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We have made a list of foosball table parts that should be replaced after a while (if you play often), and also a list of foosball accessories you may want your foosball table to come with.

Foosball Table Replacement Parts

Every foosball table, besides a cabinet and legs, features many smaller parts that are replaceable. After a while, especially if you play often and love intense table soccer matches, some parts get damaged due to wear and tear. Keep in mind that high-quality parts will last much longer than the cheap, low-quality ones. If you want to know which parts of a foosball table are replaceable, take a look at the list below.

Foosball Table Replacement Parts

Foosball Replacement Players

Foosball replacement players are the most common replacement parts. Quality foosball men are counterbalanced, which means they stay in the same position you leave them, unlike the normal players that return to an upright position as soon as you let the rod out of your hand.

Tornado Counter Balanced Foosball Men

Most foosball men are made of plastic, ABS plastic being the most durable. Wooden and metal foosball men are not that common anymore and usually come with high-end foosball tables. Foosball men nowadays can feature either a traditional human design or a robot-style design which usually offers more precise ball control. Tornado foosball men are an example of top-quality replacement players.

Foosball Handles

Foosball handles are a crucial factor for players’ comfort while playing. If you have low-quality handles, the whole playing experience will be pretty bad. Most quality foosball tables have ergonomically designed handles that provide a stress-free experience for the wrists and prevent wrist injuries and hand pain after long hours of playing.

Foosball Handle Grips

The grips on the handles mustn’t be slippery, so the best ones are those made of rubber and wood without a shiny finish. Plastic handles are fine as well, as long as they have some structure that prevents slipping.

Foosball Replacement Balls

Table foosball can’t be played without a ball. With most foosball tables, you will get at least two foosballs. Like everything else, foosballs also come in different sizes and they are made of a variety of different materials. Not every ball is suitable for every playing surface. Smaller balls come with small foosball tables, especially tabletop versions.

Foosball Replacement Balls

Regular foosball tables come with standard size balls (34.5 – 35mm). Traditional black and white soccer style foosballs are made of hard plastic and aren’t exactly the best quality balls – they usually come with cheap foosball tables. Good quality balls that are worth buying are textured balls, cork balls and special plastic balls which are smooth so the surface wont’ affect the shot.

Foosball Replacement Rods

Foosball rods are extremely important for the quality of the game. They can be made of hollow steel and out of solid steel. Hollow steel rods are much lighter and easier to move, which means they keep the game fast. Solid steel rods are heavy and therefore not that easy to play with, especially for children who will have a hard time spinning them.

Foosball Replacement Rods

Hollow steel rods can be basic and telescopic. Telescopic rods add to players’ safety because they don’t poke through the other side of the table. However, they require a lot more maintenance with foosball rod silicone.

Foosball Table Leg Levelers

Leg levelers are located at the bottom of each leg and they keep the playing surface straight. Adjustable leg levelers unfortunately don’t come with every foosball table. Cheap foosball tables as well as luxury wooden foosball tables whose legs are made of solid wood usually don’t feature leg levelers.

Foosball Table Leg Levelers
However, they are extremely important because they can provide a balanced playing field on any kind of surface. They ensure extra stability and you can also adjust the height of the table to your needs. High-quality leg levelers also come with a rubber bottom that will keep the table in place and prevent the floor from scratching.

Foosball Table Rod Bumpers

Foosball bumpers are typically made of dense black rubber and they are installed at both ends of the foosball rod inside the table. They are a tampon zone between foosball men and the cabinet wall, ensuring both parts last longer.

Foosball Table Rod Bumpers

Without the bumpers, the foosball men would constantly hit the cabinet walls and cause damage to the table over time. There are still some low-quality foosball tables that feature bumpers made of metal springs that can damage the walls and they are much less durable than the rubber ones.

Foosball Table Rod Bearings

A rod bearing is a replaceable foosball table part that is inserted into the holes in the sides of the cabinet. It is a tampon zone between the rod and the table. A high-quality bearing allows for lower friction and smoother gliding when using the rod.

Foosball Table Rod Bearings

This is extremely important for performing fast shots. Foosball bearings require maintenance with liquid silicone which should be applied at the end of the rod, next to the bearing. Lubrication will make the bearings last longer and you won’t need to replace them as often.

Foosball Scoreboard

Most foosball tables come with scorekeeping units on each side, above the goal. These are usually manual bead style units and when you score, you have to slide the bead to the other side. Even though you would expect professional grade foosball tables to have a higher-technology scoring mechanism, all such tables are made with manual sliding scoring devices.

Foosball Scoring Parts

Some foosball scoring parts are embedded into the table while others are replaceable. They tend to get damaged and worn out over time so it is a good thing they are replaceable. If your table doesn’t feature scoring units, you may want to install them because they make score recording much easier and you can fully focus on the match. Some tables feature automatic electronic scoring but only a few of them, and those are usually LED foosball tables.

Foosball Table Pins & Pin Punch

If you want to replace one of your foosball men, you will need a pin. Foosball roll pins are used to fix the foosball men and handles to the foosball rods and keep them in place. They are much better than screws because they won’t come loose and rarely break.

Foosball Table Pins & Pin Punch

They are lightweight and don’t slow down the rod. All high-end foosball tables nowadays have pins to hold the foosball men and handles instead of bolts which can become loose over time and slow down the rod. The pin punch is a tool that helps you install the pins without damaging the foosball men.

Foosball Table Safety End Caps

Foosball table safety end caps provide protection from the sharp edges of the rods and they help prevent players’ possible injuries caused by metal rods.

Foosball Table Safety End Caps

They are made of rubber or soft plastic, and it is much worse getting hit with bare metal than with a plastic or rubber cup. Safety end cups are essential for homes with young children who often run around the foosball table.

Foosball Table Entry Dishes

Also known as a ball entry cup or a ball serve cup, an entry dish allows better serves and easier drop-ins of the ball, instead of dropping it in through a vertical hole. They enable a more accurate launching of the ball. Replaceable entry dishes are universal and made of durable plastic. They will fit most standard foosball tables.

osball Table Entry Dishes

Foosball Table Accessories

If you want to enhance your playing experience and keep your foosball table looking like new for many years, here’s the list of accessories that usually don’t come with the table but can be bought separately. Basic accessories we would recommend for every foosball table owner to buy are foosball rod lubricant and foosball table covers.

Foosball Table Covers

Foosball table covers rarely come with foosball tables but they are very important for keeping your table in top condition. A covered table will last much longer than an unprotected one, especially if it’s an outdoor table. A cover will protect it from rain, sun, debris and dirt. Not all table covers are good for outdoor tables – such covers must be much more durable than indoor table covers and, of course, waterproof.

Shelti Pro Foos II Universal Foosball Table Cover

For an indoor table, we would recommend a fitted playing surface cover that isn’t sloppy and doesn’t cover the whole table. It looks elegant and serves its purpose which is protecting the playfield from getting dusty. Outdoor tables should be covered completely, and we recommend buying a tablecloth design cover that will protect the entire table, not only the playing surface. Most quality table covers are made of polyester or vinyl.

Foosball Rod Lubricant

Silicone is crucial for keeping your foosball rods maintained and clean. Maintaining your rods will silicone will significantly extend the life of the bearings on your foosball table, and your rods will last longer and perform better. There are two types of silicone you can use on your rods: liquid silicone or spray silicone.

Foosball Rod Lubricant

We recommend using liquid silicone because it will lubricate the bearing much better, while spray silicone will do a better job cleaning the rods. Don’t ever use WD-40 to lubricate your rods because it will dry out your bearings over time

Foosball Table Lights

The proper table lighting is very important for the best foosball playing experience. You don’t want the bad lighting to ruin your game because you’re unable to see the ball clearly. Shadows created because of the poor lighting really gets on every players’ nerves. The first option for good lighting is to hang light fixtures right above your table.

Foosball Table Lights

The second option is to buy an LED foosball table with built-in led lighting. Such tables allow playing in the dark and create a magical atmosphere. Popular quality LED tables are Warrior Pro Foosball Table and Atomic Azure Foosball Table. The third option is to make a DIY LED lighting for your playing surface.

Foosball Table Cup Holders

Some foosball tables made for hobby players come with cup holders, but they aren’t really a usual part of a foosball table. Such a cool addition to your table will be extra useful if you get thirsty during an intense soccer table match.

Foosball Table Cup Holders

It is not a good idea to put a glass of bear on the corner of your foosball table because the chances of spilling on the playing field are pretty big. Such cup holders are affordable and universal, so they are a good investment both for home use and for commercial foosball tables placed in bars or pubs.

Foosball Gloves

Wearing foosball gloves can help you get a better grip, especially if your hands get sweaty while playing. Foosball gloves are usually made of cotton or lycra, and designed with a rubber grip on the palm. When buying them, you should carefully choose the size. If you want a tighter fit, we recommend buying a size smaller.

Foosball Gloves

Even though gloves are encouraged and allowed in foosball, some players think they remove the natural feel they have when playing with bare hands. They can also get loose after some time. Some players use alternatives to foosball gloves which are wraps and rubber tubes, while others combine gloves with wraps or tubes.


Every foosball table that is used on a regular basis will require replacement of some parts after a while due to wear and tear. Also, there are some accessories you can buy for your table that can help maintain your table and help its parts last longer. If you want to know what to take into consideration when buying replacement parts and accessories, take a look at our advice below.

Universal Replacement Parts – Most replacement parts are universal, but there are also parts made by a particular brand made for a particular foosball table. Universal parts are usually less expensive and easier to find. So, if you still haven’t bought a foosball table, our advice is to buy one that fits universal parts because it will make your life easier.

Foosball Replacement Players – Foosball men will probably be the first thing you will have to replace on your foosball table after a while. If you’re buying replacement players, we recommend buying robot-style ones that feature a rectangular foot for more precise ball control. And, of course, make sure they are counterbalanced. If you had traditional players that were not counterbalanced, you will definitely see the difference.

Foosball Replacement Balls – Usually every foosball table comes with at least two foosballs. Sometimes, these foosballs are not of the highest quality and are not suitable for a particular playing surface. Also, it is very easy to lose them, especially if you are playing outside. We recommend buying a spare pack of quality foosballs that are textured or made of cork for a better playing experience. There are also LED foosballs that would be a pretty cool addition to your foosball table.

Useful Accessories – Accessories are not mandatory for a good playing experience but they can enhance it. Such accessories are, for example, LED lighting and cup holders. However, we think the most important and most useful accessories every foosball table owner should buy is a foosball table cover and a rod lubricant. They will help in the maintenance and keep a foosball table in top condition for many years. Such accessories are a really good investment.


High-quality foosball table replacement parts made of durable materials will last much longer than the cheap, low-quality ones. Always check what you’re buying before you complete the purchase. Keep in mind that not all tables can fit universal parts. If you want to keep your table in perfect condition, buy accessories like foosball table covers and rod lubricants that will help you with the maintenance of your foosball table.

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