Best 6 Pedestal File Cabinets To Choose From In 2022

Do you want to buy a pedestal file cabinet with or without casters for your office?

If you do, then this article is intended for you! We will explain some basic file cabinet features, so you will know which model suits you the best. We gathered some file cabinets in our list, divided them and described their characteristics.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Pedestal File Cabinet
Hirsh 23-in Deep Mobile Pedestal picksHirsh 3-drawer Mobile File Cabinet
Black filing cabinet with durable fully assembled steel construction corrosion-resistant surface and hidden casters.
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Best 3-drawer Pedestal File Cabinet
HON Basyx Commercial-Grade picksHon Mobile File Cabinet
Commerical-grade file cabinet with modern design, it’s made of cold-rolled steel for extra durability.
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Best 2-drawer Pedestal File Cabinet
Bush Furniture Key West picksBush Furniture File Cabinet
Made of reclaimed wood, this file cabinet features an authentic cherry finish and two drawers with bronze handles.
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Best Locked Pedestal File Cabinet
DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock picksDevaise Filing Cabinet
Modern white file cabinet with reinforced steel structure, high load capacity and three roomy drawers.
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Best With Seat Cushion Pedestal File Cabinet
Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet picksVert File Cabinet
Multifunctional file cabinet with a cushioned seat on its top, equipped with two drawers and lockable wheels.
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Best Home Office Pedestal File Cabinet
Stockpile Flat 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet picksStockpile File Cabinet
Yellow file cabinet made with cold-rolled steel and matte powder coat, there are three lockable drawers.
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Best 6 Pedestal File Cabinets

Best Of Best Pedestal File Cabinet

Hirsh 3-drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Heavy Item
The Hirsh 3-drawer mobile file cabinet is an expensive piece of furniture. But it features quality and durability. The product dimensions are 27.75 inches in height, 15 inches in width and 22.8 inches in depth. It is a heavy file cabinet, there are 77 pounds.

Hirsh 23-in Deep Mobile Pedestal

Non-porous Surface
This pedestal file cabinet comes pre-assembled at your address. This model is available in black color, so it will fit in any office environment. The Hirsh surface is resistant to corrosion. You can clean this file cabinet with a damp or dry towel and disinfect it easily.

Standard Hanging Files
Thie Hirsh file cabinet comes with two box drawers and a file drawer. The full-extension drawers with commercial-grade ball-bearing suspension are easy to open and have full access to your documents. The file drawer accommodates letter-size hanging files.

Hirsh 23-in Deep Mobile Pedestal review

Hidden Casters
The built-in lock secures all drawers and documents from unwanted access, damage or loss. The counterweighs are here for additional safety precautions. They are built-in at the bottom of this small black filing cabinet. Hirsh features hidden casters for easy mobility.

Highlighted Points:

  • fully assembled steel construction
  • the surface is resistant to corrosion
  • built-in installed hidden casters
  • full extension drawers with ball-bearing suspension
  • lock all three drawers with one key
  • file drawer holds letter-size files

Best 3-drawer Pedestal File Cabinet

Hon Mobile File Cabinet

Commerical-grade Product
The Hon is a commercial-grade modern 3-drawer pedestal file cabinet. Choose between charcoal and white colors. Moreover, there are two sizes – standard and slim. The Hon has 23.6 inches in height, 18.9 inches in depth and 15.4 inches in width. This is an expensive file cabinet.

HON Basyx Commercial-Grade

Anti-tipping File Cabinet
It is made of cold-rolled steel that provides durability and high-level performance. When it comes to your address you need to affix the casters. There are four plastic casters that ensure easy mobility. Also, there is a small front caster that makes this file cabinet anti-tipping.

Hidden Drawer Pulls
The Hon features rounded drawer fronts and hidden drawer pulls, that improve its modern design. There are three pedestal drawers – two small ones and one large drawer. There is a pencil tray in the upper drawer, it will keep small office essentials organized.

HON Basyx Commercial-Grade review

Smooth Performance
The bottom drawer accommodates both legal and letter-size hanging file folders. This painted metal file cabinet has full-extension ball-bearing slides for smooth performance. A lock system secures all three drawers at the same time and provides complete security.

Highlighted Points:

  • high-quality commercial-grade file cabinet
  • available in two sizes and two colors
  • made of cold-rolled steel material
  • four rolling casters with small anti-tip caster
  • small drawers are intended for office and personal things
  • the large drawer holds hanging file folders

Best 2-drawer Pedestal File Cabinet

Bush Furniture File Cabinet

Reclaimed Wood Construction
The Bush Furniture made this Key West file cabinet. It combines modern functionality and efficiency. It is constructed with reclaimed wood with a unique cherry finish. This is a tested file cabinet and it meets ANSI/Soho standards for safety and quality.

Bush Furniture Key West review

Surface Weight Capacity
You can place some office device on its top, like scanner, printer, etc. The top bears up to 50 pounds. This pedestal file cabinet is great for small offices or home offices. The Key West is 22.3 inches high, 15.7 inches deep and 15.5 inches wide. It weighs 44 pounds.

Full-extension Drawer
There are more colors you can choose from – washed grey, pure white and cherry. There is a box drawer for small office supplies and a file drawer. The file drawer holds standard file folders, that is 8.5 x 11 inches. The full-extension ball-bearing slides provide easy access.

Bush Furniture Key West

Bronze Handles
This small wood file cabinet has aged bronze hardware on each drawer. The Key West file cabinet comes with sturdy casters, two front casters are lockable for secure placement. You can check the full Key West collection if you want to combine other items. The warranty lasts 1 year.

Highlighted Points:

  • small file cabinet made of reclaimed wood
  • three colors are available
  • box drawer holds small private things and accessories
  • file drawer glide on full-extension ball-bearing slides
  • each drawer is fitted with bronze handles
  • four lockable casters for secure placement

Best Locked Pedestal File Cabinet

Devaise Filing Cabinet

Elegant Item
The Devaise file cabinet will perfectly fit in any modern office. It is available in black and white color. Its construction is reinforced with sturdy steel material. The overall load capacity is up to 330 pounds. Use its top as extra storage space for some office devices.

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock

Lock Casters
This pedestal file cabinet measures 24.4 inches in height, including casters, 15.4 inches in width and 18.9 inches in depth. it weighs 40 pounds. The product comes assembled, but you need to attach the casters, there are four lockable casters and a small caster that prevents tipping.

Office Accessories
The two small drawers are equipped with a pencil tray, you can easily organize small office accessories. Below these drawers is a filing drawer intended for hanging file folders. It holds letter and legal-size documents. You don’t have to buy any extra hardware.

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock review

Ball-bearing Slides
File drawer runs smoothly on high-quality ball-bearing slides. There is a lock above the top drawer, it allows you to lock all three drawers with one key. This modern locking file cabinet fits under any office desk, and if you want, you can move it easily on a wooden floor or carpet.

Highlighted Points:

  • modern file cabinet available in black and white color
  • reinforced structure with quality steel
  • the overall load capacity – 330 pounds
  • four wheels with brake function
  • small caster prevents tipping over
  • all three drawers are lockable

Best With Seat Cushion Pedestal File Cabinet

Vert File Cabinet

Multifunctional File Cabinet

The Vert is a multifunctional file cabinet, you can use it as a storage space, seat, footrest, etc. It features sturdy steel construction and a modern black design. The overall dimensions are 22.5 inches in height, 14.5 inches in width and 16.75 inches in depth. Its price is high.

Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet

Plush Cushion Seat
This pedestal file cabinet comes with a plush cushion seat, it is comfortable and perfect for your co-workers who comes by. it is 2.5 inches thick. The file cabinet’s durable base supports up to 200 pounds. This rolling file cabinet with seat features two drawers.

Two Roomy Drawers
The compact small drawer is designed for small desk supplies, like post-it notes, pencils, pens, notebooks, etc. The bottom drawer is bigger and it holds hanging file folders. The full-extension drawers provide easy access to all your items and documents.

Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet review

Easy-rolling Wheels
The top drawer is fitted with a lock system, with a single key you can lock both drawers and keep your files private. Two keys are included in the package. The Vert file cabinet comes with rolling wheels, you can easily move it wherever you want. Two casters are lockable.

Highlighted Points:

  • multifunctional file cabinet with a high price
  • modern design with sturdy steel construction
  • comfortable plush cushion for sitting
  • the small drawer holds office supplies
  • file drawer is designed for hanging file folders
  • built-in lock and swivel wheels

Best Home Office Pedestal File Cabinet

Stockpile File Cabinet

Cold-rolled Steel
The Stockpile file cabinet is a small item that fits in any home office. You can place it under your home office desk or next to it. The construction is made of cold-rolled steel that is 20% stronger than regular steel. Stockpile features modern style with rounded edges and a smooth surface.

Stockpile Flat 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

Multiple Colors
This pedestal file cabinet comes fully assembled, you don’t have to spend your time on mounting. Its price is high and the warranty lasts two years. There are multiple colors available, like yellow, black, blue, green, grey, red and white. Each model looks modern and attractive.

Three Drawers
The unit size is 26 inches in height, 19.75 inches in depth and 15.75 inches in width. The Stockpile features three drawers divided into two small drawers for office supplies, like post-it notes, pencils, etc. The third drawer supports both legal and letter-size hanging file folders.

Stockpile Flat 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet review

Lockable Drawers
The small drawers come with a pencil tray and the file drawer has a drawer divider for better organization. This yellow filing cabinet has a built-in lock on the upper drawer. You can secure all three drawers at the same time and protect your documents from loss and damage. The wheels are included.

Highlighted Points:

  • cold-rolled steel construction with matte powder coat
  • two small drawers hold office accessories
  • file drawer accommodates letter and legal hanging files
  • the warranty lasts two years
  • pencil tray and drawer divider included

Things To Know About Pedestal File Cabinets

These file cabinets are usually equipped with small drawers and one file drawer. To learn what file cabinet model you should incorporate into your office, read our buying guide, it will explain some terms for you, so you can easily decide.

Mobile File Cabinet Size – These file cabinets are vertical items. They usually fit under the standard office desk. That means they aren’t higher than 28 inches. Moreover, they are deeper than wider and don’t have heavyweight. This lightweight file cabinet can be made from steel, wood or plastic.

Pencil Tray – The small drawers or box drawers are designed for personal things or office supplies storing. That includes post-it notes, tapes, pencils, notebooks, etc. Some file cabinets come with a removable pencil tray, it will keep your small things organized.

Ball-bearing Slides – The ball bearing slides provide the smoothest and quietest file cabinet drawers. The slides ride on ball bearing and improve file cabinet performance. They don’t produce any annoying sound when you open or close drawers.

Counterbalance Weights – The counterbalance weights are often made of concrete, lead or other heavy material. They are built into the bottom of the file cabinet.  These weights are very useful because they add stability and prevent tipping. You can find them on vertical file cabinets.

Hanging Files – Mostly, in vertical pedestal file cabinets, you can find hanging folders. This folder type has plastic or metal hooks on each end that are hung from the rail in your file cabinet. This feature makes your files neatly organized and easy to find.

Final Verdict

We highly recommend the Hirsh 3 drawer pedestal file cabinet. It features sturdy steel construction, full extension drawers and hidden casters. If you are interested in elegant file cabinets, check out the white metal file cabinets. The most durable items, find in the post about stainless steel file cabinets.

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