Best 5 ESPN Foosball Table Reviews Made By Expert In 2021

Are you planning to buy an ESPN foosball table but you’re not sure which model?

If that’s the case, continue reading this post.

We have found a list of ESPN models for you to choose from. Pick a table based on your needs and wishes – a  black foosball table, a stylish one that will nicely fit into your home interior, or maybe a cheap one that won’t be a blow to your budget.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best ESPN Foosball Table
ESPN 56 Arcade Foosball Table In BlackGrayRed PicksESPN 56″ Arcade Gray Foosball Table
Boasting a cool and modern design, this high-quality ESPN table comes with comfortable octagonal-shaped handles.
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Best For Home ESPN Foosball Table
ESPN Net Attack Foosball Table PicksESPN Net Attack Foosball Table
This full-size arcade-style ESPN table features an elegant wooden design and it will easily fit into any interior.
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Best Cheap ESPN Foosball Table
ESPN 54 Foosball Table PicksESPN 54″ Foosball Table
This affordable foosball table comes with all necessary accessories for the exciting game of table soccer.
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Best Black ESPN Foosball Table
ESPN Arcade Foosball Table PicksESPN 56″ Arcade Black Foosball Table
Coming at a reasonable price, this black foosball table boasts oversized 5″ leg levelers with panel leg support.
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Best Indoor ESPN Foosball Table
MD Sports ESPN 54 Foosball Soccer Arcade Table PicksMD Sports ESPN 54″ Foosball Table
Featuring ESPN logo and a vibrant design, this foosball table is a dream of every ESPN sports fan.
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Best 5 ESPN Foosball Table Reviews


ESPN 56″ Arcade Gray Foosball Table

Cool & Modern Design
This gray ESPN foosball table with black and red details boasts a cool and modern design. Measuring 56″ x 28. 75″ x 34. 5″, it provides a spacious playing surface. It is the most expensive ESPN table on this list, however, it is worth the price due to the quality features it offers.

Arcade Foosball Table In BlackGrayRed

Simple & Fast Assembly
It requires assembly but it is simple and fast. What is more, it doesn’t require a single tool. That is probably because the table comes 70% pre-assembled. It comes with traditional bead scoring units on each side of the table which make score recording really easy.

Comfortable octagonal-shaped handles
5/8″ chrome-plated steel rods designed for intense play feature weighted foosball men which are easily rotated. Comfortable octagonal-shaped handles provide precise player control while ramped edges of the playfield keep the ball in motion.

Arcade Foosball Table In BlackGrayRed Review

Oversized 5″ Leg Levelers
Sturdy legs with full leg panel feature oversized 5″ leg levelers that ensure a maximum level of stability and guarantee a balanced playing surface. ESPN 56″ Arcade Gray Foosball Table comes with all necessary accessories including two high-quality soccer balls.

Highlighted Points:

  • cool & modern design
  • hassle-free assembly
  • 5/8″ chrome-plated steel rods
  • comfortable octagonal-shaped handles
  • playfield with ramped edges
  • oversized 5″ leg levelers


ESPN Net Attack Foosball Table

Full-Size Foosball Table
This full-size arcade-style ESPN table from Sportcraft is a great foosball table for any home. It boasts an elegant wooden design with a white ESPN logo that will easily fit into any interior. It measures 56” x 30” x 35” and weighs approximately 120 pounds.

ESPN Net Attack Foosball Table Review

Melamine Treated Playfield
The melamine treated playfield enables precise ball control thanks to its texture. The ESPN foosball table comes complete with two classic white sanded and two high-contrast orange sanded 35mm foosballs. On each side of the table, there is an inset bead style scoring unit for an easy track of the action.

Lightweight Steel Rods
Lightweight steel foosball rods feature robot-style foosball men in red and black, with a 3-goalie configuration. The PVC handles provide comfort for your hands and ensure a strong grip. The graphics on the table are not stickers – they are screen printed.

ESPN Net Attack Foosball Table

Adjustable Leg Levelers
ESPN Net Attack Foosball Table features a side-mounted ball return which is less convenient than dual ball return. However, it boasts adjustable leg levelers that ensure maximum stability and a balanced playing field on all kinds of surfaces.

Highlighted Points:

  • elegant wooden design
  • melamine treated playfield
  • lightweight steel rods
  • screen printed graphics
  • side-mounted ball return
  • adjustable leg levelers


ESPN 54″ Foosball Table

Hassle-Free Assembly
This cheap foosball table boasts a high-quality construction. It measures 54 L x 27.25 W x 34 H in and requires assembly but you won’t need any tools. It takes less than 15 minutes to put it together. All accessories are included, along with two soccer balls.

ESPN 54 Foosball Table

Comfortable Octagonal Handles
The reinforced 10.5″ x 0.75″ aprons and 5/8″ chrome-plated steel rods ensure high durability and longevity while quality ball bearings provide faster shots and smoother gliding of the rods. Octagonal handles are really comfortable and provide precise player control.

3-Goalie Configuration
ESPN Foosball Table features patented robot-style black and red players that are easy to assemble to the rods. They have a 3-goalie configuration. On each side of the table, there is a traditional, bead style scoring unit that helps to keep track of the action.

ESPN 54 Foosball Table Review

4″ Leg Levelers With Rubber Protection
Sturdy legs feature 4″ levelers that guarantee stability and a leveled playing field on all kinds of surfaces. They come with rubber protection to prevent the floor from scratching. If you want to have a good time playing table soccer with your family without going to a sports center, think about buying this affordable table.

Highlighted Points:

  • easy & fast assembly
  • 5/8″ chrome-plated steel rods
  • comfortable octagonal handles
  • 3-goalie configuration
  • 4″ leg levelers with rubber protection


ESPN 56″ Arcade Black Foosball Table

Made Of Durable Materials
This black foosball table with red and white details is made of high-quality MDF and PVC laminate which are very durable materials. They guarantee longevity even if you use this table for playing intense matches and tournaments on a regular basis.

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

Chrome-Plated Foosball Rods
ESPN 56″ Arcade Black Foosball Table features strong 5/8 inch chrome-plated foosball rods with comfortable no-slip handles. Two teams of black and red hand-painted foosball men are the main stars of the green playfield with white lines.

Oversized 5″ Leg Levelers
This ESPN foosball table boasts oversized 5″ leg levelers with extra full panel leg support for maximum stability and a balanced playing field on all kinds of surfaces, even during the most intense table soccer matches. Dual ball return makes the retrieval of the ball easy and keeps the game fast. A traditional bead scoring system can be found on each side of the table.

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table Review

Simple & Fast Assembly
All necessary accessories come with this table, including one standard soccer foosball and one fuzzy foosball. The table requires assembly but it is simple and fast. The assembled table dimensions are 56″ x 28.75″ x 34.5″ which means it will fit in any room as long as it is not smaller than 8 ft. x 6 ft.

Highlighted Points:

  • Durable and solid construction
  • 5/8 inch chrome-plated rods
  • hand-painted foosball men
  • oversized 5″ leg levelers
  • dual ball return
  • simple & fast assembly


MD Sports ESPN 54″ Foosball Soccer Arcade Table

Vibrant & Cool Design
The last foosball table on this list is another table specially made for ESPN fans who love everything under its logo. The table measures 54 x 26.5 x 33 inches and weighs 41 pounds. It boasts a vibrant and cool black and red design which will be very appealing to sports fans.

MD Sports ESPN 54 Foosball Arcade Table

Full Panel Leg Support & Levelers
This modern foosball table has full panel leg support with an additional lower apron for extra stability. Besides the panels, the table has adjustable leg levelers that provide a leveled playing field on all kinds of surfaces. It includes all the necessary accessories for playing.

Sleek & Glossy Playfield
The sleek and glossy green playfield with white lines features two teams of red and silver robot-style foosball men with a 3-goalie configuration. They are attached to chrome-plated steel rods with comfortable black handles that provide a strong grip.

MD Sports ESPN 54 Foosball Arcade Table Review

Assembly Is Required
On each side of the MD Sports ESPN Foosball Table, there is a traditional bead scoring which helps keep track of the action. It comes with two foosballs. Assembly is required, and we recommend two people to do it together because it will go much faster.

Highlighted Points:

  • vibrant & cool design with ESPN logo
  • full panel leg support with additional apron
  • adjustable leg levelers
  • sleek & glossy green playfield
  • 3-goalie configuration
  • chrome-plated steel rods


ESPN foosball tables feature a modern design and quality features. Yet, they aren’t exactly the best tables on the market – they are medium quality foosball tables. However, they offer a great playing experience for less demanding players and come under the name of ESPN, which makes them really popular in the foosball world. When planning to buy an ESPN soccer table, you should first check its size and the features it offers. To help you choose the best table for your needs, we are giving you a few tips below:

ESPN Brand – ESPN is a famous American sports television network ESPN focused on broadcasting sporting events and games. It is an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. ESPN unofficially refers to itself as “The Worldwide Leader in Sports”. It is a big part of American culture and it covers all sports news. Foosball brands have also recognized the popularity and importance of ESPN so they decided to manufacture tables with the ESPN logo on them.

Spacious playing surface – All ESPN foosball tables on this list offer a spacious playing field since they are full-sized tables. This means they are suitable for more than two players and offer a great playing experience. Just make sure you have enough space at your home because those aren’t kid’s foosball tables.

Oversized leg levelers – ESPN tables are known to be very stable thanks to their oversized leg levelers. Every ESPN table has them, and they are one of the most important features a quality foosball table can offer. This is because, with leg levelers, you can adjust the table to your height and also to all kinds of uneven surfaces. They ensure a balanced playing field.

Parts & Accessories – Since they are made mostly of universal parts, it is very easy to find replacement parts for foosball tables. This is great because such universal parts are easy to find and they are far less expensive than special replacement parts some tables require.


ESPN 56″ Arcade Gray Foosball Table is the best ESPN foosball table because it stands out with its cool and modern design accompanied by quality features like oversized 5″ leg levelers, playfield with ramped edges and comfortable octagonal-shaped handles. It is very stable thanks to full leg panels. However, if you’re not interested in buying an ESPN table but you’re looking for a top-notch foosball table with professional features, check out our post on professional foosball tables. Also, if you lack space at your home, and buying a small foosball table is the only option, read our post on small foosball tables.

ESPN foosball table

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