Best 6 Orange Filing Cabinets You Can Purchase In 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a file cabinet that will uplift your office spirit?

Then, there are orange filing cabinets that you should consider. These file cabinets will bring more joy into your office, but except for the color, there are few features that you need to look out for. Our buying guide describes them and our list provides some great models.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Orange Filing Cabinet
DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Anti-tilt picksDevaise Filing Cabinet
High-quality file cabinet equipped with two utility drawers, large file drawer and anti-tilt mechanism.
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Best 2-drawer Orange Filing Cabinet
Bisley Two Drawer Steel Home picksBisley File Cabinet
Attractive file cabinet that features sturdy fully welded construction and two drawers for letter-size file folders.
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Best On Wheels Orange Filing Cabinet
3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock, INVIE picksInvie Filing Cabinet
Heavy-duty steel construction, three drawers fitted with drawer dividers, five casters provide easy movement.
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Best 3-drawer Orange Filing Cabinet
INTERGREAT Locking File Cabinet picksIntergreat File Cabinet
Reinforced with cold-rolled steel and eco-friendly powder, this file cabinet is durable and sturdy.
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Best Locked Orange Filing Cabinet
Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Commercial picksStockpile File Cabinet
Cold-rolled steel construction, smooth surface and rounded corners made this file cabinet modern and attractive.
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Best Home Office Orange Filing Cabinet
Poppin White + Orange Stow picksPoppin Filing Cabinet
Sturdy file cabinet with powder-coated steel construction, three drawers with lock system and drawer dividers.
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Best 6 Orange Filing Cabinets

Best Of Best Orange Filing Cabinet

Devaise Filing Cabinet

Remarkable Brand
Devaise is one of the most popular brands when we talk about file cabinets. They made durable and long-lasting products. This orange filing cabinet has 16 inches in width, 21 inches in depth and 24.8 inches in height. It is made of sturdy steel and sealed at the bottom.

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Anti-tilt

Capacity Of 330 Pounds
This file cabinet can bear up to 330 pounds of storage material. Devaise features rounded corners that are safe for home office use and look modern. Moreover, this file cabinet has inset handles, so there aren’t sharp edges. Because of its depth, you can place some office device on its top.

Legal & Letter Files
The two utility drawers are equipped with a stationary tray for small office supplies. Below these drawers, there is a file drawer that has 15.6 inches in depth, 12.9 inches in width and 9.5 inches in height. It is fitted with an adjustable hanger for letter and legal size file folders.

DEVAISE 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Anti-tilt review

Anti-tilt Mechanism
Full-extension sliders allow you to pull the drawer all the way out and have total access to all your files. There is a lock on an upper drawer that secures all three drawers. This personal file cabinet has an anti-tilt mechanism that allows only one drawer to be opened. Casters are included.

Highlighted Points:

  • durable and sturdy steel construction
  • maximal weight capacity is 330 pounds
  • inset handles and rounded corners
  • two utility drawers with pencil tray
  • file drawer equipped with adjustable hanger
  • the anti-tilt mechanism provides extra stability

Best 2-drawer Orange Filing Cabinet

Bisley File Cabinet

Attractive Design
The Bisley orange filing cabinet comes with two or three drawers. You can choose between these two models. Besides orange, it comes in a variety of colors, like red, white, light grey, green, blue and black. This file cabinet features an attractive design and a high price.

Fully Welded Item
It is a fully welded product and its construction is made of high-quality steel. The model is durable and sturdy. Its powder-coated orange paint ensures a beautiful appearance. Bisley fits in any office or home office environment. The dimensions are 27 inches in height, 17 inches in depth and 16 inches in width.

Bisley Two Drawer Steel Home review

Two Roomy Drawers
The Bisley weighs 31 pounds. It is equipped with two drawers with the same dimensions. You can fully open the drawers for easy access to your files and office essentials. Both drawers are built to hold letter or A4 file folders. The bottom drawer comes with hanging bars.

Drawer’s Capacity
This steel 2-drawer file cabinet has a lock on the bottom drawer. If you want to store some sensitive documents, store them in this drawer, it is lockable. Each drawer has a weight capacity of 33 pounds. Place some office device on the file cabinet’s top. The unit comes fully assembled.

Highlighted Points:

  • powder coated orange paint for an attractive appearance
  • fully welded construction made of high-quality steel
  • two drawers accommodate letter-size file folders
  • the bottom drawer is lockable
  • hanging bar is included in the package
  • each drawer is able to hold 33 pounds

Best On Wheels Orange Filing Cabinet

Invie Filing Cabinet

Safe For Children And Pets
The Invie is a vertical file cabinet with 24.4 inches in height, 19.7 inches in depth and 15.7 inches in width. It weighs 48 pounds. This rounded edge file cabinet is safe as your home office item. There aren’t sharp edges that are potentially dangerous for your pets and children.

3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock, INVIE review

Five Wheels
This orange filing cabinet has a heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction with a steel interior. It is a mobile file cabinet, there are four wheels for mobility and a center wheel that is smaller and useful for extra support. Moreover, it prevents the file cabinet from tipping.

Office Supplies & Files
Keep your file folders, paperwork and miscellaneous office supplies neat, there are three drawers. They are equipped with drawer dividers for simple organization. Load the small drawers with office accessories and use the bottom drawer for hanging letter and legal-size files.

3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock, INVIE

Foldable Keys
Full extension drawers glide easily, you can reach all your files. The lock on the upper drawer secures all three drawers. You can store private and sensitive documents in the drawer without worry. This small file cabinet on wheels comes with two foldable keys.

Highlighted Points:

  • vertical file cabinet with rounded edges
  • heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction
  • built-in casters for mobility
  • anti-tip caster prevents tipping
  • three drawers with drawer dividers

Best 3-drawer Orange Filing Cabinet

Intergreat File Cabinet

Orange Faceplate
The Intergreat file cabinet is affordable and fits in any office. There are orange, black, white and blue colors. This file cabinet isn’t fully painted, faceplate only. The product is reinforced with a sturdy cold-rolled steel frame. It is coated with eco-friendly powder which provides durability.

INTERGREAT Locking File Cabinet review

Rust-resistant Surface
The surface is resistant to corrosion and rust. This orange filing cabinet features rounded corners, so it is safe for home office use. The Intergreat is 25 inches high, 19.8 inches deep and 15.7 inches wide. You can place it under or next to your office desk.

File Organization
There are two utility drawers with a pencil tray, which will help you to organize your office accessories. The bottom drawer is taller and deeper, it accommodates legal and letter-size file folders. Within this drawer is an adjustable hanger for better file organization.

INTERGREAT Locking File Cabinet

Anti-tip Caster
All drawers have inset handles and high-quality ball bearing glides, you can easily open/close drawers. This metal file cabinet with lock secures all drawers with one key. Five universal wheels ensure easy movement, the small fifth wheel adds extra support and prevents tipping.

Highlighted Points:

  • reinforced file cabinet with cold-rolled steel
  • it is coated with eco-friendly powder
  • the surface is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • two utility drawers are equipped with a pencil tray
  • the large drawer is designed for hanging file folders
  • five universal wheels ensure easy movement

Best Locked Orange Filing Cabinet

Stockpile File Cabinet

Commercial-grade Item
This is a commercial-grade file cabinet that weighs 70 pounds. It measures 23 inches in height, 19.75 inches in depth and 16 inches in width. The Laura Davidson Furniture produces this Stockpile orange filing cabinet. Its sides are white and the faceplate is orange.

Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Commercial

Fully Assembled
You can choose between other colors, there are aqua, black, black/grey, blue, dark grey, red, green, yellow and other colors. The Stockpile requires little space, you can place it anywhere. This modern locking file cabinet comes fully assembled with a 2-year warranty.

Pencil Tray Included
This file cabinet stands on stationery feet, they are adjustable to uneven floors. Stockpile comes with three drawers, two small ones and a large one. These small drawers are fitted with a pencil tray and drawer divider. You can organize your office accessories easily.

Stockpile 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Commercial review

Modern Style
The bottom drawer comes with a hanging frame, no additional hardware is required. This drawer holds both letter and legal-size files. The top drawer has a lock system, when you lock it, it automatically secures all three drawers. Its modern style with rounded corners fits in any office.

Highlighted Points:

  • smooth surface and rounded corners
  • cold rolled steel construction improves durability
  • fully assembled product with a 2-year warranty
  • two box drawers for small office supplies
  • bottom drawer accommodates hanging file folders

Best Home Office Orange Filing Cabinet

Poppin Filing Cabinet

Deep File Cabinet
The Poppin file cabinet comes in orange and multiple other colors, like aqua, blue, white, light grey and black/white. Its dimensions are 26 inches in height, 31 inches in depth and 21.65 inches in width. It is a very deep file cabinet. It weighs 24 kilograms or 52 pounds.

Poppin White + Orange Stow review

Powder-coated Steel Construction
There are powder-coated steel construction and a matching painted steel interior. It is durable and sturdy. Drawers are fully painted inside and out. This orange filing cabinet comes fully assembled at your address. Unpack it and the file cabinet is ready to use.

Three Drawers
This space-saving file cabinet has two utility drawers that are equipped with adjustable drawer dividers for neat organization. The bottom drawer is larger and it is designed for hanging file folders. It accommodates both legal and letter-size files. Full extension glides provide easy access.

Poppin White + Orange Stow

One Lock
On the upper drawer is a lock system. Use it to protect your private and confidential files. That one lock secures all three drawers. The Poppin file cabinet stands on stationery feet, it won’t damage your floor. This file cabinet is ideal for small offices, you can place it next to or under your office desk.

Highlighted Points:

  • powder-coated steel construction
  • available in multiple colors
  • it comes fully assembled at your address
  • two utility drawers with adjustable drawer dividers
  • file drawer holds letter and legal-size files
  • one lock secures all three drawers

Things To Know About Orange Filing Cabinets

The orange filing cabinets come in a variety of designs, shapes, dimensions, etc. Before you purchase any model, it is a great idea to be familiar with some important features, like file cabinet construction, mechanisms, storage material, etc.

Steel Construction – The file cabinets can be made of different materials. The most sturdy and durable material is steel. The steel file cabinet is designed to withstand years of use. It is impact and scratch-resistant, so it fits in any demanding work environment.

Standard Files – The file cabinet is useful for the document, paperwork, file folders and office supplies storing. It is important to know what do you want to store in its drawers. Most people work with standard size papers ( 8.5” x 11”), but if you need larger drawers, look for a file cabinet that holds legal-size files.

Anti-tilt Mechanism – It is easy to overload the file cabinet with office accessories and documents. To prevent tipping over, some models have an anti-tilt mechanism. This safety mechanism allows you to open one drawer at a time and hold a stable file cabinet position.

Weight Capacity – Almost all orange filing cabinet models come with their maximal weight capacity. File cabinets provide plenty of storage space – you can put some office device on their top and load the drawers. But don’t exceed their maximal weight capacity, you’ll damage it.

Anti-tip Caster – If you want to buy a mobile file cabinet, you will easily move it from one room to another. Look for swivel sturdy casters with brakes. Some models have added a small caster below the bottom drawer. That caster prevents tipping and provides extra support.

Final Verdict

If you are still in dilemma, we recommend the Devaise orange filing cabinet. It features sturdy and durable steel construction, two utility drawers and a file drawer that holds letter and legal-size hanging file folders. Check out other durable models in the review of sturdy file cabinets. The spray paint file cabinets come in a variety of colors.

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