Best 6 Office Laminating Machines You Can Get In 2021 Reviews

Did you ensure a space for a laminator in your office but you’re still searching for the best one?

This post might help you in searching. Here are the reviews of 6 different office laminators. You can see what the models offer and after the buying guide included in the post, you can choose the right option.

The picks

Leitz Home Office Laminator PicksLeitz Laminating Machine
The Leitz laminator is fast, practical for use, and carrying and suits the office thanks to its modern design.
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YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine PicksEficentline YE381 Laminator
The precise scale, useful accessories, and a simple mechanism can help you to finish your office tasks at home.
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Scotch Thermal Laminator PicksScotch Thermal Laminator
Serving you with laminating standard A4 format and using various pouches, the Scotch model is definitely worth its price.
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Rekobon A4 Laminator PicksRekobon A4 Laminator
The size is not the only benefit of this model but there are also high speed, fast preheating, and accessories.
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JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine PicksJzbrain A3 Laminating Machine
The built-in trimmer can cut the wide pouches preparing them for ultra-quick lamination.
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Toyuugo A4 Laminator PicksToyuugo A4 Laminator
Two rollers included in the thermal system makes the laminator precise and even when you use the cold mode.
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6 Best Office Laminators


Leitz Laminating Machine

Small Space On Desk
The Leitz laminator comes in modern blue and white color design. If you don’t like blue, you can choose between pink, green, and grey colors. It’s small enough to suit your office desk. After you plug it in, you need to wait until the LED indicator notifies you it’s ready.

Leitz Home Office Laminator

Auto Shut Off Function
It’s a quick heating machine that you can start to use after 3 minutes. You don’t have to waste your time if you’re busy in the office. The machine has the automatic shut off function. You don’t have to think about it because it will switch off after 30 minutes.

Done For A Minute
The automatic shut off function saves energy. You won’t spend a lot using this machine because it works fastly. You can laminate a paper of A4 format for about a minute. The laminating system includes 2 rollers and a temperature control option.

Leitz Home Office Laminator Review

Made Of Plastic
The electric motor that is included in this office laminator has a power of about 285 Watts. The machine can laminate with a speed of 310 mm/min. The machine is made of ABS plastic which makes it easy to carry. You can transport it from office to office.

Highlighted Points:

  • this model comes in blue and white design
  • turns out automatically after 30 min of nonuse
  • laminates A4 paper for 60 seconds approximately
  • double rollers included in the laminating system
  • adjustable temperature depending on the material
  • the laminating fixed speed of 310 mm/min
  • up to 3 minutes for preheating needed


Eficentline YE381 Laminator

White Scale On Black Surface
This home office laminator comes in a black design with a white scale marked on the top. The scale might help you to place the pouch with a document in the right position. The scale makes the degrees and inches making the lamination easier.

YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine

A3 Format Maximally
It’s big enough to support the papers of A3 format maximally. It’s ideal for the usual A4 format and also for A5 and A6. The package includes the pouches suitable for laminating with this machine. You will get 50 different sized and shaped pouches.

Editing Laminated Photos
You don’t have to laminate only papers but the photos are also supported. You can edit the laminated photos using the corner rounder and trimmer included in the package. No matter what you laminate, the speed will be 250 mm per minute.

YE381 Thermal Laminating Machine Review

Cold Or Hot Methods
If the paper sticks in the machine, the ABS button will release it easily. It’s a simple mechanism that allows you to save your documents on time. You can use a cold or hot method for laminating. You need to wait for about 5 minutes until the machine gets ready for laminating.

Highlighted Points:

  • 50 pouches included in the package
  • the precise scale on the top black surface
  • the package includes the trimmer and rounder
  • laminating the papers of up to A3 format
  • ABS function for the case the jam happens
  • hot and ready for work for up to 5 minutes


Scotch Thermal Laminator

9 Inch Long Inlet
The Scotch laminator has a grey color design and it’s about 10 inches long. The inlet has a length of 9 inches so the machine can support the materials A4 format maximally. You can laminate all your important documents to protect them from water or oil.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

Two Temperature Adjustment
The thermal system works with 2 rollers that press the melt pouch. The double roller mechanism provides more quality lamination. The mechanism offers two temperature adjustment. The temperature adjusts automatically according to the options you choose. There are buttons to select the thickness of the pouch you use.

Two Thickness Options
The maximal thickness of the pouch you can use with this office laminating machine is 5 mil. On the top, there are two buttons that determine the thickness. You can press the 3 mils or 5 mil button and make the lamination more precise.

Scotch Thermal Laminator Review

All Material Types Supported
You can use the Scotch laminator for all that you need for your office business. Not only the documents but it’s also possible to laminate the photos. The laminator has a release button that corrects the damages. You can get a useful machine for a low price.

Highlighted Points:

  • 2 rollers included in the laminating system
  • 9-inch long inlet for 9-inch wide paper
  • 3 mil or 5 mil thick pouches supported
  • purposed for up to A4 format papers and photos
  • release button placed on the top


Rekobon A4 Laminator

Small But Big Enough
The Rekobon laminator has a compact design but it’s big enough to laminate the materials of about 9 inches of the width. That means you can laminate the standard office A4 format. It works like any other office laminators which means it has preheating time, laminating time, and offers the release function.

Rekobon A4 Laminator

After The Light Appears
You need to wait for 3 to 5 minutes until the green light appears. The light is the sign for start. You need to put the paper in the pouch bag and place it on the inlet. The laminator has a speed of 280 mm per minute.

Button For Cold Or Hot
The high speed allows you to finish your tasks quickly. You need to wait for a few minutes until the laminated paper comes out. Before you start laminating, you need to select the laminating method you want to use. There is a button you can press to choose a cold or hot system.

Rekobon A4 Laminator Review

Comes In Full Package
In the package, there are 12 laminating pouches of A4, A5, and photo size 95x65mm. You can use also the pouches you will purchase separately. Except for the pouches, the paper cutter and corner rounder are aslo included. All these accessories can help you to increase the quality of your projects.

Highlighted Points:

  • two method options for laminating
  • the laminating speed of 280 mm per minute
  • compatible with A6, A5, and A4 formats
  • supports the photo size of 65×95 mm
  • various sized pouches, trimmer, and rounder included
  • requires 3-5 minutes for warming up


Jzbrain A3 Laminating Machine

Supports Larger Paper Size
This office laminating machine differs from most of them for the larger size. This model can hold the pouches of 13 inches maximally instead of the usual 9 inches. The machine is capable to support the A3 paper size. You can use 20 pouches you will get in the package.

JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine Review

Pouch Trimmer Built-In
The blade is built-in and placed on the top of the laminator. You can use this trimmer to cut the part of the pouch you don’t need. The cutter ensures smooth and precise cutting. It has a locking system so it’s stable when you don’t use it which prevents the injuries.

Easy To Fix Error
You can use the pouches of 3 mils and 5 mils of the thickness. If the pouch gets stuck inside during the laminating process, it’s easy to fix the problem. You need to press the ABS button on the back part. The paper will be released and undamaged.

JZBRAIN A3 Laminating Machine

Impressively Short Time
Although this model laminates large materials, the laminating process is finished for a quick time. It takes about 40 seconds on average for the paper to be laminated. After that, the machine requires about 5 minutes for preheating. The fast performance can save you time when you’re busy working in the office.

Highlighted Points:

  • release function offers for the error situations
  • the inlet holds the materials of 13 inches maximally
  • ultra-short laminating time of 40 seconds
  • the sharp pouch cutter built-in
  • the pouches of 3-5 mils are suitable


Toyuugo A4 Laminator

Two Lights On White Surface
This Toyuugo office laminator has a small size which means it can laminate the documents 9 inches wide maximally. You can see the indicator lights on the white surface. One light informs you about preheating while the other light shows you when the laminating can start.

Toyuugo A4 Laminatorr

Fast Laminating Process
This machine needs about 3 minutes to be ready for laminating. It’s good to switch it on before you plan to laminate to save your time. The speed of 280 mm per minute influences the laminating time. You can get the laminated documents for a minute approximately.

Cold Or Hot?
You can choose if you want to use a hot system with warming up time or a cold lamenting system. There is one button purposed for both options. You need to turn it on the right or left side, depending on if you want to use the cold or hot method.

Toyuugo A4 Laminator Review

Two Rollers And Heat
The cold system is better for old photos and sensitive documents that are important very important for you. The cold mechanism doesn’t use the heat while the thermal mechanism includes the heat and 2 rollers. Both systems are effective, the difference is in the type of documents you want to laminate.

Highlighted Points:

  • choosing between hot and cold systems
  • 3 minutes of the warm-up time
  • the speed of 280 mm/min guaranteed
  • laminates the documents of 9 inches max.
  • double roller thermal system offered
  • two indicator lights notification system

Things To Know About Office Laminators

It’s a laminator that you can place in the desk in your office and use to protect your documents of standard size. The high speed and short preheating time help you to achieve all your goals on time. The best office laminators come with the needed accessories for an affordable price.

For Standard Size – These laminators support the standard paper format. It’s an A4 format that you use in the office mostly. The A4 format is maximal while you can laminate also smaller papers such as A5 or A6. That means you can make employee cards using the laminator.

Laminating Speed Important – The office job is often challenging and the speed is needed for effectivity. For that reason, the laminator for the office has to be fast laminating with a speed of 250 mm per minute minimally. The laminating time is usually 1-2 minutes per A4 paper.

Short Preheating Time – The preheating time is also important when you’re busy. It takes 5 minutes for preheating maximally. The LED indicators usually notify you when the machine is hot enough to be able to make quality laminated materials. Most laminating machines for the office include red and green lights.

Tools Needed For Work – It’s useful to get the tools that can help you to better the laminated materials such as the corner rounder and paper trimmer. These tools are the usual additional parts of the laminator package. The pouches also come in the package. The number of pouches is enough for a short time.

Price Under 100 – The office laminators are usually cheaper than 100 dollars which makes them the cheapest models between all types of laminators. The price makes them convenient for buying. The compact size ideal for an office desk makes these models cheaper.

Final Verdict

The incredibly short laminating time makes the Jzbrain A3 thermal office laminator the best choice for the office. If you have a small office, the best compact laminator might be useful for you. Read also this post to see which of the best personal laminators you can bring to your office.

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