Best 6 Glass File Cabinets Looking Modern Or Vintage 2022

Do you want to buy a glass file cabinet for your office/home office’

If you do, then you should check this review. Here, you will find these file cabinet models divided into six categories. There are file cabinets with glass tops, glass doors, in different sizes and designs. Learn more information in our buying guide.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Glass File Cabinet
Best Of Best Glass File Cabinet picksTechni Mobili File Cabinet
Pedestal file cabinet with glass top, made of quality medium-density fiberboard, there are two drawers.
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Best 2-drawer Glass File Cabinet
Best 2-drawer Glass File Cabinet picksSimplihome File Cabinet
Made of pine and plywood, this file cabinet features a glass door, two small drawers and four adjustable shelves.
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Best Lateral Glass Door File Cabinet
Best Lateral Glass Door File Cabinet picksBestar File Cabinet
Tall lateral file cabinet that delivers commercial-grade quality, two spacious drawers and a storage cabinet.
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Best Home Office Glass File Cabinet
Best Home Office Glass Cabinet picksBDI File & Storage Cabinet
Multifunctional white file cabinet with drawers, open storage space, storage cabinet and glass top.
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Best Large Glass File Cabinet
Best Large Glass File Cabinet picksWinsome File Cabinet
A tall file cabinet with a glass door that fits perfectly in tight corner spaces, doesn’t require too much space.
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Best On-wheels Glass File Cabinet
Best On-wheels Glass file cabinet picksTechni Mobili File Cabinet
Made of high-quality medium-density fiberboard and moisture resistant surface, there are three drawers and a storage cabinet.
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Best 6 Glass File Cabinets

Best Of Best Glass File Cabinet

Techni Mobili File Cabinet

Personal File Cabinet
The Techni Mobili is a pedestal file cabinet ideal for small offices and personal use. Its price is affordable. The Techni weighs 45 pounds. Its dimensions are 24 inches in height, 16 inches in width and 16.5 inches in depth. It is made of medium-density fiberboard.

Best Of Best Glass Techni Mobili File Cabinet

Powder Coated Surface
There is a moisture laminate veneer surface. It is powder coated and resistant to scratches. The top shelf is made of heavy-duty tempered safety glass. The top bears up to 20 pounds. Place some notebooks or files on it. The model is available in grey or graphite color.

Five Casters
This is a mobile file cabinet, you can easily move it from one place to another. There are five chrome non-marking wheels, they won’t damage your floor. The front fifth caster provides extra support and prevents tipping over. It keeps the file cabinet stable.

Best Of Best Glass File Cabinet

Locking Mechanism
There are two drawers for storage included in this glass file cabinet. The top drawer is smaller and it holds small office accessories. The bottom drawer is designed for hanging files. The top drawer is equipped with a locking mechanism, it secures both drawers at the same time.

Highlighted Points:

  • constructed with high-quality MDF
  • moisture laminate veneer surface
  • equipped with four rolling casters and an anti-tip caster
  • two drawers for office essentials and hanging files
  • heavy-duty tempered glass top

Best 2-drawer Glass File Cabinet

Simplihome File Cabinet

Required Assembly
The Simplihome file cabinet is available in dark chestnut color. It features a glossy finish. The product dimensions are 46 inches in height, 46 inches in width and 17 inches in depth. It weighs 101 pounds. The assembly is required so the instruction is included in the package.

Best 2-drawer Glass Simplihome File Cabinet

Quality Pine Wood
This glass file cabinet is made of the finest materials. It is handcrafted. The construction is made of quality pine. The price is affordable and the warranty lasts 1 year. The Simplihome features a traditional vintage-style that fits in any rustic-inspired home office.

Vintage Style
Its traditional style includes vintage panel doors, drawer, notched legs and bronze decorative. This pine filing cabinet stands on sturdy legs, it is stable and durable. There is plenty of storage for your home office needs. The small two drawers hold small items, like scissors, post-it notes, etc.

Best 2-drawer Glass File Cabinet

4 Shelves
The Simplihome features two tempered glass doors and there are four adjustable shelves. They are suitable for books, registers, some smaller office devices and other things. If you aren’t satisfied with this product you can return it easily.

Highlighted Points:

  • made from the finest pine wood
  • affordable price and 1-year warranty
  • there are two tempered glass doors
  • four adjustable shelves for home offices
  • two standard sized drawers

Best Lateral Glass Door File Cabinet

Bestar File Cabinet

The Highest Standards
The Bestar is an affordable glass door file cabinet. This model is available in two colors – brown and white. It is made of high-density particleboard panels. It is a rigid file cabinet and it won’t sag or warp. The manufacturer uses recycled wood that meets the highest standards in North America.

Best Lateral Glass Door BestarFile Cabinet

Sleek Design
This product arrives in a 100% recycled package. The Bestar weighs 149 pounds. Its dimensions are 56.6 inches in height, 18 inches in depth and 30 inches in width. The sleek design is elegant and fits in any office or home office. The price is acceptable.

Two Wide Drawers
This solid wood lateral file cabinet delivers commercial-grade quality and melamine finish. The surface is resistant to scratches, stains and wear. There are two wide drawers, you can use them for letter or legal-size file folders. The filing system is included.

Best Lateral Glass Door File Cabinet

Frosted Glass Door
Both drawers glide on smooth ball-bearing slides, that provide smooth and quiet drawer performance of this glass file cabinet. There are two handles on each drawer. The bottom drawer is equipped with a lock. Keep your private and confidential files there. Above the drawers, there is a frosted glass door with a shelf.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of quality high-density particleboard
  • it comes in a 100% recycled package
  • the surface is resistant to scratches and stains
  • there are two drawers that hold letter/legal files
  • above the drawers is a frosted glass door with a shelf

Best Home Office Glass File Cabinet

BDI File & Storage Cabinet

White File Cabinet
The BDI Centro wide file cabinet fits in any modern office, it is available in white color only. The top comes in a grey color. It weighs 171 pounds. Its dimensions are 29 inches in height, 35 inches in width and 18 inches in depth. This is a pricey glass top file cabinet.

Best Home Office Glass BDI File & Storage Cabinet

Satin-etched Glass
On the top is satin-etched glass, it is a highly durable and mouse-friendly tempered glass top. The unfinished soft finish of this glass file cabinet is smooth. It provides protection from dings and scratches. You can check other pieces of furniture and complete your office.

Cable Grommets
With the cable grommets and integrated wire routing channels, you can keep your workspace neatly and free from cable clutter. There is a pull-out printer tray that offers space for your office devices, like printer or scanner. Above it is an adjustable shelf for some papers.

Best Home Office Glass Cabinet

Anti-tip Design
There are two small drawers for office accessories, above the top drawer is a built-in lock. It secures both drawers. Below the drawers is a large file cabinet, it accommodates letter and legal size hanging file folders. The anti-tip mechanism allows only one drawer to be opened.

Highlighted Points:

  • white file cabinet with plenty of space
  • highly durable and smooth tempered glass top
  • large file cabinet holds letter and legal size hanging files
  • two small drawers for office supplies
  • pull-out printer tray for office devices
  • the anti-tip mechanism keeps the file cabinet stable

Best Large Glass File Cabinet

Winsome File Cabinet

Tall Item
The Winsome file cabinet is a pretty tall item that perfectly fits in space-limited offices and home offices. The assembly is required, so the package contains an instruction. The product dimensions are 18.11 inches in width, 70 inches in height and 13 inches in depth.

Best Large Glass Winsome File Cabinet

Plenty Of Space
The drawer inside has 13” W x 9” D x 6.3” H. It is a shallow but wide drawer, it fits small home office supplies. There is one open cube space for frequently used items. It measures 14” W x 11.6” D x 8.5” H. The enclosed cabinet comes with an adjustable shelf.

Best Large Glass File Cabinet

Composed Wood
The construction is made of solid/composed wood. The Winsome glass file cabinet comes in black color only. It weighs 45 pounds and stands on sturdy legs. This tall wood file cabinet features a glass door on the top storage cabinet. Its price is acceptable.

Highlighted Points:

  • very tall and slim file cabinet
  • the assembly is needed
  • two storage cabinets open cube space
  • wide drawer hold home office supplies
  • affordable price

Best On-wheels Glass File Cabinet

Techni Mobili File Cabinet

Heavy-duty MDF
The Techni Mobili is a lateral file cabinet that features an affordable price. The construction is made of heavy-duty medium density fiberboard. Also, there is a moisture-resistant PVC laminate veneer. The finish features graphite color. The item weighs 71 pounds.

Best On-wheels Glass Techni Mobili file cabinet

Safety Glass
This glass file cabinet features a powder-coated finish. Clean it with a damp cloth, don’t use aggressive cleansers. On the top is a heavy-duty tempered smoke glass. This safety glass is useful as an additional shelf. It is scratch-resistant. This file cabinet is covered with a 5-year warranty.

Chrome Wheels
This small rolling file cabinet features four chrome wheels, so you can move the file cabinet wherever you want with ease. These casters are made with non-marking nylon material. The Techni Mobili requires assembly, the package includes detailed instruction.

Best On-wheels Glass file cabinet

Storage Cabinet
There are three drawers and a storage cabinet with a door. Use these small drawers for office supplies and files. You need to place the files horizontally. The storage cabinet is great for registers, books and other things. There are silver handles on the drawers.

Highlighted Points:

  • heavy-duty MDF with a moisture-resistant surface
  • available in graphite finish only
  • four chrome wheels ensure mobility
  • three drawers for small office essentials
  • covered with a 5-year warranty

Things To Know About Glass File Cabinet

In this buying guide, you will learn more about glass file cabinets and their features. We described some characteristics like design, storage space, etc.

Glass Door – There are file cabinets with different glass doors. They could be transparent, decorative, frosted, etc. if you want to keep your content hidden, choose the file cabinet with a frosted glass door. It is easy to clean and maintain the glass door, use the household glass cleaner.

Glass Top – Many modern file cabinets feature glass on their top. This glass top can stand on short legs or just covered the surface. You need to check how thick is the gals top. Don’t buy a thin glass, you will need to be careful with it. The thick glass top is useful as additional storage space.

Vertical/Lateral – These file cabinets come in two main designs. There are vertical and lateral file cabinets. The vertical file cabinets don’t require as much space as lateral ones. Vertical file cabinets feature an upright typical design. The lateral ones are horizontal and designed for high capacity filing.

Adjustable Shelves – Usually the lateral file cabinets come with shelves. The lateral file cabinet with shelves could have many shelves, choose the model that covers your office needs. It is a good idea to pick the file cabinet with an adjustable shelf, you can even remove it if you want.

Mobility – For people who need to move their file cabinets around, there are mobile glass file cabinets. Unfortunately, some models don’t come with brakes on the wheels. Read the product description carefully. There are file cabinets with added fifth caster for extra stability.

Final Verdict

If you looking for our opinion, we highly recommend the Techni Mobili glass file cabinet. It features a tempered glass top, two drawers and durable wood construction. Check out other modern and antique models in posts about retro filing cabinets and modern wood file cabinets.

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