Best 6 Stackable File Drawers To Purchase In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a convenient file drawer?

Then consider stackable file drawers! These items are versatile, you can create a vertical file cabinet with as many drawers as you need. We collected the best products and described them. Plus, there is a useful buying guide which will help you with your decision.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Stackable File Cabinet
Storex Plastic Archive Storage Drawer picksStorex Drawers
High-quality plastic drawers, come with two keys, built-in wheels, label holders and sturdy handles.
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Best Locked Stackable File Drawer
Storex Single Drawer picksStorex Plastic Drawer
Black drawer with integrated lock system, lockable drawers, it’s intended for letter and legal-size files.
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Best Plastic Stackable File Drawer
Storex File Drawer with Lock picksStorex Compact Drawer
Equipped with label holders, drawer rollers, two keys and an attractive design, ideal for small offices.
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Best Cheap Stackable File Drawer
IRIS USA R-FB-21E picksIris File Cabinet
Affordable four file drawers, accommodate letter/legal size files, made of sturdy raw material.
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Best Home Office Stackable File Drawer
Superjare Updated File Box picksSuperjare File Box
This file storage drawer comes in a set of two, they fit letter and legal size files and have label holders.
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Best Metal Stackable File Drawer
BirdRock Home Rolling File Cabinet picksBirdRock Aesthetic Drawer
Extremely durable and reinforced drawer with a sturdy top surface, great for file folder storage.
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Best 6 Stackable File Drawers

Best Of Best Stackable File Cabinet

Storex Drawers

TAA Compliant
The Storex is the most popular brand for stackable file drawers. These products are made in the USA or TAA designated country. They aren’t made in China. The package contains two stacking file drawers which are made of sturdy plastics. They are PVC and BPA free.

Storex Plastic Archive Storage Drawer

Durable Drawers
One drawer measures 18 inches in depth, 12.3 inches in height and 14.3 inches in width. Each drawer weighs 5.7 pounds. They come in black and grey color which fit anywhere. These items are resistant to moisture, they won’t crack, scratch, dent or rust.

Label Holders
The Storex features a stackable modular design, you can stack up to 10 drawers high. Each drawer has connectors to stack it up. The handles are reinforced and there are built-in label holders. They make labeling simple, you’ll easily find what you need.

Storex Plastic Archive Storage Drawer review

Letter & Legal-size
The Storex drawers accommodate letter and legal-size hanging file folders. The two keys are included in the package, you can lock the drawer and keep your sensitive files safe. The built-in wheels on each drawer allow you to open and close them smoothly.

Highlighted Points:

  • high-quality plastic drawers
  • the package contains two drawers
  • they accommodate letter and legal-size files
  • reinforced handles and built-in labels
  • lockable drawers
  • built-in wheels for easy open/close

Best Locked Stackable File Drawer

Storex Plastic Drawer

Single Drawer
The Storex stackable file drawer is made of sturdy and durable polypropylene. This drawer is available only in black color. The dimensions are 12.7 inches in height, 18.25 inches in depth and 14.25 inches in width. It weighs 1 pound. This roomy drawer is ideal office storage.

Storex Single Drawer

Vertical File Cabinet
This brand is TAA compliant, so their products are manufactured in North America. The file drawer is moisture and rust-resistant. The construction allows you to stack multiple drawers on each other. The max is six drawers. You can create a vertical file cabinet.

Top Surface
Use the top surface like additional storage space. The top can handle a standard weight device like a printer, scanner or fax. This sturdy file cabinet features a lock system on the bottom of the drawer. You can keep your private or sensitive files safe and away from unwanted access.

Storex Single Drawer review

Lockable Casters
There are casters integrated, so you can easily relocate this drawer around. Moreover, the casters are lockable, so the item will stay stable when you lock the casters. The drawer holds letter/A4 and legal size file folders. The price is a bit high.

Highlighted Points:

  • construction is made of polypropylene
  • black drawer which is produced in North America
  • it’s moisture and rust-resistant
  • you can stack up 6 drawers
  • lockable drawer and casters

Best Plastic Stackable File Drawer

Storex  Compact Drawer

High Price
There is another Storex stackable file drawer, this model is made of plastic and available in light grey color. It features a rectangle shape. The product size is 12.75 inches in height, 18.25 inches in depth and 14.75 inches in width. The weight is 8.6 pounds and the price is higher.

Storex File Drawer with Lock review

Stylish Design
The Storex is lightweight and attractive. It is made in the USA or TAA designated country, not in China. You can stack this item on other Storex drawers and have a vertical file cabinet. Place the stackable plastic file cabinet under your desk, on your desk or wherever you want.

Two Keys
There is a label holder on the drawer, you can easily label the content within the drawer. The lock system is integrated into this item and the package contains two keys. Keep them separate in case you lost one. Your files and things will be protected from damage or loss.

Storex File Drawer with Lock

Drawer Rollers
Fill this Storex file drawer with standard-size documents, A4/letter size. This is 8.5 x 11 inches. Moreover, it holds up legal-size file folders which have 8.5 x 14 inches. There are drawer rollers, which allow you to open and close the drawer easily.

Highlighted Points:

  • light grey file drawer
  • intended for legal and letter-size files
  • lock the drawer and protect your files
  • label holders for easy organization
  • drawer rollers improve smooth open/close
  • it isn’t produced in China

Best Cheap Stackable File Drawer

Iris File Cabinet

Two Lid Types
The Iris stackable file cabinet is available in two colors, black and white. Moreover, you can choose between two lid types – classic lid and split-lid. The dimension of a single cabinet is 10.8 inches in height, 14.26 inches in width and 18.8 inches in depth. It’s a wide file cabinet.


Raw Material
The cabinet weighs 2.48 pounds, it’s lightweight. Place it under your office desk, next to the desk, on the desk or on some furniture. The Iris cabinet is made of durable economical repurposed raw material. It is designed to hold either, legal and letter-size file folders.

IRIS USA R-FB-21E review

Secure Lid
The snap-tight lid keeps files secure. You can stack multiple file cabinets on each other and create a vertical file cabinet. Make the most of your office storage space. The package includes four file cabinets, you can stack them in the way you want. The price is affordable.

Highlighted Points:

  • the package contains four pieces
  • it easily accommodates letter and legal-size files
  • made of repurposed raw material
  • two lid types – classic and split-lid
  • stack file cabinet on top of each other

Best Home Office Stackable File Drawer

Superjare File Box

Three Colors
The Superjare office trendy filing cabinets are available in three colors, black, beige and grey. This is a set of two pieces with stackable file drawers. These two stackable file cabinets are made of medium-density fiberboard, polyester, cardboard, linen and fabric. The solid MDF provides sturdiness and durability.

Superjare Updated File Box review

Stable Bottom
There is one more board on the bottom of the file cabinet, it keeps the item stable. The Iris fit both legal and letter-size files. The sliding bars are intended for hanging file folders. On the sides of the product, there are label holders, you can see the drawer content.

30-pound Capacity
If the Iris file cabinets aren’t in use, you can fold them flat and save them. The dimensions are 10.6 inches in height, 16 inches in depth and 13.8 inches in width. The maximum capacity of one item is 30 pounds. The storage capacity is 1 cubic foot, so the cabinet fits into regular cube shelves.

Superjare Updated File Box

Affordable Price
You can use this file drawer in your home office or office. It will help you to store your paperwork, important documents or other things, like office supplies. It is a foldable storage file drawer that takes up a small space. The price is affordable.

Highlighted Points:

  • foldable storage file cabinets
  • three colors available
  • made of medium density fiberboard, linen and fabric
  • the max weight capacity is 30 pounds
  • fit legal and letter file folders
  • label holders on sides

Best Metal Stackable File Drawer

BirdRock Aesthetic Drawer

Driftwood Grey Color
The BirdRock manufactured this aesthetic file drawer. It is available in driftwood grey and white color and measures 13.8 inches in height, 14.25 inches in width and 16.4 inches in depth. It isn’t so lightweight stackable file drawer, it weighs 17.5 pounds.

BirdRock Home Rolling File Cabinet review

Wheels Or Feet
The assembly is required, but it’s simple. The BirdRock product is made of strong medium density fiberboard, metal and quality linen. The package included wheels and feet. You can choose if you want a mobile file cabinet or a stable file cabinet.

Convenient Handle
The pegs allow you to stack multiple file drawers on top of each other. The BirdRock fits either, legal and letter size file folders. The storage drawer is removable, so you can easily fil it or take some file folder. The file drawer has a convenient handle.

BirdRock Home Rolling File Cabinet review

Label Window
Under the handle, there is a label window. Write down the file folder names and put them in this window. You’ll always know where your file is. It is important to note that wheels have brakes, so the item won’t slip away. The price is affordable.

Highlighted Points:

  • decorative storage drawer for office files and supplies
  • removable storage bin for easy access
  • the file cabinet comes with wheels and feet
  • it stores legal and letter-size files
  • two handles and label window.

Things To Know About Stackable File Drawers

The stackable file drawers are multifunctional items, you can stack as many pieces as you want. This buying guide will help you to choose the best model, depends on its characteristics, like material, dimensions, storage space,

Storage Space – Before you buy any stacking filing cabinets, you should measure your office or home office space. If space isn’t an issue, you can choose any size of file drawers. However, if you work in a small office, maybe the desktop file drawer is a better solution for you.

Stationary Or Mobile – The mobile file drawers are usually small and fit under any office desk. Moreover, you can easily relocate them. If you want to have an under desk rolling file cabinet, check if the wheels have a brake function. The stationary file drawers are the most common items.

Lockability – Not many file drawers are equipped with a lock system. But, we recommend the lockable drawer if you need to store sensitive, confidential or personal files. There are usually two keys for one lock. Keep them separate in case of loss.

Drawer’s Materials – Whether or not you buy a file drawer for your home office or office, you want it to be sturdy and durable. The quality file drawers have metal construction but the drawer can be made of linen, MDF, wood or other materials.

Drawer Labels – If you work with a lot of paperwork, you need to label the file folders somehow. Because of that, there are products with label holders or drawer labels. When each file has its own label, you and your colleagues will know what is inside each drawer.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Storex stackable file drawer. The package includes two drawers, they hold letter and legal size file folders and have scratch and rust-resistant surface. Check out the tall wood file cabinets, there are great models. If you have limited space, there is a review of small metal filing cabinets.

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