Best 6 Foosball Tables For Home You Can Get In 2021 Reviews

Are you looking for the best foosball table for home that will be elegant and fit in nicely?

If this is the case, continue reading this article.

We have made a list of the best foosball tables for home, so, the only thing you need to do is to pick a table based on your needs and wishes. This might be a white foosball table, an antique-looking one or maybe a LED table.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Foosball Table For Home
Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table PicksGarlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table
Boasting professional-quality features, this sophisticated foosball table comes in three neutral colors.
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Best 3-in-1 Foosball Table For Home
GYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table PicksGYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table
This multi-game table will bring endless amounts of fun and excitement to the whole family!
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Best Antique Foosball Table For Home
Fairview Game Rooms Furniture Style Home Foosball Table PicksFairview Game Rooms Foosball Table
This beautifully carved table looks like an expensive piece of furniture and brings a dash of luxury to any home.
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Best Cheap Foosball Table For Home
Giantex 48'' Foosball Table PicksGiantex 48” Foosball Table
Boasting high-quality features and a modern design, this affordable foosball table is suitable for both kids and adults.
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Best White Foosball Table For Home
René Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table PicksRené Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table
Handmade and designed in France, this top-quality all-white table will be a centerpiece in any room.
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Best LED Foosball Table For Home
Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball TableAtomic Azure LED Foosball Table
Featuring illuminating LED blue lights, this table allows a magical experience of playing in complete darkness.
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Best 6 Foosball Table For Home Reviews


Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

Plastic Laminated Playfield
This top-quality foosball table comes in three colors: black, gray and white. All three versions will fit nicely into any home interior because of their neutral color palette. The table features a plastic laminated playfield which enables the ball to move fast.

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

Adjustable Leg Levelers
Featuring a 1-inch thick cabinet, this official-size foosball table boasts heavy-duty steel legs. The legs have integrated adjustable levelers that guarantee maximum stability and a balanced playing field on all kinds of surfaces which is extremely important for a good quality game.

Telescopic Steel Rods
The durable foosball men with one-goalie setup are attached to telescopic stress-resistant steel rods with steel ball bearings which reduce wrist stress and keep the game fast. The rods feature ergonomically designed plastic handles that are very comfortable and prevent hand pain.

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table3 Review

Dual Ball Return System
The ball retrieval is easy and quick thanks to the very convenient dual ball return system. Color-coordinated scoring devices can be found on each side of the table and they make score recording really easy. This foosball table for home comes with all the accessories necessary for playing including ten standard white balls.

Highlighted Points:

  • top-quality official-size foosball table
  • plastic laminated playfield
  • adjustable leg levelers
  • telescopic stress-resistant steel rods
  • ergonomically designed plastic handles
  • dual ball return system


GYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table

Foosball, Billiards & Hockey Game Surfaces
This hockey, pool and foosball table offers endless entertainment for the whole family. If one game simply isn’t enough for you but you don’t want to waste space on three different game tables, you should probably consider this table. It features playing surfaces for foosball, hockey, and billiards.

GYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table

Easy To Switch Between Games
Made of high-quality MDF with a wooden finish, this elegant table will be a great addition to your home. It is really easy to switch between games thanks to three interchangeable tabletops with a locking clasp and stack-up design. Its construction is very durable and it can withstand the toughest matches.

Legs With No-Slip Pads
Four leg construction features non-slip pads that effectively protect the floor from scratching and prevent unwanted movement. Foosball game surface comes with comfortable PVC handles and iron rods that feature white and red robot-style foosball men with a 3-goalie configuration.

GYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table Review

Designed For Family Use
GYMAX 3 in 1 Game Table comes packed with accessories for all three games. It measures 48″ L x 23″ W x 32.5″ H and weighs 49 lbs. If you want a multi-game table that is specially designed for family use, this is the table for you. It is suitable for 2-4 people and it will bring so much joy and excitement to your family and that is why it is on this list as one of best foosball table for home.

Highlighted Points:

  • endless entertainment for whole family
  • easy to switch between games
  • made of durable MDF material
  • legs with no-slip pads
  • comes with all necessary accessories


Fairview Game Rooms Home Foosball Table

Beautifully Carved Legs
This antique-looking foosball table really stands out because it looks like an expensive piece of furniture. It boasts beautifully carved Queen Anne Legs which give it an exquisite look. They are not only beautiful but also provide high stability even though they don’t have levelers.

Fairview Game Rooms Home Foosball Table

Made Of Wood
Fairview Game Rooms Home Foosball Table is made of wood which is a high-quality material that guarantees maximum durability and longevity. It is available in two wonderful colors – mahogany and chestnut, so you can choose which color would be a better fit for your home.

Glossy Brown Playfield
The playfield isn’t classic green like on most tables, but elegant brown with white lines. It is sleek and glossy, enabling the ball to move fast over it. The unique foosball men with 3-goalie configuration are attached to durable stainless steel rods with comfortable brown handles. Unfortunately, they are not counterbalanced.

Fairview Game Rooms Home Foosball Table Review

Embedded Score Tracking Units
Two score tracking devices are embedded into the table and help to keep track of the action. All accessories necessary for playing will come with the table, including clear and simple instructions for assembly. Assembly is not complicated but it takes some time.

Highlighted Points:

  • Queen Anne Legs without levelers
  • made of natural wood
  • glossy brown playfield
  • 3-goalie configuration
  • assembly takes some time


Giantex 48” Foosball Table

Strurdy & Durable Construction
This cheap foosball table is available in two colors – Black and Wood. Both versions of the table are unique and stylish. The “Wood” version might be a great fit for interiors decorated in industrial style. Made of MDF, this soccer table boasts a sturdy and durable construction.

Giantex 48'' Foosball Table Review

Compact Size Saves Spaces
Thanks to its compact size of 48″ L x 24″ W x 31″ H, this table will fit smaller spaces. Also, if you think a full-size table takes up too much space, maybe you should consider this table. Even though it comes at a very affordable price, it doesn’t look cheap and it is not a low-quality foosball table.

Suitable For Children
What is also great is the fact that this table is suitable for kids. This means that the whole family can enjoy playing on game nights. Table sports are recommended for children because they can learn about different sports, practice their motor skills and strategic thinking.

Giantex 48'' Foosball Table2

Ergonomic Handles & Adjustable Leg Levelers
Giantex 48” Foosball Table comes with stainless steel rods that feature 24 robot-style foosball men with a 3-goalie configuration. The handles are ergonomic and non-slip. Stability is secured by the integrated leg levelers that ensure a balanced playfield on uneven surfaces.

Highlighted Points:

  • sturdy& durable construction
  • good size for small spaces
  • great quality at a low price
  • suitable for children
  • ergonomic non-slip handles
  • integrated leg levelers


René Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table

Handmade In France
Handmade in France, this stylish white foosball table will be a centerpiece in any room and a great conversation starter. Thanks to its exquisite design, this table really stands out. However, it is not all about the looks. This table is a high-quality soccer table that provides a great playing experience.

René Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table

Telescopic Stainless Steel Rods
The chrome-plated stainless steel telescopic rods with Teflon rings and dampening springs feature aluminum die-cast foosball men which are hand-painted in black and silver. Telescopic rods add to safety because, unlike solid rods, they were designed to move in an out of the cabinet without poking through the other side.

Ergonomically Designed Handles
The handles are ergonomically designed and therefore very comfortable. Apart from a stress-free experience for your wrists, they also provide control for precision shots and delicate passes. Such handles are very important if you plan to play table foosball often.

René Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table Review

White Linoleum Playfield
The elegant playfield is made of white linoleum which allows the ball to slide fast across the surface, while solid wood legs ensure stability during intense matches. René Pierre Color Blanc Foosball Table has built-in abacus scoring units on each side of the table and comes complete with all necessary accessories, including two cork balls.

Highlighted Points:

  • handmade in France
  • all-white exquisite design
  • telescopic stainless steel rods
  • ergonomically designed handles
  • white linoleum playfield
  • solid wood legs


Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Illuminating LED Blue Lights
This LED foosball table is made of high-quality materials, and since it boasts a simple black design, it will fit into any interior. Thanks to its illuminating blue lights, you will be able to play in the dark. Trust us, these blue lights create an amazing and magical atmosphere.

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table

Rechargeable LED Ball
What is more, these LED lights are interactive and they are paired with in-game music. How cool is that?! Even the foosball is LED lighted which means you can really play in total darkness. It is also USB rechargeable. The table features a built-in ball charger and it takes 45 minutes for the ball to be fully charged. It will last up to six hours.

Automatic Electronic Scoring
Strong and durable 15.8 mm steel rods feature two teams of white and blue robot-style foosball men with a 3-goalie configuration. The goal boxes are also lit up. Automatic electronic scoring is another cool feature of this table. It enables the easiest tracking of the score ever.

Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table Review

Spacious 47” x 27” Playfield
Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball Table measures 58.25 x 30.75 x 34.38 inches and weighs 116.71 pounds. It features a spacious 47” x 27” playfield. It comes with all the necessary accessories for playing. Assembly is required, but it is simple and fast.

Highlighted Points:

  • simple black design
  • magical playing atmosphere
  • illuminating interactive LED blue lights
  • lights paired with in-game music
  • rechargeable LED foosball
  • simple and fast assembly


Foosball tables for the home have a nice and elegant design that will easily fit into any home interior. However, their design is not the only important thing. When buying a soccer table for your home, you should first consider where you’ll place it and if it has quality features you’re looking for. To help you choose the best table for your needs, we are giving you a few tips below:

Full-Size Foosball Table – Full-size foosball tables measure around 56 inches in length and they provide the best playing experience. They can accommodate more players than smaller tables. Such a table also takes up a lot of space, so if you live in a small apartment or don’t want to waste so much space on a foosball table, think about getting a 48″ foosball table or smaller. The other option is a foldable table that doesn’t need a permanent spot and can be stored easily.

Adjustable Leg Levelers – Make sure that the table you’re buying has adjustable leg levelers because they provide the highest level of stability and enable a balanced playing field on different kinds of surfaces. This way, you’ll be able to place it on an uneven surface without worrying that it will lack stability.

Telescopic Safety Rods & Ergonomic Handles – Foosball table telescopic rods contribute to players’ safety because they don’t poke through the other side of the table like solid rods. Also, make sure that handles featured on the rods are ergonomically designed because such handles are much more comfortable and they provide a stress-free experience for your wrists.

Replacement parts – If you play table soccer on a regular basis, you will eventually need to replace some foosball table parts due to wear and tear. There are two types of replacement parts – universal, that fit almost all tables on the market, and parts made by a particular brand for a particular table. Our advice is to choose a table with universal parts because such parts are cheaper and easier to get.


The Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table is the best foosball table for home because it is the official-size foosball table with top-quality features like telescopic rods, adjustable leg levelers, ergonomic handles and a dual ball return system. It also comes in three different colors and boasts an elegant design that will fit into any home interior. If you’re not buying a foosball table for your home, you may want to check out our posts about commercial foosball tables and coin-operated foosball tables that would be ideal for commercial establishments like bars and hotels.

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