Best 16 Foosball Table Parts & Accessories You Need For Quality Play

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We have made a list of things that should be replaced after a while (if you play often), and also a list of accessories you may want your foosball table to come with.

Which Foosball Table Parts Are There?

A foosball table is much more than just legs and a cabinet with a playing field. It has got many parts and accessories, some basic and some additional. Some of them include, players, rods and rod handles, playing surfaces, bearings, balls, legs, leg levelers, wraps, pins and pin punch, scoreboard, table covers, cup holders, tubes, bumpers, and even silicone for maintenance.

Basic Parts Every Table Should Have

The following parts are what every table should have:

  • Players – men for playing foosball are figures on the rods and they are one of the most important and most used parts of a foosball table
  • Rods – long sticks to which the men are attached, can be either telescopic or non-telescopic
  • Playing field – the surface on which the game of foosball is played, can be made of different materials, such as glass, wood, and linoleum

What Do We Mean By “Classic”?

Which Accessories Are Necessary And Which Are Optional?

The necessary accessories will be those that the game of foosball cannot be played without. For instance, rods, foosball players, the ball, and the playing field are something you will need if you want to play the game. Optional parts and accessories are for example, cup holders, table covers, silicone, lights, and leg levelers. You do not need these parts but having them will make play better, easier, and more enjoyable.

Which Parts & Accessories To Avoid?

We do not recommend any parts or accessories for your foosball table that are cheap and made from bad quality materials. These include thin plastic foosballs, or any other part and accessories made from really cheap plastic.

What Are The Benefits Of Additional Parts?

The parts of the table that are optional offer many benefits to those who play foosball on the table:

  • Protect the table – when not in use, the covers will keep the table free of dust and protected from moisture, wind, UV rays, and other elements
  • Provide better lighting – by investing in a light fixture for above the table, you will be able to play the best game even when during the night or in poorly lit rooms
  • Keep the table level – leg levelers are very important if the ground the table is on is not level; by adjusting them you will be able to play foosball as the table will become level; an uneven playing field will otherwise spoil the game
  • Ensure longer lifespan of the table – if you assess the parts of your table often and replace all parts when needed, your table will last you longer

What To Focus On In General?

Before you make a purchase, there are some general tips that you should be aware of to make the best type of purchase.

Good Quality

To have a part or accessory made of good quality, you will have to be aware of the material it is made from. For example, always choose hollow steel rods, or playing surfaces made from either wood, thickened glass, or laminate. For the best quality products, we recommend buying parts and accessories from brands such as Tornado and Kick.

Right Size

To make a smart investment for a better foosball experience, you will have to choose replacement parts and accessories that fit the table you have with their size. For example, buying standard size rods for standard-sized tables (56 inches x 30 inches). Another example is replacement figures whose standard height is 4.2 inches or 107 millimeters. When purchasing them you need to make sure that they can turn 360 degrees on the rod without touching the ground.

Universal Replacement Parts

One way to go around replacing parts of your table is to choose universal replacement parts. They are a good choice if you cannot find branded parts for the table of a certain brand. The one downside is that you have to be very certain that the universal parts will be the right replacement.

Branded Parts

Your best shot at buying compatible parts and accessories is by buying from the same brand as your table. For example, you will not go wrong if you order replacement parts for your Tornado branded foosball table from Tornado. In comparison with universal parts, branded ones are more expensive and may be harder to find.


If two replacement parts or accessories have all the same features and characteristics apart from their look, then you can even make your choice by thinking of which model is a better aesthetic for your table and the room it is in. For example, two foosball men are the same besides their color. Then choose the color that goes well with the other colors on your table or your interior.


An important characteristic of many accessories and replacement parts is that they should be comfortable. For example, the rod handle should have an octagonal shape and offer ergonomic comfortability to the player.

Foosball Table Replacement Parts

Here you can learn about all the replacement parts and find out how to choose the best one based on important characteristics for each type.

Foosball Replacement Players

They are the most usual replacement parts you might need. You can get them if you are not happy with the quality of the players that are already on your table. Or you can replace them if they get broken. Tornado foosball men are an example of top-quality replacement players.

Characteristics To Look For

To get the best foosball men, you should choose those that are counterbalanced. This means that they have the same weight in their head as they do in their feet. Because of that, they can stay horizontal on the rod. Moreover, look for those that have cross-hatched legs rather than rounded ones if you want to be able to control the game more easily.

History Of Foosball Tables

Which Materials Are The Best?

You get to choose between players made from plastic, wood, and metal. The latter two are not as common and they are also more expensive than plastic ones. They usually come with high-end tables only. If you want plastic ones, we recommend ABS plastic as a good option.

The Right Size

When looking at foos men to replace the ones on your table, you need to make sure that the model you are going for is the right size. The players need to be able to rotate 360 degrees. This means that you cannot have them touch or scrape the playing surface during rotation. Usually, the standard size for them is 4.2 inches.

Foosball Replacement Balls

Along with players, foosballs are one of the most important parts that dictate how the game is being played. There is more than one type available on the market. You can choose between plastic, smooth, textured, and cork models. Moreover, some even feature LED lights inside and can be charged through USB to illuminate.

Soccer-Style Plastic Version

The first type of foosball is the one that resembles the real-size version used in football or soccer. It is made from hard plastic and features black and white pentagon shapes. It is not the best ball to have and usually comes only with cheap options. If you can, avoid this type.

Soccer-Style Plastic Version

Cork Version

The version made from cork is very light. It is a good choice if you want to enjoy a slower game and like to concentrate on skills and tactics.

Cork Version

Textured Version

Unlike the first version we talked about, which is smooth and shiny, this type is just the opposite. Thanks to its textured surface, it is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a faster game of foosball and use a lot of power and force.

Textured Version

Combo Packages

If you are unsure of which version works the best for you, you can even find packages that offer you all the different types in just one pack. Then you can try them all out and see which ball works best for your foosball skills.

Replacement Rods

First of all, rods have an important impact on the speed of the game. They are usually expensive. If you are unhappy with the rods that come with your foosball table because they are hard to rotate or they are uncomfortable, you can replace them with many models from the market. If you are unsure how to pick the best one, consider the following.

Hollow Rods

They can be made from many different materials, including steel, chrome, and wood. All three of them can be very heavy which will slow the game down. This is why when choosing the material, you also need to make sure that they are hollow inside. For example, your good choice will be hollow steel rods for good quality foosball.

Hollow Rods

Telescopic Version

A telescopic rod is a more advanced version of a foosball rod. It is visible only on one outside of the table where it has handles. This means that there is no chance you can accidentally hurt someone on the other side of the table as the rod is not poking through. This makes it a much safer option than non-telescopic rods.

Telescopic Version

Non-Telescopic Rods

Unlike telescopic ones, this style means that the rod is visible on both outsides of the cabinet. If you can, avoid these due to their safety problems.

Rod Handles

Once you get a good-quality rod, you also have to get quality handles. They are a crucial factor for players’ comfort while playing.

Ergonomic Grips

It is very important to find a handle that is ergonomically made to keep the hand gripping it comfortable. If you get an ergonomic one, your hands and wrists won’t suffer from injuries and your hands won’t be in pain even after hours of playing. Such handles offer a stress-free experience.

Ergonomic Grips

Best Material

As the handles must not be slippery, your best choice would be to look for wooden and rubber materials without a shiny finish. If you want plastic, make sure its structure prevents slipping.

Rod Bumpers

Bumpers keep the sides of the table protected from the rods. If there are no rod bumpers on the sides of the table around the rods, then you can easily scratch and damage the outside of the cabinet. This is especially true if you are an aggressive player.

What Are They Made Of?

They are usually made of dense black rubber and are installed at both ends of the foosball rods inside the table. They are a tampon zone between foosball men and the cabinet wall, ensuring both parts last longer.

What Are They Made Of?

Why Do You Need Them?

Without the bumpers, the foosball men would constantly hit the cabinet walls and cause damage to the table over time. There are still some low-quality foosball tables that feature bumpers made of metal springs that can damage the walls and they are much less durable than the rubber ones.

Rod Bearings

A rod bearing is a replaceable part that is inserted into the holes in the sides of the cabinet. It is a tampon zone between the rod and the table.

What Are They Made Of?

Usually, you will find them made from durable plastic. Sometimes, the screws are not included with them so make sure to buy them separately if this is the case. For maintenance, you will have to apply liquid silicone next to the bearings, right at the ends of the rods. Lubrication will make the bearings last longer and you won’t need to replace them as often.

Rod Bearings

Why Do You Need Them?

A high-quality bearing allows for lower friction and smoother gliding when using the rod. This is extremely important for performing fast shots. Thus, the bearings can improve your game skills and results.

Safety End Cups

You will find safety end cups on the end of the non-telescopic rod that does not feature a handle. They can be made of either rubber or plastic. Both materials will be okay at preventing harder hits with the end of a metal or wooden rod.

Safety End Cups

Where Are They Needed?

We recommend these safety cups for foosball tables everywhere. However, they are especially important if you have a table suitable for your kids or if young children run around the table. The rubber or the plastic will soften the hit of the hard rod.

Leg Levelers

If you want to place your foosball table just about anywhere, you need leg levelers. These levelers are located at the bottom of the legs and they keep the playing surface straight. If the playing surface is not straight, the game will be spoiled or impossible to play.

Which Tables Don’t Have Them?

If you have a cheap table for foosball, you probably do not have leg levelers. Also, they are not featured on expensive models such as wooden soccer tables.

Leg Levelers

Why You Need Them?

If the ground where you want to place the table is not completely level, you will need leg levelers. Besides keeping the playfield straight, they will also keep the table stable. You can also use them to adjust the height of the table to your needs. The rubber bottom is featured on high-quality levelers to keep the table in place and to prevent the floor from getting scratched.

Scoring Parts

Foosball tables usually feature scorekeeping units at the end of each side, right above the goals. Moreover, in some tables, this unit is integrated, while others allow you to replace it. Scoreboards tend to get damaged and worn out over time so it is a good thing that they are replaceable.

Scoring Parts

Why Do You Need Them?

They make score recording so much easier so that you can fully focus on the game. If your table does not feature them, this is a good enough reason to install them.

Types To Choose Between

Traditional tables usually have a bead scoring manual system. Whenever your team scores a goal, you have to slide the bead to the other side. If you have a table with LED lights, chances are you also have an automatic scoring system so you won’t really need to replace it.

Pins & Pin Punch

Pins are used for replacing men on a foosball table. With them, you will be able to fix the players and the handles to the rods and keep them in place. The pin punch is a tool for installing the pins without damaging the player figures.

Pins & Pin Punch

Why Are They A Good Idea?

In comparison with screws, pins are a better option. They won’t break or come loose. They are also lightweight so they won’t slow down the rod. Moreover, in comparison to bolts, they will also rarely become loose, while bolts will even slow down the rods.

Recommendations For Pins

You can buy pins in packs of 15 with a punch included or even buy separate if you only have to replace one. Also, when replacing the figures, we recommend using new pins as they can become misaligned after long use.

Entry Dishes

Other names for an entry dish for the game of table soccer are ball entry cup or ball serve cup. Replaceable ones are made of durable plastic and you will find universal models easily. These universal models almost always fit standard tables for playing foosball.

Entry Dishes

What Are They Used For?

They allow better serves and easier drop-ins of the ball instead of dropping it in through vertical holes.

Foosball Accessories

Not sure which accessories there are for foosball tables? And what makes them good or bad? These accessories usually do not come included with the table but can be bought separately. We recommend investing in at least the silicone and a cover.

Covers For Foosball Tables

They are important to keep the table protected from many elements when it is not in use. However, this accessory rarely comes with the table, so we suggest purchasing it separately.

Design That Covers Only The Playfield

Benefits Of Covered Table

If we compare a table that was covered and one that wasn’t, we would learn that covered models usually last longer. This is especially true for outdoor tables. In the outdoor environment, the cover will protect your foosball table from sun damage, wind, rain, snow, debris, dirt, etc.

Tablecloth Design For Better Coverage

How To Pick The Best?

To have the best cover for your table, pick the following. For an outdoor table, make sure it is made of durable vinyl so that it is waterproof. For indoors, you can even pick a polyester model and it should be durable enough. Moreover, outdoor tables should be covered completely, while the indoor one does not need a full cover. A tablecloth design is recommended for outdoor tables, while a model that covers only the playing surface will be enough for those that are kept inside.

Rod Lubricant

Lubricant in the form of silicone is important to have for the maintenance of the rods and the overall playing quality. It keeps the rods clean, too. The bearings on the foosball table will have a longer life if you use silicone regularly. The rods will last longer, too, and work smoothly.

Keep The Table Clean & Rods Lubricated

Spray & Liquid Silicone

For the maintenance of the rod, liquid silicone will be a better choice. On the other hand, the spray version is great for cleaning the rods. We do not recommend using universal lubricants such as WD-40 for maintenance as they will dry out the rod bearings over time.

Cup Holders

While they are not a usual part of a foosball table, some models can have them featured. You won’t find cupholders on professional tables for playing foosball. However, some models that are made exclusively for hobby playing can have them. For fun nights of playing foosball, the cup holder will allow you to have your drink close to you while playing a match.

Why Are They Good?

Cup holders are usually cheap investments. This makes them good for both home use and for foosball tables in bars and other commercial settings.

Cup Holders

The Danger

You could spill your drink over the playing surface so it is good not to drink while standing right next to the foosball table.

Foosball Gloves, Wraps & Tubes

Both gloves, tubes, and wraps are used on the player’s hands. They help to provide a better grip on the rod handles. You will not need all three accessories at once. Wraps and tubes are an alternative to gloves or they can be used along with the gloves.

How To Pick Gloves?

First of all, you will have to choose the right size by following the manufacturer’s guidelines of how big your hands are. They are usually made of lycra or cotton. On the pal, they also have a rubber grip design on the palms. However, some players do not like wearing gloves. They say it removes the natural feel that they have when playing bare-handed. Gloves can also become loose after some time.

How To Pick Gloves?

How Are Wraps & Tubes Used?

With wraps and tubes, you have a large selection available. They are great to keep a good grip, especially if your palms tend to get sweaty. You can choose between different thickness and colors according to your personal preferences. Also, we recommend choosing high tacky models if you want a really good grip.

Light Fixtures

For the best possible foosball playing experience, you will need quality lighting. Bad lighting can spoil and ruin the game as you won’t see the ball properly. Moreover, shadows due to bad lighting can also ruin the experience and be annoying.

Light Fixtures

How To Fix The Problem?

You can hand light fixtures right above the table to fix this problem. Another option would be to invest in a table with integrated LED lights. If you like DIY projects, you could even install the lights on the playing surface yourself.

Final Verdict

High-quality foosball table replacement parts made of durable materials will last much longer than the cheap, low-quality ones. Always check what you’re buying before you complete the purchase. Keep in mind that not all tables can fit universal parts. If you want to keep your table in perfect condition, buy accessories like foosball table covers and rod lubricants that will help you with the maintenance of your foosball table.

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