Best 6 Seal Laminator Machines To Choose From 2021 Reviews

Would you like to have a seal laminator that will protect your documents and make them stable?

Read this post to see the offer of the best models and to get some information. Considering their characteristics, you will know which type of reviewed laminator meets your needs.

The picks

GBC HeatSeal Laminator PicksGBC HeatSeal H220 Pouch Laminator
The best model like this GBC laminator adjusts options automatically to seal your documents optimally.
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YOU2 Cool Seal Laminator PicksYou2 Cool Seal Laminator
This laminator doesn’t require the electric power since it uses the cold system which makes it safe for usage.
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UALAU Laminator Machine PicksUalau ZY001 Laminator Machine
This thermal laminator can finish the job quickly thanks to high speed and quick preheating time.
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Mead Laminator PicksMead M1701862 Thermal Laminator
The Mead laminator is the machine that supports standard sized pouches that can protect photos, letters, and papers.
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Xyron XRN900 9-Inch Creative Station PicksXyron XRN900 Creative Laminator
Using a cold manual laminating system and having compact colorful design, this machine is ideal for kids.
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Blusmart Laminator Set PicksBlusmart Thermal Laminating Machine
With minimal noise, the Bluemart machine laminates papers, photos, letters, and more. Buying it, you will get the full package.
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Best 6 Seal Laminators


GBC HeatSeal H220 Pouch Laminator

Practical For Storing
The GBC laminator is a large model but it doesn’t take a lot of space when it’s stored. That’s because it’s foldable so you can decrease its size easily after laminating. It includes the pouch roll and programmable buttons for optimal setup according to your needs.

GBC Heatseal laminator

After Light Appears
This model uses the thermal laminating system so it needs some time for warming up. The preheating time lasts usually for 5 minutes. The indicator light will notify you when the seal laminator is warm enough to be ready for laminating in the right way.

Select The Thickness
The thermal laminating system works with 2 types of pouches. You can use the 3 mils or 5 mil thick pouches. There are the buttons you can push to select the thickness of the pouches you will use. The machine adjusts the laminating process to the thickness automatically.

GBC Heatseal laminator review

Useful Options Available
The temperature control function is available so you can be sure your documents will stay undamaged. You can laminate the materials of up to 9 inches wide. Expect for the temperature control option, there is also the auto shut off option this laminator offers.

Highlighted Points:

  • shuts off automatically
  • a thermal system with 5-minute preheating
  • the light indicator notification
  • temperature control function
  • supports 3-5 mil pouches
  • 9 inches is the maximal width of the materials


You2 Cool Seal Laminator

Various Types Of Materials
The You2 seal laminator is designed to laminate the materials of maximally 8 inches wide and about 11 inches long. You can laminate every type of materials such as drawing, photos, papers, and more. All the materials are laminated using the cold method.

YOU2 Cool Seal Laminator

Useful Clamps Included
This laminator is designed for use at the table. You need to place it on a straight surface like a table and make it stable. To fix it to a table, you will get the clamps in the package. The clamps make it stable which prevents accidents.

Different Sizes And Shapes
The laminator includes the feed slot that is practical for you to insert the pouches easier. You will get 5 different-sized pouches. You can laminate not only standard paper but also papers in any shape. Therefore, it’s a useful machine for schools or kindergartens.

YOU2 Cool Seal Laminator Review

No Electricity Needed
The cold system is especially useful if you use it with kids. There’s no heat that may injury the kids’ hands. No electricity is involved so you can use it anywhere. However, it’s important to have a stable and straight surface to place it on.

Highlighted Points:

  • for the materials of up to 11 inches
  • uses the cold laminating system
  • no electric power needed
  • clamps for fixing it to a table
  • various sized pouches in the package
  • practical feed slot built-in
  • supports any shape materials


Ualau ZY001 Laminator Machine

All The Needed Tools
The Ualau seal laminator comes in the full package with the accessories needed for quality results. In the box, there are the pouches, trimmer, and corner rounder. The tools are useful in the office, school, or at home. You can use this machine in various places.

UALAU Laminator Machine

Within 30 Minutes
You can laminate the materials of up to 9 inches of the width. You can use 3 mil or 5 mil pouches. The paper will be laminated quickly since the speed is 250 mm/min. The maximum continuous run time is 30 minutes. It should be enough time for you to finish your work.

Light Notification Included
The laminating process is fast because this machine uses the thermal system. You need to wait for about 3 minutes minimally until the laminator gets warmed up. The indicator light will show you when you can start with laminating. When the machine shows the green light indicator, it’s the sign for starting.

UALAU Laminator Machine Review

Safe In Unpredictable Situations
You can prevent the paper jam by pressing the ABS button. This function is purposed for releasing the paper from the machine if it gets wrapped. The paper will be undamaged so you can repeat the laminating process. You can laminate your important certificate and similar items without worry.

Highlighted Points:

  • additional tools in the package
  • paper length of up to 9 inches
  • the laminating speed of 250 mm/min
  • 30 minutes of the run time continuously
  • green “ready” indicator light


Mead M1701862 Thermal Laminator

Two Thicknesses Of Pouches
The Mead laminator uses the hot laminating system just like the previous model I reviewed. It supports the materials of up to 9,5 inches wide including the pouches. You can use any 3-5 mil pouches.

Mead Laminator

Pouches For Thermal Type
You will get the appropriate pouches you can use in the beginning. There are only 5 pieces of 3 mil pouches so you need to purchase more pouches separately. The pouches you will get are designed for thermal laminators so you should consider this feature while buying pouches.

Safe Release Mechanism
This seal laminator doesn’t need your assistance while laminating except in case of a jam. If you notice the paper stuck inside, you need to pull the paper out from the machine. The release mechanism prevents paper damages if an error sometimes happens.

Mead Laminator Review

Hot Enough For Laminating
After you plug it in, the laminator is ready to work within 3 minutes. When the light in the middle of the body appears, that means the machine is hot enough. On the laminator, there are marks that signify the position of the photo, letter, and so on.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports the pouches of up to 9,5 inches wide
  • 5 pouches of 3 mils included
  • 5 mil pouches also acceptable
  • release system ensured
  • 3 minutes for warming up
  • paper position marked


Xyron XRN900 Creative Laminator

Ideal For Kids
The Xyron laminator has an attractive look for the kids. It comes in various colors so you can choose between green, purple, white, or blue. The machine doesn’t use the electricity so it’s safe for use also for kids. Therefore, it may the perfect gift or school laminator.

Xyron XRN900 9-Inch Creative Station

All In Your Hands
You can laminate the materials of various shapes. You can place the paper hearts or something like this in a pouch and rotate the handwheel. You can regulate the laminating process by yourself so there are no unexpected errors of the laminating system.

Good For Transporting
This laminating machine is about 15 inches long. When it comes to the laminators, this model has a smaller size. It’s great for transporting so the students can carry it from classroom to classroom. It’s also practical for translocating it from home to school.

Xyron XRN900 9-Inch Creative Station Review

Two Functions In One
It’s not only the seal laminator but aslo the adhesive machine. You can use it for multiple purposes. The main advantage is that you don’t have to spend the electric energy. You can use it anywhere and no matter how often. It has a cold system so it never overheats.

Highlighted Points:

  • a compact design ideal for carrying
  • no corded model
  • interesting colored design
  • rotatable hand wheel included
  • laminating and adhesive machine


Blusmart Thermal Laminating Machine

Tools For Photos And Papers
The Blursmart model comes in the box with the corner rounder, paper trimmer, and 20 pieces of the pouches. You can use the machine to laminate any type of material such as photos, letters, papers of all the size, and more. You will get a few photo frames in the package.

Blusmart Laminator Set

Quick Laminating Process
The laminator has average laminating speed of 250 mm/min. If you laminate standard-sized materials, you can be done with 50 pieces per hour. The inlet is wide so you can add the materials of various sizes. You should use thin pouches to get the best results.

5 Minutes Maximally
It uses the thermal system with the preheating time of 3 minutes minimally and 5 minutes maximally. To be sure the laminating machine is warm enough, it’s good to follow the signs of the indicator lights. The heating system includes double rollers.

Blusmart Laminator Set Review

Optimal Temperature Reached
The laminator reaches the temperatures of about 120 °F which is optimal for laminating all kinds of materials.  You can use also the cold system in case the material is sensitive. The machine works quietly so it won’t disturb the people around you.

Highlighted Points:

  • 20 pieces of pouches included
  • trimmer and rounder as bonus
  • the temperature of 120 °F
  • silent working mode
  • the speed of 250 mm/min
  • 3-5 minutes enough to be warmed
  • laminates 50 pieces per hour

Things To Know About Seal Laminator

Instead of using the self-seal sheets to laminate your materials, you can use the seal laminator. This machine can help you to laminate quickly and precisely. It causes minimal damages thanks to its special system. It seals documents using high temperature or pressure.

Fast Laminating Process – The machine usually has a speed of 250 mm per minute. You can laminate about 50 pieces of various documents per hour. However, the laminators have a different run time that varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more.

Better Control And Precision – In comparison with self-seal pouches, you have better control over pouches and documents. You need to add the paper and pouch in the inlet and the machine sticks the pouches and paper properly. The inlets are marked which helps you to place the material in the right position.

Damage Protection Function – The seal laminator has the release system that you can activate if the paper stuck or any other error happens. This system protects the laminating materials. Usually, it’s possible to activate the release function by pressing the button. Nonelectric laminators require pulling the papers.

Heat Helps In Sealing – The first way to connect the documents with the pouches is to melt the plastic to be able to stick to the paper firmly. It’s called the thermal or hot method. Thanks to the heat, the document stays locked in the pouches and you can’t take it out anymore.

Effective Pressure Use – The second way to seal the paper in plastic sheets is to use the pressure instead of heat. It’s known as a cold laminating system and it’s included in nonelectric laminators. Rotating the wheel, the materials go through the roller and the pouches stick to the paper.

Final Verdict

Using the heat, the GBC H220 seal laminator protects the documents in the best way, so it’s definitely worth buying. It uses the same system as the best heat laminator models in this post. If you prefer a cold method to seal your documents, check this post with the cold laminator reviews.

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