Best 4 Plastic Rolling File Cabinets On Wheels For Sale 2022

Do you want to buy a mobile plastic file cabinet on wheels?

If you do, then you are in the right place!

Our article brings some useful information about plastic file cabinet advantages, so you can decide easier. After you read the buying guide, check out the list of the best 4 models currently available on the market.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Plastic File Cabinet On Wheels
Storex Plastic 2-Drawer picksStorex File Cabinet
All plastic file cabinet comes with optional casters and two spacious drawers with lock system and label holders.
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Best 4-drawer Plastic File Cabinet On Wheels
IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling picksIris Filing Cabinet
Equipped with four transparent drawers for office supplies and standard-size documents, the wheels are removable.
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Best Home Office Rolling File Cabinet
HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer picksHomz Plastic File Cabinet
Compact file cabinet with two shallow drawers and two deep drawers, there are removable casters and recessed top.
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Best Small Plastic Rolling File Cabinet
Storex Single Drawer picksStorex Single File Cabinet
Mini file cabinet with a single drawer, you can lock the drawer and keep your files secured. The casters are lockable.
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Best 4 Plastic File Cabinets On Wheels

Best Of Best Plastic File Cabinet On Wheels

Storex File Cabinet

TAA Compliant Company
The Storex is a vertical file cabinet that is available in black, black and blue and grey color. This is TAA compliant company, which means all manufacturing is made in North America, not in China. Also, they use raw materials from North American suppliers.

Storex Plastic 2-Drawer review

Optional Casters
This plastic rolling file cabinet comes fully assembled with optional casters. If you need to relocate your file cabinet, attach the casters and move the item easily. Storex measures 26 inches in height, 14.75 inches in width and 18.25 inches in depth. it weighs 16 pounds.

Roomy Drawers
The durable polypropylene construction allows this filing cabinet to be stackable. The surface is resistant to rust and moisture. This under desk rolling file cabinet has two drawers that are wide enough to hold letter-size and legal-size file folders. Both drawers are equipped with interior sliding rails.

Storex Plastic 2-Drawer

Lockable Drawers
Each drawer has a lock system with two keys, so you can store your private and confidential documents. You will always know what documents are within your drawers because there are label holders. They help you organize your files and office supplies.

Highlighted Points:

  • all plastic and lightweight file cabinet
  • two drawers hold letter and legal files
  • each drawer has an independent lock system
  • the casters are included in the package
  • label holders make identify content easily
  • it doesn’t take up too much space

Best 4-drawer Plastic File Cabinet On Wheels

Iris Filing Cabinet

Lightweight Item
The Iris filing cabinet is made of sturdy plastic, it made this item durable and long-lasting. Clean it with warm water and mild soap. The dimensions are 26.44 inches in height, 14.25 inches in depth and 12.05 inches in width. This plastic file cabinet on the wheels weighs 6.5 pounds.

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling

Four Drawers
This product is made in the USA and has a low price. The reviewed model has four drawers, but you can choose between three, six, seven and ten drawers. There are two shallow and two deep stackable file drawers. Use the shallow drawers for office essentials.

Weight Capacity
The large bottom drawers are ideal for standard size files and documents. That is 8.5 x 11-inch paper. The shallow drawers have a weight capacity of 2.5 pounds. The bottom drawers hold 10 pounds of storage material. All drawers are transparent for easy content identification.

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling review

Wheels And Tray
On the top of the file cabinet is an organizer for small items like scissors, tape, pencils, paper clips and so on. All drawers have a safety stop that prevents falling out. The wheels are included in the package, but you can remove them from the file cabinet.

Highlighted Points:

  • vertical plastic file cabinet for offices
  • it’s equipped with four drawers
  • there are two shallow and two deep drawers
  • deeper drawers accommodate letter-size files
  • removable casters are included in the package

Best Home Office Rolling File Cabinet

Homz Plastic File Cabinet

Three Versions
The Homz plastic file cabinet on the wheels has a low price. It is small and practical, you can place it anywhere. Its height is 25 inches, the width is 12.5 inches and the depth is 14.25 inches. This model is available in three versions – black frame with clear drawers, black frame and smoke drawers and white frame and clear drawers.

HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer review

Clear Drawers
There are four drawers, small drawer dimensions are 12.31” x 9.92” x 3”. The larger bottom drawers measure 12.31” x 9.92” x 6.85”. Load the drawers with documents and office essentials. The clear drawers make it easy to see what is stored inside them.

Recessed Top
Each drawer can be removed if you need to transport stored content. The Homz file cabinet comes fully assembled. The top of the file cabinet is recessed and has a bumper. There you can store papers and small office items. The four wheels allow you to move the filing cabinet easily.

HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer

Mobile Or Stationary
If you don’t want to use wheels, it’s easy to remove them and keep the item stationary. Place this¬†personal file cabinet under your office desk, in the corner of the room or somewhere else. You can’t store legal-size files in this file cabinet, but letter files only.

Highlighted Points:

  • three versions available
  • clear drawers for easy content identification
  • small drawers hold office supplies
  • two large drawers accommodate letter files
  • the wheels are removable

Best Small Rolling File Cabinet

Storex Single File Cabinet

Mini File Cabinet
The Storex is a mini file cabinet with a single drawer. You can place it next to your office desk or under it. The model is available in black color so it fits with most office inventory and furniture. Its price is affordable and it is a lightweight item.

Storex Single Drawer review

Polypropylene Construction
This is TAA compliant company, their products aren’t manufactured in China. They are made in the USA or other TAA compliant countries. The durable construction is made of polypropylene. It is a stackable item, so you can create a vertical file cabinet with up to 6 drawers.

Rust-resistant Surface
This small rolling file cabinet has moisture and rust-resistant surface. Unit dimensions are 14.75 inches in width, 18.25 inches in depth and 12.75 inches in height. The file cabinet’s top supports the weight of a standard office printer or scanner.


Two Keys
This single drawer is able to hold letter size and legal size file folders. But you need to place them horizontally. If you want to store private or sensitive documents, this plastic rolling file cabinet is lockable. There are casters for mobility, they are lockable.

Highlighted Points:

  • mini file cabinet with a single drawer
  • rust and moisture resistant surface
  • create a vertical file cabinet with 6 drawers
  • store your confidential files inside and lock the drawer
  • the casters are lockable
  • all Storex products are made in the USA

Things To Know About Plastic File Cabinets On Wheels

The file cabinets can be made of different materials. The plastic rolling file cabinet isn’t so common, but there are few models on the market. Here you can learn more about its durability, wheels and capacities.

Sturdy Frame – There are all-plastic file cabinets and those which are composed of two materials. For example, they can have metal or steel frame and plastic drawers. Steel is more durable than plastic. If you need a sturdy file cabinet, consider that kind of file cabinet.

Clear Drawers – The plastic filing cabinet can be painted in multiple colors. But usually, they come in black, white or transparent colors. The clear drawer has many benefits, you can clearly see what’s inside your file cabinet’s drawers, you don’t have to mark the content or open each drawer.

Wheel Options – All models on the list above come with wheels. There are two options, fixed wheels or optional wheels. That means you can choose if you want to use wheels on the file cabinet or you want to have a stationery item. If you attach the optional wheels, you can easily remove them.

Locking Drawers – People who work in shared office and need to store confidential or sensitive files, require privacy. The file cabinet with a lock system allows you to lock the drawers and keep your files safe from damage, loss or stealing. Keep the keys separated in case you lose one.

Weight Capacity – Because the plastic file cabinet on wheels isn’t as sturdy as the steel one, it has a lower weight capacity. These models aren’t designed for heavy-duty use and heavy load. So, don’t exceed the drawer’s weight capacity, you’ll damage it. Don’t forget to use the top for some office devices.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, the best is the Storex plastic rolling file cabinet. The package includes casters and the item features two roomy drawers for standard and legal-size files. There are similar models in a lightweight file cabinet post. If you have a small office, the low filing cabinets are perfect for you.

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