Best 6 Low Profile Filing Cabinets Every (Home) Office Needs

Are you interested in low profile file cabinet for your office?

If you are, keep reading. We have compiled a list of the best 6 file cabinets from top manufacturers. Read the reviews and a buying guide, they will help you to pick the best model for your office or home office.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Low Filing Cabinet
Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet picksVert File Cabinet
Multifunctional file cabinet, equipped with two lockable drawers, easy-rolling wheels and cushioned seat.
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Best Locked Low Filing Cabinet
Flash Furniture Ergonomic 3 picksFlash Furniture File Cabinet
Small modern file cabinet with sturdy steel construction, three drawers, a quality lock system and an anti-tip design.
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Best 2-drawer Low Filing Cabinet
Lorell 16873 2-Drawer picksLorell File Cabinet
Compact file cabinet ideal for small offices, it features two locking drawers with smooth glide suspension.
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Best 3-drawer Low Filing Cabinet
DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with picksDevaise Filing Cabinet
Elegant white file cabinet with durable steel construction, equipped with lock, hidden handles and 3 drawers.
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Best Small Low Profile File Cabinet
BirdRock Home Rolling picksBirdrock Rolling File Cabinet
Rolling file cabinet that features one drawer for letter/legal files, it’s equipped with wheels and handles.
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Best On Wheels Low Profile File Cabinet
JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood picksJJS File Cabinet
Made of medium-density fiberboard and melamine surface, this file cabinet comes with three drawers and wheels.
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Best 6 Low Filing Cabinets

Best Of Best Low Filing Cabinet

Vert File Cabinet

Compact Product
The Vert is a multi-functional low filing cabinet. Choose between white and black colors. Its overall dimensions are 22.5 inches in height, 14.5 inches in width and 16.7 inches in depth. The item weighs 33 pounds. This compact file cabinet fits under your desk, it won’t take up too much floor space.

Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet

Cushioned Seat
This file cabinet has a cushioned seat on its top. So, it isn’t just a storage space, but a comfortable seat for your colleagues. This seat is 2.5 inches thick. The file cabinet base supports up to 200 pounds. The Vert rolling file cabinet with seat has a high price.

Two Drawers
The construction is made of sturdy metal with a powder-coated finish. The Vert features two drawers, a small top drawer for office accessories and a file drawer. The file drawer accommodates hanging letter-size file folders. The drawers glide on smooth metal runners.

Stand Steady Vert Rolling File Cabinet review

Easy-rolling Wheels
On the top drawer is a lock that secures both drawers. You can store your private and confidential documents without worry. The Veris equipped with easy-rolling wheels. Two front casters are lockable. Use this item as storage space, seat, footrest, etc.

Highlighted Points:

  • steel construction with plastic wheels
  • 2.5-inch thick cushioned seat
  • max weight capacity – 200 pounds
  • powder-coated finish surface
  • two lockable drawers
  • four swivel casters for mobility

Best Locked Best Low Filing Cabinet

Flash Furniture File Cabinet

Commercial-grade Quality
The Flash Furniture is a small file cabinet with commercial-grade quality. This model is available in two versions – ergonomic and modern. Also, there are five colors available – black, white, grey, white and red, white and charcoal. The item weighs 52 pounds.

Flash Furniture Ergonomic 3 review

5-year Warranty
This low profile file cabinet is 24 inches tall, 21 inches deep and 16 inches wide. Its construction is made of sturdy steel and the casters are made of plastic. The manufacturer recommends a max weight of up to 250 pounds. The Flash is covered with a 5-year warranty.

Replaceable Lock
It comes fully assembled and ready to use. You can move this file cabinet easily, there are four low set casters. It is a small item, so you can place it under your office desk. You can lock your files, there is a replaceable lock on the top drawer.

Flash Furniture Ergonomic 3

Inset Handles
This small file cabinet with lock features three drawers, two small drawers and a file drawer. The top drawer is equipped with a pencil tray for small office accessories. The file drawer holds letter/legal-size hanging file folders. Each drawer is equipped with an inset handle.

Highlighted Points:

  • sturdy steel construction ensures durability
  • low profile casters for mobility
  • multiple colors available
  • three drawers with inset handles
  • pencil tray is included
  • max weight capacity – 250 pounds

Best 2-drawer Best Low Filing Cabinet

Lorell File Cabinet

Low Price
The Lorell is a modern Soho file cabinet that has a low price. You can choose between three colors – black, beige and grey. It is a lightweight item, there are 20 pounds. The overall dimensions are 26.5 inches in height, 18 inches in depth and 14.25 inches in width.

Durable Construction
Its construction is made of steel and it has a baked enamel finish. The assembly is required, so the package includes instruction. This low profile file cabinet is ideal for a small office or home office. The Lorell is a durable file cabinet designed for long-term use.

Lorell 16873 2-Drawer

3/4 Extension
It fits under any office desk. There are two drawers with a three-quarter drawer extension. They glide smoothly. Both drawers hold letter-size hanging file folders. Two handles are made of chrome. There is a lock on the bottom drawer that secures both drawers at the same time.

Optional Casters
This steel 2 drawer file cabinet comes with an optional caster kit. You can attach the casters if you want to move your file cabinet from one place to another. These four wheels are made of sturdy plastic, they come with brakes, for a stable position.

Highlighted Points:

  • the assembly is required
  • steel construction with baked enamel finish
  • perfect for a small office or home office
  • two drawers with 3/4 drawer extension
  • both drawers hold letter-size hanging files

Best 3-drawer Best Low Filing Cabinet

Devaise Filing Cabinet

Thin File Cabinet
The Devaise is a slim filing cabinet that is available in two finishes – black and white. Its construction is made of high-quality steel. The maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds. The Devaise features a drawer border closed design that keeps your files safe.

DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with review

Fits Under Desk
The product dimensions are 11.8 inches in width, 17.7. inches in depth and 23.2 inches in height. This low filing cabinet fits under any standard office desk. Devaise features two box drawers and a file drawer. The top drawer is equipped with a pencil tray.

Hanging Bar
Load these two drawers with small office essentials. The bottom drawer is fitted with a removable hanging bar. This drawer accommodates both letter and legal-size hanging file folders. All drawers fully extend and glide on smooth ball bearing slides.

DEVAISE Slim File Cabinet with

Hidden Handles
All three drawers feature hidden handles. The top drawer is equipped with a lock, with one key you can secure all three drawers and keep your files safe. The Devaise comes with casters, two of them are lockable. The anti-tip caster prevents tipping over and provides stability.

Highlighted Points:

  • thin and elegant file cabinet
  • steel construction with a 330-pound weight capacity
  • two small drawers fitted with a pencil tray
  • file drawer comes with a hanging bar for files
  • one lock secures all drawers
  • five sturdy casters for mobility

Best Small Best Low Profile File Cabinet

Birdrock Rolling File Cabinet

MDF & Linen
The Birdrock file cabinet has a low price. You can choose between two colors – dark grey and white. It weighs 17.5 pounds and measures 13.8 inches in height, 14.25 inches in width and 16.4 inches in depth. The assembly is required. It is made of strong MDF and the drawer is made of linen.

BirdRock Home Rolling review

Feet Or Wheels
The package includes both, wheels and feet. If you want a mobile item, attach the wheels. These are high-quality wheels with brakes. The stacks allow you to put multiple units on top of each other. This low profile file cabinet comes in 1-pack or 2-pack.

Storage Bin
This small white filing cabinet comes with a removable storage bin, it is able to hold letter and legal size file folders. It is a versatile item, so you can use it for other things, too. when you want to reach your files, remove the storage bin, then you’ll have total access.

BirdRock Home Rolling

Label Window
The Birdrock file cabinet features handles on both sides, you can lift it or carry it with ease. Moreover, there is a label window, so you can mark and identify your content quickly. This file cabinet is the perfect storage space for your important documents, it fits in any small office.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of quality MDF and linen
  • it comes with wheels and feet
  • there is one drawer/storage bin
  • it accommodates letter and legal files
  • two handles on both sides
  • label window for a file identification

Best On Wheels Low Profile File Cabinet

JJS File Cabinet

MDF Board
The JJS is a vertical file cabinet that is available in two finishes. There are natural finished sides and brown or dark drawers. This model is made of high-quality medium density fiberboard. Also, the file cabinet is prepared with melamine, it is resistant against everyday wear and tear.

JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood review

Step-by-step Instruction
The surface is scratch-resistant, clean it with a wet towel and it will look like new. Before use, you need to assemble this product, but there is detailed instruction in the package, so you’ll finish it quickly. The manufacturer provides a 30-day risk-free guarantee and lifetime support.

Three Drawers
This low filing cabinet features three drawers, put your personal things and office supplies in two top drawers, they are smaller. The full-extension bottom drawer glides smoothly, load it with standard-size paper, letter/A4 file folders. This file cabinet has an affordable price.

JJS 3 Drawer Rolling Wood

Five Wheels
This small rolling file cabinet is equipped with wheels. You can easily move it on your wooden floor or carpet. Because of two lockable front wheels, it is able to stand still. Below the file drawer, there is an additional wheel that ensures extra stability and prevents tipping over.

Highlighted Points:

  • small file cabinet made of MDF
  • the surface is resistant to scratches
  • two small drawers for personal and office accessories
  • the bottom drawer holds letter-size files
  • four wheels for mobility, extra wheel ensures stability

Things To Know About Low Filing Cabinets

These low filing cabinets are compact and fit in any small office or home office. Read more about their characteristics, like design, mobility, storage space, lockability, etc.

Design & Size – These file cabinets are designed for small office space. If you struggle with free space, consider this file cabinet type. They are vertical file cabinets with one, two or three drawers. Mosty, they fit under a standard office desk, their height is below 29 inches.

Mobility – If you need to move your file cabinet frequently, we suggest you file cabinet with casters. Some models come with both, feet and wheels, which is great if you can’t decide. These under desk rolling file cabinets should have durable brakes.

Lock System – Many filing cabinets are designed with a lock system. So, they are perfect to store private and confidential documents or expensive tools. There are different lock designs, some models have a key lock, but some come with a touchscreen keypad.

3/4 Extension Drawers – You can choose between three drawer extension types. Full-extension, 3/4 extension and over travel. The three-quarter extension allows the drawer to open 3/4 of the way. That drawer extension provides more support and has a lower price than the full-extension type.

Handles – There is a variety of handle styles of low filing cabinets. You can choose the design you like the most. There are recessed handles, discreet molded handles, inset handles and even hidden handles. To open some drawers, you just need to press them. For a home office, pick the handles without sharp edges for your family’s safety.

Final Verdict

All these models are quality and durable, but we recommend the Vert low filing cabinet. It features cushioned seat, rolling wheels and two drawers for office supplies and files. Check out other small models in the review of small metal filing cabinets. If you are interested in natural materials, there are small wood file cabinets.

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