Top 6 Ottoman File Cabinets On Wheels And Stable Models 2022

Are you interested in creative storage solution for your files?

Did you consider the ottoman file cabinet? Well, for this review we made six categories and found the best models available in the market. Read their reviews and our brief buying guide, it will help you to choose the suitable file cabinet for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Ottoman File Cabinet
Christopher Knight Home Mateo picksChristopher Knight File Cabinet
Blue filing cabinet with a comfortable seat, plastic wheels for mobility and plenty of storage space.
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Best Portable Ottoman File Cabinet
YOLENY Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet picksYoleny File Cabinet
Unique seagrass file cabinet with a protective lid, built-in wheels and iron rod for hanging files.
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Best On Wheels Ottoman File Cabinet
BIRDROCK HOME Seagrass picksBirdrock Rolling File Cabinet
Handwoven rolling file ottoman made of natural seagrass and abaca, wide enough for letter and legal size file folders.
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Best Small Ottoman File Cabinet
Ore International Inc picksOre File Cabinet
Compact file cabinet available in two colors, use it as storage space for miscellaneous office supplies.
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Best Cheap Ottoman File Cabinet
Storage Ottoman Cube Folding Ottomans picksCoCo Filing Cabinet
A small file cabinet designed for office accessories, it is durable, foldable and has multiple functions.
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Best Home Office Ottoman File Cabinet
Christopher Knight Home Tina Traditional picksTina File Cabinet
Traditionally designed file cabinet, available in black color, useful as hidden storage space for letter-size files.
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Best 6 Ottoman File Cabinets

Best Of Best Ottoman File Cabinet

Christopher Knight File Cabinet

Versatile File Cabinet
The Christopher Knight Home is a high-quality furniture brand, they made traditionally designed ottoman file cabinets. These products fit great in a home office and office. This is a versatile file cabinet, you can use it as a seat, footrest, tabletop or storage item.

Christopher Knight Home Mateo

Calming Blue Color
There are a variety of styles and sizes, choose the model you like the most. This brief review talks about the beautiful blue file cabinet that features a rectangular shape. It is made of high-quality fabric. This sturdy file cabinet is 20.25 inches tall, 18.25 inches wide and 24.25 inches deep.

Plastic Casters
The price is affordable and the assembly isn’t required. There are four casters and they are made of sturdy and quality plastic. They keep this file cabinet mobile and portable. Use it as a comfortable seat while you organize your documents.

Christopher Knight Home Mateo review

Optional Rack
The Christopher Knight file cabinet has the ability to accommodate any standard sized filing rack. It is important to note that the filing rack isn’t included in the package. If you want to organize your file folders, you need to buy some racks separately.

Highlighted Points:

  • the assembly isn’t required
  • traditional design, blue color available
  • four durable casters ensure mobility
  • the filing rack is optional
  • made of high-quality fabric and plastic

Best Portable Ottoman File Cabinet

Yoleny File Cabinet

Textured Material
The Yoleny is a beautiful file cabinet woven by skilled weavers. The textured seagrass material provides a unique appearance, each product has its own pattern. This tough material makes this file cabinet sturdy and durable. The price of this item is affordable.

YOLENY Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

Rolling File Cabinet
Its maximum weight capacity is 11.8 pounds. The unit size is 13.8 inches in depth, 17.9 inches in width and 15 inches in height. It isn’t a tall file cabinet, you can place it under your desk. Use it for different things, like books, office essentials, notebooks, etc.

Built-in Wheels
The Yoleny ottoman file cabinet comes with built-in wheels, they are durable and last for many years. You can roll it easily in any direction. This seagrass file cabinet comes with an iron wire rod for hanging file folders. You don’t have to install it by yourself, it is built-in.

YOLENY Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet review

Protective Lid
Use this iron rod for better file organization. Because of its dimensions, it is suitable for different file folder sizes. Place the letter-size file folders vertically and if you want to store legal size file folders, place them horizontally. The lid protects your stored documents from damage or loss.

Highlighted Points:

  • handwoven by skilled weavers
  • made of sturdy seagrass material
  • built-in iron rod for hanging files
  • it accommodates letter and legal size file folders
  • swivel wheels for mobility

Best On Wheels Ottoman File Cabinet

Birdrock Rolling File Cabinet

Handwoven File Cabinet
The Birdrock is a file cabinet that is made of natural materials. It is handwoven from natural seagrass and abaca. The file cabinet color can vary due to natural plant fiber. But it’s espresso or dark brown colored. The exterior dimensions are 18 inches in width, 15 inches in depth and 14 inches in height.

BIRDROCK HOME Seagrass review

Durable Item
This material is very strong and durable, so you can sit on this file cabinet without fear of damaging it. The Birdrock weighs 10 pounds. It is a great organizer for your office or home office. This file cabinet is beautifully unique and it will last for many years.

Robust Wheels
This ottoman file cabinet comes with four robust wheels. You can easily roll it wherever you need. The spherical wheels are supported by ball bearings. These steel ball bearings ensure smooth rolling. This small file cabinet on wheels comes with carrying handles.


Hinged Lid
The Birdrock file cabinet features a hinged lid. It stays open, so you can easily grab your files and items. This file cabinet accommodates letter-size and legal-size hanging file folders. Besides the files, use it for office supplies, magazines, books and other things.

Highlighted Points:

  • handwoven file cabinet made of natural seagrass
  • available in espresso/dark brown color
  • functional and decorative design
  • holds letter and legal size hanging file folders
  • four robust wheels for mobility
  • hinged lid protects your files

Best Small Ottoman File Cabinet

Ore File Cabinet

Space-saving Item
The Ore ottoman file cabinet is a small product designed for small offices. It doesn’t require much space and fits under any office desk. Its dimensions are 20 inches in height, 17 inches in width and 17 inches in depth. This item weighs 16 pounds.

Ore International Inc

Industrial Casters
This model is available in two colors white color with black hearts or in brown color. The industrial casters are attached to the file cabinet. You can move Ore in any direction. There are many functions, you can rest your feet on it, load it with office supplies, sit on it, etc.

Ore International Inc review

Easy To Clean
There are no hinges, just lift the seat when you want to store some things. You can maintain it and clean it easily. Wipe this letter size file cabinet with a dry or damp cloth. Its storage dimensions are 18.75” L x 18.75” W x 12.5” H. The price is high.

Highlighted Points:

  • small file cabinet for small spaces
  • available in two colors
  • the industrial casters are included
  • no hinges, just lift the seat
  • easy to clean it with a dry or damp cloth

Best Cheap Ottoman File Cabinet

CoCo Filing Cabinet

Low Price
The CoCo file cabinet has a low price, it is affordable for anyone. This file cabinet under $50 comes in multiple colors – purple, teal, grey plaid, grey and cream. Pick the model that is suitable for your office or home office environment. Moreover, you can choose between three model sizes.

Storage Ottoman Cube Folding Ottomans

Foldable File Cabinet
This ottoman file cabinet measures 15 inches in height, 15 inches in depth and 15 inches in width. It is easy to assemble this product. Open the body frame, put the board on the bottom and cover it with a lid. When the CoCo isn’t in use, you can quickly fold it at a small space-saving size.

High-quality MDF
The used materials are high-quality medium density board and linen fabric. The lid is covered with memory foam. You can use it as a comfortable seat, but the weight capacity isn’t high, the maximum is 150 pounds or 68 kilograms. It isn’t intended for heavy persons.

Storage Ottoman Cube Folding Ottomans review

Multifunction File Cabinet
You can use this ottoman as a seat, storage space, footrest, step stool, coffee table, etc. It weighs 5 pounds only, so you can easily move it from one room to another. The file cabinet bottom won’t scratch your floor. You can’t store your files here, but use it for miscellaneous office supplies.

Highlighted Points:

  • quality file cabinet with low price
  • fold it in small size when you don’t use it
  • made of high-quality MDF and linen fabric
  • designed for office supplies
  • max weight capacity – 150 pounds

Best Home Office Ottoman File Cabinet

Tina File Cabinet

Rectangular Shape
The Christopher Knight Home produces this Tina ottoman file cabinet. This model has a rectangular shape and it is available in black color. The unit dimensions are 20.25 inches in height, 18.25 inches in width and 24.25 inches in depth. It is a deep file cabinet that provides plenty of storage space.

Christopher Knight Home Tina Traditional

Plastic Wheels
The item weighs 16 pounds, but the Tina file cabinet comes with plastic wheels, so you can easily move it wherever you want. The assembly isn’t required, so when it arrives at your address, just unpack the file cabinet and it is ready to use. The price is affordable.

2-in-1 Product
The interior dimensions are 20 inches in depth, 13.5 inches in width and 14.5 inches in height. It is made of microfiber and fabric. This low profile file cabinet is perfect for the home office. It is 2 in 1 product, use it as storage space and a comfortable seat.

Christopher Knight Home Tina Traditional review

Standard Size Paper
The Tine file cabinet is able to accommodate a standard-sized filing rack, so it’s good for letter-size files. But it is important to note that the insert filing rack isn’t included in the package. You need to buy it separately. It will keep your file folders and documents organized and protected from damage.

Highlighted Points:

  • traditionally designed file cabinet
  • made of fabric and microfibers
  • four plastic wheels for easy mobility
  • it’s able to hold standard-sized files
  • the assembly isn’t required

Things To Know About Ottoman File Cabinets

The ottoman file cabinets can be made of different materials, in different shapes and sizes. Here you will learn more about their most important features. This information will help you to buy the best model for your office or home office.

File Cabinet Size – You can find file cabinets in many sizes, from small and compact items to large file cabinets. Always read the product description and dimensions. If you have limited space, consider under desk rolling file cabinet, you can place it anywhere.

Linen Fabric – The file cabinets can be made of a variety of materials. There are plastic, metal, aluminum, fabric and other materials. The models from the list above are mostly made of the high-quality linen fabric. This material is sturdy and easy to maintain.

Natural Material – If you are interested in natural materials, we find file cabinets that are handwoven. They are really beautiful and unique. There are two file cabinets that are made of quality seagrass and abaca. Each model features a unique pattern.

Hinged Or Removable Lid – These file cabinets usually come with two lid types. Completely removable lid or hinged lid. The hinged lid allows you to easily open and close it. Also, it stays open until you close it. If you want to have an open file cabinet, then the removable lid is for you.

Built-in Wheels – These ottoman file cabinets usually have fixed wheels, but some of them have removable wheels. A mobile file cabinet features a lot of advantages, you can easily move it wherever you need, you don’t have to lift it or carry it around. The wheels are made of sturdy plastic.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, the most quality is Christopher Knight ottoman file cabinet. This blue model features plastic wheels, a hinged lid and enough space for letter-size files or office supplies. If you like unusual file cabinets, check out the vintage industrial filing cabinets. For those who love multifunctional items, there is a rolling file cabinet with seat.

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