Best 2 PVC Laminator Machines For Cards & More In 2022 Reviews

Do you need a PVC laminator to make ID cards for your employees?

In this post, you can find a few suggestions for the PVC laminating machines you can buy for your office.  The reviews and a short buying guide might be crucial for your decision about which model to buy.

The picks

easyIDea ID Card Laminator PicksEasyIDea ID Card Laminator
This model adjusts the temperature while laminating the ID cards of standard size in order to reach the best quality.
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Brainstorm ID Card Laminator PicksBrainstorm Plastic ID Laminator
It laminates the ID card and makes ID cards. The Brainstorm model comes with all the accessories.
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Best 2 PVC Laminators


EasyIDea ID Card Laminator

Adjustable Heat Laminating
This PVC laminator is designed to make the ID cards and all the plastic cards protected with a pouch. It includes the laminating system that has temperature adjustment. This laminator uses the hot system which makes the laminating precise. You need to set the heat settings depending on the thickness of your PVC card.

easyIDea ID Card Laminator

Two Different Thickness
There are settings for the cards about 10 mil thin. For the standard ID cards of about 30 mils of the thickness, you need to use other settings. This model is designed right for plastic cards. You can use it for laminating the employee cards, luggage tags, identification cards, and more.

More Practical Option
You can use this Easy PVC card lamination machine for up to 2 hours in continuity. It’s enough time to finish the whole work. It’s a cheaper and simpler option than using the card printer. Not only the plastic but you can laminate also the paper.

easyIDea ID Card Laminator Review

Makes PCV Card Easily
You need to print the paper and laminate it using this machine. You will get the plastic card that seems the normal PVC card. The design and size of this PVC laminator are optimal for the office. You can place it on a desk and it won’t take a lot of space.

Highlighted Points:

  • adjustable temperature of hot system
  • settings for 10 mil and 30 mil cards
  • ideal for employee cards
  • 2 hours of the continuous use
  • laminates the paper also


Brainstorm Plastic ID Laminator

Ten Plastic Cards Included
This PVC laminator has the same functions as the previous model. It can laminate the ID cards of standard thickness. In the package, you will get 10 plastic cards you can use for laminating. With all these items, you don’t need to spend money on a card printer.

Brainstorm ID Card Laminator

All The Accessories
You can use the pouches of 7 mils and 10 mil thicknesses. You will get also other accessories that might be useful for you. You will get Teslin paper if you want to make an ID card from the paper. You can use this laminator for two purposes.

Optimal Temperature
The machine adjusts the temperature automatically so the plastic cards won’t melt. You can be sure the temperature is optimal for laminating this type of material. This PVC laminator has a wide range of applications. It doesn’t offer the printing function so you need to purchase the printer separately.

Brainstorm ID Card Laminator Review

 For Office And Commercial
This ID card laminator is ideal for office or you can use it for commercial purposes. It’s easy to make the ID cards, employee cards, business cards, and so on. It’s a durable machine so you can use it for a long time.

Highlighted Points:

  • full package with the laminator, pouches, and more
  • 10 ID cards included
  • wide range of application
  • for all types of plastic cards
  • for commercial and personal purposes
  • cheaper than card printer

Things To Know About PVC Laminator

Unlike the standard laminators, the PVC laminators are designed for plastic cards such as ID cards, employee cards, business cards, and so on. These models both laminate plastic cards and make PVC cards. They have the optimal temperature settings and support materials of big thickness.

Adjusted For Thick Things – The laminators can hold the cards of up to 30 mils of the thickness. The 30 mil is usually the thickness of the ID cards. You can protect the ID cards using the laminator and pouches.

Card Production – Not only you can laminate the PVC cards, but you can also make PVC cards using the ID card laminator. You can use it instead of the card printer. It’s simpler to print the card paper and then laminate it. This way you will produce the functional employee cards and so on.

Optimal Temperature – Since the material you laminate is plastic, it’s important to adjust the temperature to prevent the damages of the card. The laminators are designed to adjust the temperature automatically so you don’t need to intervene and adjust it manually.

Cheaper Version – The laminators have the average price of the laminators on the market. With the average price of about 50 dollars, the PVC laminators are cheaper than the card printer. It’s more affordable to purchase the ID card laminator than spending about 1000 dollars on the card printer.

Rare Models – The offer of these models is not as big as the offer of the standard laminators. These laminators are mostly available on webshops such as Amazon. Buying on Amazon is safe and practical. You get the package at your address for a short time.

Final Verdict

If you need the best PVC laminator for your office, you should consider taking the EasyIDea ID card laminator. You can laminate the plastic materials such as employee cards. There are more office laminator reviews you can check to see a wider offer. See also which are the best machines for laminated cardstock.

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