Top 6 Gun Safe File Cabinets For Extra Security In Any Room

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To help you in your search, we researched the market and explained some features you need to consider before purchase. Besides that, we picked few models, so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Of Best Gun Safe File Cabinet
Honeywell Safes & Door picksHoneywell File Cabinet
Compact safe file cabinet is a waterproof and fire-resistant item, it provides the highest level of security.
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Best 2-drawer Gun Safe File Cabinet
Phoenix Vertical picksPhoenix File Cabinet
Designed especially for letter-size file folders, it is a water-resistant and fireproof file cabinet with two drawers.
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Best Small Gun Safe File Cabinet
Fire Resistant File picksFireKing File Cabinet
This file cabinet is fireproof, it fit every filing requirement, it accommodates letter and legal-size files.
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Best Large Gun Safe File Cabinet
TIGERKING Safe picksTigerking File Cabinet
Vertical file cabinet with a thick solid construction, designed for high capacity filing with electronic keypad.
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Best Desktop Gun Safe File Cabinet
Electronic Gun Safe picksReliancer File Cabinet
Affordable file cabinet with compact size, explosion-proof performance and rock-solid construction.
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Best Portable Gun Safe File Cabinet
SentrySafe picksSentry Safe File Cabinet
Small and portable file cabinet available in different sizes, it features an electronic lock and durable steel construction.
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Best 6 Gun Safe File Cabinets

Best Of Best Gun Safe File Cabinet

Honeywell File Cabinet

Exterior Dimensions
The Honeywell exterior dimensions are 12.9 inches in height, 15.9 inches in width and 12.6 inches in depth. The interior dimensions are 10.1 inches in height, 12.2 inches in width and 12.6 inches in depth. This item weighs 46 pounds and has an acceptable price.

Honeywell Safes & Door

7-year Warranty
It is available in grey color and its volume is 16.7 liters. The batteries aren’t required. This gun safe file cabinet is covered with a 7-year warranty. You can rely on its quality. The manufacturer uses only high quality and certified materials.

UL Fire Protection
This small file cabinet with lock has a 30-minute UL fire protection for up to 1550° F or 843° C. Also, it features a 24-hour waterproof seal that is certified and verified. It will keep your files safe and dry. On the front is a built-in lock system, open it with the included key.

Honeywell Safes & Door review

Confidential Digital Media
The Honeywell file cabinet is ideal for letter and legal-size files storage, SUB flash drives, CDs, DVDs and other personal and confidential items. It will protect your digital media from damage. This model is available in different sizes, so pick the suitable one.

Highlighted Points:

  • the batteries aren’t required
  • the package includes two keys
  • UL fire protection standard
  • built-in lock with two keys
  • designed for letter and legal files
  • its price is affordable

Best 2-drawer Gun Safe File Cabinet

Phoenix File Cabinet

Pricey Item
The Phoenix file cabinet is a tall item, it is available in three colors – putty, grey and black. The warranty for this file cabinet lasts 3 years. That includes free replacement. This heavy item weighs 250 pounds and measures 28 inches in height, 25 inches in depth and 16.8 inches in width.

Phoenix Vertical review

Durable Finish
This gun safe file cabinet will protect your stored items from water, damage, impact, fire and smoke. If your file is on the fire, it will be replaced at no charge. The Phoenix file cabinet has an incredibly durable oven-baked textured enamel paint finish. It won’t leave fingerprints.

Letter-size Files
There are three models available – one for letters and two models for legal size file folders. This model accommodates letter-size files only. Also, it holds hanging file folders. You don’t have to buy additional hardware, the follower blocks are included in each drawer.

Phoenix Vertical

Fireproof rated Item
This steel 2 drawer file cabinet is fireproof rated 350 1-hour for your documents. It is tested for fire at 1700°F and explosion. It meets the industry standards for fire protection. Each drawer is separated protected from damage, which keeps the fire away from another drawer.

Highlighted Points:

  • tall file cabinet available in three colors
  • there are three sizes you can choose from
  • this file cabinet accommodates letter-size files
  • the follower blocks are included
  • fireproof and water-resistant item

Best Small Gun Safe File Cabinet

FireKing File Cabinet

Hand-assembled Item
The FireKing is made in the USA, each file cabinet is hand-assembled. It weighs 140 pounds, so it is pretty heavy. The product dimensions are 22 inches in depth, 28 inches in height and 18 inches in width. You can place it under your office desk or next to it.

Fire Resistant File review

Limited Lifetime Warranty
It even fits in the closet, if you want to hide it. The FireKing is covered with a limited lifetime warranty. It comes in arctic white color and features a scratch-resistant powder coat finish. This gun safe file cabinet has recessed handles on the drawers.

UL One Hour Fire Rating
The construction is made of durable and sturdy steel, the file cabinet is impact resistant. There are two drawers with thick doors. The FireKing features UL 1-hour class 350 fire and impact rating. The internal temperature won’t exceed 350°F for at least one hour, even when the file cabinet is exposed to external temp. over 1700°F.

Fire Resistant File

Two Keys
This white metal file cabinet accommodates both letter-size/A4 and legal file folders. You can keep your valuable documents and files safe. Each drawer is individually protected from fire. No additional hanging frame is needed. The package includes keys.

Highlighted Points:

  • hand-assembled file cabinet
  • fits under the office desk
  • made of durable steel material
  • scratch-resistant powder-coated finish
  • fireproof file cabinet

Best Large Gun Safe File Cabinet

Tigerking File Cabinet

Tall File Cabinet
The Tigerking is a vertical gun safe file cabinet. This is a heavy item, it weighs 70 pounds. The unit size is 25 inches in height, 15 inches in depth and 17.3 inches in width. You can place it under your office desk and keep your private and confidential files safe.

TIGERKING Safe review

Thick Door Plate
There are solid steel construction and a thick 10mm door plate. This file cabinet is equipped with five solid live-locking bolts. The pry-resistant concealed hinges reinforced the file cabinet door. You need to install the file cabinet, but it is simple, follow the instruction.

Interior Box
The soft inner layers protect your valuable from damage and scratches. This heavy-duty file cabinet offers big storage space, it is equipped with a removable shelf. Moreover, there is an interior box with a lock for small valuables. Here you can store your laptop, documents, cash and other things.


Dual Warning System
This file cabinet is waterproof and fireproof. There is an electronic keypad with a double key lock. It allows you to program your own passcode with 1-8 digits. The three incorrect entries will activate the alarm that sounds for 60 seconds. The violent vibration will activate the alarm, too.

Highlighted Points:

  • durable and thick steel construction
  • waterproof and fireproof features
  • equipped with five live-locking bolts
  • the assembly is required
  • soft interior protects stored items
  • dual warning system

Best Desktop Gun Safe File Cabinet

Reliancer File Cabinet

Product Dimensions
This small file cabinet fits anywhere. The Reliance features 12.5 inches in depth, 9 inches in width and 8.6 inches in height. It weighs 9.9 pounds. The package includes a gun safe file cabinet, override keys, four AA batteries, two screws and instruction.

Electronic Gun Safe review

Carbon Steel Construction
The Reliancer is made of durable Q235 carbon steel with an anti-scratch powder coat. It is resistant to rust. There is a high-density material, so this is rock-solid construction. The exquisite laser cutting technology made the surface smooth and flat.

Speed Reducer
The interior is made of high-density foam, it prevents rattling and protects your valuable things from damage. The file cabinet door drops right after your passcode. The weight is heavy, so there is a speed reducer that stops the door before they hit the surface.

Electronic Gun Safe

Sensitive Alert System
This sturdy file cabinet features a keypad that provides quick access to your valuables. The electronic 4-keypad enables you to create your programmable 3-8 digit passcode. The package includes two override keys for backup. if you enter three wrong passcodes, the keypad will alarm for 1 minute and locks down for 2 minutes.

Highlighted Points:

  • compact file cabinet with AA batteries included
  • constructed with carbon steel and rust-resistant powder coat
  • exquisite laser cutting technology
  • high-density foam interior
  • electronic 4-keypad allows 3-8 digit passcode

Best Portable Gun Safe File Cabinet

Sentry Safe File Cabinet

Variety Of Sizes
The Sentry Safe is a small and compact gun safe file cabinet. This model is available in different sizes, so pick the size that suits you the best. It weighs 27 pounds and measures 16.9 inches in width, 14.6 inches in depth and 10.6 inches in height.

SentrySafe review

Solid Steel Construction
You can place it anywhere, it doesn’t take up too much space. Its construction is made of solid steel, it provides durable and reliable protection. The soft interior lining protects your valuables from scratches. Your delicate things are securely stored.

Steel Locking Bolts
This steel file cabinet comes with a removable shelf, you can organize your items in the way you want. The Sentry Safe features an electronic lock with an override key,  two live locking bolts and bolt down kit. The live-locking bolts are made of steel and provide advanced protection.


Electronic Lock
There is a power cord access for security while charging your devices. The Sentry Safe file cabinet features a battery-powered digital locking system. There are 8 digits, so you need to type your passcode. You need to use four high-quality alkaline AA batteries. Don’t use generic or rechargeable batteries.

Highlighted Points:

  • study and durable steel construction
  • there are multiple sizes available
  • the interior is soft, that protect your valuables
  • electronic lock with override key
  • live-locking bolts provide extra security
  • use quality alkaline AA batteries

Things To Know About Gun Safe File Cabinets

This buying guide provides useful information about gun safe file cabinets. Learn more about their features like lock type, materials, protective mechanisms, etc.

File Cabinet Size – These models are available in different sizes, you can find small and compact desktop safe file cabinets. They are designed for small items, like money, passports, etc. also, there are large vertical file cabinets that provide plenty of storage space. It all depends on your needs.

Lock Type – There are few main file cabinet types. The models with a physical key and a numeric keypad. The electronic locks often come with a physical key for backup. The numeric keypad allows you to program your own passcode.

Underwriters Laboratories – Some safe file cabinets are rated, some aren’t. There are models that are rated by global safety and certified company Underwrites Laboratories or shortly UL. The higher rating, the safer and more quality the file cabinet is.

Fire Protection – When people chose the safe file cabinets, the fire ratings are often overlooked. We recommend the 1-hour fire-rated safe. The fireproof locking file cabinet will provide adequate protection for your files at least per hour. Look for UL or USA made file cabinet with certified ratings.

Door Construction – Door construction is very important feature of a gun safe file cabinet. You should look for at least 1/4-inch of solid plate steel or other composite equivalents.  The more secure file cabinet features a 1/2” steel plate in the door. They have an official UL rating.

Final Verdict

we highly recommend the Honeywell gun safe file cabinet. it features sturdy construction, UL fire protection rating and it’s waterproof. Check out the review of fire and waterproof file cabinets. Also, there are locking lateral file cabinets.

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