Best 6 Silver Task Lamps That Are Always Popular & Stylish

Do you want to equip your workspace with an elegant and timeless task lamp?

If you do, then consider silver task lamps!

In this article, you’ll find out more about the sleek and modern silver lamps that will meet your various lighting demand and make your work, study or any other precise task much easier. Read the reviews, check out the images and consider our tips and tricks for a successful purchase.

Our Top Picks

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp picksBenQ eReading Desk Lamp
The world’s first lamp for e-reading has quality construction and many intelligent features to offer.
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mlambert 3-Color in 1 LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port picksMlambert Nickel Desk Lamp
An attractive architect LED desk lamp offers three dimmable settings suitable for various occasions.
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OMINILIGHT LED Desk Lamps with USB Charging PICKSOminilight LED Desk Lamp
Elegant space-saving desk lamp uses energy-efficient LED light that will last for decades.
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JUKSTG Eye-Caring Table Lamp picksJukstg Dimmable Desk Lamp
An adjustable LED desk lamp allows you to adjust the lamp position for the ideal illuminating angle and coverage.
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LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Level picksLE Dimmable Desk Lamp
The modern silver-white desk lamp has a slim and space-saving design that nicely fits on any desk.
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Baseus LED Desk Lamp picskBaseus LED Desk Lamp
The sleek and compact desk lamp is powered on a battery, so you can use it wherever you need good illumination.
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Best 6 Silver Task Lamps


BenQ eReading Desk Lamp

Quality Lamp
One of the most popular and very quality task lamps is the BenQ Reading lamp. It is available in many colors and this silver desk lamp will complement many office decors. BenQ has a metal pedestal base that keeps the lamp stable when adjusting angles.

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

Aluminum Alloy
This lamp is perfect for office and dual monitor setups, it features a wider lighting range than other traditional desk lamps. This is the world’s first lamp for e-reading. The lamp is made from quality aluminum allow and zinc alloy. These materials help dissipate heat generated by the LED.

Highly Flexible
BenQ has ball joints to optimize the flexibility of the lamp cap and torque springs. It is easy to adjust the LED light to the angles that you need at the moment. This lamp has passed the international safety standard certification to ensure your safety.


Ambient Light Sensor
This adjustable reading lamp has an integrated ambient light sensor that detects environment illumination and adjusts the light. It delivers flicker-free and even lighting that is gentle for your eyes. You can easily customize your brightness and color temperature to suit your needs.

Highlighted Points:

  • available in many colors
  • metal pedestal base
  • perfect for dual monitor setups
  • wider lighting range
  • quality aluminum allow construction
  • flicker-free and even lighting


Mlambert Nickel Desk Lamp

For Large Desks
Mlambert is an attractive desk lamp available in three colors – silver (nickel), brass and black. The overall lamp dimensions are 15.2” D x 15.2” W x 18.9” H. It is ideal for large desktop areas because this lamp will cover them easily. The price is affordable.


Advanced LED Technology
This silver reading lamp has built-in 56 LED beads for emitting soft, stable and flicker-free light. That light is friendly to your eyes and great for reading, working, sewing and other highly concentrated tasks. The advanced LED technology consumes less power and lasts about 20,000 hours.

Flexible Design
Mlambert is the best reading lamp that will last for many years. This lamp has an adjustable lamp head and two flexible arms, you can easily adjust it to any angle and height. The lamp won’t tip over, the base is made from quality metal and there is an anti-slip pad.

mlambert 3-Color in 1 LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

USB Port
On the lamp base, there is a touch-sensitive switch, with a touch of your finger turn the lamp on/off and change the color modes. Long press if you want to adjust brightness. You can set the light for many various occasions. Mlambert is designed with a USB charging port that will charge your smartphone, tablet, Kindle.

Highlighted Points:

  • attractive desk lamp
  • available in three colors
  • built-in 56 LED beads
  • ideal for large desktop areas
  • advanced LED technology
  • adjustable lamp head and arms
  • touch-sensitive switch


Ominilight LED Desk Lamp

Power Adapter Included
Ominilight desk lamp is available in many colors (except silver) – black, gold, red, wood grain, white and more. It is 17.7” high. This lamp has a modern, sleek and elegant design that suits any home office or office decor. The power cord is 6 feet long and the power adapter is included in the package.

OMINILIGHT LED Desk Lamps with USB Charging

USB Charging Port
This silver task lamp is lightweight has a small footprint, easy to fold down and adjust. A heavy-duty base keeps the lamp stable and prevents tipping. It features a simple one-touch switch, so you can easily control the lamp settings. Also, there is a built-in charging port for charging your smartphone, tablet, etc.

Dimming Levels
You can adjust the brightness with one click depending on your current task. There are three dimming levels and a color temperature of 6,500K. This high color temperature is perfect for reading, working, studying, sewing and other precise tasks. LED provides eye-caring light.


Gooseneck Design
This adjustable LED desk lamp has a 360-degree gooseneck design. It allows you to adjust the desk lamp at any angle. Also, you can adjust the height according to your needs. The color rendering index is high, so this lamp ensures vivid and accurate colors.

Highlighted Points:

  • available in many colors
  • sleek and elegant design
  • a power adapter is included
  • simple one-touch switch
  • high color temperature
  • 360-degree gooseneck design


Jukstg Dimmable Desk Lamp

Long Light Panel
Jukstg is an eye-catching desk lamp with a modern and sleek design. It features a rounded base that doesn’t require much desk space, but there is a long light panel that illuminates even larger desktops. The non-slip base keeps the lamp stable and reduces the risk of tipping.

JUKSTG Eye-Caring Table Lamp

Multi-angle Adjustment
This silver swing arm task lamp has an adjustable arm and rotating axis base, it is easy to adjust the lamp and set the perfect illumination for your current task. Jukstg is equipped with 5V/1A USB port so you can conveniently charge your smartphone, tablet or watch.

Lighting Modes
The adjustable arm desk lamp is equipped with 36pcs LEDs that met your various light demand. Choose between four lighting modes and seven brightness levels. Set the daylighting mode when reading, working, studying, it will keep you concentrated.


Auto Time-off
Jukstg features a 1-hour auto timer for electricity saving. Set it when you work or study at night. The delivered light is designed to be soft stable and flicker-free. It will not fatigue or harm your eyes, even after a long period of reading or working. The price is affordable.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern and sleek design
  • long light panel
  • non-slip base
  • adjustable arm and rotating axis base
  • equipped with 5V/1A USB port
  • 4 lighting modes and 7 brightness levels


LE Dimmable Desk Lamp

Long Power Cord
Lighting Ever or shortly LE is a popular brand that produces this sleek and attractive desk lamp. Except for the silver-white color, this model is available in black. The lamp dimensions are 16.7” in height, the base measures 7.8” x 5.1”. The power cord is 4.9 feet long.


Aluminum Construction
It takes up little space and fits nicely in any office desk, table, workbench, nightstand and so on. The lamp head and the lamp are made from high-quality aluminum that effectively solves the heat dissipation issues. Use this lamp for reading, studying, working, repairing, etc.

Touch-sensitive Panel
This modern LED desk lamp has a touch-sensitive panel. Turn on/off the lamp and change the brightness by sliding your finger on the lamp panel. This silver task lamp offers seven levels of brightness, dim the light before sleeping or set the high light when working and need concentration.

LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7-Level

LED Beads
LE lamp is fully adjustable, it’s easy to get the light exactly where you need it. The base is heavy and stable, it won’t tip over easily. Built-in LED beads consume less power than other light bulbs. They emit even and non-glare light that doesn’t cause eye fatigue.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern and compact desk lamp
  • made from quality aluminum
  • ideal for reading, studying, working
  • touch-sensitive panel
  • seven levels of brightness
  • built-in LED beads


Baseus LED Desk Lamp

Space-saving Design
Baseus is a sleek and compact desk lamp with a simple design that provides more desktop space than huge lamps. It will illuminate your space adequately without occupying desk space. The space-saving base is made from aluminum alloy. It features an anti-skid function that provides stability.


Battery-operated Lamp
This silver desk lamp is 15.1 inches high. It is powered on a built-in 2200mAh battery that provides a working time of 13 hours. Fully charged in three hours. That is very practical, you can place it wherever you need a light. The touch button will flash when it’s run out of battery.

Full-spectrum LEDs
The battery-operated LED table lamp has 32 full-spectrum energy-efficient LEDs to ensure the same as natural lighting. You can choose between three color modes – low, medium and high and adjust the brightness level. High Color rendering index (95) makes the colors more vivid and accurate.

Baseus LED Desk Lamp review

Ambient Light Sensor
Baseus provides glare-free and flicker-free illumination. It features an integrated Ambient light sensor that senses the brightness of the room and adjusts the delivered light. Also, this lamp has 0° – 180° angle adjustment, so you can direct the light where needed.

Highlighted Points:

  • sleek and compact desk lamp
  • built-in 2200mAh battery
  • 32 full-spectrum energy-efficient LEDs
  • three color modes
  • adjustable brightness
  • glare-free and flicker-free illumination
  • 0° – 180° angle adjustment

Things To Know About Silver Task Lamps

These silver task lamps come in various sizes, designs and are equipped with different features. To help you find the perfect lamp for your needs, we made this guide with some basic info you need to know before purchasing. Check them out!

Silver Color – Silver or grey desk lamps are very popular thanks to their timeless design. Silver is a more mature, serious, professional and responsible color. Its positive connotations include formality and dependability. If you want to evoke this kind of feeling, consider the reviewed lamps.

Multi-angle Adjustment – If you looking for a suitable lamp for reading, working, sewing, repairing then consider lamps with flexible designs. They are ideal for tasks that require targeted illumination. Swing-arm lamp allows you to put a lamp in different positions and control the direction of light.

Lighting Modes – The reviewed desk lamps boast several different lighting modes, brightness settings and color temperatures that can be in warm or cold spectrum. Adjust the lighting to your current needs and tasks, usually with a single touch.

LED Lamps – All of the reviewed lamp models on the list support LED. LED bulbs have many advantages – they have a very long lifespan, use less energy than traditional bulbs, produce low heat and come with many brightness and lighting mode settings.

USB Charging Ports – There are a few lamps on the list above equipped with convenient USB charging ports. This feature is very convenient for people who use a lot of gadgets. Pick the lamp with 2A output, it provides faster charging for your smartphones and tablets.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the BenQ silver task lamp – it features a highly flexible design, many lighting modes and intelligent features. if you want to check out other elegant-colored lamps, read the reviews on black and gold desk lamps and bronze desk lamps.

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