Best 6 Conference Tables For 6 Persons Reviewed By Expert

Do you have 5 permanent associates so you need a conference table for 6 persons?

There are a lot of models worth buying on the market and you can see the selection of the best tables in this post. Find the right model quickly checking the summary and learn more in the reviews, and guide at the end.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Conference Table For 6
Bush Business Furniture Series Table PicksBush Business Furniture Conference Table
Meeting safety standards and providing enough space for 6 persons, this Bush Furniture table is the best model.
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Best Oval Conference Table For 6
Lorell Oval Conference Table PicksLorell Oval Conference Table
The Lorell conference table has an oval design that makes 6 people that sit around the table feel connected.
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Best Rustic 6-foot Conference Table
Flash Furniture Table PicksFlash Furniture 6 Foot Table
This Flash Furniture oval table is suitable for all the conference rooms thanks to neutral rustic color design.
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Best White 6-foot Conference Table
Niche Mod Conference Table White PicksNiche Mod Conference Table
The elegant white parts of this Niche table are easy to set up using the special assembly system.
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Best Black Conference Table For 6
GOF 6ft Conference Table Black PicksGOF 6ft Conference Table
The GOF conference table is easy to maintain thanks to the black design in a variety of designs and sizes.
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Best Wooden 6-foot Conference Table
Niche Mod Conference Table White ReviewSafco Mayline Aberdeen Table
The wooden surface makes this Safco Mayline table resistant while the grommet holes allow you to use technology.
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Best 6 Conference Table For 6 Models

Best Of Best Conference Table For 6

Bush Business Furniture Conference Table

Hansen Cherry Design
This Bush conference table comes in Hansen cherry and grey color design. Except for this color, there are more designs you can choose such as beech, black, grey, and more. The shape seems oval but it’s a racetrack conference table which means it’s not oval fully.

Bush Business Furniture Series Table

Comfort For 6 Guaranteed
The length of this table is 6,5 ft which is 79 inches. There is enough space so 6 persons can sit comfortably around the table. For stability, there is a modesty panel that might be less comfortable for your legs. The table is 34 inches wide and 30 inches high approximately.

Stability Certifications
The table has a 1-inch thick top that is resistant to scratches and stains. The surface is easy to clean with standard cleaners. This 6-foot conference table has certifications that prove its safety. The firm base that consists of two panels and a modesty panel make the table stand stable.

Bush Business Furniture Series Table Review

Adjustable Levelers Built-In
Just like the top, the legs are also 1 inch thick. On the bottom of each leg, there are adjustable levelers that are purposed for the uneven floor. The whole construction is durable enough to hold the weight of 125 lbs maximally. You can use the computers and other equipment you need.

Highlighted Points:

  •  racetrack shape of the tabletop
  • stands on a 1-inch thick panel base
  • adjustable levelers attached to the legs
  • provides comfort for up to 6 persons
  • the load capacity is 125 lbs
  • about 34 inches wide and 30 inches high
  • meets certifications for safety

Best Oval Conference Table For 6

Lorell Oval Conference Table

6 Office Or Classic Chairs
The Lorell conference table comes in a mahogany color design looks elegant so it’s suitable for a lot of conference rooms. It’s also suitable for various chair designs. You can purchase 6 office chairs or classic chairs. There are 4 seats on long sides and two seats on rounded sides.

Lorell Oval Conference Table

Scratches On The Top Prevented
This oval table includes a slab base and a 1,5 inch thick top. The table is covered with laminated material. It’s the protection for the table so the scratches are prevented. Thanks to the laminated material, the top looks glossy. It’s possible to keep the table bright using the cleaners.

Narrow Table Design
With a length of 72 inches, the table is enough big for 4 people and with a width of 34 inches, it can support 2 more persons. The width is smaller than the width of the usual tables. It’s like the width of the narrow conference tables.

Lorell Oval Conference Table Review

No Food At The Table
You need to be careful with food at the table because it’s not resistant to oil. If you have oily hands, the fingerprints will be visible at the top surface. The glides are placed on the bottom of the legs so it’s easier to move the table from one part of the room to another.

Highlighted Points:

  • mahogany oval-shaped tabletop is 1,5 inches thick
  • laminated material protects the surface from damages
  • 72 inches long and 34 inches wide
  • glossy look easy to maintain with cleaners
  • slab base with glides for floor

Best Rustic 6-foot Conference Table

Flash Furniture 6 Foot Table

Designed To Look Rustic
The Flash conference table has a similar design to the previous model which makes it one more oval conference table for 6. This model comes in a grey pattern that gives a rustic look to this table. This model includes a slab base with floor glides and a modesty panel for stability.

Flash Furniture Table

Setup Necessary
The top includes laminate protection so it’s not sensitive and the stains are easy to reduce. The whole construction is made of wood. You will get a dissembled table in the package. The instruction book is included so it shouldn’t be difficult to set up the table.

Self-Edge Banding Included
The dimensions are 72×35 inches just like most conference tables with a similar oval shape. The table includes the self-edge banding that protects it from scratches. The floor glides are also purposed for protection, both floor and table legs. You can adjust the glides as you want.

Flash Furniture Table Review

 Space On Smooth Top
The oval shape makes a small group of 6 people feel connected during the conference. There is enough space on a smooth laminate top for all the tools you use at the meeting. This table suits all the conference room designs thanks to its neutral and elegant style.

Highlighted Points:

  • stain-resistant smooth tabletop
  • grey rustic-style design of the whole table
  • adjustable floor glides attached to legs
  • modesty panel included making the table stable
  • the width of 35 inches and a length of 72 inches
  • self-edge banding prevents scratches

Best White 6-foot Conference Table

Niche Mod Conference Table

Wooden Material With White Finish
The Niche conference table is the brightest model of all the tables in the post. The white color makes it bright and unique. The table is made of wood and protected with a white finish. Because of this design, the table requires more cleaning and care while it’s also suitable for all the rooms and chairs.

Niche Mod Conference Table White

6-7 Feet Versions
This white conference table is 6 ft long but there is also a 7 ft long version. Both are purposed for 6 people because there is a small difference in size. When you receive the table, you need to assemble it using an e-clip system that saves your time.

 Sharp Angles Of The Top
The shape of this conference table for 6 people makes it a rectangular conference table. You need to take care of the sharpness of the angles. All the sides of this table are straight which might be more practical for sitting. All of 6 persons have the same space at the table.

Niche Mod Conference Table White Review

Up To 100 Lbs
The table is stable thanks to the modesty panel and thick top and panel legs as well. The firm construction makes it possible to place the load of up to 100 lbs at the table. A heavier load might be destructive for this conference table.

Highlighted Points:

  • white design requires more care
  • 6 ft or 7 ft options for 6 persons
  • easy to assemble with e-clip system
  • 100 lbs of the load capacity
  • neutral design suitable for all the rooms

Best Black Conference Table For 6

GOF 6ft Conference Table

Standard Oval Look
The GOF 6 person conference table comes in a black design and oval shape. The design is similar to other oval tables of 6 ft. That means it has the top with rounded angles, the panels as legs, and a modesty panel that supports the whole construction.

GOF 6ft Conference Table Black

Stains Are Prevented
Just like all the black conference table, this one is also practical to use if you don’t want the stains to be noticeable. It’s less possible that the table will get dirty because the surface is laminated. The finish of the top makes the table stain-resistant as well as water and scratch-resistant.

Variety Of Designs
The exact length of this table is 71 inches. The width is 36 inches and the height is 29,5 inches. There are more sizes of this model. Instead of 6 feet, you can choose also 8 and 10 ft versions. Just like the sizes, there are also different designs in the offer.

GOF 6ft Conference Table Black Review

Chairs As Optional Parts
Just like the designs and lengths, there is also the option with chairs. If you choose this package, you will get 6 office black chairs. This 6-foot conference table has a low chemical emission so it’s certified to be used both indoor and outdoor.

Highlighted Points:

  • 71 inches of the length and 36 inches of the width
  • the table is 29,5 inches high
  • the top is resistant to scratches, water, and stains
  • black design in a variety of designs
  • come with or without the chairs
  • low chemical emission certification

Best Wooden 6-foot Conference Table

Safco Mayline Aberdeen Table

Modern Table Look
The Safco Mayline table has a 6 ft long tabletop so it’s comfortable for 6 persons. The table has a grey design. It’s a boat-shaped conference table so it looks modern. It has curved legs that contribute to the modern look. Two grommet holes improve the usage of this table.

Safco Mayline Aberdeen Conference Table

Two Grommets Included
There are two grommets that hide the cords of the computer you can use at the table. You can purchase power modules separately that you can place into the grommets. Using the grommet holes, you can make the table neat no matter how many computers and projectors you use.

Laminate Protective Finish
The table is resistant to scratches and stains because it has a laminate finish. It’s easy to maintain the table using the cleaners, damp and dry cloths. It’s important to maintain the table properly to make this conference table last for long.

Safco Mayline Aberdeen Conference Table Review

Wider Than Others
Unlike the conference table for 6 models I reviewed above, this one has a standard width. It’s 48 inches wide so there’s more space on the short sides of the table. The table is about 30 inches high just like other conference tables.

Highlighted Points:

  • boat-shaped gives a modern look
  • two grommet holes on each side of the top
  • the table has a width of 48 inches
  • resistant to stains and scratches
  • Safco power module is an optional part

Things To Know About 6-Foot Conference Table

The tables with a length of 6 ft are one of the smallest conference tables. They are also narrow and lighter than others which makes them easy to carry. There is space for 6 chairs of both types. This table type is usually cheaper than other types.

Narrow Table Usually – The tables that are big enough to provide comfort for 6 people have a length of 6 feet. While the table is 72 inches long, the width is 35-48 inches. In most cases, the tables are narrow which means 34-35 inches wide. The length is sometimes for 1-2 inches bigger or smaller than 6 ft.

Size Of Suitable Chairs – When the description says the table is 6 ft long and purposed for 6 persons, that means there is space around the table for 6 chairs. The chairs are often included in the package. Both types of chairs with a standard size of 35 inches are suitable which means office or classic.

Smallest Oblong Type – The size of 6 ft is the smallest size of the tables after square conference tables as well as round conference tables. The bigger sizes than 6 feet table are 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 22, ft and 24 ft. The number of seat increases for 2 seats as the size increases.

Easy To Carry –  In comparison with bigger models, the conference table for 6 people is easy to relocate since two people can carry it comfortably. The average weight of this type of table is 100 lbs. The smaller size and engineered wood instead of solid wood contribute to the small weight.

Smaller Price – Since 6 feet is one of the smallest sizes, this table has also a small price in comparison with other conference tables. While other tables can reach the price of 1000 dollars, the 6 ft tables cost 300-500 dollars on average.

Final Verdict

One of the best choices for buying is the Bush Business Furniture conference table because it has an attractive design and high-quality construction. The 6-foot conference tables are usually affordable like these best cheap conference tables. Also, most of them are the narrow conference tables.

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