Best 4 Reclaimed Wood Conference Table Offer In 2022 Reviews

Did you decide to buy a reclaimed wood conference table?

Read this post to find out which are the best tables made of reclaimed wood materials. Reading this post, you can learn a lot about this type of conference table which can help you to make a choice.

Our Top Picks

Vari Conference Table PicksVari Conference Table
The Vari table has an attractive exterior, it’s portable and durable which makes it the best meeting table pick.
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Urban Reclamations Wood Table PicksUrban Reclamations Wood Table
There are various designs and sizes of this table as well as two heights that make it practical for standing.
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Metal And Wood USA Reclaimed Table PicksMetal And Wood USA Table
The multicolored top made of reclaimed old wood and large steel legs influence the rustic look of this table.
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Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table PicksCombine 9 Industrial Round Table
It’s a custom-made table that keeps the rustic design no matter the size and color you determine.
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Best 4 Reclaimed Wood Conference Tables


Vari Conference Table

Multicolored Reclaimed Surface
The Vari conference table model has a modern design. The tabletop is made of reclaimed wood. For that reason, the top is multicolored. In the middle, there is a hole that you can use to hide the computer cords during the meeting. The hole is oval and big enough to store a lot of cords.

Vari Conference Table

Easy To Move It
The table is practical for flexible meetings because it includes the castors attached to the legs. You can pull the table easily so it’s easy to relocate it to the room you plan to use for a conference. The wheels have the lock system to make the table stable during the meeting.

Standard Measurements
The top is about 72 inches long and 42 inches wide which means it’s a 6-foot conference table. It’s a standard size of the table and it has enough space for up to 6 persons. The length of the hole is 14,5 inches. The table is 30 inches high.

Vari Conference Table Review

Big Load On The Top
On the top, there is space for all the business equipment you need for a meeting. Each person that sits around the table can use their tools. The table can support overall 300 lbs of the weight, so everybody can accommodate.

Highlighted Points:

  • the multicolored wooden top surface
  • castors attached to the legs
  • wheels have the roll and lock system
  • 6 feet of the length and 42 inches of the weight
  • includes the oval 14-inch hole for cords
  • 300 lbs of the load capacity
  • purposed for 6 people maximally


Urban Reclamations Wood Table

Simple And Natural
The Urban model has simple design because it consists of a reclaimed wood top and steel legs that are U-shaped. The top surface looks natural since there are some imperfections of the wood material. The edges are curved in some places which contribute to the natural look of the table.

Urban Reclamations Wood Table

Blackened Smoked Base
Two pieces of the legs are hand-forged and made of steel. The base is blackened which makes it look smoked. This look is achieved using the metal bluing method. The top is made of old timber and protected with the finish. Handcrafting ensures a rustic look of the table.

12 Feet Maximally
The size of this rectangular conference table varies due to the quantity of reclaimed material. Therefore, the model comes in various lengths, widths, and heights. You can choose 6 feet option minimally and 12 feet of the length maximally. The width is 32-42 inches. There are two height options.

Urban Reclamations Wood Table review

Pub And Bar Options
When it comes to the height, you can choose between two options depending on if you want a pub or bar table style. The pub height is 36 inches which is bigger than the standard height. Another option is 40 inches. You can also choose between various base designs.

Highlighted Points:

  • hand-crafted and blackened steel base
  • U-shaped and more base styles
  • 6-12 feet of the top length options offered
  • 36 and 40-inch height options
  • smoked steel base and rustic top look
  • different designs of the base in the offer


Metal And Wood USA Table

Multicolored Exterior
The reclaimed wood is especially visible on the tabletop of this reclaimed wood conference table. It’s multi-pattern and multicolored. You can see the pieces of different wood materials but they are connected in the way they make a unique table design. Beneath the multicolored top, there are two large steel legs.

Metal And Wood USA Reclaimed Table

Glossy Surface Look
The wooden top is extra thick and the edge is protected as well as the top surface. The result is a glossy look. Just like the wood, the steel is also reclaimed which is visible in its rustic exterior. The table parts are strengthened to each other with rivets.

Enough Space For All
This conference table is about 96 inches long so a lot of people can sit around. There is space for 8 persons minimally. The width is 44 inches and the height is 32 inches. It’s a little more than the usual table height because the top is thicker than other tables.

Metal And Wood USA Reclaimed Table Review

Not Only Conference Room
This is a large conference table that you can use not only for business meetings but also for your private meetings. That means you can place this table both in the conference room and in your home. Its design makes it multifunctional so you can make business and have dinner on it.

Highlighted Points:

  • made of reclaimed wood and steel
  • glossy finish for protection added
  • the length of 96 inches and 44 inches of the width
  • 32 inches make it higher than the usual tables
  • multicolored top, rivets, and old steel makes it rustic


Combine 9 Industrial Round Table

Round And Large
The Combine 9 table differs from other for shape. It has a round shape but it’s not small. Its diameter is 72 inches which makes it perfect for a lot of people. The height is standard 30 inches. Unlike small round conference tables that support only 4 people, this model is for 6 or more.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table

Universal Purpose
Not only the metal edge protection makes the table less broken but it also contributes to the rustic design of this table. The table is practical for both the conference room and the dining room. Its purpose is universal. With a vintage design, it suits almost all rooms.

Different Sizes And Shapes
The producer provides the possibility for customers to make this table in dimensions they like. You can order it with a different shape, for example, oval instead of round. You can choose also the size of the top that influences the number of seats.

Combine 9 Vintage Industrial Round table review

Changeable Color
You can choose also the reclaimed wood you like to be your table made from. The color is also changeable. This model version is colored in black but you can choose also other colors. If you want to have a multicolored top like other reclaimed wood conference tables I reviewed, you can choose not color option.

Highlighted Points:

  • round table with a 72-inch diameter and 30-inch height
  • custom-made table option offered
  • universal purpose makes it practical for conference and dinner
  • the reclaimed wood top is black-colored
  • comfortable for 6 or more people
  • metal base with decorative holes

Things To Know About Reclaimed Wood Conference Table

The main sign that the conference table is made of reclaimed wood is the multicolored design of the tabletop. Except for the wood, the reclaimed tables consists also of steel. These materials make them look rustic. The price is high because of the handcrafting of these tables.

Wooden And Metal – Wood is the most common reclaimed material from which the conference tables are made. Another reclaimed material is steel. This is the main material of the table legs. There are various amount of reclaimed materials so one model can be constructed in different sizes.

Multi-Pattern Design – The reclaimed wood is visible in a multi-pattern top. The surface is not uniform as the top of some standard wood conference tables. The pieces of different wood materials that are connected are visible on the top making the table attractive.

Rustic Look – Since these tables are made of weathered wood, most of them have a rustic and vintage look. Not only the appearance but the materials and handcrafting also make the tables old-fashioned. The vintage design makes them multifunctional because these tables suit conference rooms, dining rooms, and so on.

Hand-Crafted Product – While usual conference tables are made in the mass production using the machines, the reclaimed wood conference tables are hand-crafted. The steel is hand-forged and the wood top is made manually after collecting old timbers. At the end of the production, the protective finish is added to make the table durable.

Big Investment – The handcrafting and using a big quantity of quality materials make the reclaimed tables expensive. Their price is 1000 dollars on average. The price might be lower if you order a custom-made table with a small size and you make the agreement with a producer.

Final Verdict

Considering the possibility the Combine 9 conference table can be custom-made, it’s a good choice for buying. No matter the size the reclaimed wood conference tables always look rustic just like the best rustic conference tables you can see here. The post about the best-rated industrial conference tables also includes similar models, so check it out.

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