Best 6 Adjustable Work Stools You Can Regulate The Height

Are you interested in buying an adjustable work stool?

Then you should read this article! I’ll describe the 6 best models and their features so you can compare them and choose the best. Read about different categories, and find additional helpful info in the buying guide.

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Best Adjustable Work Stool SummarySuper Deal Adjustable Ergonomic Office
This model features a heavy-duty metal base that can swivel and ends with caster wheels. The seat has a high weight capacity.
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Best With Wheels Adjustable Work Stool SummaryKktoner Swivel Ergonomic Chair
A mobile model with a waterproof and oil-proof leather cover and metal base that features hydraulic lifting for height adjustments.
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Best Workbench Adjustable Work Stool SummaryKobalt Ergonomic Backrest Stool
It features a metal base with 4 legs without wheels. Height adjusting is done with a hydraulic cylinder that’s built into the base.
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Best With Backrest Adjustable Work Stool SummaryWork Pro Shop Swivel Stool
The backrest and seat are covered with an upholstered vinyl. The iron base features a foot ring, hydraulic lever, and caster wheels.
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Best Cheap ACBS06-B Adjustable Work Stool SummaryAC Pacific ACBS06-B Wooden Stool
High-quality features for low budget. It’s made from a wooden and chrome frame, and it features a padded backrest and armrests.
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Best Ergonomic Adjustable Work Stool SummaryDkeli Tall Ergonomic Office Stool
It features a backrest with lumbar support. The seat and backrest are covered with breathable mesh. The base has a foot ring.
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6 Best Adjustable Work Stool Reviews


Super Deal Adjustable Ergonomic Office

Seat Cover And Padding
This adjustable work chair has seat that’s 27” wide and it’s covered with faux leather that’s comfortable, soft, and long-lasting. The leather covers high-quality memory foam that’s 3” thick. The backrest is made from a D25 thick sponge, and it’s 3.5” high from the seat.

Best Adjustable Work Stool

Overall Height And Seat Height
It provides support for the lower back, while the seat contours around the body and relaxes muscles so you can sit for a longer time. The seat is 15” wide and 17.5” long. The height can be adjusted between 21” and 27”, while the seat height from the floor is between 18” and 24.5”.

Weight Capacity And Pneumatic Cylinder
The base is made from heavy-duty metal, therefore this adjustable work stool can carry up to 300 pounds of weight which is very user-friendly. The adjustable desk stool has caster wheels that ensure mobility, so you can move on the chair while sitting, and also it’s easy to transport it from one room to another.

BEST OF BEST Super Deal Adjustable Work Stool

Swivel Base And Pneumatic Lever
The height adjustment is easy and you can do it while sitting because it features a pneumatic lever that you only need to push in order to set the right height. It’s connected to the pneumatic gas cylinder that’s built-into the metal base. The swivel base can rotate for 360-degrees.

Highlighted Points:

  • 27” wide seat
  • faux leather cover
  • 3” thick memory foam
  • weight capacity is 300 pounds
  • heavy-duty metal base


Kktoner Swivel Ergonomic Chair

Seat Structure And Weight Capacity
This adjustable work stool with wheels has a seat that’s 13.8” wide in diameter, and it’s padded with a 3.9” thick sponge. The high-quality seat can hold up to 300 pounds, which means it’s almost a heavy-duty model like the 400 lb office chairs. The model is covered with faux leather that’s diamond tufted.

Best With Wheels Adjustable Work Stool

Waterproof Leather Cover
The leather is waterproof and oil-proof, therefore it’s easy to maintain and clean. Unlike previous models, the Kktoner round rolling stool doesn’t have a backrest which means you won’t be supported in the lower back area. However, the padding is thick enough to help you maintain an upright sitting position without curving your spine.

Hydraulic Height Adjustments
The metal base features a hydraulic cylinder, so you can easily adjust the height by using the control. The seat can be adjusted between 20” and 26” in height. It’s important to set the height according to your body shape so your feet are on the ground which is allowing balanced blood circulation.

BEST WITH WHEELS Kktoner Adjustable Work Stool

Fast Assembly And Rotating Base 
The Kktoner rolling stool comes with all parts and tools needed for easy and fast assembly. Also, the metal base has a swivel design which means you can rotate for 360-degrees. That’s very practical, especially if you’re always twisting your back, turning, and reaching things around you.

Highlighted Points:

  • 13.8” wide seat
  • 3.9” thick sponge
  • waterproof and oil-proof leather
  • hydraulic cylinder for height adjustments
  • the seat is between 20” and 26” high


Kobalt Ergonomic Backrest Stool

Metal Base With Legs
This adjustable work stool is made from metal frames and bases that are heavy-duty and can carry high weight. Unlike previous models, this one has a base with 4 legs that make it stable, and it’s comfortable if you’re planning to sit on it for a long time. It doesn’t feature wheels. For more similar models, read the best adjustable desk chair without wheels review.

Best Workbench Adjustable Work Stool

Hydraulic Lifting And Height
Also, the seat at its base has a hydraulic lifting mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the seat while sitting on the chair. The Kobalt adjustable hydraulic stool can be adjusted between  28” and 33” in height. The cover is made from a high-density plastic material.

Metal Base And Weight Capacity
The heavy-duty metal base of this adjustable height work stool ensures a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, therefore it’s a standard model, not a heavy-duty one. It can be used in bars, salons, shops, or as an addition to your home interior.

BEST WORKBENCH Kobalt Adjustable Work Stool

Ergonomic Backrest
Another user-friendly feature of this model is the backrest that’s added to the seat. Therefore you can lean on the backrest that’s ergonomic and allows you to release the tension from the muscles, especially around your spine. In that way, you won’t have back pain.

Highlighted Points:

  • metal base with 4 legs
  • weight capacity is 250 pounds
  • 28”-33” height adjustments
  • plastic cover
  • backrest for additional support


Work Pro Shop Swivel Stool

Dimensions And Height Adjustments
This work stool with a backrest has a seat that’s 23.5” wide in diameter. The overall height can be adjusted by using hydraulic lifting. The lever is built beneath the seat, and you need to pull it in order to adjust the height between 36.25” and 45.5”.

Best With Backrest Adjustable Work Stool

Swivel Design And Backrest
The Work Pro Shop adjustable swivel stool has a vinyl upholstered cover that’s soft, durable, and long-lasting. Another user-friendly feature is that this material is easy to clean and maintain. The backrest and seat are padded with high-quality foam that supports your body. The base has a swivel design so you can rotate for 360-degrees.

Iron Foot Ring
The backrest is user-friendly addition because it supports your lower back and prevents back pain. Another user-friendly feature is the iron foot ring. You can rest your feet on that ring while you’re sitting at the maximum height when doing work at the drafting table or sitting at the bar.

BEST WITH BACKREST Work Pro Shop Adjustable Work Stool

Weight Capacity And Wheels
Unlike the previous model, this adjustable work stool with backrest features 5 caster wheels that allow you to be mobile while sitting on the chair. The iron base ensures heavy-duty structure and high weight capacity so this rolling stool with backrest can carry up to 250 pounds.

Highlighted Points:

  • maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds
  • upholstered vinyl cover
  • steel base with foot ring
  • 5 caster wheels
  • hydraulic seat lifting


AC Pacific ACBS06-B Wooden Stool

Wooden Frame
This adjustable height work chair has a unique design and it will be an elegant addition to any interior in your home or office. The backrest is connected to the arms that are padded so you can relax your hands and elbows. The frame of the seat and backrest is made from wood.

Best Cheap ACBS06-B Adjustable Work Stool

Vinyl Cover And Foam Padding
The seat is covered with upholstered vinyl that’s soft and durable, and it’s diamond quilted. The padding is made from high-quality memory foam that is soft and comfortable for the body, but firm enough to ensure good support while sitting for a long time.

Weight Capacity And And Foot Ring
Besides the wooden frame, this adjustable work stool features a chrome base that’s sturdy and durable. Therefore this model can carry up to 200 pounds. The chrome base features a foot ring which is very user-friendly because you can rest your feet while sitting high and your feet don’t reach the ground.

BEST CHEAP AC Pacific ACBS06-B Adjustable Work Stool

Seat Height And Swivel Design
The base has a hydraulic cylinder for easy seat lifting. You can adjust the seat height between 24” and 32”, so you can also sit at the higher drafting tables. This is a great vintage-style office chair that is offered for a great budget. The base has a swivel design so you can rotate for 360-degrees.

Highlighted Points:

  • hydraulic lifting
  • the seat is between 24” and 32” high
  • swivels for 360-degrees
  • combines wooden and chrome frame
  • foot ring to rest your legs


Dkeli Tall Ergonomic Office Stool

Backrest And Lumbar Support
This adjustable work stool has a unique backrest that’s high and features lumbar support which means that it offers high-quality support for your back. Like other best adjustable ergonomic office chairs, this stool will help you with keeping the upright sitting position and not curving the spine in an unnatural way.

Best Ergonomic Adjustable Work Stool

Breathable Mesh And Memory Foam
The seat and backrest are covered with breathable mesh material that’s elastic, firm, and durable. Also, it’s breathable which means it allows air circulation and you won’t sweat during long-hour sitting. The lumbar support work chair is padded with thick memory foam that contours around your body and releases any tension from the muscles.

BIFMA Certified Pneumatic Lifting
The seat has a waterfall design for even better support. The base is made from metal, and it features a pneumatic cylinder that’s BIFMA certified for safe use in the home and office. The height can be adjusted between 21.5” and 29.3”. The swivel design can rotate for 360-degrees.

BEST ERGONOMIC Dkeli Adjustable Work Stool

Foot Ring And Warranty
The ergonomic work chair with good lumbar support also has a foot ring that’s very user-friendly if you want to rest your legs when working at a higher desk. The base has 5 caster wheels so you can move on this chair, as well as easily transport it from one place to another. All parts are covered with a 3-year limited warranty

Highlighted Points:

  • backrest with lumbar support
  • breathable mesh cover
  • BIFMA certified gas cylinder
  • the seat is between 21.5” and 29.3” high
  • pneumatic cylinder

Things To Know About Adjustable Work Stools

Before buying the right model for your home or office, you should learn more about important features such as weight capacity, swivel design, mechanisms for adjusting the height, etc. Here you can find out more info that will help you with choosing the right model.

Weight Capacity – In case you need to buy a heavy-duty chair or stool, you need to check if theirs weight capacity is between 300 pounds and 500 pounds. For more models like this, read the best 500 lb capacity office chair review. Most models from this list are standard, which means they have weight capacity in the range from 200 lb to 300 lb.

Cover Types – The main two materials are mesh and faux leather. Mesh is elastic, and firm while faux leather is more comfortable, and soft. Both are durable and long-lasting. However, mesh allows cool air circulation so it’s more breathable. The leather models have a more elegant design suitable for the office.

Height Adjustments – The base often features a pneumatic or hydraulic gas cylinder that helps you to easily adjust the height of the seat in regards to the floor. That can be done by using a gas lever. Some models also have manual height adjustments that require you to rotate the seat until you set the right level.

Swivel Design – This is a very user-friendly feature, especially if you’re often twisting your back when working. The base with a swivel design can rotate for 360-degrees. If you want to research more models with this feature, great article on the best adjustable swivel chair.

Base Accessories – The adjustable work stool often has a metal base made from iron, chrome, or steel. When searching for the right model, check out if it has a foot ring on the base that’s great for resting legs while working. Another great addition are caster wheels that allow you to be mobile while sitting on the chair.

Final Verdict

The best model is the Dkeli adjustable work stool because it has a backrest with lumbar support that gives the best comfort when working for a long time. For more similar models, read the best adjustable office chair with wheels review. In case you would love to research models with unique designs, read the article on the best 70s office chairs.

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