Best 5 Industrial-style Conference Room Tables Reviewed

Do you like the design of the industrial conference table and plan to purchase one?

This post might be helpful to you. Here are the useful information for those who’re buying a table as well as the detailed descriptions of the best models. For a quick check, see the pointed features and summary.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Industrial Conference Table
NBF Rivet Conference Table PicksNBF Rivet Conference Table
Not only it looks good but the NBF table also functions well as a conference table so it’s worth buying.
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Best 12 Foot Industrial Conference Table
Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table PicksRustic Deco Conference Table
The length of 12 feet makes this Rustic Deco table practical for big meetings in a rustical environment.
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Best Small Industrial Conference Table
Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table PicksCombine 9 Vintage Conference Table
The round shape contributes to the industrial design of this small but sturdy table.
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Best Large Industrial Conference Table
NBF Urban Conference Table PicksNBF Urban Conference Table
The Urban model has a large tabletop supported by a firm base that makes the table look vintage but fashionable.
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Best Wooden Industrial Conference Table
Makarios Decor Conference Table PicksMakarios Decor Live Edge Table
The hard wooden construction influence the high quality as well as the industrial exterior of this table.
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Best 6 Industrial Conference Tables

Best Of Best Industrial Conference Table

NBF Rivet Conference Table

Oak Wood Construction
The NBF conference table is made of wood that is firm enough to provide stability to the table. The top is made of weathered oak wood. The legs are made of steel but they are painted in the color of the wooden top to make a uniform design.

NBF Rivet Conference Table

Old-Style Rivets And Edge
The steel legs are crossed making the table look vintage. The top is covered with a laminate so you can be sure the stains and scratches are prevented. The top is protected with a metal edge which increases the durability of the table. The rivets that make the edge stable contribute to the industrial look.

Indoor Or Outdoor
The design of this table is suitable for an urban conference table. You can place it also outdoor if you use an open working space. It’s a conference table for 6 people since the length is 72 inches. The rectangular top of this table is 36 inches wide approximately.

NBF Rivet Conference Table review

Simple Assembly Needed
When you get the table, you will have to assemble it first. It’s simple to connect all the parts together if you follow the instructions. You will get all the parts you need for the table including the rivets and levering glides.

Highlighted Points:

  • length of 72 inches ideal for 6 persons
  • the table is 36 inches wide
  • made of weathered oak wood and steel
  • laminated top and metal protection of the edge
  • assembly required before first use
  • rivets and glides included in the package

Best 12 Foot Industrial Conference Table

Rustic Deco Conference Table

Designed For Big Meetings
The Rustic Deco conference table includes a long wooden top and metal base. The table is large enough to provide accommodation for up to 12 people. Just like most 12-foot conference tables, this table has a rectangular shape that maximizes space for chairs so there is a lot of seats.

Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table

Sawhorse Fashionable Legs
This industrial-style conference table includes an iron base. It consists of sawhorse legs on each side of the table. The legs are spoiled with wooden beam and iron pipes. The edge of the thick wooden top is covered with metal protection. It saves the table from damages.

Sturdy Solid Wood
The material of the top is solid acacia wood. The solid wood conference tables are sturdy so it’s not so easy to make damage. The top is difficult to crush since the top is about 2,5 inches thick. The top is about 30 inches distanced from the floor. It’s the usual height of the tables.

Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table Review

Enough Space For Equipment
While the length of the table is 12 ft, the width is about 40 inches. The big length and weight influence a lot of space on the tabletop. All the conference participants can use their computers, tablets, and other equipment that is needed for the meeting.

Highlighted Points:

  • rectangular-shaped 12 ft long top
  • solid wood and iron construction
  • made of acacia wood protected with an iron edge
  • sawhorse legs contribute to the industrial design
  • ultra-thick top of 2,5 inches
  • 40 inches of the width and 30 inches of the height

Best Small Industrial Conference Table

Combine 9 Vintage Conference Table

Possible To Regulate
Unlike the previous model that provides a lot of seats, this small round conference table is suitable for up to 4 people. However, you can choose a bigger size so the diameter can be 72 inches maximally. Like the size of the top, you can regulate all the specifications of the table in the agreement with the producer.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table

Change The Color And Base
It’s possible to regulate the color and design of the base. This version has a rustic wooden top design and a sturdy base with visible rivets which makes it one of the rustic conference tables. If you want to achieve a less industrial look, you can choose the option without rivets and change the color.

Natural Wood Material
This model is a reclaimed wood conference table. Its characteristics are the construction of wood that is not engineered but natural. The reclaimed wood tables are friendly for the environment which you might like if you’re an environmental activist or just care for the environment.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table review

Holes In The Base
The base of this industrial conference table is made of steel. The base includes the holes that have an ornamental function. However, you can use them to ensure space for computer cords if you use the computer at the meeting. The firm base makes the table heavy.

Highlighted Points:

  • construction includes reclaimed wood
  • a model with a lot of design options
  • possible to determine the color and shape
  • up to 72 inches of the top diameter
  •  30 inches of the usual height

Best Large Industrial Conference Table

NBF Urban Conference Table

Wooden Rectangular Design
This Urban model by NBF is made of wood and has a metal black edge of two bases. With the rectangular top shape, the table provides space for about 8 people. Just like the usual rectangular conference tables, the Urban model has sharp angles.

NBF Urban Conference Table

Practical For Computers
The table is about 8 ft long and 48 inches wide. It provides a lot of space on the top surface. Not only your notebooks or phones but you can use also the computers. There are two openings for the cords included in the top. Each hole is placed on each side of the table.

Two Square Bases
The table is made of weathered walnut wood that, in combination with black assents, gives the table an industrial look. The table includes two square bases that support the big tabletop well. You will need to assemble the table when you get it in the package.

NBF Urban Conference Table Review

Laminate Protection
The top of the Urban conference table has a laminate finish. Thanks to laminate protection, the top is resistant to scratches as well as stains. This way the warranty of the tables increases so you can use it for many years. The table will keep the industrial look.

Highlighted Points:

  • 96 inches long and 48 inches wide
  • weathered walnut laminate protection
  • two square sturdy bases included
  • two grommet holes in the top
  • the table needs set up before first use
  • purposed for 8 people maximally

Best Wooden Industrial Conference Table

Makarios Decor Live Edge Table

Natural And Glossy Look
The Makarios table is also made of wood like all the industrial conference room tables. The top is ultra-thick and made of wood. The top is glossy because it’s covered with a lacquer finish. The top has a curved shape that looks natural. The top seems like a piece of real wood.

Makarios Decor Conference Table

Plenty Of Designs
This cool conference table offers a lot of options considering the design and color. You can choose natural, spring oak, fossil grey, golden oak, dark walnut, or driftwood designs. Just like selecting the top design, you can also select the base design to get the industrial design you like.

Various Shape And Always Metal
Unlike the top, the base is made of metal. The stability of the table is guaranteed. You can choose the shape of the base. Usually, it’s U-shaped but you can choose also crossed legs or any other design. The look of the final product depends on the agreement with the producer.

Makarios Decor Conference Table Review

Determine The Size
It’s possible to order the size you need. It should depend on the size of the conference room you use for meetings. The unique design can make every room fashionable. The size varies depending on if you need a table for 6, 8, 10, or more.

Highlighted Points:

  • various size options offered
  • 4 different metal base designs
  • 6 various designs of thick top
  • glossy look as a result of lacquer finish
  •  the uneven shape of the top makes it look natural

Things To Know About Industrial Conference Table

The design is the main thing that makes the industrial tables different than standard conference tables. This type of table includes only two materials and they influence the industrial look. The characteristics of these tables are also strong construction, the average price of 3000 dollars, and offer on the webshops.

Vintage Look –  The industrial look is similar to the vintage look of the conference tables. It’s similar to the design of the rustic conference tables. The industrial design includes a brown color that looks natural or a grey color that gives a worn design.

Old Materials – The wood and metal are materials that contribute to the industrial style of the conference tables. Usually, reclaimed wood or solid wood types are used. When it comes to metal, the steel is usual material and it’s colored to look vintage. Besides, the base is made also of iron.

Strong Construction – Made of firm materials such as solid wood and metal, the tables with the industrial design are stable and durable. The strong construction makes them heavier than usual. The weight of these tables is 200 lbs on average. The finish protection makes the top resistant.

3000 Dollars On Average – The average price of the industrial style conference tables on the market is 3000 dollars. The price is higher than the standard conference tables because the industrial type is made of stronger materials. A lot of materials are used by producing these tables which influences the price.

Delivery By Webshops – The main offer of the industrial vintage conference tables in on webshops. One of the most popular webshops for its wide offer is Amazon. Like most webshops, Amazon ensures delivery at your address. In most cases, the customers don’t pay for the Amazon delivery.

Final Verdict

The NBF Rivet weathered oak table stands out as the best industrial conference table. Since wood is the main material of these tables, you might be interested also in the post about the best solid wood conference tables or the post about the best-rated reclaimed wood conference tables. These models have similar look.

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