office lamp, college study lamp, kids desk lamp, etc. The 12V plug-in power adapter is included in the package.


Flexible Gooseneck
It boasted a completely adjustable 360-degree gooseneck, meaning you can point the light wherever you need it at the moment. TW simple desk lamp is equipped with a built-in USB port, so you can charge your smartphone or another electronic device quickly.

High CRI
This small reading lamp delivers 500 lumens onto a desk. LED beads provide soft and uniform light which doesn’t cause eye strain or eye fatigue. High color rendering index allows you to see accurate colors. The delivered color temperature is 4000K, great for reading.

TW Reading Desk Lamp REVIEW

Three Dimmable Levels
Choose between three brightness levels by the touch of your finger. There is low, medium and high level. Set the low light when relaxing and don’t need white light. TW desk lamp has a minimalist base with a small footprint that fits o any desk or table.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern white desk lamp
  • a versatile and functional desk
  • 12V plug-in power adapter is included
  • adjustable 360-degree gooseneck
  • built-in USB port


Dot Arts LED Desk Lamp

Space-saving Design
Dot Arts creates this sleek and space-saving desk lamp suitable for small and medium-sized desks. It has a small base that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk. The lamp dimensions are 1.2” x 14” x 7.1”. The UL-certified adapter is included in the package.

Dot Arts LED Desk Lamp review

Foldable Design
The manufacturer provides quality customer service and a 1-year warranty. Dot Art features a foldable design, there is a flexible arm and base axis, so you can position the lamp to any angle you want depending on your current task. It uses 20pcs LED beads that deliver soft, stable and flicker-free light.

Three Brightness Levels
This LED reading lamp features a touch button on the base, it is easy to turn the lamp on/off or change the brightness. There are three levels of brightness – low, medium and high. The Color rendering index is high, meaning this simple LED desk lamp emits vivid and accurate colors.


Cool White Light
Set the 5000K color temperature when you have to do some precise and detailed tasks such as reading, working, studying and so on. This cool white lighting is great for that kind of task. Dot Arts is a functional, elegant and affordable lamp ideal for students and workers.

Highlighted Points:

  • space-saving desk lamp
  • UL-certified adapter
  • features a foldable design
  • flexible arm and base axis
  • 20pcs LED beads
  • three levels of brightness
  • high color rendering index


Afrog Multifunctional Lamp

Affordable Price
This is a multifunctional desk lamp with a sleek and simple design. It has an affordable price acceptable for everyone. Its construction is made from metal and plastic. The package includes a lamp, USB cable, user manual and adapter. Available in black color only.


Wireless Panel
On the lamp base, there is an integrated 5V/1A USB port, use if for charging your smartphone, tablet or e-reader and keep them in your arm’s reach. Afrog also has a wireless charging pad on the lamp base. You need to place your compatible device on that pad and it’ll start to charge automatically.

Eye-caring Light
This LED lamp with a wireless charger use an energy-efficient LED panel that provides flicker-free and glare-free illumination. It doesn’t cause eye strain or eye fatigue. You can read or study longer than before. On the lamp base, there is a touch button where you can control the lamp settings.

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp REVIEW

Auto Timer
Choose between five color modes and five levels of brightness. You can set different lights for various occasions. Set the natural daylight mode when working or reading. This simple lamp features an auto timer for half an hour or an hour and the lamp will shut off automatically after the particular time.

Highlighted Points:

  • multifunctional desk lamp
  • made from metal and plastic
  • integrated 5V/1A USB port
  • wireless charging pad
  • energy-efficient LED panel
  • many color modes and brightness levels


Enoch Metal Desk Lamp

Firm Clamp
Enoch is a simple desk lamp with a clamp that suits almost any desk. It comes with a strong metal clamp that supports a desk thickness of 2.2 inches. This clamp is equipped with a silicone pad to protect your desk from scratches and damage.


2-year Assurance
If you decide to buy this desk lamp, the manufacturer provides 2 years of quality assurance. Use the 5V/2A adapter to power the desk lamp. It is included in the package as well as a 78” power cord.  This swing arm clamp lamp is made from metal, aluminum and silicone.

Color Modes
Enoch is very suitable for working, reading, studying, sewing, handcrafts and more. It is designed with three color temperature modes and ten brightness levels. Choose between warm light, warm white light and white light. Set the white light when doing some precise and detailed tasks.

Enoch Metal Desk Lamp review

Memory Function
Equipped with 80 LED beads that provide soft, uniform, glare-free, flicker-free light. This light effectively prevents the harm of blue light, it’s gentle for your eyes. Enoch comes with a memory function that will automatically restore the last used modes. The flexible design allows you to point the light where needed.

Highlighted Points:

  • comes with a strong metal clamp
  • made from metal, aluminum and silicone
  • suitable for working, reading, studying
  • 5V/2A adapter is included
  • three color temperature modes
  • ten brightness levels
  • 80 LED beads

Things To Know About Simple Desk Lamps

These simple desk lamps offer various designs, colors, sizes and functions. To learn more about their characteristics, read this guide. There is a lot of useful info about lamp design, bulb type, size, lighting modes and more.

Lamp Type – There are several lamp types available in the market – lamps with clamp designs, lamps with gooseneck, swing arm lamps, and others. Choose the lamp that illuminates your desk area properly, doesn’t take up much space and fits your office decor.

Lighting Adjustments – Some modern minimalist lights offer adjustable color modes and brightness levels. If you can adjust the lighting, then you can use the lamp for various occasions. For example, set the high brightness level and white color mode when reading or working and need high concentration.

Flexible Design – Adjustable lamp models are perfect for reading, working, studying, sewing, repairing and other precise and detailed tasks. They allow you to adjust the lamp head and body into various positions and direct the light exactly where needed.

LED Light – Traditional simple desk lamps use incandescent, halogen, CFL or fluorescent light bulbs. But almost all modern desk lamps are compatible with LED light bulbs. LED offers many benefits, it’s energy-efficient, produces low heat, lasts longer and doesn’t cost that much.

Clamp Lamp Design – Clamp or clip-on desk lamps are a great solution if you want to save space. These lamps are compact, portable and easy to install. You need to attach it to the side of your desk. Also, it’s possible to install them vertically or horizontally.

Final Verdict

Did you find your favorite lamp? If you didn’t, consider Forever Lighting simple desk lamp. It has an elegant yet minimalist design, emits soft and uniform light and fits on any desk. For those who want to check more simple but elegant desk lamps, there are two reviews on slim desk lamps and Scandinavian desk lamps.

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