Best 6 Pouch Laminators On The Market In 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for a pouch laminator that supports various pouches?

This post will help you to choose the right model for you depending on the characteristics of the laminator you’re searching for. There are 6 different categories and models. You can find the right model quickly and also check some information.

The picks

GBC HeatSeal Laminator PicksGBC HeatSeal H220 Laminator
The GBC laminator has a simple and automatic mechanism and you won’t get out of pouch stock soon.
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Sky 480R6 Photo Pouch Laminator PicksSky 480R6 Photo Pouch Laminator
The heavy-duty motor of high speed in the combination with the temperature control system makes it ideal for all the documents.
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easyIDea ID Card Laminator PicksEasyIDea ID Card Laminator
This laminator is purposed for all types of ID cards so it’s the cheaper and more practical version of an ID card printer.
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Topelek Laminator PicksTopelek Home Office Thermal Laminator
The Topelek laminator comes in the package with a lot of pouches ideal for laminating photos as well as with photo frames.
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TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator PicksThermal 7000T Laminating Corp Laminator
The Tlc machine laminates all types of materials fastly which can save your time and increase the profit.
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YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine PicksYE381 Thermal YE381 Laminating Machine
It’s a compact and a practical to use machine that can serve all the family members.
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Best 6 Pouch Laminators


GBC HeatSeal H220 Laminator

Minimal Assistance
This GBC pouch laminator is the best machine because you don’t have to do the whole job by yourself but only add the pouch roll correctly and press the right button. The laminator works with minimal assistance. The pouch roll is big so you don’t have to think about the stock of pouches.

GBC Heatseal laminator

Foldable Design
The design of this GBC laminator is foldable which means you can close the lid after laminating and it will take minimal space. The foldable design is practical for storing. It won’t take the whole desk but only then when you use it.

Saving Energy Function
After some time of non-use, the laminator shuts off automatically. This function saves energy increasing the life of this pouch laminator. You need to wait for about 5 minutes until the laminator warms up. The indicator light will show you when the preheating is over.

GBC Heatseal laminator review

A Lot Of Functions
There is a control panel with a lot of functions including reverse function. This is a button you need to press if the paper wraps inside. You can laminate the papers of about 9 inches of the size. The pouches can be thick from 3 to 5 mil.

Highlighted Points:

  • supports the document size of 9 inches
  • foldable and easy to store
  • indicator lights built-in
  • 5 minutes of the warm-up time
  • automatic shut off function
  • reverse option offered


Sky 480R6 Photo Pouch Laminator

Durability And Resistance
This Sky laminator has a large design which means its width is about 19 inches. The motor has a heavy-duty design which means it’s made of durable materials. The advantage of this heavy-duty pouch laminator is the resistance that guarantees the long life of this machine.

Sky 480R6 Photo Pouch Laminator

Colling And Heating Systems
Instead of a thermal laminating system, this model uses a cooling system. It makes the documents you laminate safer. The laminator uses the hot system when you laminate the photos. It’s an easier and faster way to laminate photos. There are overall 6 rollers that are covered with silicone.

Thick Pouches Supported
You can use the pouches of all the thicknesses. The maximal thickness of the pouch you can use is 15 mil. There is a control panel you need to use to adjust the settings for the type of pouches you will use. You can also adjust the speed and the heat using the programmable buttons and display on this heavy-duty pouch laminator.

Sky 480R6 Photo Pouch Laminator reviews

Quality And Fast Laminating
The warm-up time is 5 minutes. This laminator has a temperature control function so you can be sure your documents won’t be damaged. Since the motor is heavy-duty, the Sky laminator can work with the maximal speed of 450 mm per minute.

Highlighted Points:

  • 6 silicone rollers included
  • heavy-duty motor
  • the speed of up to 450 mm/min
  • pouches of up to 15 mils of the thickness
  • control panel with a lot of functions
  • large about 19 inches wide design
  • air cooling system


EasyIDea ID Card Laminator

Average Size Design
This easyIDea laminator is designed for ID cards. It has an average size design so you can place it in your office and it won’t take the whole surface of your desk. The laminator uses two heat temperature settings. You can choose which setting you will use.

easyIDea ID Card Laminator

Two Heat Options
Your decision should depend on the size of the card you want to laminate. The first heat option is for cards that are thinner than 10 mils. If you want to produce the usual 30 mil plastic ID cards, you need to use the second setting.

All The Cards Supported
You can use this id card pouch laminator to make all the types of cards. You can make employee cards, luggage, identification cards, and so on. It depends on the size and thickness of the pouch how many times you need to run the card through. You will see your results and then decide if you need to repeat the laminating.

easyIDea ID Card Laminator Review

Simpler And Cheaper
It’s simple to make the card from printed paper using the laminator. It’s also a cheaper way to make ID cards than buying an ID card printer. Instead of an ID printer, you need to use a standard printer and use any paper for printing. It’ better to use a thinner one.

Highlighted Points:

  • for all the ID cards
  • compatible with pouches of up to 30 mil
  • two temperature settings
  •  works with printed paper
  • replacement for an ID card printer


Topelek Home Office Thermal Laminator

Quick Preheating Time
The Topelek photo pouch laminator is a fast heating machine that needs about 2 minutes for preheating. When the indicator light shows you the machine is warmed-up enough, you can put the photo with the pouch inside. No bubble or wrinkle results are guaranteed.

Topelek Laminator

Big Package Of Pouches
Not only photos but you can laminate also the papers. You will get 30 pouches in the package. The paper trimmer, corner rounder, and photo frames are also included in the box. The pouches have different sizes so you can find the pouch that suits any photo or paper.

Ultra-High Laminating Speed
This Topelekt pouch laminator uses both hot and cold systems. The cold system is convenient for documents that require careful usage. No matter which laminating system you use, the speed of laminating is 400 mm per minute. You don’t have to waste time laminating your photos.

Topelek Laminator Review

Characteristics Of Portable Machine
This laminator has a compact size and it’s lightweight which makes it a portable machine. You can use the same laminator all in the office and at home. Your kids can bring it to school when they have to do a project. You can carry it in a bag.

Highlighted Points:

  • 30 pieces of pouches in the package
  • 2-minute preheating time
  • the speed of 400 mm per minute
  • ideal for photos and documents
  • compact design
  • uses both cold and hot systems


Thermal 7000T Laminating Corp Laminator

Until The Light Illuminates
This is a thermal laminator which means it uses the hot laminating system. Therefore, it needs to be warmed-up before laminating. You need to switch it on and wait until the light indicator activates. It’s important to wait until the laminator preheats properly to get the best results.

TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator

Laminates Sensitive Documents
Not only thermal but there is also the cold system for laminating. You can use it to laminate some important and sensitive documents. To protect the documents fully, you can use thick pouches of up to 10 mils of the thickness.

Fast Laminating Guaranteed
Expect fo the 10 mils thick pouch, you can use also the pouches of 3, 5, and 7 mil thickness. You can use any pouches and the speed is guaranteed. The maximal speed of this laminator is about 800 mm/min. You can be finished with laminated quickly.

TLC 12-916 Pouch Laminator Review

Adjustable Laminating Conditions
Inside this pouch laminator, there is a thermometer and this model includes the adjustable temperature control. You can adjust the conditions of the laminating according to the type of document you want to laminate. Just like all the commercial laminators, this one is designed to make the best results.

Highlighted Points:

  • compatible with the pouches of 3-10 mil thick
  • both hot and cold laminating mechanism
  • speed of 800 mm/min approximately
  • “ready” indicator light included
  • adjustable temperature control


YE381 Thermal YE381 Laminating Machine

Multifunctional Machine
This home pouch laminator is suitable for all the sizes of the documents. It can laminate the A3 paper as well as the business cards. You can use it to laminate also the photos. The laminator has a black and compact design and it’s practical for carrying.

YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine

Full Package Of Laminator
In the package with this home pouch laminator, you will get 50 pieces of pouches. They have various sizes so you can find pouches for all the kinds of documents you want to laminate. You will get also the trimmer and rounder to make laminated papers look better.

Low Level Of The Noise
You won’t disturb your family or wake them up while using this home laminator. The 2 roller system enables quiet laminating. With the speed of 250 mm per minute, the laminator can do a full job quickly. If the paper sticks inside, you need to press the ABS button and it will release it.

YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine Review

Increased Durability
The laminator includes the temperature control system so it’s safe for laminating sensitive documents. The control system makes also the life of the laminator longer. Both cold and hot systems are available so this home laminator is adjusted for all the types of documents.

Highlighted Points:

  • papers, photos, business cards, and more
  • 50 pouches in the package
  • the laminating speed of 250 mm per minute
  • ABS function if an error happens
  • adjustable temperature settings
  • trimmer and rounder also included

Things To Know About Pouch Laminators

Pouch laminators are known for the full package which they come in. The package includes a big number of pouches that have various purposes. The laminators that have adjustable or automatic settings are especially useful and worth buying. Here is the detailed explanation of the mentioned benefits.

Pieces Of Pouches – The package usually includes 20-50 pieces of pouches. It’s practical because you don’t have to search for the appropriate pouches and purchase them separately. All the pouches you need are already in the package and ready for use.

Sizes Of Pouch – Almost all the pouches from the package and the pouches that you purchase separately are suitable for the laminator. That means this type of laminator supports all the types of pouches. You can choose which one to use depending on the size of the document such as A4, A5, A6, and so on.

Thickness Of Pouches – The best models support the pouches of a wide specter of the thickness. While the usual laminator is suitable for the pouches of 3-5 mil, the pouch laminator functions with the pouches of the thickness of up to 30 mils.

Adjustable Pouch Settings – Some of the best machines allow you to adjust the settings in accordance with the thickness of the pouch you use. The laminator works better if you adjust the settings properly. Except for the pouch thickness, some laminators allow you to adjust also the temperature.

Automatic Machine – Some laminators require your assistance but most of them are automatic. That means you don’t need to supervise the machine a lot. Your only task is to set the right options and the laminator will finish the job. The automatic machine will make the best results if you place the pouch on the paper properly.

Final Verdict

All the benefits of pouch laminators are visible in the GBC HeatSeal laminator. You can use this model for commercial purposes just like other best commercial laminators. Not only for business but the models I reviewed are purposed also for home use. If you need it, this post about the best home laminator will be useful for you.

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