Best 5 Vacuum Laminator Machines You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Do your business type requires a quality vacuum laminator machine?

Keep reading and find out all about you need to know about this machine. See the list of 5 best models that are categorized to be easier for you to find the model you need.

The picks

GOWE Vacuum Laminating Machine PicksGowe 1012646 Vacuum Laminator
The Gowe model is simple to use and offers a lot. This powerful machine laminates the screens optimally.
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Mxbaonheng Bubble Laminating Machine PicksMxbaonheng MX324 Laminating Machine
Through the OCA laminating process, it adjusts needed settings automatically and you can control it with a button.
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Hanchen Store Machine PicksHanchen Store LM-504 OCA Laminator
It’s a multifunctional machine that you can use not only for sealing the screen but also for more purposes.
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Kunhenwuhua OCA Laminator PicksKunhenwuhua X-721 OCA Laminator
It can laminate the LCD screens, repairs LCD screens, and do more useful actions that makes it the best vacuum laminator for LCD.
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CGOLDENWALL Built-in Vacuum Film Laminating Machine PicksCgoldenwall TBK-761 Vacuum Machine
The small size and simple technology make this model cheaper than others but not less effective and practical.
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Best 5 Vacuum Laminators


Gowe 1012646 Vacuum Laminator

Refurbishing LCD Screens
The Gowe machine is the OCA laminator that is purposed for refurbishing LCD screens. Through the OCA laminating process, you can seal the touch screens and LCD panels. The OCA process removes old glue and connects the screen again. To laminate the screen, you need to use the glass sensor and cover plate.

GOWE Vacuum Laminating Machine

One Button Operation
You don’t need to use the mold to laminate properly. You need to connect the parts you want to laminate and place them on the appropriate plate. Then you need to close the lid and press the start button. All the settings are pre-set so you don’t have a lot of work.

Powerful Machine
The mechanism prevents the bubbles so you won’t have to fix it. This will save you time because you don’t have to repeat the laminating process. It’s easy to use the machine and also quick to use. The motor of about 1500 Watts makes the machine powerful.

GOWE Vacuum Laminating Machine review

Temperature And Pressure Control
This vacuum laminator has a simple operating system. You need to press one button to start the machine and to switch it out. You can monitor the temperature that is shown on the control panel screen. The vacuum degrees are also signified. In case of an emergency, there is the red button.

Highlighted Points:

  • purposed for touch screens
  • uses the OCA laminating process
  • button for emergency offered
  • glass sensor and cover plate inside
  • the power of 1500 W


Mxbaonheng MX324 Laminating Machine

Machine Controls The Process
It’s one more OCA vacuum laminating machine. Through this process, the machine adjusts the temperature and pressure automatically. You can change a few degrees plus or minutes manually. The defoaming mode switches on automatically. The whole process is under the control of the machine so your assistance is minimal.

Mxbaonheng Bubble Laminating Machine

One-Button System
You don’t need a mold to laminate the screen. You need to insert the screen in the machine and press the button to start laminating. The machine has a one-touch operating system. When you get the machine, you can start to use it immediately since no installation is needed.

Vibration And Noise Prevention
It’s a quiet machine that doesn’t vibrate or make loud sounds during the laminating. You don’t have to be isolated while using it to prevent disturbing your colleagues. The machine won’t make a noise and everybody can concentrate on their tasks easily.

Mxbaonheng Bubble Laminating Machine Review

All The Parts Included
All the parts that you need for OCA laminating are included in the machine. You don’t have to purchase any vacuum pumps and air compressors. When you laminate, the LCD screen needs to be on the silicone pad and the IC out of there.

Highlighted Points:

  • silicone pad for placing the LCD screen
  • makes less noise and vibration
  • pumps and compressors not needed
  • automatically adjustable heat
  • one-button operation mode
  • defoaming mode turns automatically


Hanchen Store LM-504 4-in-1 OCA Laminator

Control Panel With Screen
This vacuum laminator has a similar design to the previous model. This machine includes the control panel so you can select the option you want to use. It’s all in one oca laminating machine so it’s purposed for various jobs when it comes to the LCD screens.

Hanchen Store Machine

Flat Plate For Screen
The machine works under safety conditions. Only users with the key can switch on the machine and start laminating. The operating is simple. You need to place the screen on the flat plate, close the doors, and press the button. You can use it for a few purposes.

Heating Thermostat Included
You can use this vacuum machine for sealing, removing the bubbles, or repairing the screens. To regulate the temperature, there is a heating thermostat. The fitting way is a flat lamination. The machine is practical for use and you should read the instructions before use.

Hanchen Store Machine Review

Made In Japan
The size of this vacuum machine is not so big. It comes in a small package. Just like the previous machine models that I reviewed above, the country of origin is Japan. However, you will get English instruction. All the functions are described for you.

Highlighted Points:

  • prevents bubbles during laminating
  • key required for starting the machine
  • flat laminating way
  • comes in a small package
  • screen repair option offered
  • produced in Japan


Kunhenwuhua X-721 OCA Laminator

Touch Screen Panel
This LCD OCA lamination machine is also multifunctional just like the laminator from the previous review. This model includes the touch screen control panel you can use to set the options you need. It takes a while to set the right functions of the vacuum machine.

Kunhenwuhua OCA Laminator

Button For Emergency
There is the red button you have to press if you notice something might get wrong. You need to press it before the error happens and the LCD screen will be saved. The red button is placed on the top of the machine so be careful with it. You might press it accidentally.

Corrosion Prevention
When you open the doors, you will see the cylinder that is made of stainless steel. It’s a compressed air cylinder that prevents the water vapor that may occur because of the corrosion. You can store the machine without the worry that it will rust.

Kunhenwuhua OCA Laminator Review

High Power Motor
There is also a steel plate that prevents the explosion. This vacuum laminating machine uses the motor of 1500 Watts of power. You need to connect it with the socket of 220 V or the socket of 110 V. It uses the flat lamination with the heating mode.

Highlighted Points:

  • compatible with 220 or 110 V socket
  • uses the motor of 1500 Watts
  • corrosion safe parts inside
  • an emergency button on the top
  • touch screen control panel
  • multifunctional machine


Cgoldenwall TBK-761 Vacuum Machine

Different Design And Price
This vacuum laminator has a different design than the models that I reviewed in this post. It’s smaller and different so its price is also smaller than the price of previous machines. You don’t have to ensure a lot of space for this model.

CGOLDENWALL Built-in Vacuum Film Laminating Machine

All The Parts Built-In
The vacuum film is built-in and it’s ready for use in the OCA laminating process. The vacuum pump is also built-in. It has the purpose to stick the polarized film and to protect the film on the glass touch screen. You don’t have to change the molds when you change the product.

Mini Pump And Handle
With the vacuum pump that is included, the machine runs faster. Just all the parts, the pump is mini. There is a mini handle you need to use to pull the plate and place the screen on it. After mounting, you need to press the start button and the laminating begins.

CGOLDENWALL Built-in Vacuum Film Laminating Machine review

Ideal For Smartphones
You can plug in this vacuum machine in a socket of 110 or 220 V. Since it’s a small model, it’s ideal for small factories or companies. You can relocate it easier than other OCA laminators in the post. It’s usually used for smartphones because the plate is small and suitable for these products.

Highlighted Points:

  • uses the OCA laminating process
  • a small plate for smartphone screens
  • vacuum pump built-in
  • cheaper than other models
  • small-sized design
  • suitable for 110 or 220 V socket

Things To Know About Vacuum Laminators

Unlike standard pouch laminators for office or home, the vacuum laminators are purposed for the industry of products with LCD screens. The vacuum machines are automatic and require more time for laminating. Since these models are commercial, they require a bigger investigation. The laminators stand out for the country of origin and read here to see what you should know about them.

For Commercial Purposes – These machines have high technology system that is designed for laminating the LCD screens such as screens of smartphones. The machine seals the screen with other parts of the mobile phone. It’s called the OCA laminating process that uses the vacuum pressure and heat for gluing.

Helpful Control Panel – The laminators are automatic which means you need to use the control panel to adjust the settings and the machine starts to do all the work. The control panel is digital and offers options for various types of screens. Your task is to place the screen and other parts in the right position.

Long Laminating Time – Unlike standard laminators that need up to a minute for laminating, the laminating time of the vacuum laminators is 5 minutes on average. The pouch laminators require a few minutes for preheating but these laminators don’t need the warm-up which can save your time.

Big Amount Of Money – In comparison with pouch laminators, these models cost much more. The standard laminators have a price of about 50-100 dollars and the vacuum models cost above 1000 dollars. The price is high because of the high technology this type of laminator uses.

Made Out Of US – Most vacuum machines are made by Asian producers, mostly from Japan. However, they are available on Amazon and you can get it on your address within a few days. The instructions are available in English. The country of origin doesn’t have a big role because the quality is the same as other models.

Final Verdict

The best pick I recommend is Hanchen vacuum laminator since it’s multifunctional and adjustable. Not only the screen laminators are used in the industry but also other models such as these best industrial laminating machines. Except for this post, here is the post that can suggest more best-rated commercial laminator machines for you.

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