Best 6 Computer Monitors For Office Work In 2021 Reviews

Are you searching for the best office monitor suitable for your office?

Read this post and check the list of the best-rated models on the market. To decide which model to buy, check the reviews. The models are classified to make your research easier. You can also read the buying guide and conclusion.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Monitor For Office Work
HP VH240a Monitor PicksHP VH240a Monitor
The high resolution, refresh rate, integrated speakers, and other characteristics make this HP model useful for office.
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Best 4K Monitor For Office Work
SAMSUNG LU32 monitor PicksSamsung LU32 Monitor
The big curvature radius and the highest resolution make this Samsung monitor worth buying and practical for office use.
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Best 24-Inch Office Monitor
BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor PicksBenQ 24-Inch IPS Monitor
Optimal screen size and clear view as well as advanced technology make this monitor comfortable for eyes during long-lasting usage.
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Best 27-Inch Office Monitor
Philips 276E9QDSB 27 Monitor PicksPhilips 276E9QDSB Monitor
The big size is not the only advantage of this Philips monitor but there are fluid performance, clear picture, and more.
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Best Budget Monitor For Office Work
Acer SB220Q Monitor PicksAcer SB220Q Monitor
Not only the affordable price but the thin design and quality of the screen view make this Acer monitor desirable.
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Best Curved Office Monitor
Sceptre 24 Curved Monitor PicksSceptre 24 Curved Monitor
The curved design and big size are the main factors that influence the comfortable all-day office work.
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6 Best Monitor For Office Work Models

Best Of Best Monitor For Office Work

HP VH240a Monitor

High Quality And Refresh Rate
The HP office monitor comes in the standard size of almost 24 inches. The monitor is big enough to provide a good view. The high-quality resolution contributes to the picture quality. The resolution is 1920×1080 while the refresh rate is 60Hz. The response time is 5 ms.

HP VH240a Monitor

Portrait And Landscape
It’s a LED type of monitors which means it has a LED backlight. It allows you both portrait and landscape views. You can adjust the view by rotating the monitor. Its tilt is also adjustable so you can adjust the monitor position according to your needs.

Speakers And Ports Integrated
The monitor includes HDMI and VGA ports. The speakers are also integrated. The monitor comes with a stand that takes minimal space on the desk. If you want to ensure more space on your desk or use it as a conference room monitor, you can set it on the wall.

HP VH240a Monitor Review

Long Connecting Cable Included
The aspect ratio of the monitor is 16:9. The monitor provides a view angle of 178 degrees. You can connect the monitor to your PC using the AC power cords included in the package. You will get and the VESA mounting tool with a length of 100 meters.

Highlighted Points:

  • the monitor size is 24 inches
  • the resolution is 1920×1080
  • landscape and portrait positions offered
  • compatible with VESA mounting tool
  • speakers and ports built-in
  • the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9
  • response time is 5 ms and the refresh rate is 60 Hz

Best 4K Monitor For Office Work

Samsung LU32 Monitor

Resolution Influences The Clear View
This Samsung best 4k monitor for office work provides a high-quality picture so it’s comfortable to work at a distance and the screen content will be clear. The size has also an important role in a clear view. The size of this monitor is 32 inches which means the diagonal length.

SAMSUNG LU32 monitor

Far From Your Seat
Thanks to big size and the highest resolution, you can place the monitor at a distance of even 40 inches from your seat. Since it’s big and curved, the monitor surrounds the user standing sitting at the office desk. The monitor provides a wide-angle view of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically.

Split Screen Option
Unlike the average radius of the curved office monitors which is 1800R, this model has a bigger curvature radius of 1500R. Since the monitor has a big length, it allows you to set the option for separating the screen to get two views. Setting this option, the resolution stays the same on both screens.

SAMSUNG LU32 monitor Review

Metallic Stable Stand
The monitor is connected with the metal stand that provides the stability. This office work monitor has a classic neutral design so it fits any office design. You need to ensure some space on the desk since it’s large. However, it’s thin which contributes to the look and practicality of use.

Highlighted Points:

  • 32 inches of the size
  • curved monitor with a radius of 1500R
  • 4K resolution of the screen
  • allows you to split the screen
  • the view angle is 178 degrees
  • metal stand supports the screen

Best 24-Inch Office Monitor

BenQ 24-Inch IPS Monitor

Thin Stand Of Black Monitor
BenQ model is the best 24-inch office monitor with a neutral black design and thin stand. It ensures you a lot of adjustments such as the brightness which has an influence on eye comfort. The lower brightness makes the office work more comfortable especially if you stay in front of the monitor for long.

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

Cares For Your Eyes
Not only the brightness but also the eye-care technology included in this monitor has an influence on eye comfort during long-lasting office work. You can set the eye care mode and the monitor will adjust the brightness optimally for eye health. Zero-flicker technology also has a good effect on your health since it prevents headaches.

Big Clear Text
You don’t have to strain your eyes since the monitor is 24 inches big so the text on the screen is big and clear. The 1920×1080 resolution also makes the view clear. The monitor provides a view angle of 178 degrees. The refresh rate of 60Hz and response time of 8ms reduce the screen stalling.

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor review

Needed Cables Included
The monitor comes with the stand for the desk but also with VESA we’ll mount 100 mm. The needed cables are also in the package. The monitor has DisplayPort and an HDMI port. This monitor is one of the energy star certified products. The certification proves the maximum carbon reduction.

Highlighted Points:

  • 24-inch monitor with 1080p resolution
  • eye-care e technology adjusts the brightness
  • zero-flicker technology for headache prevention
  • compatible with VESA 100 mm wall mount
  • 8 ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate
  • HDMI port and DisplayPort included

Best 27-Inch Office Monitor

Philips 276E9QDSB Monitor

Black And Silver
This Philips best 27-inch monitor for office work comes in black and silver color. The black frame is thin and not so noticeable as the silver stand. It has a minimalistic design, unlike the screen. With a size of 27 inches, it’s a pretty large monitor designed for the office.

Philips 276E9QDSB 27 Monitor

Wide-color Technology
The big LCD screen in combination with full HD 1920×1080 resolution provides a clear view. You can adjust the brightness according to your preferences. The monitor has an ultra wide-color technology that makes the colors real. This function is important while working with pictures. If you use videos for work, the free sync technology is helpful.

Gaming Characteristic Useful For Work
The free sync technology makes the videos fluid which is the average characteristic of gaming monitors but also helpful for office work. The refresh rate of 50-75Hz is also useful for work because you can work without stalling. You can finish your tasks quickly using this monitor and a quality PC.

Philips 276E9QDSB 27 Monitor Review

Compatible With Earphones
Just like all the monitors, this one has ports built-in so you can connect the monitor with other devices. There is an HDMI port, VGA port, and DVI-D port. Audio connectivity is also available. You can use the monitor with the earphones to prevent disturbing your colleagues.

Highlighted Points:

  • 27-inch LCD monitor full HD
  • the screen resolution is 1920×1080
  • free sync technology ensures fluid videos
  • ultra wide-color technology provides high-quality image
  • HDMI, VGA, and DVI-D ports built-in
  • 50-75 Hz of the refresh rate
  • audio connectivity ensured

Best Budget Monitor For Office Work

Acer SB220Q Monitor

Round Base And Thin Frame
The Acer model is one of the cheap office monitors and has a lot of useful functions so it’s a good investment. This monitor has a size of 21,5 inches and a full HD 1920×1080 resolution just like most monitors. The frame doesn’t take a lot of space on the monitor.

Acer SB220Q Monitor

Three Ports Behind
The stand also doesn’t take a lot of space on the desk. The stand has a round base that provides optimal stability. On the backside of the monitor, there are HDMI and VGA ports. The third port is purposed for earphones. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9.

Adjustable Tilt Angle
This thin model is suitable for the wall. You can use a VESA mount to attach it to the wall. If you use it at the desk, you can adjust the tilt angle from 5 to 15 degrees. The horizontal and vertical view angles are the same and they are 178 degrees.

Acer SB220Q Monitor Review

Screen Split Option
The monitor has an average refresh rate of 75Hz. The response time is 4ms which is enough for work purposes. The screen is not so big as some previous models but it also offers a screen split function. The brightness and high resolution make both screens clear.

Highlighted Points:

  • full HD 1920×1080 resolution
  • screen split function available
  • thin space-saving design with round base
  • HDMI and VGA ports for use
  • compatible with VESA wall mount
  •  5-15 degree adjustable tilt angle

Best Curved Office Monitor

Sceptre 24 Curved Monitor

Main Benefit Of Curved Model
The Sceptre best monitor for office work is curved so it’s multifunctional. The monitor is practical for office work as well as for gaming. The main advantage of the curved monitor is the wide view the monitor provides. 1800R is the radius of the curvature of this model.

Sceptre 24 Curved Monitor

Enough Space At Desk
The monitor includes a metal stand with a round base. You need to ensure some space at the desk but not too much space. You will have enough space for other things you need in the office. It’s also possible to attach the monitor to the wall using the VESA.

Practical For Meeting Room
Mounting on the wall can make more space on your desk. It’s also practical for using the monitor at the business meeting. This conference room monitor has a size of 24 inches so it’s practical for a smaller meeting room. The conference participants will see the screen clearly thanks to the high 1080p resolution.

Sceptre 24 Curved Monitor Review

Compatible Operating System
You can connect the monitor with the PC with the Windows 10 operating system. You can connect the monitor with the computer using the HDMI or VGA port. The ports are placed on the back. The refresh rate of this monitor is 75 Hz.

Highlighted Points:

  • curved 24-inch monitor with metal stand
  • compatible with wall mount
  • audio, HDMI, and VGA ports available
  • full HD 1080p of the resolution
  • the refresh rate is 75 Hz
  • 1800R is the curvature radius

Things To Know About Office Work Monitors

The monitors for the office have a typical size. This monitor type differs from other monitors for the view which is adjustable for all-day office work. The view settings include the position of the monitor, the resolution, and brightness. These monitors have a certain price range.

Optimal Size For Work – The best monitor size for office work is 20-30 inches. This size means the diagonal width of the screen not including the frame. With this size, the monitor provides the optimal view while watching from the recommended distance of 20-40 inches.

Eye Care Functions – Most monitors for work include the eye care mode which makes the screen darker or blue so it’s also called blue mode. It’s one of the brightness settings. In this mode, the light of the monitor is decreased which reduces or decreases the eye-straining after long-lasting work.

Adjustable Position – The office work requires the adjustable monitor according to your seat position. The monitors have adjustable tilt, height, and, in some cases, swivel position. The height adjustment makes the monitor stand at the level of your eyes. The tilt and swivel setup change the angle of view.

Clear View – The average resolution of the best office monitors is 1920×1080. This resolution is enough high to make the picture clear. The color brightness also contributes to a clear view. The resolution and colors are important for pictures and text while the fresh rate determines the smoothness of the videos.

100-400 Dollars – There is a certain range of the prices of the monitors for work in the office. The maximum usual price of these monitors is 400 dollars. The smallest price is around 90 dollars. The monitors for the office are cheaper than gaming models but some gaming monitors are practical also for office work.

Final Verdict

The best monitor for office work is HP 24-inch monitor model since it’s big enough to provide comfort, has an adjustable design and various mount options. Using the best dual monitor home office might increase your productivity so check this list. See also if some of the best-curved monitors for office work might be useful for your job.

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