Best 6 Rustic Conference Tables You Can Get In 2022 Reviews

Do you want to give some rustic details in the conference room so you decided to buy a rustic conference table?

See this post to find some inspiration. Here is the list of 6 rustic tables and you can find the category you need quickly. To find out more about the rustic models, see the guide below.

Our Top Picks

NBF Urban Conference Table PicksNBF Urban Conference Table
The NBF Urban model ensures a lot of space for sitting and for placing your computers on the top.
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Solis Patio Conference Table PicksSolis Patio Conference Table
Firm wooden laths of the base make this table stable while the wooden surface lasts for years.
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Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table PicksRustic Deco Industrial Table
The Rustic Deco table is made of two durable materials that provide also a good look.
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SOLIS Arbor Conference Table PicksSolis Arbor Conference Table
The natural look of this rustic table model makes it fashionable and large size suits big conference rooms.
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DFS Designs tech Conference Table PicksDFS Designs Tech Conference Table
The size of 8 foot of this rustic table is optimal for medium-sized conference rooms and a few conference participants.
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OFM Core Collection Conference Table PicksOFM Core Collection Edge Table
This table has a simple dark design and firm construction that consists of wood and metal materials.
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Best 6 Rustic Conference Tables


NBF Urban Conference Table

Two Bases On Each Side
The Urban conference table comes in a brown design with rustic elements. One of them is the base that is consisted of wooden panels. Other parts of this table are also wooden. There are two bases on each side that provides optimal support to the top surface.

NBF Urban Conference Table

Enough Space For Computers
The big tabletop includes double holes that you can use to hide the computer cables. The tabletop is wide enough to hold the computers for all the conference participants. The table is about 48 inches wide. The length is 96 inches which makes it a perfect conference table for 8 people.

Heavy Construction
The top is covered with a laminate finish that makes it resistant to scratches. The wooden construction makes this table look rustic. Moreover, the wooden material makes the table less practical for carrying. It’s not comfortable for moving since it has about 500 lbs.

NBF Urban Conference Table Review

Rectangular Brown Version
This table has a rectangular design while you can purchase also a square version. The rectangular version provides more seats. There are also two color versions. You can choose also a grey model but it doesn’t seem rustic as the walnut brown model.

Highlighted Points:

  • 48 inches wide and 96 inches long
  • covered with a walnut rustic finish
  • about 500 lbs of the weight
  • 8 seats ensured around the table
  • a grommet hole on each side built-in
  • practical for computers since the cords are hidden


Solis Patio Conference Table

Six People Minimally
The Solis rustic conference table has a big construction. The table is purposed for a large conference room or a ceremonial hall. It’s practical for meeting with 6 people or more. The table is about 90 inches long while the width is 42 inches.

Solis Patio Conference Table

Heavy Laths For Stability
The tabletop is placed on the stable base made of multiple wooden legs. On each side, there are two curved wooden laths connected with two straight laths. There is one wooden wide lath on the bottom that makes the table stable completely.

For Conference Room And More
This model is not so heavy as the previous one but it’s still not comfortable for carrying. The table weighs about 150 lbs. It has a rectangular design with sharp corners. Considering the design of this table, it’s suitable for the conference room and office as well as the dining room or kitchen.

Solis Patio Conference Table Review

Easy To Maintain It
Thanks to the wooden design, this table is durable and stable. The antique look makes it elegant so you can use it for ceremonies. The table is sturdy enough to be useful for many years. The table is easy to maintain. You can use standard cleaners to disinfect the surface.

Highlighted Points:

  • the table has 96x40x30 dimensions
  • sturdy table with a weight of 150 lbs approximately
  • solid wood durable construction
  • made for conference rooms, office, and dining room
  • easy to maintain it with standard cleaners


Rustic Deco Industrial Table

Iron Legs Connected With Wood
Unlike the previous two rustic conference tables I reviewed, this one doesn’t have wooden legs but iron-made. The legs have a sawhorse design that brings an industrial and vintage look to this table. The steel legs are connected with a wood beam.

Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table

Solid Acacia Wood
Not only the beam but the top is also wooden. The edge of the thick tabletop is covered with a metal material that protects it. The wooden parts are constructed of solid acacia wood. The cast iron base makes the table stable and heavy as well.

Thick Wooden Tabletop
The sawhorse base is the main part that makes this table model vintage. It’s made in French and Americal industrial styles. The top is hard to break since it’s made of wood that is 2,5 inches thick. The table is 12 feet long so there is a lot of space around the table.

Rustic Deco industrial sawhorse table Review

Made For Many People
Since the length is 12 feet, the width of this rustic table is 40 inches. It’s 30 inches high as all the conference tables. It’s comfortable for 8 people minimally. It depends on the size of the chair you use how many people can sit at this industrial conference table.

Highlighted Points:

  • cast iron sawhorse legs on each side
  • the top edge covered with metal tape
  • grey solid acacia wood top finish
  • 12 feet long and 40 inches wide
  • tabletop is 2,5 inches thick
  • center beam for more stability included


Solis Arbor Conference Table

Uneven Natural Look
The Solis conference table has a unique design. The top surface is uneven. It seems like a panel of untreated wood. The top consists of thick natural wood. Since the table has a natural look, the angles of the top surface are not rounded and sharp.

SOLIS Arbor Conference Table

Parota Thick Wood
The reclaimed wood conference table is about 95 inches long and 48 inches wide. It’s made for about 8 persons. The height is the same as the usual table. This table is 30 inches high making it practical for sitting and standing. The table is made of Perota wood. The top is 3 inches thick.

Metal Crossed Legs
Not only wood but this table is made also from a metal material. The metal base makes this conference table stable. The metal legs are crossed which gives a more vintage look. Thanks to this look, the table is suitable not only for conference rooms but also for dining rooms.

SOLIS Arbor Conference Table Review

Big Weight Makes It Fixed
You should place the table in one place and not move it often since it’s not portable. The reason is a big weight. This vintage table is about 300 lbs heavy. A few persons are needed to carry the table to the place you want.

Highlighted Points:

  • around 95 inches long and 48 inches wide top
  • the uneven shape of the top makes it look natural
  • made of Perota wood and metal material
  • the weight of the table is about 300 lbs
  • about 3 inches thick top surface
  • not practical for carrying and relocating
  • requires a fixed place in the conference room


DFS Designs Tech Conference Table

Stands On Silver Legs
The wooden top and metal legs are the parts of a simple design of this rustic conference table. The top comes in natural brown color and the legs are silver. The tabletop is about 1 inch thick which is thick enough to be stable.

DFS Designs tech Conference Table

Metal Beams Connected
The base is X-shaped which provides enough support for the top surface. There are two metal legs on both sides. They are connected with a metal beam. The table comes in parts but the assembly is simple. You need to strengthen the top to the legs firmly.

With Or Without Holes
The heavy wooden top and heavy metal legs make the overall weight of 300 lbs approximately. The top is straight which means there are no grommet holes. However, you can contact the producer and order making holes for computer cables. This optimal service is included in the package.

DFS Designs tech Conference Table Review

Rectangular And Sharp
This 8-foot conference table has a size similar to other rustic conference tables. The length is 95 inches and the width is 45 inches approximately. Just like all the tables comfortable for sitting, this table is about 30 inches high. The shape of the table is rectangular with not rounded angles.

Highlighted Points:

  • the table has a weight of 300 lbs
  • 1-inch thick wooden tabletop
  • x-shaped metal base built-in
  • grommet holes possible to make optionally
  • about 8 ft long and 4 ft wide
  • easy to assemble it after delivery


OFM Core Collection Edge Table

Longer Or Smaller Versions
This rustic conference table has a similar design to the previous model. This one has steel legs that include the glides which save the floor. This wooden table is 78 inches long. It can support 6 persons. If you like smaller tables, you can choose the 62-inch version.

OFM Core Collection Conference Table

Neutral Dark Exterior
The black conference table includes an antique brown finish and a wood edge that is 2 inches thick. The corners of this rectangular table are sharp. You need to be careful while using the table. This table has an almost black design that is compatible with all color chairs.

Eight People Maximally
The length of the table is 78 inches. The size is big enough for four people minimally. If you add one chair on each side, there will be overall 6 seats. This table can be used also as a dining table. In that case, when you use standard chairs, 8 persons can sit around the table.

OFM Core Collection Conference Table Review

Shape Ideal For Training Room
The OFM Core conference table has a simple design that suits any conference room. You can use it also for training rooms connecting a lot of tables together. The shape of this table is convenient for making one big table for a lot of people.

Highlighted Points:

  • about 78 inches long tabletop
  • top stands on four steel legs
  • supports 6-8 persons depending on chair size
  • simple rectangular shape with a 2-inch edge
  • designed for conference and training rooms

Things To Know About Rustic Conference Table

The main characteristic that makes rustic tables for the conference room unique is the special design. These models are heavier than usual and purposed for various occasions. The rustic tables stand out for big investment that is needed to get it. These are frequent models on the webshops.

Vintage And Industrial – The tables with rustic design look antique but all the parts are newmaking the table long-lasting. The wooden and metal are the main materials. The tops of the tables are made of various types of wood such as walnut while the metal legs are steel or iron.

Fixed Model – The rustic table is made of wood and metal which makes heavy construction. The tables are from 100 to 500 lbs heavy. The cast iron is the heaviest material. For that reason, the rustic tables are not portable but fixed models that require one place.

Most Expensive Table – Since the rustic table models include quality materials, they have a higher price. With the minimal price of about 1000 dollars, these models are more expensive than usual conference tables with the price that cost 300-1000 dollars. The price varies depending on the size of the table.

Multifunctional Use – Most rustic conference tables are convenient not only for the conference room but also for the dining room as well as open places. The rustic design suits both old-fashioned and modern room design. The size of 70 inches on average provides enough space for both office tools and dining plates.

Easy To Find It – The tables with a rustic industrial look are easy to find on the market. That’s because you can find them in both the conference and dining room categories. You can find these models easily on the web. Buying on webshops such as Amazon is the best way to purchase a vintage table.

Final Verdict

The best pick for your office and meeting room might be the NBF Urban conference table. It ensures you all that you need which means a lot of space and place for computer cables. Just like the rustic conference tables, there are these best industrial conference tables that also have an old-fashioned look. If you like wood material, you might like this post about the best walnut conference tables for sale.

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