Best 4 Concrete Conference Tables You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Do you want to purchase a kind of unbroken table like the concrete conference table?

Then read the post and find out everything about it. All the information is explained in the guide. But first, you can choose the table for you by reading the reviews with all the important info.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Concrete Conference Table
Zuo cement Conference Table PicksZuo Conference Table Cement Top
Thanks to the real concrete top, the Zuo conference table looks old-fashioned and is strong and resistant as well.
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Best Rustic Concrete Conference Table
NBF Urban Cencrete Conference Table PicksNBF Urban Conference Table
With concrete grey rustic color, this Urban table model is a great simulation of the real concrete construction.
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Best White Concrete Conference Table
SI White Concrete Confrence Table PicksSI Round Meeting Table
The white concrete and round shape make this table different than other concrete tables but still functional and attractive.
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Best Standing Concrete Conference Table
NBF Meridian Adjustable Table PicksNBF Meridian Adjustable Height
The height adjustment system makes this table ideal for standing as well as for sitting like usual concrete tables.
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Best 4 Concrete Conference Tables

Best Of Best Concrete Conference Table

Zuo Conference Table Cement Top

Ultra-Thick Cement
The Zuo conference table is made of real concrete material. Actually, it has a concrete top while the base is wooden. The top is ultra-thick which makes the table stable and durable. The cement top and wooden legs give the vintage look to the table.

Zuo cement Conference Table

Solid Wood Base
The legs have an interesting design. There are little crossed wooden beams as decoration between the legs. The thick beam is also there as the support for the whole construction. The legs are made of solid Acacia wood so the base guarantees durability. The hardwood is strong enough to support the concrete.

Big Size For Many Places
The table is one of the rectangular conference tables. Thanks to this shape, there is a lot of space around the table for many chairs. The overall length of the table is 78 inches. This size is big enough for 6-7 seaters. However, the legs might be uncomfortable for those who sit on the short sides.

Zuo cement Conference Table review

Enough Space On The Top
While the length is a little more than 6 ft, the width of the concrete conference table is about 40 inches. It’s wide enough to provide enough space for all the accessories you need to use at the meeting. The height is the same as all the tables which means it’s 30 inches approximately.

Highlighted Points:

  • length is 78 inches or 6,5 ft
  • the width is 40 inches and the height is 30 inches
  • made of cement top and wooden base
  • legs made of solid Acacia wood
  • thick concrete top makes it look vintage
  • enough space for up to 7 chairs

Best Rustic Concrete Conference Table

NBF Urban Conference Table

Real Concrete Simulation
Unlike the previous model that has the top made of real concrete, this NBF conference table Urban model has a concrete laminate top. This material gives a real concrete look to the table. For that reason, the table looks rustic because of the grey top and black base.

NBF Urban Cencrete Conference Table

Powder-Coated Base
The base of the concrete conference table is made of metal and covered with black alloy. The metal base is powder-coated. The base consists of two square-shaped metal frames as legs and two additional metal rods that support the top. It’s easy to mount the base by following the instructions.

Solid Wood Is Under It
The laminate alloy gives the resistance to scratches and stains to this table. Under the laminate finish, there is a solid wood panel. Thanks to it, the table has needed stability as well as durability. It’s less possible to broke the solid wood material construction.

NBF Urban Cencrete Conference Table Review

Enough Space For Small Group
The table is about 8 ft long which makes it an ideal conference table for 6 persons. The table is purposed for an average conference room. It’s practical for a smaller group of people. You should place it in one room and not move it often because it’s heavy thanks to hardwood and metal construction.

Highlighted Points:

  • top made of solid wood and covered with concrete laminate
  • the base is made of powder-coated metal
  • the length of the table is about 8 feet
  • purposed for up to 8 people
  • easy to mount the base and connect with the top
  • the laminate cover protects it from scratches

Best White Concrete Conference Table

SI Round Meeting Table

White And Round
The SI conference table is different than other concrete conference tables. This model is a round conference table and the top is colored in white. Unlike most round tables, this one is big. There is space not only for 4 persons but for 5-6 persons.

SI White Concrete Confrence Table

Big Diameter Of The Round Top
There is space around the table as around other rectangular tables because the diameter of the white top is 54 inches. The top is made from white concrete veneer so it’s not the natural concrete but it looks like it and it’s strong like concrete. The gold legs contribute to durability.

Gold Attractive Construction
The base is made of gold rods shaped in a cone. The gold base makes the table look glamorous. The gold suits the white color of the top making the whole attractive construction. The cone base has the glides purposed for protection if you pull the table.

SI White Concrete Confrence Table Review

Not For Rustic Design
Since the table is round, the conference participants feel connected during the meeting. You can place the table in the rooms with various designs. This table with neutral colors fits a lot of designs except for rustic. It makes it different than other tables with grey concrete.

Highlighted Points:

  • white and gold color design
  • the round top with the diameter of 54 inches
  • comfortable for 5-6 persons maximally
  • white concrete veneer and gold cone base
  • glides attached to the base

Best Standing Concrete Conference Table

NBF Meridian Adjustable Height

One Different Thing
This is one more model by the NBF brand. This Meridian model has a similar top design as the previous Urban model but there is one thing that makes it different. This is an adjustable height conference table which means its base is not fixed.

NBF Meridian Adjustable Table

Metal “Modesty Panel”
The base is made of two legs and some kind of modesty panel that connects the legs making the whole construction stable. However, it’s not a modesty panel because the base is metal. Just like the metal legs of most concrete conference tables, the legs of this model are also colored in black.

Up Or Down Buttons
The adjustment system is integrated into the base. It allows you to adjust the height of the table. Pressing the up or down button, you can increase or decrease the height of the table. The minimal height is 24 inches whole the maximal height is 48 inches. It’s one of the most higher conference tables.

Meridian Conference Table System

A Lot Of Space
While the height differs depending on your preferences, the length is always the same. The table is about 72 inches long. The length of 6 ft provides space for 6 persons. The table width is about 42 inches. It’s a big width for a conference table. Therefore, the table provides a lot of space.

Highlighted Points:

  • the length of 72 inches which is 6 ft
  • the width of the table is 42 inches
  • the height varies from 24 to 48 inches
  • adjustment mechanism included in the legs
  • concrete grey laminate rectangular top
  • stable metal base colored in black

Things To Know About Concrete Conference Tables

The models made of real concrete material are rare but most concrete tables include the concrete finish. The real concrete table is the most durable among all the conference tables. The concrete makes the table vintage but also expensive. The easiest way to find the concrete model for buying is by searching on the web.

Concrete Material – Concrete is a material that is not usually in use when it comes to conference table construction. Concrete usually means the color or texture of the veneer or laminate top colored in grey or white. Most tables have a concrete top while the rest of the construction is metal or wood.

Fewer Damages – There are still some tables that have the top made of cement which is a kind of concrete. This material is strong and provides maximal durability. The concrete top doesn’t decay over time nor rust. The real concrete or cement material is scratch-free.

Vintage Look – The concrete conference tables are one of the rare types of tables that have a vintage look. The concrete color gives the old-fashioned design no matter if there is a real concrete or simulation. The concrete comes combined with metal or wood, the materials that contribute to the old look.

High Price On The Market – The tables with the concrete tops are expensive on the American market. Their price circulates around 1000 dollars which is a lot in comparison with cheap conference tables. The hard materials are the main reason for the high price.

Available In Webshops – Since the concrete is in use rarely, making research in the webshops is the fastest way to find the concrete top table for buying. Most concrete models are available on Amazon. This online store offer buying after free registration and the delivery is usually also free.

Final Verdict

To get a strong and good-looking table, choose the Urban concrete conference table by NBF. Concrete is an unusual material for conference tables just like marble. Read the post and see the rare marble conference table models for buying. To see more unique table types, check the post about the best granite conference tables on the market.

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