Best 5 Narrow, Skinny, Slim & Thin Filing Cabinet Reviews

Are you looking for small and sleek storage solution for your office?

Did you already consider a narrow filing cabinet?

If you didn’t, now it’s the right time for that. This review is divided into two sections – a list of the best models and a useful buying guide where you can find all the important information.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Slim Filing Cabinet
Poppin White Slim Stow picksPoppin White File Cabinet
Powder-coated steel construction with stationary feet, there are two box drawers and a file drawer.
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Best Locked Thin File Cabinet
DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with picksDevaise Filing Cabinet
Modern white personal file cabinet that comes fully assembled, it features three lockable drawers.
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Best Tall Skinny File Cabinet
HON 4-Drawer Letter File picksHon 4-drawer File Cabinet
A tall file cabinet made of solid steel material, there are four drawers that hold standard size file folders.
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Best 3-drawer Narrow Filing Cabinet
YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal picksYitahome File Cabinet
Elegant metal file cabinet, there are three drawers for office supplies and letter/legal size file folders.
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Best 2-drawer Slim Filing Cabinet
UPLIFT Desk - Narrow picksUplift File Cabinet
Industrial-style file cabinet with optional seat, two drawers equipped with pencil tray and hanging bars.
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Best 5 Narrow Filing Cabinets

Best Of Best Slim Filing Cabinet

Poppin White File Cabinet

Small Item
The Poppin file cabinet is a thin file cabinet. You can place it anywhere, under your office desk or next to it. It doesn’t take up too much floor space. This unit measures 24 inches in height, 20 inches in depth and 12.5 inches in width. It weighs 56 pounds.

Poppin White Slim Stow

Steel Interior
It has a high price and comes fully assembled at your address. On the bottom are stationery feet, they won’t damage the floor if you move the file cabinet. The powder-coated steel construction and painted steel interior ensure durability and sturdiness.

Convenient Handles
This white lacquer file cabinet is available in white and grey colors. The Poppin features three drawers – two small utility drawers and a file drawer. There are white convenient handles on the drawers. The quiet and sturdy metal runners provide smooth drawer performance.

Poppin White Slim Stow review

Letter-size Files
Load the small drawers with your office accessories, like pens, pencils, post-it notes, tapes, papers. The file drawer is fitted with drawer dividers to keep your documents tidy. This file drawer is able to hold letter-size file folders. The lock on the top drawer secures all drawers.

Highlighted Points:

  • fully assembled file cabinet with sturdy feet
  • powder-coated steel construction for durability
  • available in white and grey color
  • two small drawers hold small office supplies
  • file drawer is equipped with a drawer divider
  • lock secures all three drawers

Best Locked Thin File Cabinet

Devaise Filing Cabinet

Sturdy Steel
The Devaise is a thin file cabinet that features an acceptable price. There are two colors, black and white. Its construction is made of sturdy steel. The package includes a file cabinet, instruction and casters. You need to attach the casters and the item is ready to use.

DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with review

Load Capacity
The product dimensions are 23.2 inches in height, 17.7 inches in depth and 11.8 inches in width. This slim file cabinet weighs 38 pounds. Its maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds. You can load the drawers and place some office device on its top.

Three Drawers
It is equipped with two utility drawers with a pencil tray that holds office supplies. Below them is a file drawer with a removable hanging bar. It accommodates both legal and letter/A4 size file folders. All drawers glide on full-extension ball-bearing slides.

DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with

Five Sturdy Casters
This tall white filing cabinet has a lock system on the top drawer. With one key you can lock all drawers and keep your documents safe. The Devaise comes with five sturdy wheels, two of them are lockable. Also, there is a small fifth wheel that supports the file cabinet and prevents tipping over.

Highlighted Points:

  • sturdy steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • three drawers come with a pencil tray and hanging rails
  • all three drawers are lockable
  • file drawer holds letter and legal-size files
  • included five casters for easy movement

Best Tall Skinny File Cabinet

Hon 4-drawer File Cabinet

Reinforced Construction
The Hon is a slim filing cabinet that is available in charcoal, putty and black color. This heavy-duty vertical file cabinet is made of solid steel. It features vertical reinforcement and a double-walled front kickplate. Your documents will be safe.

HON 4-Drawer Letter File review

ANSI/BIFMA Certified
This file cabinet is tested and it features ANSI/BIFMA certificates. The Hon is covered with a lifetime warranty. The product dimensions are 52 inches in height, 26.5 inches in depth and 15 inches in width. This is a heavy item, it weighs 107 pounds.

Four Drawers
There are four high side drawers with steel handles. Each drawer is equipped with a label holder. You can mark and identify your file folders easily. All drawers accommodate letter-size hanging file folders. The ball bearing full suspension drawers provide quiet and smooth performance.

HON 4-Drawer Letter File

Replaceable Locks
There are front-to-back hangrail options. The spring-loaded follower blocks keep your files tidy and neat. This steel file cabinet features core-removable locks, you can replace them when you want. The package includes one key that locks the file drawer.

Highlighted Points:

  • charcoal, putty and black finish
  • solid steel vertical file cabinet
  • reinforced file cabinet with double-walled panels
  • four drawers glide on ball-bearing slides
  • it features an interchangeable lock core
  • steel handles and label holders

Best 3-drawer Narrow Filing Cabinet

Yitahome File Cabinet

Elegant Design
The Yitahome is an elegant black file cabinet. It is available in white color, too. This model is built using robust, heavy-duty steel and an environmentally friendly finish. That provides sturdiness and long-lasting durability. Its price is acceptable.

YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal review

Powder Coated Surface
You can put your office printer or another device on its top. This skinny file cabinet is 24 inches tall, 11.8 inches wide and 17.7 inches deep. It weighs 37 pounds. The powder-coated surface is smooth and resistant to scratches and stains. It easy to clean and maintain.

Swivel Casters
It comes fully assembled, you need to attach the casters. There are four swivel casters that easily go in any direction. The small center caster provides extra support and prevents tipping over. There is a lock on the top drawer, it locks all three drawers at the same time.

YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal

Hanging Bars
This metal office cabinet features two small drawers with a removable pencil tray. Use it for small office essentials. The bottom drawer is larger, it is equipped with hanging bars. This drawer holds letter and legal size file folders. Full-extension slides and built-in rails allow you to open/close drawers smoothly.

Highlighted Points:

  • robust heavy/duty steel construction
  • powder-coated surface, easy to clean
  • 4 swivel casters + anti-tip caster
  • box drawers for office essentials
  • file drawer is equipped with hanging bars

Best 2-drawer Slim Filing Cabinet

Uplift File Cabinet

Multifunctional Item
The Uplift is a small narrow filing cabinet that has a high price. It is available in three colors – metallic/industrial style, grey and white. This multi-functional file cabinet requires assembly, you need to attach the wheels. The drawers are already fully assembled.

UPLIFT Desk - Narrow review

Cushioned Seat
It is a combination of storage space and a comfortable seat. You need to attach the seat with an included adhesive strip. It is very practical if your colleagues come by. Moreover, you can use it as a footrest. The unit dimensions are 11.8 inches in width, 19.7 inches in depth and 19.7 inches in height.

Alloy Steel Construction
This rolling file cabinet with seat bears up to 225 pounds. The item weighs 49 pounds. The construction is made of alloy steel, so this is a durable and sturdy file cabinet. With a rounded corner design, it fits in almost any modern office. There aren’t sharp edges.

UPLIFT Desk - Narrow

File Drawer
Organize your office supplies and files into two drawers. There are a small box drawer and file drawer. Box drawer features a pencil tray. The file drawer is equipped with a removable hanging bar, it accommodates letter and legal-size file folders. Both drawers are lockable.

Highlighted Points:

  • small narrow file cabinet that fits anywhere
  • available in three colors
  • box drawer is equipped with a pencil tray
  • file drawer accommodates letter/legal files
  • both drawers are lockable
  • optional cushioned seat

Things To Know About Narrow Filing Cabinets

The slim filing cabinets fit anywhere but still provide ample storage space. Read more about these file cabinet characteristics, so you can choose the suitable model for your office.

Small Office – These file cabinets perfectly fit in small offices. You can place them under your office desk or in the corner of the room. They really don’t take up too much floor space. These file cabinets are usually tall, but they aren’t wide and deep like standard ones.

Letter-size Files – Before you order any file cabinet, read the product dimensions and check your office space. Usually, the thin file cabinets are designed to hold standard size files, which is 8.5” x 11”. Or so-called letter-size/A4 paper. They aren’t intended for legal-size file storing.

Vertical Items – These are the most common file cabinets, they feature upright design and don’t take up too much floor space. The market is full of vertical file cabinets in a variety of heights and drawer quantities. They have deeper drawers than lateral ones.

File Cabinet Handles – You can choose between a variety of different styles. There are models with discreet molded handles, stylish D-shaped handles, inset handles, etc. The handles should be convenient and easy to pull. They could be made of different materials.

Locking System – If you want to protect your files and documents from damage, loss or unwanted access, consider a file cabinet with a secure locking system. The style of lock varies between file cabinet designs. Many small filing cabinets with lock have one lock that secures all drawers.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, the best is Poppin thin file cabinet. It features powder-coated steel construction and three drawers with a lock. Check the wooden items in a post about tall wood file cabinets. If you looking for rolling models, then the small file cabinet on wheels review is for you.

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